Dream Come True

by Dark Dreamer

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© Copyright 2001 - Dark Dreamer - Used by permission

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[ This is my first attempt at a story...please e-mail with feedback, positive and negative, if you see the need.  Thanks and happy reading. - Dark Dreamer ] 

Quiet, opaque darkness surrounded the room, if not the whole house.  The young woman in the ornate four-poster bed resting against the center of the rear wall in said room slept rather peacefully, perhaps indulging in some sweet dream splintered off from some fantasy.  She stirred about under the thick quilts and satin sheets that she had come to adore ever since she'd bought them at the shopping mall months back.  They fit her so well... at least as far as anyone else would know.  Soft, gentle, and somewhat pure.  Certainly that's what others thought of her, strangers and friends alike.  She just had that...aura. 

But pure wasn't exactly the word for her.  Not in that sweetly wicked mind of hers.  Many were the nights she would stay up on the Internet, surfing about the chats and instant message windows, seeking the fuel for her fantasies.  The fuel was bondage...in nearly any form she could imagine it or find it shown.  Through pictures and through stories she came to understand the intimate details of it, and through some experimentation, alone and with a seldom few others, she came to understand the sensations of it.  But it had been a long time since then...and she found it rather difficult to make herself as she saw others.  Self-bondage.  She had tried it, but for some reason it seemed beyond her.  And to find a man who followed her tastes in the same had proven a fruitless search.  Still...the stories and the pictures that she came across fuelled her imagination, and led to many a wondrous orgasm as she lay within those silk sheets.  Tonight had been no different. 

Or...maybe it was.  Or at least it was destined to be.  So thought the man who owned the pair of eyes that gazed upon her curled up form from the doorway to her room.  Careful had been his entrance, mindful to deactivate the alarm system of her small home before entering, and mindful to take care of the lights in the hall and other room to mask him from her sight.  Was she asleep, he wondered?  Seemed that way...but he needed certainty.  He'd waited too long for this moment to screw up now just because of his over-eagerness.  Such showing by the steadily growing bulge in his dark jeans.  Easy, partner...take your time...haste has ruined many a man. 

Digging into the pocket of his coat, he retrieved the small bottle of chloroform and a white cloth.  Creeping over towards the bed, facing her back now, he took a deep breath.  Moving onto the bed with one knee placed near the edge, already having doused the cloth with the clear fluid from the bottle.  Sure enough, she wasn't quite asleep yet, and gave a bit of a squeak when she rolled into him.  Quickly, he clapped the cloth down over her nose and mouth, his free hand grasping hold of one of her wrists and pinning it to the bed.  She flailed about, mussing up the quilts and her sheets, trying to get free of whomever this was...but it was too late.  In seconds she was indeed asleep...and at his mercy. 

Perhaps she thought it a dream...a product of too much perusing the Internet bondage sites.  Reality kicked in quickly enough though when she tried to sit up and found it impossible.  She was laying face down, her wrists bound palm to palm with nylon ropes.  The same with her elbows, which were drawn nearly to touching by the same rope.  A thought flashed briefly through her mind, thanking her for going to the gym and getting so limber...at least she wasn't in pain from the strictness of these ropes. Her ankles were tied as well, cinched tightly with more rope.  Above and below her knees saw more of the same, and a soft, wide band of satin was wrapped over her eyes.  The first instinct, aside from trying to escape, was to call for help.  But within her lips, between her teeth, set a thick ball of fabric, held in by tightly tied satin that was wrapped a few times over her lips. 

She rolled around for a moment or two, soft moans barely penetrating the cloth gag.  But struggle was fruitless.  She was trussed up rather tightly, and apparently very skilfully.  Her ankles were not only bound together, but to the footboard of her bed as well.   Her captor, smiling to himself at her struggles and moans, now came over to her side and knelt down.  "Finally got your wish, didn't you?" 
She jumped at the voice, a squeak coming from bound lips.  Now she struggled with more furore, though she knew in the back of her mind it was futile.  Squeaks changed to moans as fear set in.  Who was doing this to her and why?  Why hadn't the alarm woken her up? 
And...why was she becoming so terribly turned on in the face of all this? 

More laughter.  Quiet...calm...enough to make her skin tingle...to make her hairs stand on end.  She tried to speak...tried to ask this man who he was and what he was doing to her, but mumblings were all she could muster.  Even worse, now his hands were upon her bare form.  She slept nude, this he knew from having watched her and planned this for so long, and he took advantage of it.  The leather of his gloves was cool upon her flesh, and the first touch made her flinch.  But as his fingertips roamed about her back and along her neck, the flinching stopped, and slight moans were all that came from her.  Weak...subdued.  Either she was whimpering from fear or sighing from desire...maybe both. 
"Beautiful...I've waited a long time to watch you squirm under my touch." 
What did he mean a long time?  Who was this guy? 

His touch left her for a moment, then she felt him working on something at the bottom end of the bed.  Untying the cord, which held her by the ankles to the bed, he turned her over onto her front.  She looked from side to side blindly, but the darkness was complete.  No escape...no running or moving away...but in the back of her mind came that small, mischievously wicked voice.  That part of her that remained hidden till she was alone: "But you don't wanna escape...do you?" 
And she had to answer within: "...no..." 

Oblivious to her internal conversation, the mystery man was working on her again already.  Undoing the bonds about her legs, he slid them far apart, binding each ankle separately to the bedposts.  She realized this, that he was partially releasing her, and instinctively tried to pull away from him.  One leg moving out of his hand, she tried to kick out, squirming and moaning loudly through the satin.  Almost struck, he pounced upon her and took hold of that leg, forcing it down upon the bed and placing his knee upon it to keep it there.  She cried out in frustration, a few tears wetting the blindfold.  "Nice try," came his deep voice as he resumed binding her leg down.  Being even more helpless than she was before, the reason being the fact that she was exposed, the tears kept coming.  But within...she questioned the cause.  Fear of being taken by this unknown man?  Or pent up desire and lust to have this done to her?  This was, after all, her fantasy.  Something she'd dreamed of and desired for the longest time.  But like this?  Against her thoughts, she struggled still.  It hindered him little though, as he propped up her arse upon a few pillows, elevating her from the bed for an obvious reason. 

The sounds of him disrobing...or at least revealing himself to her, reached her ears, and she froze for a moment.  Weight pushed down on the bed between her legs, and then came the pushing of what could only be the tip of his rod against her velvet lips.  A sigh now came from him, matching a like one from her.  He seemed to know her as well as he implied after all. 

His leather-gloved hands came to rest upon her hips, holding her still to guide himself barely within her.  He kept up that slight contact, on his knees between her parted legs, as he watched her.  She tried as much as she could to sit up...to arch against him...or just to try and wiggle closer to push him more within her...but all was fruitless.  She moaned in frustration, her lust and desire having overpowered her fear.  She just wanted him to end it...to take her right then and there.  When he didn't...and when he slid himself out of her, she moaned loudly, squirming about even more than when she had tried to escape.  Instead, he removed his gloves, now letting warm fingertips dance about her sides.  A pause, then muffled shrieks and giggles came from her as she writhed about in her bonds.  Terribly ticklish she was at times, this apparently being one of them.  A sheen of perspiration forming on her soft flesh as she tired out from the sweet torture, she nearly lost control of her body before he ceased, a smile glued to his still unseen face.  "Had enough yet?" 
She nodded her head slowly, a soft moan coming from behind the gag. 
"Ready for me to take you?" 
Another nod, and a more urgent moan. 

He smiled and leaned down over her once more.  In a surprising move, he reached around to untie the satin that silenced her, fishing out the wad of cloth from her lips.  She breathed a bit heavily for a moment, then calmed a bit, asking for some water, which he provided.  "Who..." was the first word that came from her next, but it was stopped at that by his finger.  "Someone who shares your desires and your passions...call it that," came his answer.  She smiled and nodded slowly, then she asked, "Are you still...going to take me like this?"  He nodded, and said that yes, he was indeed going to do so.  She nodded, taking on a more subdued tone.  "Then...put that back in my mouth...I want to be completely helpless before you again." 

Another nod, and in moments she found herself smiling behind the satin.  A touch to her side made her giggle softly again, muffled of course.  Without any more sweet torment, he thrust deeply into her, the full length of his member almost too much for her to hold.  She bit down against the cloth, moaning powerfully as he thrust into her again and again.  Lust, desire, passion...call it what you will...all of it came bursting forth from them both.  A simultaneous climax that seemed destined to rip the bed apart.  The moments after saw them laying there, her still bound and him at her side, panting heavily while the afterglow washed over them. 

Then he rose, going about releasing her legs from the bedposts.  He turned her over onto her back, seemingly to let her go...but no such thing occurred.  Instead her legs were re-bound as before, and her wrist and elbow bonds were made more firm as well.  Her ankles were brought up nearly to her arse, and were tied to her wrists in an effective hog-tie.  Surprised a little, she moaned aloud in response.  He just knelt down to kiss her lips under the cloth.  "I'm leaving for now...but I'm coming back.  Count on that.  If you can get out of this...then you're free to do whatever you want to me when I return.  But if you don't...you belong to me."  With that smile still there, he kissed her once more, then left the house, locking the door on his way out, having taken her keys with him.  She had to smile behind that cloth...the choice was as obvious as the ropes holding her.

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