Dream One

by HappyCamper

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© Copyright 2018 - HappyCamper - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; Solo-f; discovery; naked; mitts; nipple; bell; buttplug; tail; petplay; captive; sybian; oral; insert; climax; cons; X

It took me a few minutes to notice something wasn't quite right. I was slowly coming awake after what felt like an excellent night’s sleep. I stretched and yawned, and I as yawned, I brought my hand up to cover my mouth, just like the polite girl I was brought to be, so the furry paw that was covering my hand was something of a surprise. Then I noticed I was naked under the covers and not wearing my usual PJs. I sat up and brought both hands in front of me, both now encased in furry mits that looked like cats paws and more importantly did not have fingers in.

In fact my fingers were folded over, almost but not quite forming a fist. I shook each hand in turn but the gloves were firmly held in place with a small leather strap, brass buckle, and a small golden padlock. “wtf” I said to myself, then looked further down. My naked breasts stuck out in front of me, and on each nipple was a small clamp, with a little brass bell hanging of the end. They jingled as I shifted and now I could feel the clamps squeezing the base of each nipple, not painful as such, but you could tell they were there, and the weight of the bells pulled and twisted my nipples as I moved.

I pulled the bells into my breasts using my paws as I twisted my legs around and got out of bed, but I could still hear a gentle tinkle as I moved. I can now feel something around my neck and as I moved to my full length mirror I could see a pink leather collar around my neck, with another little brass bell hanging from it. Poking through my black hair were a pair of fluffy cats ears and I could feel the headband hold them to my head, but they did not shift when I pushed at them with my ‘paws’.

I noticed a ticking on the back of my thighs and as I looked between my legs, in the reflection, I could see a furry tail hanging down and I realised what that meant. My rear suddenly felt very full, I span around, bells tinkling like crazy and looking over one shoulder, to see a cat’s tail hanging down from between my curvy buttocks. I’ve never tried anal before, so the feeling was very weird, not painful or uncomfortable as such, but definitely odd.

I gingerly sat on the bed and looked around the room. It was almost, but not quite my bedroom. It looked like my bedroom, yet felt odd, like it wasn’t quiet the right size or things weren’t exactly in the correct place, and I wondered if I was dreaming. As I stared at objects, it was like they suddenly became real, I could see detail, texture of wood and paint, I could smell the fresh flowers in a vase, and the smell of the garden carried in a breeze through the bedroom window. It was then that I noticed the door, it looked exactly the same as my bedroom door, only without its door handle. There was no way I could have opened, even if I had the use of my hands, which I currently didn’t.

I looked back at the mirror, then approached it. There was something not quite right about my reflection. Looking closer I could see my body, I’m in my early 40s, short and a little dumpy, with black hair (a gift from my Japanese grandmother), and pale skin, but my reflection was like it was made up of all the best parts of me from over the years, I could see curvy and shapely hips and thighs, the curve of firm buttocks, and narrowish waist, coming up to my large breasts, with big nipples squeezed at the base by the clamps and the bells pulling at them, but the breasts were full and shapely with no sag or stretch marks.

Shapely shoulders, the neck with the pink leather collar lead up to my elfin face, with black hair in a short bob, with the kitty ears poking out of the top. Looking down I could see my pussy was clean and bald, unlike my usual trimmed (when I could be bothered) look. In fact there wasn’t a hair below my hairline that I could see. It was at this point I could see my reflection posing and changing position to show me everything whilst I stood and stared in delight. I shook myself and suddenly I was staring at a normal reflection of myself.

I walked about the room, poking at things with my paws, not able to pick anything up, and the plug in my rear moved in interesting ways, pushing and pulling as I walk. I noticed that the feeling grew more intense when I wiggled my hips, so I put an effort into rolling my hips as I moved. I heard a bump behind me and I span around with a tinkle and lots jiggling of lady bits. In between the bed and the door appeared a low black box, onto of which sat something that looked remarkably like a sybian, sticking of the top was a rather fearsomely sized rubber penis, with moulded veins and a pair of large balls hanging off it.

I walked over and took a closer look. I swatted the end of the rubber dong with a paw and it rocked backwards and forwards with the sense of some mass in the thing. At the top a small bubble of liquid appeared. Without thinking I leaned over it and licked the top of the thing. No flavour as such, but slippery and I realised it was some kind of lube. I giggled as many dirty thoughts ran through my mind. What the hell, it’s not like this was at all real and no one could see me, so let’s live a little.

I leaned forward and licked again, then suck at the end, as I sucked I could feel a slight vibration run through the rubber monster and I opened my mouth and tried to get as much of the head in as possible, sucking hard. I could feel more vibrations and a small spurt of lube, which now tasted of strawberries. I suck and licked away for a minute or so, enjoying the taste and shear sluttishness of it, the lack of guilt or need to worry about anything but my pleasure was very stimulating.

I stood up and moved forward, until the dong was rubbing against my lips, pushing them open. Looking down at the thing, spreading my lips and my legs crudely was turning me on in ways I did not expect. I wish there was a camera there, filming my every move. I could imagine it streaming straight to the net, thousands of men and women wanking themselves over my slutty behaviour as I humped and grinded against the dong, it’s vibrations sending bursts of pleasure through my lips and clit.

I pushed forward and had to stand on the tips of my toes, and push with my paws to get the head of the rubber monster to my hole, I could feel my juices dripping onto my thighs and I groaned as the head finally found it’s place and popped in, filling my entrance and slowly pressed down, feeling it push into me. I pushed all the way down until my buttocks touched the seat and a sudden burst of vibrations almost made me come on the spot. My knees went weak and my body weight pushed me all the way down until I felt as full as it was possible to be. I swear I could feel the veins on the thing as well as the shape of the buttplug lodged in my rear and being squeezed by the dong.

I finally got control of my legs, pulled them under me and stood up, feeling the rubber length pull out of me, until only the head was left inside. Up and down I went, my boobs and buttocks bouncing and swaying, the tinkling of bells in my ears alongside my moans and groans, sweat dripping off my face as I rode the thing. The vibrations and feeling of fullness was driving me crazy and I was on the edge of coming, when the dong went into vibration overload, I could feel it pump hot liquid inside of me and I almost collapsed onto its entire length as I orgasmed and my legs gave way. I shook and moaned and my vaginal muscles clamped and throbbed, holding and letting go repeatedly until I all but collapsed in exhaustion, just the length of the dong inside of me holding me up.

Just the slightest movement would kick of a wave of tremors shooting up and down my body and it was a long while until I could move under my own control. My thighs felt like jelly as I gently eased myself off the thing, hot liquid flooding out as the head finally left what felt like my gaping hole. I staggered back to the bed and collapsed in exhaustion. I heard a click and looked up the see the door had swung open and the monster dong had gone, before I fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

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