The Duke Hotel

by Max Roper

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© Copyright 2011 - Max Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; hotel; bond; rope; naked; oral; climax: true; reluct/cons; X

When I was a young runaway I spent a summer working at The Duke Hotel in San Franciscoʼs Tenderloin district. The hotel had new owners and they needed help. I was given a small apartment and twenty dollars a week in exchange for painting, cleaning, occasional shifts at the front desk, and various other duties. The hotelʼs clients were a varied lot including winos, hookers of both sexes, drug addicts and other assorted societal rejects. The manager was an ex-pimp named Mel. He was assisted by Karen who I assumed was an ex-working girl and by his younger brother Mike.

One day as I was hauling garbage out to the dumpster Mike approached me.

“You wanna be doing this your whole life?” he asked.

I was a teenager and quite pleased to have a job of any kind, but said, “No, I donʼt expect to do this for my entire life. Why?”

He said heʼd been approached by one of the residents who had taken a fancy to me and wondered if I was “available”.

I thought I might know what was meant by “available” but asked for details.

“This person would like to hire you for an hour or so,” Mike said.

“Doing what?” I asked.

“Whatever he wants”


“Yeah, itʼs the guy in 216.”

The guy in 216 had checked in a few days previous. He was a little different than the regulars. Able to put together an entire intelligible sentence, seemed to have a little cash, and obviously quite gay. He was probably around forty. Very old by my standards at the time.

“I donʼt think so. I donʼt mind those kinda guys but I donʼt want to have to do what they do.”

Mike smiled. “He did say something about $100.”

A hundred bucks! Iʼd never had that much money all at once. Mike saw me hesitate and knew he had me. As he started to walk away, he said “Let me know. But donʼt wait too long. Heʼs the sorta guy whoʼll find something else to spend his money on.”

I thought about it for a while, then went to find Mike.

“What do you suppose heʼd want me to do?” Mike laughed.

“Heʼll either want a blow job or heʼll wanna fuck your ass. Maybe both. You interested?”

“Iʼm not interested in giving an old guy a blow job and Iʼm certainly not interested in getting fucked in the ass. But Iʼm really interested in a hundred bucks.”

“Of course you are,” Mike said. “Iʼll talk to him, see if he still fancies you. Iʼll get back to you.”

At a young eighteen years, I wasnʼt a virgin but my experience was limited, to say the least. Iʼd never received a blow job so had no idea how to give one and Iʼd never even considered anal sex. So when Mike reported back that Mr Jenkins was definitely interested and would expect me that evening at eight, I started to get extremely nervous. The hundred bucks was still quite a draw, but I wasnʼt so sure heʼd really pay me if he found out how inexperienced I was. The day crept by and at eight sharp I found myself outside the door to 216, showered, shampooed, and dressed in my cleanest jeans and shirt. I swallowed my fear and knocked.

“Do come in,” said Mr Jenkins.

216 was one of the larger apartments with a kitchen, sitting room, and bedroom. Mr Jenkins was sitting in a chair wearing a bathrobe and little else as I entered the room.

“Hello Max,” he said. “Iʼve had my eye on you since I arrived. Are you nervous?”

“A little,” I admitted.

“Well donʼt be. Iʼm really a nice guy. Did Mike tell you much about me?”

“No sir,” I said. “Only that you were attracted to me and were willing to give me a hundred dollars if Iʼd spend a little time with you.”

He laughed. “Spend a little time. Yes, thatʼs what I want. I shall be blunt. I have certain sexual proclivities that are a bit outside the norm. I will pay you the agreed upon sum to spend two hours helping me enjoy those proclivities. I do not expect you to have any experience. In fact I prefer that you donʼt. You have, excuse the phrase, a certain innocence to you thatʼs quite charming. I intend to exploit your innocence for my own pleasure. Is that somewhat clear?”

“Yes, I suppose,” I replied. “What would you like me to do?”

“Iʼd like you to start by removing your clothes.”

I nodded. This was an expected embarrassment. I removed my shoes, tee shirt and jeans and stood before him in my jockeys and socks.

“Hmmm. Thatʼs a good start. But youʼre still wearing clothes. I distinctly remember asking you to remove your clothes.”

I was afraid of this. I pulled off my socks and, taking a deep breath, removed my undershorts. I was quite nervous and my cock was trying to hide inside itself. This was not sexually exciting for me.

“Better,” he purred. “You are a skinny one, arenʼt you?”

I didnʼt know what to say to this so I just nodded again.

“Why donʼt you just kneel down here in front of me?” he asked.

Here it comes, I thought to myself. Blow job time. But as I started to kneel at his feet, he had me turn around so that my back is towards him. He took hold of my arms and pulled them behind my back.

“Iʼm going to tie your wrists now,” he said quietly.

This wasnʼt expected. I hesitated. Not out of the reasonable fear that once Iʼm bound he can hurt me. I hesitated because tie-up games were a major part of my adolescence and I was afraid Iʼd respond sexually to being tied and that he may laugh at me. Or worse. Thinking of a crisp new hundred dollar bill, I finally nodded and crossed my wrists at the base of my spine.

He gently uncrossed them and put them palm-to-palm. I felt a cord being wrapped around them and cinched up between. Sure enough, my cock instantly began to grow.

Thankfully he ignored it. He produced another cord and tied my arms above the elbows, pulling them together so tightly that I gasped. More ropes went around my chest and waist holding my arms tightly against my back. He stood and walked around in front of me. His cock was poking out the front of his robe.

“You look pretty good,” he said, his voice is shaking a little. He put his bare foot on my semi-erect cock.

“Looks like you kinda like it, too,” he said.

He pushed me forward onto the carpet and began trussing up my legs. Soon I was bound at the ankles, knees and thighs. He got up and went across the room to another chair.

“Crawl to me,” he said.

I began wriggling my way across the floor, eventually reaching his feet.

“Get up on your knees. Sit on your heels facing me.”

I did as requested. It was difficult to maintain balance with my legs bound tightly together and folded underneath me. I knelt before him, swaying slightly. He slid forward and grabbed my head, pulling my face into his lap.

“I want you to lick me, suck me, do whatever you think will make me feel good,”

His massive erection was poking me in the eye, so I raised up slightly and followed his instructions.

I will not go into any more detail about what followed. I was not violated anally, however I did end up getting him off twice. I also had an orgasm in the middle of the proceedings. The two hours were filled with ropes, increasingly stringent positions, and his enormous cock in my face, in my hands, and between my legs.

At the end he gave me two crumpled fifties and told me to get out. He didnʼt seem to like me any more. I never saw him again, but Mike knew I was “available” and began trying to market me to others. At least until Mel found out. Then Mike got a severe beating and it was suggested I might be happier working somewhere else. Mel told me Mike had gotten a hundred in advance. Mr Jenkins had paid two hundred dollars for me! Even though I only got a hundred of it I was flattered and have always hoped he felt like he got his moneyʼs worth.

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