Dream Or Nightmare

by Cropsncuffs

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Storycodes: M/f; breasts; desire; sex; fantasy; naked; bridle; harness; ride; crop; ponygirl; caught; FF/m; capture; cage; machine; milking; torment; pain; climax; cons/nc; X

She walked into the office where I work, into my life and into my heart. Well, into my heart and all sort of places that lurked lower down and that are filled with all my baser desires.

She swayed through the door and my throat went dry. Her hair was blonde and cropped close, her eyes blue and shining as they swept the room. She was wearing a long mack and even from the distance I could see magnificent breasts making the buttons struggle for survival.

She flicked open her coat and I drank in her straining white blouse, tapered waist and long legs sheathed in black lycra trousers tucked into over the knee boots. For a fleeting moment I was in love and I was glad my groin was hidden from view by my desk. And as she approached I felt every part of my being stirring.

She was built on the most incredible scale. As she came closer and closer I realised she was even taller than I had thought. By the time she was standing close she towered over me. She cleared well over six feet six, and there were boot heels to be added to that. I was in love.

She shrugged off her coat and sat down before me, every curve of that incredible body outlined by tight clothes, and even seated she towered over me. She smiled a wicked little smile and spoke with a faintly East European accent.

Her name was Iwona, and somewhere during our conversation I found myself asking her out and a few hours later we were settled in the bar of a discrete local pub. Everything about her was incredible. We talked, and I found she had lost huge amounts of weight working out in the gym, and now there were muscles beneath those acres of seductively soft rolling curves.

We drank long and hard, retired to her place and after the indescribable, engulfing sex I heard myself whispering out my darkest fantasy. Part of me wanted to kiss those wicked boots and lie down beneath her wicked dominance, but I had a deeper fantasy, and as we spoke softly in the drink lubricated darkness a wicked agreement was reached, and that was how I came to be here today. In the half-light of the outhouse behind her home. The house was empty and I had with me a hastily assembled bag of toys the use of which she had agreed with enthusiasm. Some fantasies it appeared were made to be shared.

The door swung open and she sauntered in. I felt my mouth go dry as I took on every one of those curves as she towered over me. She slipped off her short towelling robe and smiled the smile of one who knows they have you in their thrall. Her skin was smooth and soft, the curves both wicked and deeply enticing. My manhood sprang to attention in a way in had seldom done before and she gestured to me. The instruction was clear, and I silently slipped out of my clothes until I stood tiny and naked before her, my manhood jutting painfully out before me.

I reached out and touched the warmth of her, running my hand down that seductive curve that ran from bust, curving in at her waist and swinging smoothly out to her hips. I let out a tiny cry as her warm hand closed around my manhood and gave a firm squeeze.

I took an unwilling pace back and gestured to her. With that wicked little smile playing across her beautiful face she slowly and gracefully lowered herself onto her hands and knees and looked up at me. My cock raged harder than I had thought possible at the sight of her on her hands and knees, and she lent forwards and nuzzled me like a huge animal, then planted a huge sloppy kiss on my insanely raging manhood. Her long tongue danced around it briefly before she pulled back and her smile took on an evil aspect.

As close to breathless as I had ever been I reached into my bag and pulled out a bundle of chrome and leather that rattled and shifted in my grip as if it were alive. And as I looked down her lips parted with a tiny gasp of passion. She lent towards me as I reached down and allowed the bundle to unfold in my hands. Straps and buckles unwound amongst my fingers and she pressed her face towards the wriggling mass.

Her mouth opened as she allowed the articulated gleaming stainless steel of a bit between her lips. I flushed and I felt my manhood twitching as her lips closed about it and allowed me

to wrap the straps about her head. Broad leather straps joined by shiny stainless furniture and shiny buckles closed about her face with a terrible finality. Straps whipped and whispered through buckles pulling bridle tighter and firmer about her head, alternatively squeezing and embracing her features until she was their prisoner.

She looked up at me with pure lust in her bright blue eyes as they stared out from amongst the black leather straps. Her lips moved soundlessly about the harsh steel bit, and I saw the very tip of her tongue dance briefly over it, testing the harness and tasting the metal as it kept her mouth its prisoner.

A gleaming steel ring was part of the harness at either end of the bit, and without a word I reached back into my bag and took out something else. I reached down and snapped a rein to either end of the bit and pulled them tight, lifting her chin to look up at me. There was a wild passion gleaming in those bright blue eyes and I almost shivered at its intensity.

“Stand” I said as I walked around her admiring her every luscious curve, her magnificent buttocks, the way they curved out over her hips, dived tight in about her waist and back out again to form broad shoulders.

I came to rest alongside her, and I picked up the riding crop I had left out and did something I had fantasised about for more years than I could remember. Swinging my leg high over those incredible curves I settled my weight down onto her back. I tucked in my legs, pulling them tight against her flanks and I felt her shift softly under me I was mounted the most gloriously sexy steed imaginable.

I pulled the reins tight and called out ‘Walk on’ She gave her head a shake, shifting on her hands on knees in a playful manner. I gave the reins a shake, and again she shook her head making the reins and steel jingle in a most realistic fashion. I twisted my hand and gave her a swat on the flank with the riding crop and she whinnied before shaking her head again.

This time I swung the crop hard and was rewarded with the sound of a solid smack as it landed on her gloriously fleshy flank. She gave a sharp whiney and reared up on her haunches like a wild, untamed beast and did her best to throw me off. I clutched her waist tightly with my bare legs and I gave the reins a sharp tug while slashing another sharp blow onto her flesh. She gave out a cry of pure equine nature and started forwards. I kept the reins tight as my riding instructor had taught me so long and with my back straight and my head held high I rode this beauty around the room. I could feel every movement of her muscles rippling beneath me clamped tight between my thighs.

As I tugged first on one rein, then the other we circled the room. She allowed me to guide her around the obstacles in and around her path with those gentle, and occasionally less gentle, tugs on her reins. As we moved on and her exertions grew her body grew warm beneath me and I was more turned on than I could ever have imagined possible as that primal heat rose up through my own naked body.

By the third circuit all I wanted to do was dismount and make hard and passionate love to her. From behind. While she was still at the end of my reins as if we were primeval beasts mating and rutting in the wild.

“My my, but what do we have here ?”

I pulled my steed round and part of me was ashamed that I had so quickly dropped into thinking her as such, and there were two figures in the doorway. For a moment I was lost for words as two carbon-copies of Iwona stood there. Copies right down to the short blonde hair, bright blue eyes and magnificently overscale physiques, and somewhere in the midst of our pillow talk I recalled mention of sisters. And this I realised must have been they. I glanced down and could see a mixture of lust and horror on Iwona’s face, and I had no idea what to do next. To dismount would expose my massive erection, but to stay mounted on my steed seemed equally foolish.

They were on us in a moment and four strong arms hauled me vertically off Iwona’s warm and oh so sexy back and I had a fleeting impression of flying as they moved swiftly across the room, my legs dangling above the floor.

I saw a cage in the corner, and before I could gather my thoughts and think about protesting I was being folded down into the cage through its open top. My legs bent and I was down in my knees before I really knew what was happening. I saw cut-outs in the two sections of the cages top and as they were folded closed opposing curves firmly grasped my neck and wrists making them their prisoners.

The sisters stood back and watched with amused smile as they watched me taking stock of my helpless situation. Trapped down in my knees within that cage with my head and hands sticking up through the top of the cage. They watched my hands twisting and turning desperately as they tried to get themselves free, then to reach the catches that held the cages top so tightly in place. My head turned back and forth in the cages grasp but could find no more freedom than my wrists and I realised I was theirs to do with as they pleased.

I looked past them and was surprised to see Iwona was still on her hands and knees, her head dipped and the bridle still tight about her head. Would she do nothing to aid me ?. To save me from her sisters ?

One of them wheeled something into the room, a mass of straps, tubes and cylinders that appeared to have no obvious purpose. Little did I know.

One of the sisters looked down at me and smiled before speaking.

“As you have taken your pleasure of our sister, you must not now object for us to take our pleasures of you, little man”

The other sister was unfurling a tube from the mass of the machine while fiddling with the controls.

“You have used our sister to furnish one of your fantasies, and now we intend to use you to allow us to indulge one of ours. We have been building this cage and our little machine for many years, but never found a man willing to submit to their embrace. Today you will allow us that pleasure”

The other sister finally untangled the hose and the machine hummed into life. A soft, subdued hum that filled the room. An open-ended metal cylinder was offered towards me, and for the first time I noticed an opening in the bars that made up the front of the cage. An opening level with my throbbing manhood.

Both of them knelt down and were looking into my eyes as the cylinder was gently but firmly thrust onto my manhood and I felt the soft caress of its insides taking a firm hold as I swelled to fill the space available. Then the suction began. A terrible rhythmic, pulsing suction that made me gasp.

“You see, we designed this milking machine ages ago and have been so longing to try it out. And now we can” They both smiled as if they were one person. The gaze of their bright blue eyes was almost hypnotic as their machine started to turn me on. “Iwona likes her men gagged if she torments them, but are not like her. We like to be able to hear”. And there was a discussion between them in their own language, “We are not sure of exactly the right words to use. My sister believes we wish to hear you whimpering. I believe the word we are looking for is screams. But every little sound certainly. And we believe you will soon be making all sorts of fun sounds” And they both smiled again.

The milking machine had already started to do its terrible thing, the pulsing suction rhythmically pulling at my already tormented manhood and I could hear myself gasping and making the half-human sounds every man makes when someone or something is pumping his manhood. And I came near to screaming when I cum for the first time, and the sisters actually clapped. But the tight embrace of the milking machine did not slacken, and my erection refused to die down as the suction continued to pulse and torment me.

They were watching me closely now and I am sure I cried out loud and long as I came again, and by the time the machine was pumping me towards orgasm number three I was screaming with torment as there was no relief in sight for my tender manhood.  And still those two sisters were staring at me intently with a terrible fascination, and I wondered how long they would leave me to the mercy of their terrible machine.

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