The Apparatus

by Dominatrix Bella

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© Copyright 2012 - Dominatrix Bella - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; chast; bond; gag; hood; display; costumes; party; electro; tease; torment; oral; denial; cons; XX

“Are you sure, my pet?”

“Yes, Mistress”

“You will have no way to object later. You will be at my mercy. I will take advantage, you know.”

“Yes, Mistress, I understand”

“Very well then” She straddled the chair he was sitting in so that she faced him, rocking back and forth, ever so slightly and enjoying the feel of his steel cock cage between her legs. She nuzzled his neck, whispering a thank you and kissing her way to his mouth. She kissed him hard, hungrily holding his face in her hands pulling him to her forcefully, as if she might consume him. And then she suddenly let him go.

“If I’m to do this, I must start or I’ll never get myself ready!” She looked him in the eyes, searching his soul for regret before she gently placed the small ball gag in his mouth.

He closed his eyes and savored the feel of her hair, the smell of her jasmine perfume as she pressed against him, reaching around to buckle the gag. Once finished, she searched his eyes one more time, not finding any regret, she pulled the hood over his head. It was not as confining as the other hood she keeps for him, for that he was grateful tonight. He wished to see what was happening and this offered him a little bit of visual ability. While the hood was black leather, it was made to resemble a black bag and the leather was covered by thinner black cotton. There was a section cut out of the leather for the eyes, so that even when covered by the cotton, he could make out a good deal of what was going on. She wrapped a one inch strap of leather around his forehead and secured it to the chair. He heard the click of a lock. What was this? She never mentioned he’d be locked here. Tied yes, locked no. She had never locked him in public before, he sure hoped she didn’t lose her mind this time.

“One more thing….”

She knelt down before him, and began to undo his pants, being careful not to scratch him with her long, manicured nails. Once she had him exposed, she reached in and pulled her toys into view. “There they are.” She cooed.

With that she took the key from her necklace and opened the lock that held him captive, releasing him from the steel that kept him celibate but for her. Then she bent down and sucked each of his testicles into her mouth one at a time and savored their feel and their taste. She released them and took his cock into her mouth, moaning as she did so. His Mistress often lost herself in the taste of him. She played her tongue around his head and regrettably released that too. One more time she reached for his balls and slowly but deliberately pulled them away from his body. Several times she did this, and as he relaxed into her touch, she wrapped the shock collar around them and fastened it. She redressed him quickly, giving him no chance to try and object.

She gave him one more hug before she stood up, and said to him quietly. “Remember, My Pet….don’t move, don’t struggle, you already know you cannot escape. No sounds, you are my decoration tonight. Our secret! Now I must go prepare.” With this she strode from the room leaving him to contemplate his fate.

He wasn’t entirely sure what was coming. She led him here blindfolded, insisting he only look at her. He was sat in this chair, one he did not remember the feel of, and he was good at that sort of thing. The chair felt strange, cold and hard. He watched her intently, trying to gauge her emotions, but the first thing she did was run a thin rope through the hasp in the back of his collar next to the lock and suddenly, his head was pulled tight to the high back of the chair. Now he couldn’t look around, even if he’d chosen to disobey, but he knew better than that.

He was dressed oddly, a foam padding around his body and a simple button up shirt. He wore gloves on his hands, the kind you would garden with, utility gloves and his pants were regular jeans. He wore regular socks and work boots. She had removed all his jewelry, what little he wore anyway, and what she usually adorned him with, except for his collar. That was a given. That was always on, except when they showered.

Shortly after she left, activity began to commence in the room. He was given no time to pause and think of his plight anymore. Workers began moving props into the room and decorators were bustling about making preparations for the forthcoming soiree. He saw a cage, just big enough for a man to stand in. It was brought it on a dolly and set in a corner. He could just make out the image of a man inside… another of Mistress’ pets? Maybe he wasn’t the only one after all… but she’d said he was and he trusted her. Maybe there would be other Domme’s here…. that was not too farfetched an idea for sure. He strained to see the man more closely, but couldn’t make out any details that far. He’d keep an eye on this one.

More and more decorations were brought in… a full set of stockades, the St. Andrew’s cross his Mistress had made just for him and over in the other corner he saw men hanging what looked like the cedar spreaders she had made for him too. He’d not had an opportunity to have those attached yet. He hated the thought that someone else would try them out before him, but he knew his place. He knew not to complain, or else She may never let him use them at all, or leave him in them for far longer than he wished.

The caterers began to set up, and the food smelled delicious. He hadn’t had the opportunity to eat today… at least not sustenance. It had been a very busy day. It wasn’t like his Mistress to deny him food, so he assumed it must have been an oversight. She didn’t even request her traditional breakfast tray in bed, which she always relished sharing and feeding him from. Today had been so rushed…. but not too busy for him to service her after he bathed her. How she loved that…. how HE loved that. No finer gift can be given his Mistress, and she was always so appreciative, so obviously delighted. He marveled at the way his touch brought her to life. Little did he realize that it was her love for him, her desire for only him that animated her so much, made her flesh so responsive, her blush appear on her chest, her wetness to appear, and her voice get so husky. He did this to her. He liked that power. That was a power she could not take from him, nor did she want to.

He was hoping she would release him from the steel cage long enough at least to feel her inside, even if she didn’t permit him to come, but the time wasn’t right apparently. She never even mentioned it. After bathing her, he would always pat her dry with a soft towel taken from the heated towel bar she had in her bathing room. He would softly kiss the nape of her neck as he dried her back. This always elicited shivers of delight from her. Then, he would dry her arms one at a time, kissing down their outstretched length as he did so. She would stand next to the large claw foot tub by the ivory satin chaise lounge awaiting his services. After her back, he would slowly, so slowly dry her front, paying close attention to her breasts; he would flick his tongue over her nipples to make them hard for him. She loved him to linger here; her breasts were so sensitive, seemingly attached by nerves directly to her most intimate place.

When he would suck on her nipples it always caused her to gasp and toss her head back in delight. She would hold his head there, not permitting him to stop, and he could feel her heat start to rise. This was one routine he nearly never varied from… it was the way she liked to start each day. He would gently lay her back on the chaise lounge, one leg stretched out on its length, the other across his lap as he sat on the small footstool kept underneath just for him. He would kiss and nuzzle his way up her legs, licking what little water had not evaporated by this point. From there he was awarded his prize, the softness of those folds, to lick, suck, nuzzle and nip, to make his Mistress moan with the delight he brought to her.

This was a reward indeed. Some mornings, she would stop him and insist he fill her with himself. She seemed so desperate for him on those days, like she would consume him completely. Her cries seemed so guttural, almost primal with her need. She would call her directions to him always staying in control… harder! Softer! Slower or faster…. Now! My Pet Now!!!!! He would get so involved in her need for him that he would occasionally forget to ask permission for his own release…. he always paid for that later, but sometimes, just sometimes it was intentional. Sometimes he did not wish to be denied and just in case she would….. he would not ask. He was careful to ask before her release because when she came, it nearly always sent him over the edge. He knew at those moments that she was his and he was hers…. there was no denying the bond for either of them…. they truly made love, no matter how primal, slow, planned, or spontaneous.

He had spent so much time thinking of these things that he suddenly realized the guests had begun to arrive… the party was about to begin, as was his performance.

The music was playing, simple background music at this point. There were instrumentals ranging from soft rock to classical. His Mistress had quite varied taste in music. He knew from his extensive training in her likes/dislikes. She insisted they would become his as well. There were fog machines all about the place to give an eerie ambiance as well. The floor had lighting on the edges that shone into the fog to light it with a green glow.

The costumes were varied. Some stayed within the general theme of bondage and horror and some strayed to their own eclectic tastes. There were zombies, vampires and the traditional witches and then the leather slaves attached by leashes to the various men and women dressed as dominants. He wondered who among these people were dressed to match the theme and who were serious in their lifestyle. He searched for his Mistress, not seeing her anywhere. It was difficult to see around the people and their gathered groups. There were also those who came close to him, touched him to see if he was real. Now he understood the padding. It made him feel less human to the touch. It stopped his body heat from emanating through the clothing. Knowing he appeared so inanimate made him relax a bit. He knew now that he was passing as a decoration as his Mistress requested. That gave him a jolt to his loins. He felt himself growing hard within the confines of the steel cage. He wanted to please her, he needed to please her. Where was she?????

He sensed a quieting hush from the crowd. He heard the general murmurs of people saying her name, thanking her for the invites, and then… there she was… dressed in new attire he had never seen. His heart leapt to see her. She was dressed to thrill, but mostly to thrill him. She wore his favorites, just new versions. A deep purple velvet corset with black satin trim over the boning and black satin ribbons to cinch it tight adorned her upper body. A short black skirt of netting below that hid the very tops of the garters holding the sheer black stockings. Over the entire ensemble was a shiny black patent jacket with a standing collar, reminiscent of the vampire capes one would imagine the undead to wear.

And then, oh God, then came the boots. Black patent from toe to…. just past the knees, and buckles all the way up, each buckle with a delicate golden lock hanging like small bells. The heels were gold also, about six inches and thin, oh so thin. Oh how those heels would feel against his skin. He stared intently, picturing in his mind the sound of the leather as she would place one of those heels against his scrotum…. what would she demand he do? What would her wishes be? How hard might she press before he would have to give in. He knew immediately that this was in his future, by her demand, or his own request. She could be ruthless, his Queen, but he always loved to test her limits.

As he looked up, he caught her gaze. Only she knew he could see her, and the look of mirth on her face was a bit unsettling. He trusted her, and knew he could handle anything she brought him to, but every once in a while, he had second thoughts. This was one of those times. He watched her make her way through the crowd, stopping here and there to speak to guests and yet slowly make his way to him.

Once she had arrived, she looked right through that mask and seemingly into his soul. “Ready for your performance, my pet?” She whispered in his ear, pretending to reach behind him for an adjustment of some kind. She smiled as she heard a muffled sound come from her apparatus.

She turned to her crowd, the most pleasant look on her face. To most people it appeared that she was happy in her role as hostess, but to him, he knew that look. That was a look of sheer self-satisfaction. She was up to something. That smug look told him he had a night coming like no other. He felt himself begin to grow hard in that cage, her cage, his prison. Oh how he would love to take her right now. To have the ability to claim her as his, and only his, he knew, was a wish they both had but resisted. He could never explain the things she would require if they were outed, for then, he knew, his torment in public would begin. She would want, no, need him to wear her collar, wear her mark, make him BE the pet he was. This waiting for his role tonight was torment. What would she do? How far would she go and what must he endure in silence to both please her and keep from being discovered. His loins positively ached at the prospect.

He realized his thoughts had been wandering and she had been speaking. Oh God, what had he missed? People were starting to gather around him, he realized, when he opened his eyes from his cock twitching thoughts. She held the remote to the shock collar in her hand, casually, as if his comfort were an afterthought. He knew that nothing in her mind was either casual or unplanned, not his Mistress. He caught the last bit of her speech.

“I went to great pains to acquire this piece for you all to enjoy. It must be cared for properly, for it is only on loan. I have more in store for later. I now present to you, the Electric Chair. She flipped a switch and the crowd gasped at the effects.... electric charges of different colors ran upright along rods placed at the sides of his chair, reminiscent of the Frankenstein movies. Smokey fog began rising from the platform below his feet. He strained to see but all was lost on him, except, that is, for the reflections on the faces in the crowd and the look of glee in her eyes. She mouthed the words “I love you my pet” to him and he braced himself as she raised her arm, the one attached to the hand holding that damned remote.

The first shock was intense. Far more intense than he had anticipated, and it didn’t stop. One after another… he lost count. The room went dark. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been out. When he awoke, he was only aware of the murmurs of the crowd. “Please do not be alarmed” he heard his Mistress say authoritatively. “It is not real, No animals were hurt in the making of this production” she laughed as she shut off the switch, bringing darkness to this corner of the room. Her mirth brought appreciative laughs and applause from the audience. “Now, please… enjoy the party!” And with that, the crowd dissipated and went about the business of mingling, drinking and flirting as one would expect party goers to do.

She hesitated, waiting for the crowd to move away before approaching him. She was bending down, her mouth close to his ear when a tap on her shoulder made her rise. Her breasts brushed his covered cheek as she did so, he felt her heat, smelled her essence. He was aware again…. and there was no after pain, but his cock throbbed with a mind of its own, begging to be released from its cage and released from its imposed chastity.

“Excuse me Mistress” he heard a delicate voice say “I cannot help but be fascinated by this toy of yours. Before you shut it down completely, would it be possible for one more demonstration? Just a little taste for my personal kink?”

His Mistress stroked his head lovingly, he knew that gesture and it brought him comfort. “It is a marvelous piece, is it not? I would love to show you again! In fact, I will let you be the Master of the control!”

He couldn’t believe his ears! What was she thinking! What in … and at that the jolt hit him again, just once, and he jerked like the puppet he portrayed.

“Thank you so much!” the young girl bubbled and kissed the hand of his Mistress when she returned the remote. She nodded her approval and sent the girl back into the crowd. She bent down pretending to turn off a master switch and kissed him on the neck. “Fine performance, my pet. You will be rewarded handsomely” The proximity of her made him tingle nearly as much as the shock collar itself… well... not quite.

A bell tolled signaling the start of dinner. “My guests! Please retreat to the dining hall for the feast! I shall join you soon! Eat Hearty!!!!” After a few minutes, the sounds of shuffling feat and murmur of voices quieted. The room was still. He knew she hadn’t left, she stayed by his side carefully monitoring his comfort and safety. “Now, my love, your first reward”

She carefully untied, unbuckled and released all restraints, except for his sheer hood, wrists and the steel chastity cage and collar. She led him to her chamber and locked the door securely behind her. He was sat on the chaise at the foot of her massive four poster bed and the hood and gag were removed. She cautioned him not to speak, not to question. She descended on him at once, kissing him, nibbling his lips and nuzzling first his ears and then his neck. She was alive with her desire for him.

She slipped a soft set of wrist restraints on him and removed the rough rope. She lifted his arms and hung the chain between the restraints on a hook on one of the bed posts, keeping his arms stretched taut, but comfortably overhead. Then she removed his pants, slowly at first but with increasing need. She stood between his legs and moved them apart with her knees… and then slid seductively to the floor until she rested on her bent legs. His Mistress laid a hand on each of his knees and ran each hand appreciatively up his thighs following her hands with kisses and nibbles. She nuzzled her head between his legs and he watched her breathe deep his manly smell and close her eyes as she did so, arching her back ever so slightly.

When she opened her eyes, the look alone could have scorched his soul, had he been a lesser man, but he needed her as much as she needed him. She took off the shock collar and unlocked the cage. She removed the steel cock cage part, but bent down and sucked his balls into her mouth before she removed the ring. The sensation nearly brought him to the floor with her, in fact, it might have had he not been cuffed with his arms overhead. She removed the ring with her tongue and teeth, savoring the feel and taste of the metal. The ring clattered to the floor as she began teasing his dick with her tongue…. alternating small licks and tickles with deep engulfing of his entire manhood in her soft, warm mouth.

This she continued, playing with him, enjoying every twitch he made, until he could stand it no longer…..”Please Mistress, he begged, breaking the imposed silence. Please let me come!”

She stopped abruptly. “My dearest pet” she cooed “I have been remiss in my duties as guardian. You must be thirsty!” she ignored the original plea, but held a glass of wine to his lips. “Small sips, my sweet”

She held it there until the glass was empty, and then refilled it. Once again she began to suck on him, pressing his balls in her hand, moving them up into his body. She increased her tempo until once more he could stand it no longer, nearly crossing over that line to oblivion he so desired.

“Mistress!!!” He called out, but just then a knock on the door interrupted their time.”Dinner is nearly over!” Someone alerted.

“Oh, my pet… I must go and leave you denied!” She smiled sweetly. “But before I do, have some more wine!” She picked up a different glass, this tasted sweeter, but a little bitter. Not knowing how long she would be gone, he sucked it down greedily. Moments later, the room began to spin and then grow dim. The last thing he saw, before he slept, was her smile… and her hand caressing his face.

When he awoke, he was in a state of confusion. The room was full, as before, with costumed people whirling about dancing while lights flashed and the band played. He was unable to move, except for his eyes. The fog in his brain began to clear and he saw his reflection in a mirror across the way, when the dancers cleared enough for him to take it in. He was a scarecrow, and a damned fine looking one at that. But the most amazing part was that he was completely immobilized by straps holding him on his Mistress’ St. Andrew’s cross. He was leaned far enough back to be comfortable and for his head to be immobilized by a strap to the wall behind.

Now what? He wondered… what is in store this time???


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