by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2008 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; cons; X

Pulling up, she could see that the old house hadn’t changed much over the years.  It stood as proud and silent as ever.  Just like him, she thought, leaving the car and moving toward the door. As she rang the bell, she steeled herself, ready for anything.  Anything, that is, except the feelings that swept through her at the first sight of him.  Silently, she gazed at him as he stood in the doorway.  His hair, normally close cropped, was now worn a bit longer.  His eyes, those soft, piercing eyes, seemed a bit more tired than before.  Otherwise, he’d changed very little.

“Are you going to come in?” he asked with a smile.  “Or are you going to stand there and stare all day?” 

Blushing, she ducked her head and slipped past him.

Settling onto the couch, she watched as he sank onto his recliner.  For a moment, both remained silent, gazing at each other.  Finally, he broke the silence.

“So how have you been?”  Oh, how she’d missed that voice, so soft, yet able to melt her with the slightest of utterances.

“I’ve been ok,” she replied.  He nodded, and she began to tell him of her life.  As they talked, she could feel herself relaxing.  That was his talent, making her relax in any situation.  Well, one of his talents.  His other skills, she preferred not to think about right now.

After a time, the talk died away, and she began gazing around the familiar room.  The way it looked, the way she felt, it could have been yesterday that she’d last been here.  Finally, unable to contain her curiosity, she turned toward him.

“Do you still have our toys?” she asked. 

In reply, he arched an eyebrow. “Our toys?” he asked, bringing another blush to her.

“Well, ok, your toys,” she replied.  “I know I don’t have any claim to them any more.”

He nodded.  “I still have them.”

Her breath caught slightly.  “Have you used them?”

“Not since the last time I used them on you.”

She shivered, remembering that last time all too well.

“Is that why you’re here?” he asked.  “The toys?”

“Of course not.”  She tried to sound indignant, but it was a feeble effort, even to her ears.  “I just, I mean, I missed you.”

He nodded, and she sagged, only to stiffen at his next words.

“Do you want to see them?”

She almost refused, then stopped herself.  Those toys had meant so much to her at one time, sign and symbol of what she had been.  Surely it wouldn’t hurt just to look.  Nervously, she nodded.

Rising, he left the room, returning with a worn leather case.  As he opened it and removed the contents, she could feel her breath quicken slightly. There they were, lined up before her.  Slowly, she reached out and stroked the soft leather, the simple feel of them calling up feelings and memories she’d thought long buried.  Raising her eyes, she saw him watching her.

“They’re in good shape,” she said, inwardly cursing the quaver in her voice.  “You’ve taken good care of them.”

“I’d thought maybe they would be used again some day,” he replied softly.

Nodding, she gently stroked the leather, then slowly wrapped it around her wrist.  Seconds later, her other wrist was similarly encircled.  Flushing under his gaze, she gathered up the rest and offered it to him.

Instead of accepting, he gazed at her intently.  “You know where this will lead,” he said. 

At her slow nod, he gestured toward the bedroom. 

“Prepare,” was all he said.

Almost glad to escape the feeling of those eyes on her, she slipped into the bedroom and quickly removed her clothing.  As she awaited him, she examined her naked body carefully, hoping she could still please him.  As he entered the room, she turned to face him, hands at her sides.

The look he gave her sent a thrill of pleasure through her body.  He still likes what he sees, she thought, turning slightly to let him see more of her.  At his gesture, she slipped onto the bed, lying on her back watching him.  In a way, she had known this was coming before he’d ever opened the front door.

In silence, she watched as he placed leather around her ankles.  Then, drawing her right leg up, he clipped her wrist and ankle cuffs together.  Her left side was soon bound, and he stepped back to watch as she tested her helplessness.

Almost as soon as the felt the tug of the cuffs, her mind veered, moving into a place she’d tried hard to forget.  In this place, only he mattered.  In this place of places, he owned her, body and soul.  The feeling of returning here was so intense, she wanted to cry.

Instead, she watched as he removed his clothes, then stretched out beside her.  Lightly, he stroked a nipple, and she gasped at the intensity of a feeling that only he had ever been able to create.  Slowly, gently, he ran his hands over her body, softly fueling a fire she’d thought long extinguished.  As the flames grew inside her, she began to writhe slowly, soft moans escaping from clenched lips.  Finally, her need grew too strong to be denied.

“Master, please,” she pleaded softly.  “I need you.”

Without speaking, he placed himself over her, lowering his body slowly.  At the first touch, she barely resisted the temptation to arch her back, lying quietly for his pleasure.  He nodded, then, with one thrust, filled her.  As he began thrusting into her, she gave in to the sensations, thrusting back at him as much as her bonds would allow.  The fire built within her, waves of fire, but she knew those waves would never crest until he permitted.

For what seemed forever to her, he continued his slow, gentle thrusting.  Finally, however, she felt him begin to thrust faster, and she knew his release, and hers, were only seconds away.  Surrendering herself to the sensations coursing through her, she gave herself to him completely, spreading her knees on either side of him as he continued to possess her.

Suddenly, he stopped.  For long seconds, their eyes locked, his commanding, hers showing clearly how much she belonged to him.  Then, with a soft growl, he thrust into her strongly.

“Cum for me now,” he growled. 

At his words, the waves burst, flooding and crashing through her.  The feel of him filling her with his seed only made the orgasm more intense, marking her as his own.  Slowly, slowly, the waves receded, leaving her limp in her bonds.  Gently, he released her body, then lay beside her, cradling her to him.  As she nestled her head on his shoulder, she closed her eyes, savoring the security of being his.

Opening her eyes, she looked around.  The room, normally so comfortable, seemed barren, almost alien, and a tear slipped from her eye as she looked down.

For a long moment, she gazed at her hand on the phone.  She’d been about to call him when she’d found herself lost in thoughts like she hadn’t had in a very long time.  Reluctantly, she took her hand from the phone and rose.

A cold shower, she told herself, and a dry pair of panties. That was what she needed.  As for the phone, it would be there later.  When what she could offer was truly worthy of him. Until then, she would wait. 

And in her waiting, dream.


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