The dungeon of Empress Raquel--A couples first journey

by Empress Raquel

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This story is told exactly as it happened and is true. I am a professional Dominatrix. I can be contacted by anyone at [email protected] My website is

I am Empress Raquel. I have the most well-appointed dungeon in all of South Florida. It is known as The Keep. 

I am booked for weeks and even months in advance.

Whenever a new couple first contacts me for a session, one of them has usually agreed to play the role of the spokesperson. This does not necessarily mean the other is reluctant, although I am told that I can be a bit intimidating. 

I am blond, 5 feet nine inches tall, and weigh 142 pounds. I have very large natural breasts and the muscles that ripple in my arms and shoulders make it look like I work out frequently... because I do! I adore leather, not only to wear but to restrain and whip with. 

In this case, it was Karen who contacted me, but quickly assured me that Rick knew she was doing so. They had been boyfriend and girlfriend for over ten years and felt a need to explore other areas. 

When they appeared in the vestibule of my dungeon, I eyed them briefly through the video cameras, and was pleased at what I saw. They both appeared to be in their early thirties. Rick was tall, with dark hair and an athletic build. Karen was an inch or so shorter than me, and wore a "wife-beater" with a bra that pushed up her medium-sized breasts until they bulged out the top. Her hair was dyed jet black, and my curiosity was aroused at the prospect of seeing if she dyed ALL of her hair. Her beautiful legs were very firm and the shorts she wore strained to contain her rounded bottom.

My dungeon is bathed in an eerie red light that gives it a dreamlike quality, and their eyes struggled to adapt and take everything in as they walked through the door.   

My dungeon is also fully equipped with every manner of restraining device, and my collection of whips, paddles, cuffs, bondage tables, and chrome hooks and manacles is unparalleled in any other South Florida venue. For this reason, a newcomer will immediately realize what I am capable of, and THAT is why I insist that they remove most of their clothing at once while they stand in my presence. My services are not inexpensive, and I do not want to collect my fee in advance only to see a still fully clothed client have second thoughts and edge toward the door. 

Because it was their first time, I allowed Karen to keep her bra and panties on for the moment. I must admit that I wanted to determine how much padding had been added anyway, and resisted the urge to examine it more closely until the proper time. Her abs were as toned as her legs, and I could see by her rapid breathing that she was anticipating my next move. Rick was allowed to keep his briefs on temporarily. They were extremely small and his cock had begun to bulge, straining at the thin material. I had listened carefully to Karen over the phone, but they were almost in MY control at this point, and I like to begin immediately.

I had four pairs of thick leather cuffs, with very sturdy chrome rings attached, laid out on a bondage table to my right. I pointed out which were for the wrists and which for ankles, and sweetly ordered them to put them on each other. I cautioned them I would be checking for looseness, and if I detected any would show my displeasure after they were captive.

As they secured the cuffs on each other, they attempted to remain stoic but could not hide their trembling hands. Wide eyed as they glanced at each other, both kept their faces averted from me, as though if they did so I would not notice their apprehension.

In the case of a male and female couple, I like to place a spreader bar between his wrists and fasten the cuffs to it. Then before they can even think to protest, I attached the spreader bar at the center to one of my electric hoists. In this instance Rick was rather helpful... clipping his own left wrist to one end before I clipped his right. Quicker than one can say "please don't suspend me too high" I had Rick's arms stretched up over his head. His bare feet were still flat on the wooden floor, but his body was now quite taut.

This is one of my favorite scenarios... to see a strong male suddenly realize that he is rapidly losing control of a situation. And I do not hesitate to make it worse.

Turning to Karen, I ordered her to pick up a second spreader bar and fasten his ankle cuffs to them. As she approached him I, almost as an afterthought, ordered her to remove his briefs first. With a look upwards at him that said, "honey, I'm sorry I got you into this but I have no choice" she pulled his briefs off. This is another of my favorite moments. As Rick's cock and balls were exposed to the cooler air in my dungeon, he fought between his embarrassment and excitement. I could not help but observe that he was shaven quite close. His cock shrank a little as he looked around, as if searching for an avenue of escape. But it grew fuller as he glanced down at it and then past it down to his ankles, realizing the futility of his situation, and that neither Karen nor I were going to come to his aid.

Once a male slave is fully secured, I greatly enjoy using the remote on the electric hoist to demonstrate my complete control over what is to come. If he is athletic like Rick was, I stretch him out until he is on his tippy toes, and then gradually ease his arms down a little until he is once again flat footed. I also enjoy commenting on the current state of his cock and balls, imparting to him that he is naked and suspended in front of a leather-clad dominatrix primarily for her amusement. Rick's submissive gaze went back and forth to my own ample cleavage as it spilled over my leather corset and then to Karen, with a occasional glance upward to his own bound wrists.

With Rick now captive, I turned my attention to Karen. Dispensing with any formalities, I reached around her as though to give her a hug. Instead I unclasped her intriguing bra and freed what proved to be a very beautiful set of breasts. It was readily apparent that Karen did not need a bra for support, but only to tame her red, erect nipples. The tips were the size of thimbles, and it was obvious they would draw attention in any public situation unless covered with sufficiently thick material. Not one to apologize for admiring someone, I stared at her left nipple and briefly caressed it with the back of my hand. It seemed to thrive on this minimal attention and, impossibly, grew even more erect until it dwarfed it's mate on the right.

I handed her an aluminum spreader bar and she affixed it to her right wrist cuff, after which I promptly fastened the left. A moment later I had her toned arms raised in the air above her head. I informed Karen that I had a "thing" for properly shaved armpits and that hers were done to my satisfaction, causing a blush that was just barely detectable in the red dungeon lights. I maneuvered her slightly to face an entranced Rick, who was intently watching us.  

While Empress, as a rule, does not bow before anyone, I made an exception. I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of her panties at each hip and in one swift motion brought them down past her ankles. As I did so my face brushed the hair of her pussy, and I could smell the scent of the moisture that was already seeping between the lips. With my right hand I motioned to Karen to step out of the little bit of material that had provided her with her last remaining bit of modesty. Trembling, she hesitated but complied. With a tapping motion of a riding crop on the inside of each of her calves, I wordlessly made her spread her legs and then bent yet once more to clip the last spreader bar to her ankle cuffs.

Another of my favorite parts occurred when Karen looked down to gauge the extent of her exposure. The hood of her clit peeking out from a modest nest of light brown hair told me that I had chosen a spreader bar of the proper length. Karen's face vacillated from mild shock to resigned. They all soon realize that there is no possible way to retain any dignity or control of any kind when they are hanging from my ceiling. Nearly always, I compound their embarrassment by performing a slow walk-around, my heels clicking as I circle their suspended, naked, and oh so vulnerable bodies. I often amuse myself with a running commentary on their genitals and their situation.  

For Rick and Karen, I clutched my thinnest flogger as I performed my walk-around. I pointed out to a meek and quiet Rick that his muscular buttocks did not leave enough meat to hide the crack of his ass. Making an exception for yet a third time, I bent at the waist for a closer look. While still staring, I informed both Rick and Karen that due to his widely spread legs, his asshole was exposed for all to see, and that it looked very tight indeed. Obviously I would need to choose a butt plug of a narrower diameter and sufficient lube if I decided later in the session to violate him. He shuddered noticeably.

Karen's snicker was audible over the ethereal music that I like to listen to during sessions. A quick glare to show my disapproval of her little outburst was received with a frightened expression as she shut her mouth and obediently cast her eyes down.

I circled them like a lioness hunting prey, and then selected a flogger from my collection. I used it to flog the back of Rick's legs for a dozen or so strokes, and then administered two dozen to his ass. He did not make a sound other than quickly expelling some air from his lungs on some of the last strikes, and by the end was staring down in shame at the floor while Karen hung in front of him, now open jawed. The brief flogging took some of the stiffness out of his erection which I delighted in pointing out to the both of them. In a back-handed compliment, I remarked that much of the thickness still remained though. 

Then I pivoted and turned my attention to Karen. Her delicious abs heaved and she tried pathetically to draw her spread knees closer to each other. I asked her if this was what she had in mind when she contacted me. She did not shake her head no. I stared at her sternly, raised an eyebrow, and told her I expected an answer. Stretched taut and helpless, breasts jutting out with hard erect nipples pointing at a slight upward angle, she nodded weakly. I raised the other eyebrow. She sqeaked out a yes Mistress. 

Slowly I began my walk-around. The cheeks of Karen's round ass flexed alternately as she shifted her weight from one outstretched foot to the other. I commented on the muscles in her upper back... specifically on their symmetry and the strain they must be starting to feel. I caressed both contracted shoulder one at a time, finger lingering in every crease, checking for additional strain or tension. There was plenty of both. I ran my hand down the center of her back, stopping just above the crack of her ass at the small of her back, and commented on the hint of peach fuzz there. I bluntly asked Rick if he had ever noticed it when he took her from behind. They both hung their heads almost in unison, but he nodded his almost imperceptibly. 

Telling Karen exactly what I was doing and why, I broke protocol yet a fourth time and squatted down to part both lower cheeks of her perfect ass. Her tight bud appeared to be a virgin, and I informed her that would have to be remedied at some point. Beginning at her wrists, I ran both hands purposefully down her arms and sides, lingering for an instant at her armpits as though considering whether to tickle them. I ended by grabbing each toned thigh with a hard squeeze and taunted her by asking if she shivered because the dungeon was becoming too cold. 

Rick hung in front of Karen, transfixed with varying degrees of an erection. I concluded aloud that Karen's shivering might be a result of the little beads of sweat that appeared between her lightly heaving breasts and in the small of her back. At that point I pretended to notice the fullness of Rick's balls for the first time, and commented bluntly that they must be addressed.

I never hesitate to explore an impulse, but I did pause to admire Karen's back and ass before picking a new flogger off a table and swinging it. She tried to control her gasps each time I struck. I connected lightly at first, surprising her with an occasional upstroke on the underside of her ass cheeks. After I had increased the tempo and the intensity, I paused to admire my efforts, her breathing now becoming a steady panting.

Quite some years ago, I purchased the simplest and yet handiest small leather strap... with a quarter-sized chrome ring sewn in one end and a dime-sized one sewn at the other end. The strap is only 8 inches long and a half inch or so wide. I have found it to be perfect for looping around a dangling set of balls or even around the cock and balls. I put the small ring through the large one and attach a rope or clip to the small loop. When I apply tension I have complete control. Neither asking nor explaining, I leaned over (I think Rick was distracted by my considerable show of cleavage) and had him ensnared before he realized my intentions. I used a 12 foot rope of medium thickness because I already knew where the other end was going. The rope first destination was a chrome pulley that hung from one of the girders in my dungeon. I fed the end through and quickly pulled down... thus pulling Rick's balls (and to a certain extent his fully erect penis) up much higher. 

The manner in which I view any session is that the client or clients can give me their input at the onset, but whatever happens next is up to my imagination. And I have a frightfully vivid imagination. Every since I was a young girl, I have imagined myself tying people together. Usually naked people. Boys to girls... girls to girls... boys to boys.... as long as they are naked it doesn't matter. 

But today, it was my desire for the two first-timers to watch the other's embarrassment, discomfort, and of course their growing lust as each struggled to maintain their composure in front of me and their mate. Rick tested his bonds upon occasion, and the complete look of surrender I saw each time filled me with satisfaction as he realized that he would stay captive until it pleased me to do otherwise.

In the meantime, I still had 8 feet of rope to use however I saw fit. It was difficult to say if Karen's heavy breathing was due to Rick's current situation, or what she imagined was about to befall her... or both. In the blink of an eye the rope was between her spread legs, up the crack of her ass, and looped tightly around her waist. I had accomplished this without easing up on the tension that was by now turning Rick's suffering balls a brighter shade of red. Inching forward to relieve his discomfort while his ankles were attached to the spreader bar was an awkward possibility, but Rick had not attempted to do so. Others unfortunates have in the past and my solution is to tie another rope to the spreader bar and attach it at some point behind my victim. 

Out of the corner of my eye I caught Karen beginning to squirm in earnest as the rope passing through the crack of her ass began to rub in an unfamiliar manner on her poor asshole. My observation has been that while it touches the clit on the way back up to the pulley, the contact is not of any significance. It is my mission to make it significant, and I have a small, rough coated rubber ball that I keep for just such a purpose. A hole has been drilled through the center. One side has been cut all the way through to the hole. It is a simple matter to clip the ball over the rope and slide it down to my victim's pussy. Once the ball arrives at it's final destination, I keep applying strong pressure with my thumb and forefinger. Half the time the woman is wet enough between her lips for the ball to work it's way home to the clit, where it then rubs against her every time she squirms or attempts to adjust herself. The other half of the time is becomes necessary for me to reach down with my other hand and part her lips manually with my fingertips.

In either instance, the shock and embarrassment of my intrusion is always apparent on the woman's face after I straighten back up. And I take a special delight in asking her if she knows what I just did. It can be even more fun flogging her until she explains what I did to her suspended mate.... while I point out to him that he did nothing to stop it! In this case, Karen's lips were already so wet that they readily accepted the ball between them. These same lips strove mightily to stretch themselves around the ball as it grew slicker from her and penetrated deeper between them. When I pointed out to Rick that one could see the ball peeking out from between his distressed mate's lips, it was not long  I before I noticed a bead of "pre-cum" oozing out from the tip of his erect cock!

Never one to pass up an opportunity to aggravate a victim's discomfort and helplessness, I took a short length of rope and tied it around both sides of the rope at the bottom of the pulley. I warned both Karen and Rick sternly not to let me catch them moving their feet or there would be consequence. I then began a steady flogging of each of them, 50 strokes apiece, on their backs, thighs, and asses as the other watched. Trust me, it does not take me long to deliver 200 strokes in this manner.

But as I passed between them to administer punishment to the other, I pulled down the rope loop I tied by several inches. This dramatically increased the tension on the rope both at Rick's stretched balls and Karen's asshole and clit. Rick tried desperately to remain stoic, but Karen shook her head and pleaded with her eyes every time I moved the loop down a little. After several more minutes, and over two feet of the loop's journey, I abruptly stopped flogging them and stood between the couple. Their asses were both quite red and striped. I raised the loop back to it's original starting point higher up near the bottom of the pulley. The relief on their faces was immediate, and their bodies relaxed noticeably in their standing spread-eagle positions. Soon however, looks of worry at what was to come began to appear.

Patiently, I asked Karen and Rick if they both believed that I had complete control of what happened to them next. In no position to debate, they both nodded vigorously. I looked at each with a raised eyebrow, and suddenly set down my flogger. Sweetly, gently, I informed them that I did not believe them. I saw agreement that was only meant to placate me.... and I saw doubt in their eyes. They attempted to deny this, but I would not be swayed. This was, after all, my domain and my rule in it would have to be absolute. It would be necessary to demonstrate the totality of my control to them before I could release them from their obligation to please me.......

to be continued.    


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