Dream Fuck: Tara's Fantasy

by Wicked Tricks

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© Copyright 2012 - Wicked Tricks - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; gag; hotel; nipple; sex; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

David was kneeling between her spread legs, admiring her smooth, oiled ass, his muscular body and ramrod-stiff penis anxious to fuck his instructor. From the moment he walked into the room, he had an uncontrollable bout of the hots. And why not, given the circumstances.

Tara was a senior member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and was a respected instructor of Medieval combat arts, from sword work to wrestling. The exercise, weight of the weapons, and her dedication to practice almost constantly had been very kind to her 43-year old body. Tara stood five foot ten, had a lanky frame covered by sleek long muscles. What most surprised David one day was the sight of her belly; she had a well-defined “six pack” that many a man would envy. Her black shoulder length hair had been tied back in a knot. Though David was strong and athletic, he knew that Tara could outfight him--she had the advantage of years of experience on him.

“I AM going to fuck you,” he told her, as his hands gently caressed that smooth ass. There was no question that he would fuck her, and with a free and guilt-less mind. He had lusted after her from their first meeting five years earlier, and his lustful wishing was shattered when she also introduced him to her husband. But that husband was simply playing with David’s mind and libido, letting him work up a lust level that he would eventually be unable to control. Now, as of this evening, the husband had set everything perfectly in place. He was at home, sixty miles away, and had made sure that David and his wife would have plenty of privacy and time. And, he would be turned on by knowing what’s happening to his wife.

David placed one finger inside Tara’s wet pussy and gently tickled her privates. In response, Tara’s body went tight, a low moan coming through her gagged lips.

It was summer, and the SCA training sessions had been intense. Tara had been wearing her “science-fiction heroine” garb for most of the workouts: A thin leather skirt that hung about three inches lower than her cunt, near knee-high soft leather boots, and a tight leather halter that barely--JUST barely--kept her tits concealed. David couldn’t even start his sessions with her without having a very hard erection, which he managed to conceal under a comical codpiece. Even so, the heat and near nudity and sweat and close physical contact were too much for him to bear, so he arranged a long weekend trip to the shore so he’d be able to recuperate from the highest lust level he had ever know. For three days he would swim in the motel’s pool, take life slowly, and, inevitably, masterbate (so he thought) six or seven times a day. Of course he would be imagining fucking Tara when he did so.

What he didn’t know was that Tara’s husband knew David’s plans and decided that the five years’ teasing he had watched was due for a dramatic climax. David arrived and checked into the Holiday Inn Express at 4 p.m. Friday, put his bags in his room, took a shower, dressed, and went out for a quiet dinner nearby. But while he was showering, Tara and spouse were waiting in the parking lot. When David finally left to go to dinner, they got out of the car and went to David’s room. Getting in was simple; Tara told a maid that she’d rushed out and left her key card inside and... Well, the maid kindly let her into David’s room. The maid, when leaving, gave Tara’s husband the full body scan, and she smiled ever so slightly. She was a very attractive Mexican woman, about 30, slim, and flat-chested. Still, she appealed to the spouse, who had begun growing a hard-on rather quickly.

A few minutes later, Tara and spouse were on the balcony of David’s second-floor room. The view included the swimming pool, another wing of the motel, and, barely, the ocean beyond. It was NOT a very private place, especially if you were going to have wild sex there. It was perfect!

Tara stripped and showered, and her husband dried her and then oiled every lust-inducing inch of her body. Her muscles seemed to grow, and her nipples rose to full stiff erections. She was also so horny that her cunt was dripping. She reached out for her husband and started to remove his shirt, but he took her hands and stopped her.

“No, no, my dear,” he said with a smile. “We’ve been building up five years of fuck energy for you. We aren’t going to spoil it now that we are about to uncork that bottle!”

Tara dropped her hands, nodded. “I know,” she replied, her voice shaking. “I’m just so fucking horny that I can’t stand it.” Then she took a few quick steps towards the bed and pressed her pussy against one of the short bedposts. Her husband pulled her away and dragged her out to the balcony. Tara needed no prompting from that point. She went over to the rail, gently pressed her hips right into the metal, and then bent forward at the waist. Then she grabbed each ankle with each of her hands, giving wonderful example to the phrase, “bent over.”

She rose and turned, and let her spouse put very durable, fur-lined wrist restraints on her. He then did the same for her ankles, and turned her around to face the pool. A ball gag was placed into her mouth and securely fastened. Again she pressed her hips to the rail, and bent over. Had the bars not been in her way, she could easily have kissed her own shins. Her husband then pulled the left wrist and ankle close together, after having pulled her legs as far apart as he could, and he fastened the steel loops on each wrist cuff to the counterpart on the ankles and then used four padlocks to keep them together and inescapable. Tara was now a very wide human triangle, her legs so spread that nothing could impede access to her cunt or her ass. Just one thing left to do.

Her husband was a satyriasis, the male equivalent of a nymphomaniac, and the couple were still, years after getting married, humping each other at least twice a day! It also meant that they were both given to acting out their every fantasy, and among his was the enjoyment of binding a woman by her nipples. So now he took a long thin chain, each end having a nipple clip. He attached them to Tara’s huge nipples, and then tightened the chain behind the rails. That is, Tara’s nipples were on the outside of the balcony, facing inwards, and the chain was firmly set to run on the inside of the balcony. There was almost no slack in the chain, either, so even the process of inhaling caused an automatic and unstoppable pulling of Tara’s nips. And she loved it!

Her spouse then gathered up everything, and I mean everything, that they had brought with them, meaning, of course, Tara’s clothes--underwear, skirt, shirt, bra, shoes. Then he left the room, returned to the car, and left Tara to her fate.

Shortly thereafter, David returned to his room, and immediately saw the situation on the balcony. As he got closer, he noticed that it was Tara!
It only took seconds to realize that her husband had to have been the one to put her into this delicate position, so he wouldn’t just show up unexpectedly and ruin the situation. Her wrists were handcuffed to her ankles, and he didn’t even bother to look for the padlock keys. Her long, lean, muscular legs had been pulled as far apart as they have ever been, and her oiled naked body was absolutely helpless to stop anything anyone would care to do with her. And, there was no sign of any clothing here. This was not meant to be a quickie session by any means.

David peeled out of clothes and tossed them back into the room. His athletic frame was actually shaking with anxiety born of lust, and he planned to charge into her cunt the way a lance would charge in a joust. But before he moved, he saw an envelope on the floor under Tara’s right foot. It was addressed to him, written by her husband.

“David!” he read, “is there anything on earth that could possibly keep you from raping my wife? She has been wanting you to take her for years, and I want her to fulfill every lustful moment of her fantasy. I’d really appreciate it if you used her all weekend, say until late Monday.” He hoped he was really reading what he thought he was reading. “And please, please don’t hold back! She’s so far gone with lust that if the roles were reversed, she’d rape you for all she was worth, and nothing would be able to override her humping lust even if we wanted. So go ahead, get stiff, and then have at her!”

He went past understanding to total lust—his room was locked, no one could get in, her husband wanted them together, and there really wasn’t anything that could do now to protect herself.

David and his five-year lust lunged forward, covering her ass as he shoved his shaft into her cunt to the hilt in one swift motion. He was not so much a lover as a mindless, nearly insane fucking machine, intent on nailing her teasing nude body for all he was worth. She silently screamed in the gag as he entered her, and though he would have once stopped to ask if she was alright, the years had pushed his mind past caring. This babe is mine for now, he thought. He’d had no sex aside from masturbation in two years, and being with her now, watching her helpless nakedness, had taken its toll.

The intensity of his drilling into her caught her by surprise, though it was precisely the fantasy rape scenario that she had hungered for. Despite herself she struggled against her bonds—she’d had no time to brace for his charge and was literally taken off guard. That caused her to violently pull her nipples, and she again screamed into her gag. He was so horny that he started coming quickly, each squirt of his hot cum feeling like a wet bullet against her g-spot, sending her into orgasm, too. She wanted to wrap her legs around his body, to dig her nails into his tight buns, but the bondage gave no leeway. She had to take it his way, and she loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it! David was passing his first rape lesson with flying colors, and she silently prayed that he would last as long as she wanted.

David’s penis stayed erect for hours, far longer than it had ever done before. To his surprise, David’s lust remained on “high,” as if he hadn’t come at all. Tara was naked, dripping cum from David’s copious deposits of the evening. He plunged into her again, what, the eighth time. He did what he wanted, needed no permission: he simple walked up to her and inserted his again-stiff cock into her cunt. Over and over and over. Sometimes he’d bend down and give the nipple chain a good tug. For some reason, knowing it was both painful and intimately sexy, pulling that chain brought his hard-on to full erection again almost instantly. Sometimes he pumped her slowly, partly because his pecker was rather sensitive, and partly to torment her g-spot, which was more vulnerable from this position. His hands held her hips, pulling her onto his throbbing shaft as he slowly and rhythmically ground into her.

They heard a sound from nearby, and David stopped pumping, but Tara kept squeezing his erection with her cunt muscles until he resumed. Another balcony had opened, and they could faintly make out the silhouette of a young woman who spotted them and watched. David’s humping became uncertain as a tint of shyness and fear reached his brain, but Tara kept her squeezing on tempo. Despite himself, David started to cum, and that only added to his embarrassment: to cum while fucking a married woman in bondage while being watched by a neighbor. WOW! Still, he couldn’t stop himself, and he was even afraid to withdraw, not wanting to expose his erection to prying eyes.

But Tara saw the young woman, saw her put a hand down her unzipped jeans, saw her diddle herself as any good voyeur in this situation should. She felt David’s hands gently squeeze her knockers, tweak her nipples, feel them get pulled. Orgasm! Damn, she had to clear her head, but she couldn’t stop these—Oragsm! Oh, worse than the teenagers, at least they—Orgasm! Orgasm!—varied their tempo, gave her—Orgasm!—a minute or two to rest.Tara had a chain of orgasms until the woman straightened up, waved, and returned inside.

It was ten p.m. now, and Tara had been getting fucked for five straight hours. And still, she wanted more. David enthusiastically obliged.

When David got a bit tired, he would sit between her legs and torment her cunt with his fingers for at least an hour, saying it was his way of getting back for all the time she had been a prick tease before this wonderful fantasy rape session. He would diddle her with his fingers, use a cucumber that had been coated with K-Y jelly, or lick her cunt, but always stopping before she could orgasm. Tara would wriggle and beg, which led David, to getting harder and hornier again. After an hour of tormenting her his prick turned into a concrete pole, and when he finally took her again, he lunged in with the same rapidity as his first penetration. The gag had quickly become a necessity, and he relished the extra helplessness of his sex toy.

He learned to give her multiple orgasms, and when those orgasms were so intense she would have screamed for him to stop, he would give her a rest. Even a woman can have an over-orgasm that really wants stopping, but David found it especially exciting to keep pumping precisely at those times when Tara would have most wanted him to stop. It was part of the rape fantasy, after all, for his maximum pleasure by doing to her body whatever most excited his. And if she allowed herself to be put into such a state of helplessness, well, he was supposed to push her beyond endurance. That was what the extreme bondage was for, after all!

At about midnight, David decided that he wanted to try something different, and Tara, of course, was powerless to object. He, her rape partner, eased himself down over her back and she let out a fierce, but completely muffled, yelp as she was penetrated by that devilish cock, right up her ass! As he pumped her, he groaned in rhythm, and she began having an all new and incredibly intense orgasm. Having her ass reamed was a surprise to Tara, but she loved it and wriggled her gorgeous ass tightly around the tormenting penis. She felt it squirt into her again and again...

Tara was feeling every inch the bad girl she was, and loving it. She loved the feeling as her nipples were being pulled, and a cock up her cunt. This, she thought to herself, was already a great weekend... and it had barely begun!


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