The Abduction

by Ainjlle

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© Copyright 2008 - Ainjlle - Used by permission

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As he slowly became aware of sounds around him, Brian realized something was desperately wrong. The first thing that struck him was how fuzzy his head seemed to feel. Very slowly, he tried to lift his head from off his chest. That was when the second thing struck him. His head was totally covered in what seemed to be a snug fitting hood, possibly leather. The only opening in the hood was just below the nose and he breathed deeply.

"Yep it's leather" he thought.

He was surprised to discover that the smell actually pleased him. He could feel a collar around his neck and felt the weight of a chain hanging from it.

"OK man" he thought to himself, "get this shit figured out."

He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. What he saw were two black clad legs (also in what looked like leather). At first his foggy brain couldn't connect those legs with his body, but when he tried to move one of his legs he watched one of the black clad legs twitch. The mist over his brain was starting to clear and Brian came to terms with the fact that he seemed to have woken in a strange place, mummified in black leather literally from head to toe and bound with restraints by the arms and legs to a chair. Although the chair had wheels, the chain he felt hanging from his neck, he could clearly see now was tied to a metal eye hook imbedded in a cement floor.

"Think, man, think." he chided himself.

His last memory was of he and his wife in the bar, they had gone to celebrate their anniversary. They were feeling pretty good, and had fucked like bunnies before getting showered and ready to go out on the town. They had dressed in their finest and had ended up in the busiest bar in the city.

Serena had gone to get drinks and he recalled how fine she looked in the sleek light brown leather pants, black shiny leather spike heeled boots (the kind that you could easily imagine on either side of your head holding you tight) and sassy little black halter with the high, open v-neck drawing the eye to the ample cleavage she loved to show off. As he had watched her at the bar, he realized how quickly she drew people to her with her sultry, almost arrogant looks and yet how quickly she could put people at ease. She had been chatting with a very handsome, almost beautiful man while waiting to be served and he thought again how lucky he was to have someone like her.

Then she was back, they were drinking and dancing and laughing and things were becoming fuzzy. He knew he was getting unsteady and suggested they end the evening at home by the fireplace. He remembered she had smiled and kissed him suggestively. "Okay, be a good boy and finish up the one you have and I'll take you home."

He finished his drink and stood to go. He remembered thinking he would hold off as long as he could on the next orgasm and hopefully take Serena's night over the top. They had made their way through the crowd and out to the street to hail a cab. He was feeling very wobbly and there was a cab already there. The handsome man from the bar was getting in and seeing Serena searching for one also, offered to share his. Brian could almost recall the address the man gave the cabbie but the rest of the night was gone.

His heart started to thump in his chest as he quickly realized how bad his situation was. What he couldn't wrap his head around was the outfit.

Although, the more he thought about it, the more he became acutely aware of the leather and how tight it was over his limbs, indeed his whole body. Almost as if the suit were custom fit to him. He felt a stirring in his loins and looked down with a stunned expression. He was getting aroused!

"Get a grip man," he thought, "you got no idea what is going on here and what these people want."

Still, if they meant to rob him or hurt him, why take the time to put him into such a lovely suit. He wiggled his fingers, which is about all he seemed free to do as his wrist were bound to the arms of the chair by leather straps. Even his fingers were covered by leather gloves. His feet too, were bound but they were brought back to the pole that the seat was welded to and a small chain was linked to the cuffs around his ankles. The suit even covered his feet in a sock style. His feet were positioned with each one on an extension piece of the base so that the chair may still be rolled around unobstructed.

Brian sat in the middle of the room facing a door. To the left of the door and along the wall, was a long counter and although he knew there were things on it, it was high enough that he couldn't see what they were. On the wall above the counter hung an odd assortment of equipment. There were several different gas masks, a variety of steel poles all different lengths with eye hooks on each end. Several long leather straps hung beside the counter in neat strips along with several other straps that were alot shorter but some had steel rings in the middle while others had round balls in the center of the small straps.

Beside the counter was what looked like an exercise bike with a perverted twist. There were eye hooks just below the seat attached to the stabilizing legs of the device with cuffs locked to them and another set of cuffs locked to what looked like medical stirrups that were obviously how it was peddled. The biggest perversion to this piece of equipment was a long, adjustable rod that was welded to the peddle mechanism. On the other end of that rod was a very large dildo that hung almost to the middle of the seat and an inch or two above it. Brian didn't need to see the device in action to know that it was a torture fucking machine. "That's easy enough ," he thought, "just don't peddle."

Continuing to survey his surroundings, it ran through his mind that the only times he had ever seen anything like this room were in movies in medieval times. These were the torture chambers of that time period (with a few modern updates). To the right of the door was a large wooden cross with more of the sinister looking eye hooks embedded in it at the top and at the bottom. He imagined himself, spread eagle, tied to it and found his erection growing even more.

There was one more piece of equipment in his line of sight and this looked almost like a saw-horse only it had a padded bench on the top of it. It was a little lower than waist high and also had the eye hooks embedded in the front and back stabilizing legs. This one also had a hook in the front of the bench. "Lord only knows what's behind me?" he thought although the thought did not frighten him anymore. The more he looked around the room, the more his erection grew.

Faintly he became aware of a clicking sound and as it grew louder, he realized, "Someone is coming, and in heels from the sound of it".

His apprehension grew slightly as he understood he was going to meet the person who put him here. The door swung open and for a minute he thought he must be dreaming. There, in the doorway, stood an impressive looking woman dressed in a tight rubber suit, beautiful blue and black corset, crotch high 5" stiletto heels, long shiny black gloves and a full rubber hood with only eye holes and mouth and nose holes. She stood and watched him for a minute, slowly sauntered over to him and laid a hand on the side of his hooded face. He could feel the heat from her hands through the hood and instantly his erection was rock hard. He squirmed a little and she chuckled a husky little laugh.

"Hmm," she purred, "it would seem that you are enjoying your abduction a little too much." To emphasize what she meant, she let her gloved hand drop from his face to come to rest on his throbbing dick. She patted it lightly and chuckled again as this caused him to convulse and moan.

"I have been watching you taking in your surroundings," she pointed to the far wall above the table and I saw she was pointing to a camera mounted high in the corner of the room. "You must be quite curious as to what is behind you after seeing all of my lovely devices in front of you." She placed her hands over his forearms and leaned in close to his face. "I wonder how you will react when you see?" Slowly, she turned his chair to face the only part of the room that he hadn't seen.

There, blindfolded, arms cuffed and locked to a chain high above her head, naked except for a pair of thigh high black, shiny, high heeled boots, was his lovely Serena. She also had one of the small straps with the ball in the middle, which he now knew to be a gag, buckled around her face. Her head hung on her chest and she looked so very helpless that his heart jumped. He started to struggle vigorously against his restraints, making throaty growls and flashing fire from his eyes. Even though she looked lovely hanging there, his erection disappeared, fearing what was going to happen to her. His host, however, missed nothing and commented on this with a smile. "Don't worry, pet, she will not be harmed........ too much."

With a delighted laugh, the rubber clad vision started to purposefully make her way over to where Serena stood, helpless and shaking slightly. Again, he made a futile attempt to get out of his restraints to help his wife. The rubber woman slowly raised a hand, looked him straight in the eyes, and brought the hand down with a loud smack on Serena's bottom. Until now, Serena had been so quiet that Brian wondered if she was conscious at all. With the first crack to her bottom, however, she started wriggling, muffled cries coming from her gagged mouth. Her booted feet were barely touching the floor, limiting her ability to move away from the stinging smacks.

"Watch as I spank your slutty looking woman" the rubber domme commanded.

Again, the hand came up, and again landed with a resounding smack. This time, though, Serena didn't scream. This time she actually moaned a little. Instantly, his erection was back in full force. The rubber goddess then moved to stand behind Serena, leaned into her and started a slow, sensuous rub over her bare bottom. This time Serena actually leaned into the hands that gave her torture and pleasure. Brian looked at the woman in rubber and her piercing eyes were looking straight at him, assessing his movements, what little he could move.

"I am Goddess Layna, and you are my toys," she purred. "I will do with you what I want and you will thank me for it. You have no value to me other than being my playthings."

With that statement, she moved her hands slowly around to caress Serena's breasts. When Serena made a whimper of pleasure, the goddess tweaked her nipples hard enough to make her jump and scream into the gag. Goddess Layna abruptly moved away, leaving Serena dazed and swinging slightly. She walked over to the bench that held an assortment of sex toys, picked up a silver, metal dildo attached to a nasty looking box and walked slowly back to Serena. Brian watched her rubber ass move as she walked and in spite of himself, thought, "I want to lick that ass." When Layna was beside Serena she commanded, "spread your feet, slut" and Serena struggled to obey, though she didn't have much movement.

The goddess bent down to Serena's pubic region, lovingly spread her pussy lips, and slowly began to insert the dildo, while my wife stood there quivering and moaning. The box she set on the floor just behind the bound and naked woman. From the box, she removed what looked like a remote control device and started fiddling with the knobs inside the box. When she was satisfied that everything was as it should be, she moved gracefully over to Brian, put her hands on his leather clad face, and caressed him slowly. She leaned in close enough to his face that he could feel her hot breath wash over him.

"Now, I am going to release your chains and you are going to be a good boy and do exactly as I tell you, right?"

Brian watched her without saying anything, not acknowledging the command at all.

"Don't be stubborn," she warned. "I guarantee, you will co-operate one way or the other," she laughed. "I will repeat myself this once, as you are new here, but will not repeat myself again. I will release your chains and you WILL do exactly as I say, do you understand?"

As she waited for my reply, I sat there thinking, "go to hell, lady, you can't MAKE me do anything." How very naive of me.

"Very well, this shall be your first lesson!"

With that, she stood and fiddled with the remote she held. Instantly I heard a snapping sound and Serena started to jerk and dance, screaming like mad around the gag. Her head whipped back and forth and her torso tightened and convulsed with the shock racing through her body. I jerked and squirmed like mad as I tried to get to our tormentor, wanting right then to choke the life out of her. Seeing she was not letting up on the remote, I screamed through the hood, "okay, okay, I'll do what you want, just stop....... please stop."

I watched as she turned down the volts that were running through my wife until they were nothing more than subtle vibrations, for I could still hear the humming sound coming from the device. Serena fell limp, hanging helpless and moaning softly.

"Very good, now we may begin," as she moved to my legs first to undo my restraints. "Now don't get any ideas of heroism, my pet, for in the time it would take you to make your move, I could easily fry your slutty wife's pussy, do you understand?"

When I hesitated, she shot me a warning look and I immediately nodded my head in defeat.

"Very good, my pet, you learn quickly. That pleases me greatly."

She returned to the task of releasing me, legs first, then my arms and though she did not remove the chain hanging from my collar, she walked over to the eyehook in the floor and released the chain from there. "Stand!" she commanded. I stood, feeling very shaky after being bound for who knows how long and tried to stretch my muscles as best I could in the tight leather getup.

"Slowly now, we do not want you to get muscle cramps. The only pain I want you to feel is the pain I inflict" she giggled.

When she thought I had enough control of my muscles not to fall over, she tugged the chain she held in her hand. My head was jerked forward and I had to take a step forward to keep from falling. "Come," again she tugged on the chain and I was led to the cross I had envisioned myself bound to not long before.

As I stood before the cross, Goddess Layna glided over to the bench and took a set of leather cuffs from off the bench top. She came back to me and commanded me to hold up my leg. I tried to balance as best I could as she grabbed my leg and proceeded to strap the first cuff around my ankle. She repeated this to the other leg, then both my arms. She turned me around so I was back to the cross.

"Spread your legs and put your arms out."

As I did so, the goddess clipped shiny locks to the cuffs and eyebolts, effectively keeping me in place for as long as she desired. Once I was locked in place on the cross, she stood, removed the chain from my collar, turned and gave me a wink. Then purposefully, she strode over to my wife.

Serena was moaning louder now as she was reaching a point of orgasm from the vibrations deep in the center of her. The goddess walked behind Serena and raising her arm high, gave me another wink. She brought her hand down with a terrible force, the smack resounding in the room. Again and again she repeated this until Serena, screaming and wriggling and moaning shuddered with the force of her first orgasm. I could see her glistening, sticky cum running down the inside of her legs. My erection was again back in full force and my cock throbbed so hard I thought it would bust through the leather that bound it.

"Oooh such a slutty good pet you are," the goddess whispered in Serena's ear.

My wife moaned again and leaned toward the voice, making little whimper noises that I found highly arousing. Goddess Layna reached up and removed Serena's chain from her cuffs, arm around her waist to catch her as she fell limp. She practically carried Serena over to the bench that reminded me of a saw horse and leaned her forward over it rubbing her tight, round ass cheeks and exposing the tender, puckered hole that I loved to lick so often. It crossed my mind that though Serena was not very big, this woman must be pretty strong to hold Serena's weight like that. The goddess squatted down to take Serena's arms and lock the cuffs to the front eyebolts there at the base of the "horse" as I had come to think of it.

"Now don't you go anywhere," she chuckled as she stood and crossed the room to the bench once more. There, she picked up a wide collar with a ring on the front of it, matching my own, and another set of cuffs. She returned to my wife, so exposed and helpless, and put the cuffs around the ankle of her boots, locking them to the eyebolts at the back of the horse. Walking around to the front, she tapped Serena's chin, "up", she commanded and Serena immediately obeyed. The goddess then affixed the collar to my wife's neck and locked the ring to the only remaining eyebolt in the center of the bench. Just as I was wondering where the remote went for the silver dildo still stuck in my wife's pussy, Goddess Layna produced it from a clip at the top of one of her boots and turned it on low once more.

"Very handy" I thought, "she never lets it get too far away from her."

I had to admire a woman who possessed such beauty, grace, and forethought though I wished with all my heart that I could bend her over and teach her a lesson with my cock. Wanting to bang at this woman again and again until she cried for mercy just made my cock throb all the more.

"Hhhhmmm," she looked around the room until she located what she was after, picked up the bottle of lubricant and brought it back to Serena's waiting asshole. She smeared the lube on it then gently inserted her rubber finger into the hole, grinning delightedly as Serena squirmed and made grunting noises. Once her finger had disappeared deep inside, I could see the muscle in her rubberclad arm twitching, telling me she was moving her finger about in there. Serena squirmed even more as the combination of her asshole getting worked over and the vibrations in her pussy led her toward another orgasm. As her grunting became helpless little shrieks, I watched Serena go stiff as she orgasmed for the second time.

Goddess Layna slowly came over to where I was locked in, reached down and found a zipper at the back of the suit and pulled it forward far enough for my balls to fall free exposing a little of my ass also. She reached for my balls and gave them a firm squeeze. I gasped and moaned thinking, "ooohh it's my turn now." I was wrong. She slapped my balls a few times watching me as I jumped and jerked with every smack, a grin of pure delight on her face. My aching cock still not able to get out, throbbed uselessly against the leather, though I found myself making bucking motions with my hips in time to her evenly spaced smacks.

"Aha, you are enjoying this aren't you my slutty little pet?"

I didn't answer right away, ashamed that I was indeed enjoying it but when she shot me that look again, I quickly nodded my head.

"Good, now let's see how slutty you really are!"

She fixed the chain to my collar once more and began removing the locks that held me to the cross. Once I was free, she tugged at the chain, not needing to say anything this time, I followed her to the bicycle type device. "Sit," she commanded and I lifted one leg quickly to straddle the seat. When I was in the seat, she locked the arm cuffs to the eyehooks at the base of it and told me to put my feet in the pedals. I did so and she locked my legs into place as well. With that done, there was just a little repositioning left to do. The dildo was almost touching my asshole and as the goddess lubed the dildo, then smeared more on my ass, she commanded me to start pedalling slowly. As I did what she told me, I felt the dildo slide inside me and stopped at the sudden pain.

"I will leave you to this device and see what happens," she grinned while walking back to the bench.

I watched her bring out another dildo, and a harness. I slowly pedalled a little more shoving the dildo a little further in as I saw her put on the harness and walk over to my wife, waiting and quivering, bound and helpless, pussy juice glistening under the lights. The dildo bobbing up and down as she walked. The goddess looked back over her shoulder at me and took Serena by the hips, watching to see if I was pedalling. She gave a nod as if to say, "keep watching", turned back to Serena and slowly worked the dildo into her asshole, holding her steady as she squirmed and shrieked again, trying to get away from the invasion. I could hear the goddess sigh as she entered, as if the dildo conveyed the actual feeling of entering Serena's tight little ass, then started pumping, slow at first, then faster.

By now Serena was rocking in time with the goddess, taking what she was being given and loving it. My cock twitching and throbbing, I started to find myself pedalling faster, the dildo pumping in and out of my ass with increasing speed. I too began to grunt as I watched goddess Layna ass fuck my wife. When the goddess had enough of that, she pulled back from Serena's ass and came back over to me. By this time I was pumping furiously hoping in vain to orgasm myself. The goddess had other plans as she commanded me to stop immediately. I stopped reluctantly, moaning my displeasure and waited to see what she had in store next. I no longer wanted out or to do her harm, I only wanted to be told how I could please her and hope she would give me release as my balls seemed to be 3 times bigger than normal. She unlocked my cuffs and once again attached my leash of chain, and told me to rise. I did and she tugged me in the direction of my wife all the while her dildo bobbing up and down.

She stood me behind Serena and pushed me in close, pulled the zipper to my suit up a little more and my cock was free. It felt odd after being bound for so long but it was so hard and throbbing I thought I may come just from being released.

"Now,"she purred, "we wouldn't want you to cum without my permission would we?"

With that, she walked over to the box she left on the floor and brought it back with her. She pulled out a couple of little pads attached to wires that led back inside the box. She attached the pads to the underside of my balls and got out her remote control once more. With a look of pure delight, she pressed a button and I felt a nasty jolt go through my balls and up my shaft. My dick softened somewhat but did not die on me completely.

"Very good, that will work nicely," the goddess gloated as she moved to take my cock in her hand, giving it a hard squeeze.

She got 2 lengths of shorter chain from the wall and looped them through my wrist cuffs bringing the chain down to the eyehooks for Serena's wrist cuffs. She secured the chain to the eyehooks, effectively locking me in tight in the doggie position behind my wife. I could still hear the vibrator in Serena's pussy humming away and Serena panting from all the torturous pleasure she had been through.

"Now enter your slut's ass slowly and stop when you are as deep as you can go. Do not pump in and out of her or you will get more nasty little jolts, do you understand?"

I nodded and slowly slid into my wife, feeling the vibrator humming against my dick through the thin vaginal wall. I stopped when I could go no farther and waited, tensed and quickly feeling the pressure build. I grunted with the effort of holding back my cum and the goddess was quick to press her button. I felt the jolt and twitched deep within Serena hearing her moan in pleasure. I struggled for control as the goddess again sent a jolt through my balls, slowing down my urge to spew my hot load.

"There," she said, "now when I command you, slut, you had better cum for me. After all I have given you and your slutty wife, you will please me won't you slut?"

"Yes my goddess," I mumbled.

"Ooohhh very good indeed, that pleases me very much slut."

I watched as our rubber Goddess took Serena's head in her rubber hands and removed the gag with the ball in it and replace it with one that had a ring in it. She entered my wife's mouth, Serena helpless to stop her and she started pumping in and out, in and out. It wasn't long before I saw Serena's back arch as she gagged and her ass clenched on my cock so tight, the vibrating sensations that much stronger. I grunted and the goddess sent a jolt through me. Serena gagged, again and again she clenched. The goddess was pumping away now, revelling in the sounds of my wife gagging and the fact that it was sending me over the edge. With one more mighty thrust, the goddess hollered, "now slut, now cum for your goddess!!"

As my wife's ass clenched again I felt the vibrations up my shaft and my balls exploded in a bursts so hot and long, I saw bright lights flashing beneath me eyelids. I grunted and groaned my pleasure as my hot cum overflowed Serena's ass and leaked out to run down her leg mixing with her own pussy juice. As she continued to gag, it sent several more little explosions through me and I collapsed onto Serena's back, unable to hold myself up any longer. We stayed that way enjoying the glow for several minutes while the goddess busied herself releasing us from our restraints. She led us to a bathroom where we got cleaned up and then headed home without seeing our rubber goddess again.

When we arrived I said to Serena, "Wow, that was glorious, but I don't understand how we got there, who this person was and why she chose us then let us go?"

Serena smiled and said, "Happy anniversary, darling, I arranged the whole thing. I drugged you at the bar and the handsome fellow you saw me talking to helped get you into Layna's dungeon. Did you enjoy it?" she giggled.

I slapped her on the bottom lightly and joked, "From now on we are having an anniversary every week or so."

I kissed my beautiful wife and we went off to bed.


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