Dungeonware by Design

by Techie

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© Copyright 2012 - Techie - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; machine; bond; gag; stocks; bdsm; crop; chast; switch; toys; insert; anal; milk; sex; true; cons; X

Chapter 1: Test flight.

Sometimes there are times when techster regrets the fact that his wife, lover, playmate, and keyholder is a mechanical design engineer.

Today would be no exception.

Techster is always working on upgrades for the subterranean dungeon that he furnished for a DS couple, who like Techster, are using their BDSM business to keep them financially solvent. Today he was under pressure to come up with a tech, yet simple, device to terrorize the clients.

Techster looked up from hi drafting table and pointed to a cardboard model. It was a unique concept a circles of a light piece of wood that could rotate. The bottom of the two was supported by four legs. There was a Ken doll, one of the larger ones, on the circle spread eagled with his wrists and ankles tied to the edges with shoelaces.

“I’d planned for it to rotate, but I can’t quite get it so it looks threatening to me.” Techster said, “Any Ideas?”

I looked at the model and said, ”Let’s talk about it during dinner.”

As soon as we sat to eat dinner Techster spun the lazy susan turntable on the table to get some salt. As it spun a small spoon fell off and sat against the scalloped edge of the turntable. The fork rocked back and forth.

I looked at him and said, “Use same size circle but have a second circle below the top circle with scalloped edges. I have a mean idea this device will be positively demonic.”

Techster looked at me with a deer-in the headlights look wide eyed, “What do you have in mind.”

I looked at him and gave him that ‘look out’smile “That will be my surprise. Wait ‘til after dinner and we’ll start.”

After dinner we both ran over to his drafting table and I sat down and started drawing. He stood there wide eyed as I sketched the concept in mind. I had 2 figures on opposite sides of the circle both facing the center. Then he gasped as I drew a lever behind each figure that would control a dildo that depending on whether the figure in that position was male or female either anal or vaginal stimulation as the table top rotated and a cam following roller on the lower end of the lever will follow the scalloped edges.

“Wow!” Techster exclaimed, “I could use a steel hinge, a spring and a lever made of square steel key stock to make that lever stroke just right! Now lets mock up and see how big the turntable has to be.”

Techster climbed onto an empty workbench and knelt. “Techie, please measure from my ankles to my neck. We’ll use that dimension, add a few inches the feet will hang over the edge and I’ll make a locking steel stock for the neck. The wrist restraint we’ll keep simple with an eye bolt and a pair of handcuffs, while the ankles I’ll use adjustable steel stocks. “

I looked at him an said,” How about sacrificing that old off road truck differential both for the angle drive and the rigid column for the bearings for the turntable.”

Techster responded, “ The use of the differential is a great idea, that will provide the angle drive with a variable speed motor to make the turntable rotate. I plan to use 6 rubber rigid casters as perimeter support for the turntable. When we measure this I think it will be about 8 feet across.” Techster turned and knelt down on the workbench and I measured from his neck to his ankles, it was almost exactly 4 feet. “Let me make some notes and we’ll go to sleep. I plan to get up early to work on this project.”

Early in the morning I was awakened by the sound of Techster showering, when he came into our bedroom he was dressed in his work coveralls and looked ready to start on the project.

“I got some great ideas while sleeping and I’m off to the workshop to get started.” He said as he gave me a quick kiss and bolted out of the door.

About an hour later I dressed and prepared to make breakfast. I paused and made a quick visit to the workshop. Techster had really been busy the support frame had been cut and welded together. He was working on the old truck differential he had cut off one axle housing and welded it into the frame.

Techster looked up and said, “Sorry, hon, but I really want to get this project rolling.”

Due to the noise of the big power saw rather than shout I motioned for him to come into the house for breakfast.

As we ate Techster remarked, “I’ve already spoken to the prospective client, Domina Bonita and told her about the concept. She loved it having the sub bound, exposed and rotated sounded great. With the large open spaces of the second level of her dungeon even the eight foot size was no problem and her husband said it would just fit in the elevator.”

I left Techster to take care of cleaning up the kitchen, washing the dishes and I charged off to work.

No use calling Techster during the day, I know how he hates to be disturbed when he is working and after all his work on the dungeon equipment is keeping us financially solvent.

I worked late to finish up the annual inventory at work so I didn’t get home until 8 PM. The first thing I did was look in the workshop and there Techster was just finishing up on the upper disc of the turntable. I walked in and admired the massive device. “Wow! You’ve outdone yourself this time! Right from the black fabric skirt covering the frame, the carpet covered kneeling pads, the steel neck and ankle stocks and, oh! The lever for the dildo.”

“Watch this!” Techster exclaimed proudly.

He pushed a button on the hand control and the turntable rotated and the levers stroked back and forth as the cam following roller on the end of the lever followed the scalloped edge of the lower disc. “By moving the pin on the pivot plate the stroke is adjustable from 3 inched to 6 inches. I can adjust the height above the table in one inch steps to suit the prisoner being tormented. Do you want to test it?”

I nodded , “yes”

“Well then strip and I’ll give you the first flight.” Techster said with that devilish grin of his.

I love to try something new so I stripped eagerly, picked up a pair of wrists cuffs from our workshop toybox, and passed them to Techster. Techster buckled them on and I knelt on the turntable.

I shuddered as the cold steel stock closed around my neck. Next my wrist cuffs were clipped to a pair of eyebolts on the turntable and lastly my ankles were securely clamped down.

Techster held a medium sized dildo down in my field of vision. “ I know you’ll love this one. It has that rib on it for your clit.”

I felt the dildo enter me as he fiddled with the adjustments. He paused and said, ”If you look down you’ll see a small TV screen. I’ll switch it on and you can see your back and butt. You will be tormented by watching your own torment. Hang on. Here you go! Now smile. This first test is being recorded.”

I felt the turntable start to rotate and at the same time I was being stimulated as the dildo surged in and out of my vagina.

“Enjoy the ride I’m going to go mix a drink for both of us so we can celebrate.” Techster said as he left the workshop and closed the door.

I was beginning to enjoy my ride as the dildo did its job and I was brought to an orgasm. As soon as that orgasm passed I started working on an even stronger one. The TV screen heightened my torment as I watched the dildo stroking in an out of me.

Another orgasm hit and I screamed just as Techster walked back into the workshop bearing two tall drinks.

“Too Noisy!” he said as he stopped the turntable, took a ball gag from the toybox, pushed it into my mouth and tightened the strap. “I’ll set the timer for another ten minutes and then I’ll give you a break. In the meantime I’ll just lube the dildo a little more. Now I can sit back and watch.” The turntable began to rotate again.

I struggled as orgasm after orgasm swept through me. I felt my sex dripping and my clit squirting as he finally took pity and stopped the turntable, removed the gag and released my neck, wrists and ankles. I was so shaky he had to help me off of the turntable. I sat on a towel on one of the shop chairs. “Wow, what a ride, it definitely does the job. Efficient, not too uncomfortable, firm restraint a feeling of complete helplessness. It is almost ready for delivery.”

“What do you mean almost?” techster asked with a tone of shock in his voice. “We’ve tested it on a woman, now let’s see how it works on a man.” I advised him.

“Damn,” Techster replied, “I was afraid you’d say something like that! But I do remember our agreement what’s fair for one is fair for the other and you know how I won’t sell any of my dungeonware unless I’ve personally experienced it.’”

Techster stripped and I buckled the wrist cuffs on his wrists, He knelt on the pads and I adjusted the neck up a few inches and snapped it shut. Then I clamped his ankles down and adjusted the dildo lever. I chose a small dildo with a downward curved tip that was designed to stimulate a man’s prostate from the toybox, lubed it and worked it slowly into his anus. “Is the stroke for a man the same as a woman?” I asked.

“I had it set for three inches for you that should be OK.” He replied.

Techster had done a great job of designing the clamp that held the dildo I was easy to adjust it up and down but you could set the angle of entry. I set it pointing slightly downward so it would hit and stimulate his prostate. I set the arm that held the little camera looked at the master screen on the control console; it gave a great picture of hid bare butt and back.

I stood back admired the set up and hit the start button.

It was fun watching Techster struggle against the steel neck and ankle stocks.

“I’m going to up your level of fun watch the screen. I’m going to warm your butt and back.” I told him. I know how Techster enjoys a good subspace trip.

I chose a three ended stiff tawse and gave him a few strokes on the butt and back. I set the rotation speed at medium and watched his expressions change as the dildo charged in and out of his butt. With each rotation I alternated laying 3 stripes on each butt cheek or 3 stripes on his back.

Techster finally shouted in pain I did what he had done to me I stopped the turntable and shoved a big ball gag in his mouth and buckled the strap.

His butt and back got redder and redder as each blow did its job.

I knew that the dildo had done its job when cum started to ooze out of the tip of the CB6000 chastity device he was wearing and he stopped struggling and started smiling. At that point I knew he had experienced both an orgasm and a subspace trip.

I let the turntable spin for a few more minutes and then stopped it. “I think I’ll let you sit and think about it for a few more minutes and enjoy the subspace warmth.”

Techster just sat there smiling I gave him a massage with a warming lotion on his red butt and back and released his restraints. We lay down on the futon on the workshop and cuddled for an hour or so as he recovered and came back to earth. We are old married folks who still know how to play hard and love softly.

Techster looked at me and said, "Now I'm going to disassemble it and take it to S&M garage and sell it. "

2: The Sale

After several days designing and fabricating a new piece of mechanized dungeonware known as the “Merry go ‘round from hell” Techster took it and videos of both he and I s test subjects to his best customer hoping to sell it.

The following Monday Techster took pictures of the turntable and the video of both his and my torture on the turntable to Domina Bonita who he had hoped sell it to.

Domina Bonita and her subbie hubbie, Juan, looked at the pictures and watched the video. When the presentation was finished they had a 1 minute conference. She came over to Techster, $3500 is my best offer, that’s assembled on the lower level and one last test with a pair of us. To make the deal fun and suspenseful your wife will flip the coin.”

Techster shouted, “Done!!” He pointed to Bonita’s husband and asked, “Can he help me unload and assemble it?”

Bonita whacked her husband on the butt with the riding crop she always carried and ordered, “Go help Techster move and set up our new piece of dungeonware.”

It only took Techster and Juan about half-an-hour to get all the parts down the elevator and another hour to set it up. Techster then took time to show Domina Bonita and Juan how to work the speed control on the turntable and how to adjust the strokes on the dildo.

Domina Bonita smiled and said,” See you and techie back here about 7. I’ll bring the champagne, Juan will cook the steaks. Techster, you bring the salad and we’ll celebrate this evening and then do a demonstration run, one of us couples will be the test subject.”

It was after dark when Techster and I returned. I could tell by the aroma of the steaks cooking on the grill that Bonita and Juan were ready for us. Inside the bay of the garage he had set a large table. It was almost a formal setting with 4 candles, salads and onion bread, crystal water glasses and tall flute glasses for the champagne.

Juan was only wearing a bow tie and a sarong-like waist covering that covered his butt and front, but left his sides bare. He passed one to Techster, “ Here you go Bonita wants the men to dress right for dinner.”

I nodded and said, “Go ahead, get dressed.”

Techster looked at me pointed to the elevator, I shook my head, “NO!” and pointed to “right here”. He knew better than to protest that would cost him another week before he would be allowed to have an orgasm so he stripped put on the bow tie and sarong.

Then Domina Bonita made her grand entrance wearing a filmy black cloak, tall patent leather boots, a short skirt and a leather bra-bustier that enhanced her figure. She handed me a bag, “I’d figure we’d dress alike for this occasion. You can change here in front of our men after all they can’t even get excited and get an erection!”

I felt odd with someone other than Techster watching me change, but rather than being embarrassed I decided to put on a show. I stripped slowly making my breasts jiggle as much as possible, then I shed my slacks and underwear making certain that Juan and Techster saw my butt and freshly shaved pussy. It must have gotten Juan’s attention as I noticed his sarong developed a small bulge in the front.

When I was finished dressing the men pulled out the chairs and seated us. We enjoyed, the dinner and the company as Bonita said, “Let us all be thankful for each other as we are each an element of the other’s financial solvency.”

With that she arose and said, “Grab your champagne and let’s see this new equipment and how it works.”

We rode down to the subbasement in the elevator. Juan opened the doors and we stepped out into the cool of the lower dungeon.

Domina walked over and took a gold coin off of the turntable. She passed the coin to Techie, ”Here you flip the coin. I call tails the winner gets to enjoy the first ride on the Devil’s merry go ‘round.”

I took the coin, stepped back and flipped it high in the air. As luck would have it tails was up. I looked at Bonita and said, “Congratulations! You and Juan win.”

Bonita bowed gracefully, unzipped and stepped out of her boots and looked at me.

I pointed to her skirt, “That will have to go so the dildo can do it’s work.”

Techster helped Bonita up onto the turntable, set the neck stock, clamped down her ankles and said, ”Techie, will you handle the adjustments?”

I nodded and said, ”Yes. You get Juan secured and let’s watch them go for a ride.”

Techster adjusted the neck stock, clamped down his ankles, lubed the curved tip dildo and worked it into Juan’s butt hole. “I’m setting you up with a 3 inch stroke and this rig is designed to hit your prostate so you will be milked.”

Juan nodded and said, “Lets go!”

I called Techster, “Help me here. This dildo won’t do the job. It fits too loosely.”

Techster reached under the turntable and pulled out a box of assorted Dildos. He took a look and passed me a medium sized one about 8 inches long with a ribbed surface and a small fin on top with a soft ball on it. I’ll show you how to set the stroke. First I move the pivot pin to the middle hole setting and that is 4 inches of travel.”

He set the stroke at 4 inched, lubed the dildo, slid it gently into Domina. And adjusted the height so it would enter her smoothly. He gave the lever a test stroke.”Does that feel OK?”

Domina Bonita nodded, “Yes, let’s go!”

“One last question gag or no gag?”

Domina responded, “ No gag. See my riding crop? Well the first one to make a sound gets 20 lashes.“

I chuckled and said, “Here you go! Fifteen minutes medium speed.” I pushed the start button and they started their ride.

Techster found a video camera and set it up to film the first run. Then we both sat on one of the lift tables and watched the fun. Bonita and Juan turned their heads and kissed.

I told them “Look down and you can watch yourself being done.”

Bonita started smiling and I could see she was starting to have an orgasm, while Juan’s face showed no emotion. After another 5 minutes she started to have another orgasm. She did her best to hold her mouth shut. Finally she moaned then a shriek.

I pointed to her and said,” Remember what you said! Here comes your 20 lashes! Techster do it.”

Techster picked up the riding crop and using a controlled force gave her 20 lashes on her back and butt. Then Juan started to moan Techster looked at me.”The milk is flowing your turn.”

I took the crop and reddened Juan’s back and butt. Then I noticed the cum dribbling out of the tip of his CB6000. “Not only a merry-go’-round; it doubles as a milking machine!” I laughed as Techster and I sat back down to watch the fun.

Finally the turntable stopped Techster pulled the video camera from its stand and filmed the red backs and butts of Juan and Bonita. “Are you guys finished?” he asked as he started to release Juan from his bonds.

I released Bonita and helped her stand.”Quite and experience eh?” I asked.

“That is one mean device I had orgasm after orgasm and what was worse I couldn’t move I had to just kneel there and watch myself being screwed and then my back and butt being whipped. It was both erotic as all hell and pure torture. I love it it is well worth the money I paid. I have but one thing to say. I challenge Techster to top this.”

I smiled as we dressed and headed for our truck. It is amazing how much a husband and wife team can accomplish when they are not afraid to play bondage games.

When we arrived home and I let Techster lick my clit to the point of orgasm and then put the dildo on the front of his cage, climb on top and complete my experience. I know this is a major tease for him for he goes through the motions – no orgasm for him- he is the instrument of my pleasure.

After 40 plus years of marriage Techster and I have become better lovers and friends than most of our friends who have not learned how to play together. It takes a great deal of love, trust and faith to allow yourself to be bound teased and tormented for your mutual pleasure. We love it that way!!

In the morning I awoke to find him sketching. I thought , “ OMG what will he/we come up with next?”


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