Dungeon Museum

by Milowe

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© Copyright 2018 - Milowe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; castle; tour; dungeon; cells; shackles; collar; fantasy; caught; F/f; offer; tease; strip; naked; scolds-bridle; padlocks; mast; climax; stuck; cons; X

Part 1

A week of chaperoning a class of high school kids around a bunch of museums and art gallery in Istanbul; what could be easier.

Especially with the fact that this was a History trip and I’m a PE teacher, so all I had to do was make sure we didn’t leave any kids behind.

So, for the past 3 days all I had been doing was counting to 24, after 3 other teachers had counted to 24. I was dying of boredom and to make matters worse we were staying in a Hotel in Arnavutkoy, miles away from the centre of Istanbul. So, my evenings were filled with unruly teenagers with nothing to do and the endless droning of the history / art faculty debating some pointless topic from the day’s events. All I could think was ‘Welcome to Hell’. 3 days down 4 to go.

I suspect that at some point during this evening debate regarding the Byzantines Empires my eyes had glazed over, and I had slipped into a type of coma as I hadn’t even realised when Mr. Thompson was standing in front speaking.

I snap back into the real world and looked up at him apologising and making the excuse that I was off in my own little world. He just nodded and then quite bluntly informed me that I wouldn’t be required tomorrow. It turns out he had forgotten to include himself when working out the numbers for booking the tickets for tomorrow excursions that would take the group across the water. 

Exhaling slowly trying not to give it away that I was in a state of ecstasy, I said I was a little disappointed, but I understood.

With that everyone headed up to their rooms at the outrageous time of 21:45 as they all needed to be up a 5:00 and ready to leave at 06:00. The group wouldn’t be returning until late tomorrow evening.

I got back to room and flung myself on to my bed whooping with joy. I didn’t have to get up in the morning and I had the entire day to myself. Thank you, Mr. Thompson, thank you.

I woke to the abrupt melody of angry car horns and rolled over to look at the clock. 8:45; I smiled and stretched making a happy groaning noise. The group should be over the water by now, my smile got bigger. I jumped in the shower and got myself ready to go exploring. I put on my brightly coloured yoga pants, the baggy ones with the elasticated ankles and light linen long sleeve shirt. Enough to hide my athletic figure (I’d learned early in the trip that it was just easier to hide it then fend off the many Turkish suitors) but light enough to keep me cool in the mid-day heat. Finished off with my sandals and rucksack.

I’d finish my breakfast and was in the hotel lobby just about to head out when the tourist information sign caught my attention. I wandered over and routed through the English written pamphlets when I stopped and found myself staring at a stack of flyer for ‘Yedikule Dungeons Museum’. I grabbed one and quickly scanned it; there wasn’t much information and no photos. It looked cheap, but my curiosity was getting the best of me so off I went; it was only a 10-minute walk from the Hotel.

At first, I couldn’t believe it, it was a huge Fortress; the ‘Fortress of the Severn Towers’. I stared up at the huge crumbling walls as I walked around to the entrance where my heart sank. The entrance looked closed and the ticket kiosk looked like it had been abandoned for years. I walked up the stone walkway to get a better picture of the massive gates, so this trip wouldn’t be a massive waste of time. I was stood next to kiosk about to take my photo when I heard a cough come from the Kiosk, I turned just as the window slid open.  

I paid the entry fee and entered via a small door in the gate; I walk up a huge passage way into the immense courtyard. The place looked half abandoned and overgrown in places; only two of the towers were accessible and there were only a handful of people wandering around in a group led by tour guides.

After wandering around the corridors of the 1st tower on my own, reading the signs and absorbing the atmosphere the place, I decided to join one of the groups to see if the guide had anything to tell that wasn’t written down on the signs.

It was a small group of 8 which was been led by a tall athletically built Turkish woman in her mid to late 40’s. Luckily the tour was in English and our guide’s English was excellent. She led us across the court yard to the other tower pointing out things as we went. She spoke very enthusiastically and was very knowledgeable about the history.

We entered the tower via large thick wooden door into a short passage-way which led into the centre. We all stood silent staring up as we found that the tower was hollow, and sunlight was pouring in from the opening above us. I looked around and saw that all but two of the passages leading off from the centre were blocked by padlocked metal gates.

Elif move to the opposite side of the tower from where we came in and took a large old looking padlock and torch from a small chest. The tour continued as Elif turned on the torch and we carefully made our way down the stairs into the darkness. There were several signs in different languages on the wall before we descended, I spotted the one in English ‘The dungeon! Warning Do Not Enter Without a Member of Staff’.

We walked down a corridor with prison cells on both sides, there was no source of light down there. Elif turned off her torch to show how dark it was inside: A thin slither of light shone from the thin gap under the cell doors on our right but even with that, we could barely see a few feet down the corridor! The light turned back on and we looked at the heavy cell doors each had a small door in at head height, so the guards could check on the prisoners without opening the doors. Elif open one of these on a cell on the right and light flooded through. We each took turns to look into the cell and I saw that it was just a stone room with a small square window with bars high up on the back wall. On the side wall to my left there were shackles and chains attached to the wall. Elif closed the cell and then pointed to the opposite cells on the left and explained that they were in total darkness; extra torturous to be kept locked in complete darkness. I shuddered at the thought of been chained and locked in complete darkness; not with fear but excitement and arousal. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t notice the group started moving.

Elif suddenly stopped towards the end of the corridor and began tutting… “it looks like the guards forgot to lock their prisoner in!”. I noticed then that each of the cells had a padlock keeping them shut. All, except one. Elif walked up to the door of the last cell on the left which was ajar and laughed. Then she took the lock she had picked up from upstairs that was hanging on her belt, placed it on the door and squeezed it shut. The group laughed with her as she explained that a lot of equipment in the dungeon was still fully functional, including locks. She showed us by opening the lock with one of the keys on her belt and then locked it again, saying that she would let whomever was stuck in the cell out after the end of the tour, to even more laughter. My heart was pounding in my chest. To imagine being locked in one of these cells as a prisoner, helpless, not knowing if I would ever be let out!

I snapped back to reality as the group began moving again. At the end of the corridor Elif pushed open a set of double doors and we all began to shuffle into the dark room. Elif moved to her right and began turning on lights set into the walls as she moved around the edges of the chamber. It was silent apart from the shuffling of feet as everyone in the group was shocked by the reveal of the torture chamber.

The chamber was immense with alcoves jutting off each with its own apparatus of torture. There was a St. Andrew cross, a giant wheel, stocks, judas cradle, and an iron chair. At the centre of the chamber on a low platform was a rack. I was so aroused this place was like a dream to me. Elif explained what each device does with gasps of horror from my group. I already knew very well what they do; I had spent many many hours reading about them fantasizing what it would be like to have them used on me. Whilst everyone else listen I drifted off into my own little world feasting my eyes on everything here. In addition to the devices themselves there were an array of other implement such as a variety of whips and shackles hanging from hooks on the wall. But it was a pair of aguish sitting on a stool next to the cross that took my breath away.

Once again, I was snapped back to reality when Elif coming towards the end of her explanation stated that everything in the dungeon was fully functional and asked if there was a volunteer to help demonstrate them. My mouth was dry, and my heart was hammering, I could feel myself raising my hand. But suddenly Elif burst out laughing and said ‘I’m Joking’ which evoked a nervous laugh from the group. I felt a wave of relief wash over me; was I really going to volunteer? Elif turned and headed back down the corridor and my heart sank.

As the tour ended and we returned to the daylight I watch the group and Elif head off to the main gate.  But an idea had got stuck in my head; a crazy idea. I wandered around the castle courtyard for a few, watching the door to the second tower, and as I’d hoped, the man from the kiosk went in and emerged a few minutes later. I watch him cross courtyard heading to the main gate. I turned and went into the tower. I was right; I headed to the small chest and there inside was the padlock and torch.

I ran across the court yard to the main gate. The man was just about to go through when I stopped him. His English wasn’t as good as Elif’s, but I got all the information I needed.

The tours ran every 2 and a half hours, next one at 13:00 and lasts approx. 40 minutes. I looked at my watch, 11:20. I wandered around the courtyard for 30 minutes thinking about my crazy idea; I must be nuts but I just couldn’t shake it. When would I ever have another opportunity like this? I looked around the massive courtyard and counted only 2 people, a couple heading into the first tower.

I headed towards the dungeon tower and waited. I looked around one last time and made sure that no one could see me and pushed the door open and went in.

My heart started beating faster; this is absolutely nuts. I headed to the top of the stairs and took a deep breath and exhaled to calm myself. Now or never; I made my way down the stairs, this time into darkness, holding on to the wall. I reached the dungeon floor and grabbed my phone from my rucksack and turned on its torch. I walked past the cells, the dim light  from my phone doing little to help me find my way to the one that I needed. The one that was unlocked.

The door was ajar like before and I slowly pulled it fully opened the cell door. It creaked and was nervous that somebody might have heard outside. I stopped and listened – but there were no footsteps descending down to investigate. I breathed in – and walked into the cell. The little light from my phone lit up the small cell and I saw what I was looking for. A set of shackles complete with an iron collar was bolted to the cell’s back. I walked over and knelt next to the shackles and placed my phone on the ground so that the light still illuminated the shackles. I check the shackles and made sure they opened and closed with ease; I found that both the collar and shackles had clips on them that once closed could have a padlock threaded through to stop the prisoner unlocking them. They were perfect for the plan I couldn’t believe I was about to go through with.

I quickly made my way out of the cell and into the torture chamber and using the light from my phone scanned the wall for a light switch. I found it and with a flick the chamber was filled with a dim light. I took another deep breath to calm myself and I took off my backpack and placed it on the floor. I put my phone on silent and placed it in. I looked around the chamber for a place to hide it; I spotted it, behind the Iron chair in the furthest alcove. I stuffed the bag behind the torture device and started to make my way back to the cell. I checked my watch, 12:25, okay I told myself plenty of time. I looked again at my watch and began to think; no medieval slave would be wearing a watch. If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right. I unbuckled my watch and placed it on the edge of the rack and check my pockets; my purse, passport, and lip balm followed on to the rack. I step back and looked down at my sandals; I through no slave would ever be allowed shoes. I knelt and unbuckled them and kicked them off; the stone was cold under my feet. One last check; jewellery! Ring, necklace and ear-rings added to the pile of stuff on the rack. I grab my rucksack from behind the chair and threw all the stuff of the rack in it and place it back in its hiding place.

I’m ready; I walk back to my cell and I realise how quiet it is the only noises I can hear was my own breathing, the pounding of my heart and the slapping sound my bare feet made with every step on the cold stone.

I enter my cell and pull the door closed until it is just ajar as before it creaks loudly as it’s closed. The noise seems almost deafening and I held my breath and listen for the approach of someone coming to investigate the noise, but the silence returned.

With the door almost closed there was virtually complete darkness in the cell and I have to feel my way around the cell; running my hands along the wall and sliding feet across the floor until my foot touches cold metal. I turn and sat with back against the wall and grope in the darkness until I found the collar which hanging from the chain. I place the collar around my neck and close it; my fingers fumble with the clasp at the front until it finally hooks, and I snap it closed with a load click. The chain holding the collar wouldn’t let me move my head for more than a few inches from the wall; all I could do was either sit or kneel.

I run my fingers around the collar feeling the cold smooth metal until they reached the clasp again and I could feel the small loop of metal where a padlock would slot in and stop the slave, me from removing it.

Excited, I reached behind me to grab the shackles joined by a chain to the back of my collar. I carefully wrapped them around my wrists and snap the claps shut, securing my hands behind my back. Oh my god! I tried reaching for my collar but with the clasp being on the front I wouldn’t be able to reach it.

My breathing was ragged, and I was trembling. I grabbed the chain that was hanging off the chain linking my wrist cuffs and followed it to the ankle fetters. The chain was quite short, and I realised I’d have to kneel for them to reach. I pulled my legs behind me and knelt on the stone dungeon floor, the chains rattle with every movement and I moaned with pleasure. My bound wrists just able to reach my ankles and wrapping them in the fetters as well; another 2 loud clicks trapping my ankles.

My god! I can’t believe this is real. I can’t believe I’m chained up in an actual dungeon. I can’t believe I’ve done it to myself.

I shifted slightly to the rhythmic melody of the chains, but they forced me to remain on my knees on the cold stone floor. I’d only been kneeling for a few minutes, but I was beginning to ache already. I couldn’t imagine the pain of been kept chained up like this for hour or even days. But that was the point, wasn’t it; I closed my eyes. I felt the shackles clutching my skin and the cool air of the dungeon around my bare feet. I imagined myself as a disgraced noble, thrown into the dungeon to be subjected to horrors that nobody should ever have to face. To be broken and sold off as a slave. I leaned my head back against the cold wall; I began to drift off in the silence. I couldn’t hear anything else in the dungeon apart from my breath, my heartbeat and my chains…

My eyes sprung open as I heard some faint voices and steps in the distance. My jailor was coming to lock me away. I saw a bright light making its way down the corridor. I sudden froze with fear; what if she shone her torchlight into the cell? It was too late to get away in would take several minutes to remove the restraints. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself and slow my breathing, I need to be as quiet and as still as possible.

I could hear Elif clearly now, she had stopped at the bottom of the stairs, retelling the facts to the next group of people.

It went quiet for a moment and the bright light of her torch went off, like she had done earlier with my group, so they could experience the darkness. But unlike earlier the light came back on quickly; and Elif’s voice rang out once again ‘My apologises everyone it would appear that someone has left a light on, please remain here for a moment’.

Shit! I left the light on in the torture chamber and the door open; how could I be so stupid. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap; Elif is going to know something is wrong and come looking. I heard her foot step approach and pass my cell quickly. Moments later I heard the door to torture chamber slam shut and Elif hurry past my cell back to the new group. Once again, the light went out and total darkness crept in. However, this group wasn’t quite as mature as the one I had been with, as a couple of lads started making silly ghost noises. The torch light returned and after a few moment Elif got the group back under control and I heard them moving towards me.

My heart was beating faster and faster, so fast and so loud that I was scared somebody would hear it! I held my breath as they approached the door. This was the moment of truth. Would she notice that the door wasn’t shut like it was before or hear me inside?

“It looks like the guards forgot to lock their prisoner in!”.

There was a burst of laughter from the group laughed and I almost laughed with them. Yes indeed, someone did! Why not make sure the job is done properly and lock me in? Elif pushed the door, it creaked and closed with the loud bang…. Then an almost inaudible click!

Yep, that was it! I didn’t even pay attention to the rest of Elif’s usual routine of locking-relocking the door. I started getting completely immersed into the situation I was now in. I was a disgraced noble lady caught fooling around with a stable boy and had been sent here to be punished.

I interrupted my daydreaming when suddenly I could hear Elif’s explanation of the various devices from the torture room next door. I was surprised at how clearly, I could hear her through the solid stone wall; It occurred to me that having prisoners listen to the screams of those been tortured whilst they waited their turn would be torture in itself.

Elif was starting her description of the rack which she took great pride in and… Then she suddenly stopped in the middle of a sentence with a Huh?

“Ah yes, not sure I’ve seen these here before, but it makes sense”, I heard her say. “Prisoners were usually kept barefoot in the dungeon, so that it would be more difficult for them to escape, and also so that they would be easily recognized as prisoners.”

Alarm bells started ringing; why was she talking about prisoners been barefoot….

Shit!!!!  My Sandals!!! I left them next to the rack.

“These must be off our latest prisoner, who will be locked in one of the cells waiting for her punishment” Elif gave a little laugh which prompted laughter from the group.

I was stunned; did she know I was in here. She said waiting “her” punishment, did she know?

“Thanks for your attention! Let’s make our way back now”

The group slowly left the dungeon. I heard them climb the stairs and I saw the light from the guide’s torchlight slowly disappear until I was once again left in complete silence and darkness.

I stayed quiet and still for several minutes considering whether Elif knew I was here. Eventually I decided that if she had she would have come straight back down after taking the group out. I breathed a little easier and relaxed. I guess it’s a good thing I was wearing a pair of simple medieval-looking sandals with brown leather straps and not, say, a pair of Nikes – those would be much more difficult to explain.

Right…. The man will be down shortly to unlock the door, so I can’t make too much noise. I lent back and stretched my hand down to reach the clasp on the fetters. I managed to get my finger-tips under the clasp of the left cuff and I strained to prise it up. Eventually it popped open but by then I was panting from with the exertion.  I moved on to the right one which came unlocked with ease, so I moved on to the wrist shackles but stopped as I heard faint footsteps coming down the stairs. My saviour coming to rescue me; I smiled at the thought of the 60+ year old kiosk man but then felt a moment of disappointment that it was the torturer coming to carry out my punishment. I stayed quiet and didn’t move as I saw the shine of the torch light and foot steps heading down the corridor towards me. I held my breath but instead of stopping at the door the footsteps went past and I heard the door to the torture chamber open. I exhaled; what is he doing? I heard rustling in the chamber then the foot steps returned to the door.

Click... I heard the lock been removed and I held my breath again and didn’t move a muscle. The door creaked as it open a fraction; then 2 hands appeared around the edge and the door was pulled fully open.

I gasped and froze like a dear in the headlights. I couldn’t see the person in front of me as the torch light was pointing directly at me. But there was absolutely no doubt they could see me kneeling in chains in a dungeon.

“Ha, I knew it would be you” It was Elif; she lowered the torch and after a few moments my eyes adjusted, and I looked up at her. She was smiling like the cat who had caught the canary. Which to be honest she had.

“I’ve been thinking about you since this morning’s tour; just wait here a moment, don’t move” was she joking??? I hadn’t been able to make a single audible sound yet because of the shock of been caught. She left the cell and headed to the torture chamber, returning swiftly with a stool and bucket that rattled when she put it down. She places the stool directly in front of me and sat down.

“Normal I don’t do the whole ‘any volunteers’ bit of the tour; it never goes down well. But I have this sixth sense about people like yourself. However, you are the first that has actual started to raise your hand when I asked” She laughed again; I just stared at her with what I can only imagine was the dumbest look on my face.

“So, that combined with the little things that have been happening. Light been left on, doors left open and sandals been left in the middle of the torture chamber; I kind of guessed that it might be you. Also, you may not have noticed but the floors aren’t very clean, and you have left me a trail of foot prints. I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t been barefoot”. Her hand dove into the bucket at this point and pulled out my rucksack.

Oh God!!!!

She must have seen the expression on my face and very calmly lent forward and stroked my hair.

“Don’t worry nothing will happen if you don’t want it to” Her voice was very calming  and I felt myself relaxing a bit; which is weird considering I was chained up kneeling at her feet.

“That’s better. Now tell me, what is your name” she leant forward eagerly awaiting my answer as if this situation was completely normal.

“Liz” I stuttered in little more that whisper.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Liz, I’m Elif as you know. But you will call me Cellat, it means Executioner; the person in charge of torturing the prisoners”.

I stared back at her once again shocked. She just sat there and watch me patiently waiting for my response.

“Yes Cellat” I heard myself say,

“Very good. Unfortunately, we don’t have very much time as I will be bringing another tour though here in a bit. So, tell me what you are doing here Liz?”

“I just wanted to try the shackles and see what it would be like to be locked up” I blurted out.

“Yes, I can see that. But what was the fantasy running though your head whilst you were been locked away down here?”

“Erm…” My eyes darted around the cell as if looking for an escape.

“Don’t be embarrassed. The hardest bit is over, you’ve been caught; your secret is out. So, tell me; maybe I can help you make it a reality”.

I looked at her and realised she was right. I felt the stress draining away and started to feel a little bit more comfortable. I took a deep breath and….

“I dreamt I was a disgraced noble lady caught fooling around with a stable-boy sent here to be punished and broken”

Elif’s face lit up. “Well sounds like my sort of fantasy. In your fantasy are you rescued or….” I interrupted her.

“No.” Wow! I’d never spoken about this out loud before.

She smiled and laughed “So Lady Liz… are you ready to receive your punishment?” Her smile turned a little evil. But I looked in her eyes and I trusted her, and I wanted this.

She smiled and stroked my hair “like I said; nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen”.

“Then… I am ready Cellat.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of time as I have to bring the next tour group through here shortly. So, Lady Liz, I will make you part of the attraction”.

The alarm bells started ringing again.

“Instead of being in this dark cell where no one can see you. How about we put you in one of the nicer cells. The one that our guest get to have a look into.”

A wave of panic washed over. “I can’t they’ll be able to see my face and take pictures, people will recognise me, and my life will be ruined; no, no, no I don’t want that to happen” I was scared.

Elif just smiled “Don’t worry they won’t be able to see your face. You will be wearing the scold’s bridle” She turned and pointed to it in the bucket. An iron muzzle in an iron framework that enclosed the head. A bridle-bit projected into the mouth and pressed down on top of the he tongue to prevent the condemned from speaking.

I must admit it would cover my face enough to make me unrecognisable.

Elif turned to me and asked, “Do you have any tattoos or birth marks?”

“No Cellat. Why do you ask?” However, I was certain I already knew the answer.

“Because like you said we don’t want people back home recognising you”. I gulped and stared back at her. “You mean I’m going to be….”

“Naked, of course… how else to you keep a disgraced lady”.

My mind was racing at a thousand miles a minute. I calmed myself. “Okay…” I said.

“Okay, what?” Elif spoke softly.

“Okay, I’ll do it… Naked with the bridle. But no photos, please” I begged.

It was almost as if I could see a light bulb go on over Elif head. She chuckled and then spoke.

“A choice then. No Bridle means no photos. Wear the bridle and photos will be allowed; I might even open the door, so they can get some close-ups.”

“NO… that’s not fair.” I squealed. I was scared but also very turned on by the idea.

“Fair” Elif laughed again. “It’s not meant to be fair; you’re a disgraced lady who is to be chained up while you await your punishment.”

 She paused. “So choose or I can let you go and we’ll forget all about this.”

“NO… I’ll do it with the bridle”

“Very well then”. With that Elif moved and knelt next to me and unlocked my shackled wrist and removed the collar.

I rubbed my wrists which were a little red and groaned as I unfolded my legs and stood.

I stood in front of Elif who was nearly a foot taller than me; she was beautiful with a dark olive complexion with long black hair and had a strong athletic figure. I felt a little self-conscious at that moment; with my job I keep myself fit and have an athletic figure a well. But stood in front of Elif I felt smaller, weaker. I have very pale skin with lots of freckles and short cropped red hair (natural).

Elif looked me up and down. “Strip” she commanded.

I froze for a second before I grabbed the bottom of shirt and in a smooth motion pulled it up and over my head and dropped it on the floor next to me. What the hell am I doing was all I could think as I felt my hand slipped behind me and unhooked my bra. I pulled it off and dropped it whilst covering my breasts with my other arm.

Elif step forward and in a gentle but firm way took my wrist and pulled it away exposing my small delicated breast. She smiled seeing my hardened nipples and spoke softly.

“Oh my dear Liz, you're not going to be able to keep your modesty.”

She ran her hands down my arms and rested them on my hips; her thumbs slid inside my waist band of my yoga pants and I closed my eyes. My breathing was heavy, and I was so aroused I was trembling; I opened my eyes and they locked them with Elif’s; I couldn’t understand what she was waiting for. “Please, do it” I heared myself beg.

With that Elif gave a quick tug downwards. She had managed to hook my panties as well, so I stood momentarily with my trouser and panties round my ankles. Elif had to bend and lift each leg to pull them off completely. I stood naked fighting the urge to cover my sex as Elif gathered my clothes and stuffed them into my rucksack.

She pulled something out of my rucksack and put in her pocket before throwing the bag to the back of the cell. I didn't say anything as her hand ran across my cheek and came to rest at nape of my neck. She tightened her grip and pulled me along out of the cell ordering me to pick up the bucket as we moved.

My trembling became shaking as I was led down the corridor by the scuff of my neck. My nerves had completely evaporated replaced with pure excitement and arousal. My head was swimming and the sound of Elif’s booted footsteps with the intermittent slapping of my bare feet on the cold stone drove me deeper into a daze.

Stopping outside the door to what would be my new cell Elif release my neck and moved in front of me. The familiar sounds of the large padlocks to the cells being opened brought me back to reality in time to see the door open with its loud creak .

The sun blinded me as Elif gently guided me into the cell and as my slight slowly returned I notice how much warmer it was in there. The stones floor was warm under my feet which led me to notice how the position of the window kept the prisoner chained to the wall in direct sunlight for most of the midday heat. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was design or a nice coincidence. 

Elif rested a hand on my shoulder and turned me to face her. “Before we continue, we need to agree somethings. Do you want an authentic experience or just a beginners introduction?”

I looked at her again with my dump expression and replied, “I don’t know what you mean”

“Well an authentic experience is once you kneel down by the chains you become Lady Liz and I will chain you up and punish you as I see fit; no questions, no mercy, no matter how much you scream and beg”. She paused a moment to let it sink in, “or we agree a safe word and I go gentle on you”.

I was formulating my safe word in my mind when a voice in the back of my head started screaming at me ‘get on your knees you pathetic slut; when are you ever going to get another chance to do this’.

I took a few small steps backwards into the light, feeling the hot sun over my body and knelt just in front of the chains and spoke as clearly as could, “I ready to accept my punishment Cellat”.

Without another word Elif moved quickly to my side lifting the heavy metal collar and slipped it round my neck. I heard the clasp snap shut and Elif pull a padlock from the bucket and lock the collar on.

I moaned as the lock clicked shut. Elif pulled my hands behind my back and locked the shackles in place before having me kneel up so she could lock the fetters on my ankles. Once again, I was kneeling in the dungeon in chains but this time there was no way to release myself and even if I could I’d still be naked.

Elif moved in front of me and pulled the Scold Bridle out and calmly asked one last time “This is your last chance; once this is locked on you will be my prisoner. You will be viewed by the next tour and afterwards I will make you suffer”.

I didn’t say a word, just opened my mouth ready for the bridles bit. Elif smiled and slid the thick iron framework over my head. The faceplate came down over my nose and I felt the bridle bit on my tongue as it penetrated its way into my mouth. The back came down and Elif snapped the clasp shut and locked them with padlocks.

The bridle was a lot heavier than I’d expected and the bit pushing down hard on my tongue prevented me from making any sort of intelligible sound.

Elif stood back and admired her handywork. Then she moved back to my side pulling something from her pocket; I felt her pull my index finger on my right and push it against something smooth. What on earth was she doing I wondered; but was soon rewarded with an answer when she moved and stood back in front of me holding my now unlocked phone. A feeling of dread washed over me which must have been apparent to Elif as she gentle said “Don’t worry, I just thought you might like a few mementos of your trip to the dungeons” She smiled and raised the phone, ‘click’ as she took a photo of me kneeling in chains. ‘

“Oh, you can do better than that” She couched in front of me. “Okay now. Head up, back straight, breasts out”. She reached forward and tapped my thighs, “spread your legs, but some effort into it”.

She was beaming from ear to ear and slowly I overcame the shock of been photographed and slid my legs apart. Elif took several pictures from different angles and I found the experience very arousing; so much so that Elif after putting the phone moved closer to me and ran her hand down over my breasts and stomach heading further down. My eyes widened as felt her fingers spread my labia and brush my clit causing a moan to burst from my bridled mouth. Elif continued to tease me, “I couldn’t help but notice how wet you already are”.  

She began rubbing vigorously causing me to start panting and I felt sweat begin to form over my body. My body began trembling and waves of pleasure rolled over me until Elif pulled me closer and firmly pushed 2 fingers inside of me. My body shook violently as an orgasm was ripped from me. I could hardly breathe, and it felt like my whole body was convulsing in my rattling chains. Elif held me gently as it slowly past. I was exhausted and weak, but I was beginning to regain my senses.

Elif released me and stood, “You’ve made quite a mess haven’t you” Looking down I saw the puddle of my own making.

Elif picked up the bucket and checked the cell before turning back to me and stating, “Hopefully it will dry before the tour comes through” Her mischievous smile returns as she walks out of the cell. The door closed with a bang and padlock rattled and clicked shut.

I shuffle to get comfy with little joy and lean my head back against the wall. Millions of thoughts running through my head.

I finally settle and my excitement returned with wondering and dreaming of what was to come...

story continued in part two


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