Dumb Daniella

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; piercing; surgery; bodymod; leather; nc; XX

For this story Dan actually did the drawings first and then sent them to me to 'write' around. Thanks Dan


“Well now, Daniella, I think we can agree that you are just a little sorry for being so stupid.  I mean if you are going to cheat and lie the last person you should do that to is a Domme who is a professional oral surgeon.  That, and the fact you betrayed me with a bitch who is not fit to lick my boots, is going to make you a very, very uncomfortable slave.”

“I suppose the drooling is a bit of a bother because it makes you feel that you have no control over your functions; well, you don’t and it is going to get worse.”

“That tongue rod shouldn’t be hurting too much because when I pierced you I lined the hole with a metal grommet.  That allows your lying tongue to move quite freely up and down the rod so I can move it out of my way when I need to.  How the hard rubber clam clamped around the base of your tongue feels doesn’t concern me.  The side lacings on that gag strap help to keep it firmly in place so it locks your jaw about as wide open as I could get it.”

“That nose ring goes right through your septum and, Daniella, it isn’t just ornamental either; it’s holding the two stiff rubber sinus tubes in place.  You’re going to need them when I’m finished with you.”


“Don’t bother looking at me like that because I’m beyond having any feelings for you but I will show a little pity by using this hypodermic needle a few times around your mouth and an extra shot at the root of your top front tooth.”

“Once the Novocain has taken effect that tooth has to come out.  A little drastic I know but I need the space it will leave and anyway, if you ever get the chance, you can always plead with a good dentist to screw a false one back in.“

“There now I’ll just put a little packing in the socket, it came out very cleanly with hardly any blood.  I’m very good at my work aren’t I?  Now we drill small holes through the teeth on either side and the two bottom front ones.  The holes are not close to the nerves and for that you should thank me.”

“Finally, let’s pierce nine or ten new holes around your lip line.  Aren’t you glad I used the Novocain?  This astringent will make sure they stay nice and clean and I’ll swab up some of that drool at the same time.  Might as well wipe away those tears although once the freezing wears off I bet they start again.

‘Now my poor helpless Daniella, I’m going to get a coffee while everything settles down and since I don’t plan anymore surgery today, I think I’ll just change out of these green scrubs.   When I come back to finish your punishment I’ll be dressed in the black leather you used to love.”


“See, I even put on my “Mistress” thigh boots for you, the ones with the 6” heels just to help with the mood of what I’m going to do to you.  First we need to undo the gag strap and get that clam off your tongue.  This wedge will hold your mouth open while I work.  The tongue rod needs to come out and I’ll just feed this piece of thin leather through the hole and tie it around the tip nice and tightly.”

“Now, I can pull your tongue through the slit in this rubber bladder with the end of the string.  A few turns of dental floss around your bottom side teeth and your tongue is nicely trapped against the floor of your mouth.  Now the rest of the bladder fits behind your teeth and this hard little tube attached to it slides right in the opening left by your missing tooth. A little bit of super glue and it won’t slip.”

“Out comes the wedge and I’ll just wire your teeth together using those holes I drilled.  Now this other bladder fits over your teeth and around into your cheeks.  It has a feed from the tube as well and by pushing this needle valve in this pinhole I can pump up the inside bladder like so.”

“Stop whining Daniella, you bought this on yourself.  Time for the sewing kit and a nice large needle with some wet leather thread and here we go.  There just a few moments and your lips are firmly laced together around the little extension to the tube.  This should get interesting now because with the needle valve fitted in this other pin hole up goes the other bladder.”

“Now you know why I put in the sinus tubes; even with the pressure from the cheek bladder you can still breathe or should that be pant?
You should know Daniella that I can remove the needle valves and change them for another tube that goes through the inside bladder.  That, my dear, means I can feed and water you with out removing your gag.”

“I think about a week should drive home the lesson that you don’t fool with a Domme.  Now let’s see if I can get any more air in those bladders for you Slave 29 or should I just call you Dumb Daniella?”



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