Dream Girl Part 2: Day 2

by KarmaP0licemen

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© Copyright 2013 - KarmaP0licemen - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; bond; bfold; gag; straps; tease; torment; electro; bdsm; crop; enslave; cage; oral; climax; denial; cons; XX

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Part 2: Day 2

John always hated hangovers, but this was different. He felt different. He felt soft blankets beneath him. He opened his eyes, but there was no morning light. He moved to wipe his eyes, but something held his wrist. His head was so cloudy; he had no idea what was going on.

“Hello, slave” A voice whispered, hot breath tickling his neck.

“Mrgmhmph?” He tried to speak, but something bitter tasting jammed his mouth open and smashed his tongue down into the bottom of his mouth. Now he was panicking. He thrashed his limbs, but he was held fast by his ankles and wrists.

“I know you have been waiting patiently, but now the time has come.”

He moaned again, but a finger on his lips silenced him. The slender tip moved down his neck, trailing down his neck to his chest. Goosebumps shot up all over his skin, and he trembled at the feather-light touch. Another hand stroked his head, and then pulled off the material blocking his sight. He blinked, then his eyes focused on his unknown tormentor.

Next to him on a huge bed laid the dream girl made flesh, lying on her stomach gazing at him, a blindfold in one hand and the other tracing circles on his exposed chest. Her feet, bare except for black fishnets, bounced up in down like a schoolgirl as she grinned wickedly at her bound prey.

“After you passed out so handsomely at the bar, I managed to get you back here to your apartment. You looked like you would be out for a while so I took the liberty of surfing your computer. You should really learn to delete your browser history, you know, as well as hide your little toys a little better. It’s a shame to leave such nice bonds unused.” While she talked, John watched her free hand continue trailing down his chest before finally gripping his rapidly swelling cock and igniting a supernova of lust in his loins. His head swam with pleasure. It felt so good…

“Luckily for you, we have some common interests. Unluckily for you, I am no sub.” She grinned at him; her eyes shining wickedly as her hand continued to absentmindedly manipulate his cock. Fear rippled through his stomach, along with a surprising tint of excitement.

He pulled again at his bonds. What was he thinking? This was not right. He was a man. How could he let someone half his size control him?

With an amused twitch of her lips, she grabbed his chin and jerked his gaze back to her face, forcing him to look deep into her eyes. They flashed a bright green, and in the emerald pools he saw a threat not voiced, a command left unsaid. His mind went blank and he slumped down into his sheets. She flashed him a smile full of joy and gratitude, and warm pleasure spread through his body for pleasing her. Oh. That’s how.

“That’s much better,” she purred. Her free hand continued her careful ministrations, but his eyes stayed locked on her radiant face.

“The thing is, when I look at you, I do not see a dom. I see a slave still confused about who he really is.” He couldn’t tell if the sublime pleasure racing through his body was because of her hand stroking the head of his penis or because of the thought of being at the complete mercy of the beautiful woman before him.

“Here’s the deal. You come home with me for a week as my personal slave, and I show you what you have been missing all your life. You refuse, and I untie you, leave right now and you never see me again.” She played with a strap on the side of his face, and pulled the bit-gag, for that’s what it was, from his speechless mouth. “Will you be mine?”

John was speechless. Here she was, literally the girl of his dreams, but it was all-wrong. He had always thought he was a dom, that this situation would be different. He had done all the research to prepare himself, but now that he was here, he felt his security slipping away. He couldn’t move an inch. Thick leather bound his hands and feet, and now he was entirely in the hands of this stranger, who could control him with a single finger on his cock.

He must have hesitated a bit too long, because she leaned forward close to him, her fragrant tresses falling over his chest. “I understand if you are having trouble deciding.” She whispered into his ear. “However, if you say yes, know that you won’t need to worry. I will take care of you, and of anything you need. Nobody will see you. Nobody will judge you. You will be all mine.” Her lips burned on his neck, and he sighed. He arched his back, electrified by each sensual kiss. She sat up and straddled his chest, and his eyes were compelled to follow until he gazed up at her. She was so utterly delicate, yet so powerful. He had never seen a more beautiful sight.

“I will push you farther than you have ever thought possible. I can make you feel things. All you have to do is say yes. Say ‘yes, Mistress’ and you will be mine.”

She leaned down till her face was inches from his, so close he could count the freckles on her delicate nose. She gazed deep into his eyes with heavy lidded eyes; full lips parted and breathed hot, perfumed air down onto him. He closed his eyes as his head swam, and his dream from the night before slowly faded from his mind. A weakening part of him screamed in his head. What would happen to school, his job? How could he even be considering this? He breathed in, gathering the strength to refuse, but as he opened his eyes he was stopped.

For that brief moment, her facade broke, and the sad eyes that looked at him were the same ones that stared back at him in the mirror every morning. It was her eyes. In them he saw fear, worry and lust. In them he saw answers to the questions that haunted him. This was his chance. He knew he could not go back to his shitty life. He had to piece together this part of him, to understand. He had to know why he felt this way, why this appealed to him so much. He had to understand.

“Yes, Mistress. Make me yours.” He breathed.

A smile lit up her face, making her look like a schoolgirl who just received a valentine. She giggled and stroked his face, and his eyes went dull with bliss. Everything would be all right.

“You will not regret it. Now, I need to pack up for the trip to my house.” She jammed the bit back into his mouth before again placing him back into darkness with the blindfold. “There we can begin.”

“Now don’t go anywhere,” she purred. John moaned in frustration as he felt her weight leave his chest, and he listened for clues on what would happen next. With his own blindfold, bit-gag and restraints securely strapped to his body, he could do nothing else.

“You have quite the stash in here.” John could hear her rustling through his closet. “What were you going to do with this stuff by yourself? No matter. I should be able to whip something up.”

John pulled at the cuffs. He tried frantically to remember what tools she might use on him, and with every recollection his fear grew. He had a dildo and a butt-plug, both equipped with vibrators, as well as various ropes, clamps and gags in addition to the restraints that trapped him. His collection had cost him what had seemed a fortune, but had never seemed enough. Now that it was going to be used on him, he regretted every purchase.

“Now, let’s get you ready.” He could hear her approaching, the slither of the rope in her arms filling him with dread. He had to get out of here. If she were going to take him anywhere, she would have to untie him from this bed. His muscles tensed to spring.

Suddenly, a single tip of a finger grazed his chest, sending electric sensations racing across his chest. It pulled away, and then after a few seconds circled his right nipple, then pulled away again. All thoughts of escape left his mind as his body eagerly awaited her attention. Her touch returned, sending a lightning bolt of sensation through his mind. This time it circled his bellybutton before trailing down to his now erect penis, lifting off then lightly gripping his shaft. “MMMMRGMMM!” He screamed through the gag jammed between his jaws and his back arched with pleasure. Again her touch left him, and he was left in blackness.

“Shut up, slave, and be still.” Her hand returned to his cock, but instead of bestowing pleasure, it brought pain as the steely jaws of clamps gripped his sensitive scrotum. She took the slender chain secured to the clamp and tied it to the bed frame and pulled it taut. He lay frozen on the bed, his escape thwarted. In the back of his mind, he was dimly aware of her pulling the cuffs from his wrists, but he could do nothing with her flicking the chain in silent warning. His limp arms were folded at the elbow, and then silky rope swiftly wrapped around them until they were effectively glued to his upper arms. His legs followed, and before he knew it, he was again helpless. Arms, slender but strong, scooped him up and lifted him from the bed. He was inverted, and then laid on his stomach on floor.

“Stay!” he heard her command, and she padded away again leaving him in darkness. He slowly rose up onto his knees and elbows, but as soon as tried to move, pain erupted from his balls as the clamp pulled at his sensitive scrotum.

“I can’t believe it,” he thought. “She tied me down by my balls!” He struggled to stay perfectly still, but as he trembled the clamp sent pain shooting through him. He could not believe how quickly he had been reduced to this, a quivering pile of flesh bound on the floor. His lack of sight and control magnified every twinge of pain.

“Oh, silly me, I almost forgot. One last thing.” Her benevolent hands returned, caressing his exposed ass lovingly, one finger creeping between his cheeks to poke at his rear entrance. He recognized the cold, slick touch of lubricant. “Oh, god, no.” he thought. Her finger plunged into his asshole as she did her best to stretch his anus. He tried to pull away, but was stopped fast as the chain pulled taught. He sunk his teeth into the rubber of the bit. When she was sure he was greased up, the probing finger withdrew and began stroking his sore testicles.

The hand caressing his ass moved down to stroke his erect penis. Her pace quickened and his mind began to drift. Her hot lips kissed at his ass and balls as she worked his cock and he felt a familiar pressure building in his loins. He thrust forward into her hand, the pain of the clamp forgotten… no, not forgotten… combining with the force of the pleasure as he rode a tidal wave of sensations. His balls tightened as he began to cum, and at the peak of pleasure the vibrating butt plug slammed into his ass and was buried deep within him.

“MMGGGMRHGM!” His whole body convulsed as the orgasm ripped through his body like a firestorm, the strongest he had ever experienced. The ecstasy was a hot blaze in his mind and body, and it left him bereft of all sense of self. He could do nothing as every cell in his body became ablaze with sensation.

Before it had begun to fade, she yanked his balls with the chain. His brain was overloaded with pleasure and he followed the tugs mindlessly. It was a struggle to crawl like this on his elbows and knees like a dog, but that was a distant concern. All he could think about was the dual sensations of the insistent pull of the clamp and the deep rumblings of the plug within him.

His orgasmic high began to fade as he trundled along, but instead of fading completely, the rumblings in his ass kept him floating above the clouds. The carpet beneath him turned to wood, and the wood turned to cement. Still he crawled, eager to keep up with the gentle tugs on his “leash.”

Nimble fingers brushed his ass and the vibrations ceased and the blindfold was ripped from his head. He looked around, blinking stupidly, until he finally recognized where he was. He was crouched on the sidewalk outside of his apartment building; his mistress standing above him with his leash coiled around one hand while she unlocked the doors of a red corvette parked along the street. It was very early morning, and the sun was slowly creeping up over the tops of buildings. He began to slowly descend from the heights of his orgasm and he realized he had crawled, naked and bound like a dog, out of the apartment and into the street. Fear gripped him and he searched around for any bystanders.

The car door clicked open, and strong arms seized him again as he was lifted into the car onto soft leather seats. The door slammed behind him and he heard heels clicking around the car until his Mistress pulled open the opposite door. She had changed back into the red cocktail dress from the bar, and she wore strappy high heels. If not for her strange pet, she looked like a sweet college girl returning from a late night of dancing. She looked over at him with an innocent grin and he felt weak in the knees. After clicking in her seatbelt she took his leash and drew him over until he lay across the center console, his head over her lap. “Lick softly,” she commanded as she pulled the bit from his mouth.

“Please, you ca… AAA!” She yanked violently on the chain and John quickly shut his mouth. Her green eyes bore into him. He trembled as he struggled to return her gaze, then sighed and lowered his head in resignation. Her smile dazzled him, and his head swam with pleasure at pleasing his mistress. She lifted the front of her dress and laid it over his head, and John found himself face to face with her neat, shaven pussy.

“I said lick. I want to be nice and hot by the time we get to my house, but don’t you dare get carried away. Neither of us are cumming ‘til I say so. We wouldn’t want to crash, now would we?” She shoved his head between her shapely thighs, driving his nose between her engorged lips. Her scent, musky and sweet, swept through his mind in a velvet wave and he could do nothing as he sank into her iron embrace. Just as he began to succumb to the sweet sensations, he was brought back to reality as she tugged again on the leash.

“Feel that? Consider that your brake. It will make sure you are going the right speed. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you are enjoying yourself.” Her fingers danced lightly on his ass and he jumped as his rear erupted in heavy vibrations once again. She slapped it for good measure. “Come on then,” she cooed.

He didn’t have a choice. He dove into it, rubbing his nose on her engorged clitoris while he lapped at her lips. He felt the engine roar to life beneath him, and he had to dig his knees and elbows into the supple leather seat to keep from falling over as she drove him away from his old life.

John tried to keep track of the direction the car was traveling, but he was understandably distracted. The plug in his ass felt like it was trying to grind its way through his prostate, and the shaven mound presented was steamy and responsive to his touch. The situation was overwhelming him. He probed and licked, deeper and faster, trailing and teasing both lips and she squirmed in her seat delectably and yanked on his “brake.” Disappointment welled up in him and he whined, and he heard a giggle as she played with his ass.

“Down, boy! You have yet to feel a real punishment.” John took a different tact, and kissed along her thighs. He was rock hard, but she kept her promise. Neither of them was going to cum until she decided. She was the one in control.

The trip continued like this for some time as John’s desire continued to grow. He repeatedly tried to sneak past her defenses and send her past the boiling point, but always a painful yank on his balls compelled him to stop. He was sure that if only he could make her cum, to take that little bit of control back, it would send him over the top as well. As it was a dull ache was spreading from his loins. He had to cum soon. His mind was consumed with a need for release. Eventually, his control began to wane. Pulling away from her sex, he began to grind his cock against the seat. The soft leather felt so good, and his knees wobbled.

“No!” He heard a mighty slap, and almost as an echo extreme pain erupted from his ass. SLAP. It happened again, and a whimper escaped his lips. Once, twice, thrice more he was struck, then she savagely gripped his cock and squeezed. He had ached for her touch the entire ride, but not this.

‘Get this straight. You do not have permission to cum. Your cock became mine when you gave yourself to me. If you cum without my permission even once, I will make sure you pay.” She twisted again, and he felt her wrap the slender chain of the leash around his member.

“It is two miles to my house, but luckily it is all private. You must make me climax before we reach the house, slave, but only me.” She tied the leash to the ring at the end of the plug and pulled it taut. Immediately, the vibrations traveled down to his cock, and the stimulation made his vision go blurry. She pulled his head from under the dress and once again he found himself trapped by her gaze. Her steely green eyes bore into him and scrutinized all of his desires. Then, as his fear grew, her gaze softened, and her armor fell.

“I told you that I would take care of you, keep you safe. If you really want to do this, you have to trust me. When I say you cannot cum, I am asking you to trust that I know what is best for you.” She blushed prettily and kissed him full on the lips. It was deep and forceful, and he reeled in ecstasy from the sweet taste of her. She ravaged his face and her lips tugged and nibbled at his. He felt her confidence crack and the kiss turned desperate. She bit, sucked, licked and kissed, and where their skin touched he burned. He could feel her emotions pouring into him, and beneath the confidence and lust he sensed a plea. It was a kiss unlike anything he had ever experienced. Then, just as fast as it had gone, the Mistress returned and he fell back under her power.

“I assure you, any pleasure you get now will not be worth it.” Her voice took on a chill he had not thought possible. “Don’t you trust your Mistress?” She slammed her foot down on the gas. The acceleration forced his face back into her awaiting pussy, and she trapped his head between his thighs. He needed no further encouragement, and dove right to work. He licked, sucked and kissed, trying to match the desperation and passion of the kiss still burning on his lips. The world became polarized between the deep vibrations filling his ass and cock, and the warm and sensual thighs writhing in pleasure from his assault. The fires in his loins rose once again, but he clenched his floor muscles and resisted. He would please his mistress. He would do her proud.

The pussy before him was self-lubricating at a rapid rate and muscles rippled along her thighs. She began thrusting her thighs into his face, and it was all he could do to keep going. The car swerved along the driveway at breakneck speeds, and time was running out. He nuzzled and kissed at her clitoris, and his fires grew as she climbed ever higher. His cock bulged with the effort of holding it in.

The car spun, and wheels screeched as it swerved to a halt. Mistress cried out and her thighs clenched and trembled as she came. John tasted her juices as they flowed, but he did not cease his efforts. She rose higher and higher and screamed. Her trembling slowed, and she fell back into the seat, gasping for air and enjoying the sweat steam off of her body. She grinned down at the bound figure next to her, but froze as she spotted something. A stream of semen had shot out of his cock. He had cum. John panicked and prepared for her wrath.

“Well, well, well. What a naughty pup.” Her mouth stretched into the most diabolical smile he had ever seen. “I am going to have to teach you one hell of a lesson.”

Shutting off the vibrator, she unhooked the chain and began pulling him along. He scrambled from the slick seat and tumbled onto the lawn that stood before the most incredible house he had ever seen. It floated over the edge of a pristine lake, supported by black iron stilts, and then spread organically along the rocky hill. The walls were a deep, black hardwood, and they framed huge windows letting the setting sun turning the air gold. Through the glass he could see elaborate furnishings, dark marble, thick rugs and a kitchen containing more high-tech equipment than the lab at college. He spotted a dog cage in the plush white living room, and a pool reflecting the mountain that rose stately behind the lake. His jaw dropped, and she seized the opportunity to jam the bit back in his mouth and buckle it onto his head.

“Don’t worry, I will make sure to give you the whole tour soon,” she purred as she tugged him along by his sore crotch. “However, I think we will start with the bedroom.”

She led him through the house, and he looked around as he saw paintings of beautiful vistas, woven rugs of Navajo make and a dining table of exquisite mahogany. He followed her through the house and they stood in the bedroom. Her massive down bed overlooked the lake directly, and he could see a worn chair sitting on the balcony. He was led across the hardwood floor, and then roughly lifted onto the bed with his leash quickly chained to a ring on the headboard. He could only watch as his Mistress strode into her closet and out of sight, blowing a kiss to him as she went.

“What kind of punishment could she possibly mean?” he thought. “I don’t know how much more I can take.”

After a few minutes of him pacing on the soft bed, she strutted out of the closet on ballet boots as she buckled a garter belt to dark silk leggings. The straps on her thighs framed her trimmed pussy. Her chest had a leather corset cinched around it, but it stopped short of her soft breasts. She was practically skipping across the room and the swaying of her hips mesmerized him. She pulled her long raven hair into a ponytail then turned and looked down at her prey. His stomach dropped. She grinned gleefully at his dumbstruck expression.

First, she reached under the bed and pulled out a heavy trunk, which popped open at her touch. He could not see the contents, but she withdrew two bits of leather, a small black case, a small riding crop, a bundle of latex and rubber and half a dozen belts. The leather strips turned out to be small mittens that, as she unwrapped his arms, she buckled them onto his hands and trapping them. Then, flicking the leash chain to keep him well behaved, she wrapped one belt around his waist and his wrists were locked into loops on the front side. He was again helpless.

The small leather case was next. Inside, strangely enough, was a plastic box from which a dozen wires emerged from. She unwrapped what looked like adhesive electrodes and hooked them to the wires. Now he was getting nervous. She stuck electrodes to his shoulders, his thighs, stomach, calves and ass and each on each one cold gel made him shiver. She quickly grabbed the remaining belts and buckled them along his body, pausing only to remove the butt-plug, unbind his legs of rope and buckle them together with the belts. He was now laid straight and helpless on the bed with his cock erect like a flagpole before him. She unclipped the clamp from his aching sack and he growled into his gag as blood rushed back into it. Where was this going?

His answer took the form of the bundle of rubber. She shook it out, and his heart raced as he beheld a gag, one side a small inflatable bulb and the other a large phallus forever erect. She was going to strap a dildo to his face.

“Time for a new game, slave.” She roughly pulled the bit from his face and jammed in the bulb. A few pumps later and his cheeks were puffing out to cope with the volume. The dildo stuck straight out from his mouth, and her purpose became clear as she straddled him, facing towards his legs, and lowered herself on the intruder. He felt deja vu of the car ride here, as his sole view became a tight pink asshole framed by perfect, creamy cheeks. Her thighs clamped onto his head like a vice.

“I don’t need you to do much here. Just enjoy the ride. I could tell you not to cum, but I am here to make sure that is not a problem.” The crop whipped through the air and struck his shaft, but he could barely get a whimper through the gag. Suddenly, the electrodes began activating around his body. He felt sharp prickly pain as each muscle forcefully contracted. His body was forced into a rhythm of painful stretches and twinges, but the belts kept him at the mercy of their whim. Again the crop struck his cock and she began to slowly ride up and down on his face.

The pattern of the electrodes shifted and sped up. He clenched his cheeks over the vibrating plug over and over again, and his legs were stuck sticking straight out under the electrical assault. Faster she rode him, and punctuated every other rise with a strike to his cock. It refused to soften. Despite the pain his mind felt afire with lust. Her cheeks slammed again and again into his face. The minutes stretched on, but time seemed to stretch and warp. His only timepiece was the smacks to his cock, and those she kept unpredictable, surprising, and extremely painful.

Suddenly, her thighs clamped hard on his head and he felt the muscles of her legs twitch and spasm. Warm liquid trickled onto his face. She had cum. Though her gyrations ceased he was still shocked and assaulted by the electrodes. She climbed off his face and lay next to him on the bed. She giggled at the sight of his struggles, then with a wink turned and took his erect and sore cock in her mouth.

His body became ablaze with lust. Her tongue moved expertly and evoked sensations he had never before imagined. He had been good. He had made her happy…

As quickly as it had come, her mouth withdrew. Rising up onto her knees, she looked directly into his eyes and swung the crop in a cruel arc. An explosion of pain erupted through his body and he thrashed in pain. Her assault continued for a dozen strokes, and marked his cock, chest, legs and ass multiple times. The entire time she had gazed into his eyes with a burning intensity.

She returned to her throne atop his face, and the cycle began. Again he was driven to frustration, again he was brought to the edge of release and again the biting crop thrashed him. Hot tears of frustration and pain ran down his face, but his passion grew unabated. He nuzzled at her rear, thrust at her face and trembled at her blows, but not once did he soften. She claimed orgasm after orgasm for herself, all the while denying him the ecstasy she was enjoying. He lost track of the cycles and the steps blurred together until he was a sweating, quivering, heaving pile of flesh, entirely focused on an overwhelming need.

After one final ride on his face, his tormenter shut off the electrodes at last and he lay utterly limp. She returned to licking at his cock and he began to hope that this would be it. His passions rose and rose and he felt like he was going to crack under the pressure and right at the brink of heaven, she retreated.

“Mmmmmgmgmgmg!” He screamed at the heavens in a rage. How could he go on? He was not unlike a slobbering animal at this point. He would have done anything for that final push over the edge. She responded to his groans with another dazzling smile and drew a thick leather collar from the trunk and buckled it around his neck. She followed it with leather mittens that locked onto his wrists and attached to a hobble chain to his ankles via padded handcuffs. After untying the straps and removing the electrodes, she attached a leash to his collar and pulled him from the bed.

He padded along like a faithful dog, and her swaying ass made a lovely sight for him to watch. Finally, she drew him into the dog cage she had seen earlier. After he had crawled inside, she removed the gag and locked the door with a padlock. She clicked across the room and turned to gaze at him. He here was, crouched in a dog cage complete with mitts, hobble and collar.

“Wha… aaaaaaugh!” He opened his mouth to speak but his neck exploded in agony. The collar had shocked him!

“Nah ah ah! Puppies don’t talk. I think a little time to cool off is just what you need. After all, Mistress has some work to do. Oh, and I’m Katie. It was very nice to meet you.” She waved a dainty farewell and walked off, leaving him to his thoughts.


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