Dumb and Stupid

by lizsubintampa

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© Copyright 2022 - lizsubintampa - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; true; bond; rope; crotchrope; gag; collar; toys; pain; tease; cons; X

Quite often I will say to someone “I may be dumb but I’m not stupid” however, as many of you know from reading my stories, there are times that I combine the two and there is no simple way to deny it because I am, at times, both dumb and stupid.

For example, let’s take one of my favorite tops/bottoms, Anne – Anne is a switch and sometimes has a “yen” to be in charge. I’ve been with her when she’s tied both me and Frank (her husband) and I’ve been with her when Frank has tied us both and, on occasion, I’ve actually tied Anne. I’m not very good at it, and I really don’t enjoy doing it, but for Anne I do it. 

So, where was I? Oh yes, I was at my sister’s house for New Year’s Eve (2022) and had plans to see Anne on the 2nd for lunch and then we were going to the movies that evening. At least that was what I thought we were going to do.

Shortly after lunch we were talking about possibly going to Fetish Con this coming August (it was canceled for 2021) and I thought it would be fun to go with her and Frank. 

I knew Dottie was going and, most likely, Nick, and although I thought we might (hopefully) spend some time with them, I couldn’t resist the temptation of enjoying a session or two with Anne and Frank. So we purchased the tickets that afternoon and booked our rooms at the hotel.

It would have been much less expensive if we commuted from Anne’s home every day or even stayed at a motel nearby but being at the hotel would give us the advantage of not having to drive every day or worrying about parking or even walking or taking a taxi from a motel to the hotel No, despite the expense, staying at the hotel has its advantages and, who knows, we might even meet a few people that we could play with at the hotel or, at the very least, decide to meet in the future (hey, that’s how I met Nick and that turned out very well).

As soon as Anne booked their room and bought the tickets I sat down in front of her pc so I could book my room and pay for my tickets. But here is where it turned into one of those “a funny thing happened on the way to the forum” events. 

While I’m trying to type my information for the tickets she’s standing behind me but she is not “standing idly by." No, she is leaning forward slightly and massaging my breasts and tweaking my nipples through my blouse. 

I ask her to stop so I could finish but she only stops the tweaking, she continues to press her hands on my breasts and I am not paying much attention to what I have to type. No, I’m leaning back in the chair and putting my hands on hers and helping her touch, massage and oh-so-pleasantly press on my breasts and, of course, she traps my nipples between her fingers again and while I’m wriggling in the chair and uselessly trying to rub my thighs together. I say things like, “yes, don’t stop." “Twist them harder." “Yes, please, don’t stop." And, of course, one of my favorites, “Please don’t stop, I’ll do anything, just please don’t stop.”

Holding me tight so I could not escape the grip she had on my breasts (and I’m still begging) she says, “Anything?”

So, here it comes, “dumb and stupid” - “Yes, please, anything, just let me come, please do whatever you want, I’m begging you, please!”

She then leans over more, kisses my neck, and says, “Get up, we’re going to the garage.”

“But you said you’d let me come!”

“No, you begged and promised to do whatever I want.”

See – “dumb” – and, what is it with these people (lately) wanting to take me to the garage? Did I miss the memo?

She lets go of me and starts to leave but before I could even (think) of saying anything she yells at me and says, “don’t just sit there, let’s go."

Feeling rather brave and bold I stood up, took a deep breath, glared at her, and meekly followed.

“Get undressed, leave your panties on, and stand with your back to the pole."

I am so horny and excited I kick my sneakers off and can feel my pussy getting even wetter and by the time I have my jeans, blouse and bra off I am more than ready to let her do whatever she wants so long as she “makes me come."

I have no idea how much rope she used but when she is finished I am wrapped tightly to the pole but very comfortable. My arms are at my sides but with all the cinching she did I can’t move my hands anywhere near my pussy and I certainly can’t raise them to touch my nipples. She does the same with my legs and ankles. I can hardly move but it was not painful.

She even puts a posture collar on me and uses its D-rings to tie my neck to the pole. The collar isn’t too tight and I can turn my head from side to side but it does restrict my ability to look down. With my neck tied to the pole it is, to me, just as restrictive as if the collar were higher and tighter.

Walking in front of me she smiles, telling me how much fun we were going to have and to “open” when she brings the tube gag to my mouth. The tube isn’t very wide but it does go about 1 ½ inches in my mouth, effectively holding my tongue down and making it extremely difficult for me to say anything that would be easily understood but it does make it very easy for me to drool. And, I’m drooling a lot!

Her fingers find my nipples and gently play with them. She twists them but not too hard. She pulls them but, again, not too hard. But she is making me very very excited and while I’m trying to beg her to touch my pussy she smiles, tells me what a horny slut I am, laughs, kisses my nose, rubs my drool over my face, nipples and tummy and steps behind me so I can’t see her.

I am now angry, I try to tell her to let me go (even though we both know I don’t mean that) but most importantly I’m trying to beg her not to leave me hanging like that (seriously, no pun intended).

From behind she grabs my nipples and pulls on them, the pain is excruciating and I’m screaming. But until I’m yelling like some wild desperate “thing” (which I was) she doesn’t stop and, when she does stop, I’m both grateful because the pain subsides but I’m also angry that she stopped and is not touching me. 

I truly believe my panties are soaked but she does nothing to help me there either. I am left tied to the pole, panting and begging for more. I know she is still behind me. I hate her. 

When she comes around in front of me she looks into my eyes as though it was the first time she has ever seen me like that – what the hell is she up to now? 

I squirm and wriggle trying to get untied, I try begging, nothing. She just looks at me and grins.

Then another surprise. She puts a rope through the gag’s strap, brings it around the pole and puts it through the gag’s strap on the other side of my mouth. Then she ties the ends behind the pole effectively securing my head to the pole even more. Again, though, it was not ‘uncomfortable” but it was immobilizing.

Once again she disappears behind and while I’m wondering what else she is going to do I am squirming and pleading for her to “make me come." Garbled as it is, she understood but, laughing in a sort of fiendish way, tells me to stop complaining.

She didn’t make any threats or even dastardly promises of punishing me, no, all she said was, “stop complaining." I really hated her a lot.

Standing in front of me again she is staring into my eyes and smiling. One of her hands is on my breast, pressing on my nipple. “Oh yes please,” I said, or, in the language of the moment it was sort of like, “Ooooh yheth elase."

She moves her hand down my tummy and I’ve closed my eyes. I’m so excited, I’m so ready, don’t stop, keep going… 

I feel her pull my panties and I think, yes, she’s going to do it now, she's going to make me come, yes – and, I’m moving and grunting and pleading, yes yes yes.

And then the final blow, or for want of a better expression, “the coup d’état."

She shoves a vibrator in my pussy (absolutely no need for lube), pulls my panties up as high as she can, and ties a crotch rope (with a lot of effort to get it under my waist and through my pussy a several times) to trap the vibrator in my pussy.

I am now in both heaven and hell. I feel it inside me and I’m trying to tighten my muscles to make myself come. I am, very loudly, begging her to do more, I’m pulling on the ropes and I’m not able to move my hands to touch myself. I’m cursing her, I’m pleading with her and all I get in return is she puts her lips over mine (over the tube), puts her tongue in my mouth (through the tube) and turns the vibrator on.

I am totally unprepared for that. I am suddenly lost in another world and I actually squirt – which is something I have rarely done – and when she takes her tongue out of my mouth (that is, the tube) and steps back so she “can watch me” I can’t stop twisting and struggling and fighting against the ropes, my pussy or my nipples. At that moment I may have been deeper into “sub-space” than I have ever been.

I wasn’t whipped, spanked, clamps were not squeezing my nipples or labia, no anal plug was filling me, no crop or paddle was used. No, I was suddenly, and for some unknown reason, shaking, spasming, and writhing and having the strongest feelings of pleasure I had ever experienced. And, when she turned the vibrator off I just hung there, crying with pleasure, trying to mumble my thanks, but mostly I just limply hung there and when she came up to me and took my face in her hands and kissed my cheeks and forehead I tried thanking her (total incoherent mumbling) but, when she stopped and stepped back and said, “I’ll be back”, and started to leave the garage she turned the vibrator on and I actually screamed!

My body shook and it felt like I was struck by lightning, or a huge electric shock, and my pussy was on fire and my body was suddenly painfully wriggling against the ropes and I knew that I was going to “come” again but the vibrator stopped. Just as suddenly as it was turned on, it stopped!!!!

I was panting for breath, I was sweating and I was thankful that she turned the damned thing off…

Over the next hour she played me like that. Turning it/me on and off. I was “forced” to climax, I was denied orgasm, she toyed with me and I cursed her. My orgasms became painful, and it became painful not being able to come. I had never been tortured like that and after she finally cut me loose from the pole I despised her and I loved her. 

I didn’t use my safe word, I could have stopped everything but I didn’t – Stupid. 

Holding on to me she helped me into the house and put me on her bed. Through my foggy eyes I looked up at her and passed out…

About two hours later I woke up and Anne was in bed next to me. She was reading a book and all I could think of saying was “thank you." 

Putting the book down she asked if I was okay, and I told her “never better." 

“Good”, she said, “now move your bony ass and put that mouth of yours to work. I did what you wanted, now you do what I want."

We didn’t go to the movies that night. 

The saddest part for me though was that Frank would be home the next day (he had gone to his sister’s new house to help paint a couple of the rooms) and unless he tied Anne to the pole it would be empty.

I really should think of having someone come to my house and installing a pole or post or something like that in my garage or maybe the bedroom…


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