Dream a Little Dream

by Nancy Slave

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© Copyright 2002 - Nancy Slave - Used by permission

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Dream a Little Dream 
Nancy Slave

I check in at the hotel and ask as an afterthought if the adjoining room is available.  I was almost hoping that it wasn't, but wanted to ask.  The room was available, so I took it.  I settled in gave and him a call.  It was strange to hear the phone ring in the adjoining room and to hear him move to answer the phone.  There were a thousand different scenarios running through my mind including all the ways in which this could go wrong.  I convinced myself that if I was wrong then I am already far too exposed to truly back out.  I reached up and knocked on the door.  It seemed to take forever but he opened the door.  We said hello and all I could think of to say was that I am so scared.  He replied that he is nervous as well.  I could see that he was uncomfortable.  He added that he would do as he said he would which I something I have heard him say many times.  It was strange to see him with his clothes on and to actually look into his eyes. 

He fixes me a drink and I noticed that he has bought the things I said I liked.  He is very soft spoken as we talk and very much like he is online which is comforting.  He tells me that he actually doesn't have to work tomorrow and that we could play all day.  We sit across the room from each other and slowly relax.  He asks for permission to remove his shoes.  He explains how excited he is to have me sitting across from him and that he can feel himself dripping.  I like this thought, but don't know if I should believe him or not.  He then mentions that he has very little body hair.  I play along and pretend that I don't believe him.  He asks permission to remove his shirt to show me and I agree.  He gets up and comes over to stand near me.  He says that he can feel the power shifting.  I notice the small tuft of hair in the center of his chest, which I had never seen before.  I really like the smoothness of his skin without hair.  He is very lickable. 

After sipping on the second drink, he asks for permission to remove his pants as well.  I can see a large wet spot on his maroon boxers and a very obvious bulge.  He was telling me the truth about the dripping.  We talk about things we have done and he shows me all of his toys and where he has stored them.  I show him my toys.  His eyes seem to widen as he asks about my purple dildo and is reassured that it is for me.  He then asks permission to remove his boxers.  He is now sitting naked on the couch and we continue to talk.  My eyes are dawn to his cock.  I jokingly mention that it is difficult to keep talking.  He comes over and stands in front of me so that I can look.  With him so close, it feels strangely comfortable.  He is naked with his face out of view. 

He attaches a cord around the base of his cock and hands me his leash.  We go for a walk through the two rooms.  I hold onto the very end of the leash and delicately lead him around.  I feel really silly.  I come back and sit down with him in front of me.  I pull on the cord just like I have seen him do so many times.  It reminds me of how much rougher he is and of the boo boos he once had.  I have him tie the cord around his balls so that they are separated and full.  There is something about the way they look that really excites me.  The skin is so tight and shiny.  He gives me back the end of the much shorter leash and I can see a drip of his pre cum hanging from the tip of his penis.  I try to shake it loose by moving the cord but it won't budge.  I love watching the drip form and move as I shake his cock.  He suggests we take his temperature and retrieves his thermometer.  I carefully insert the thermometer into his urethra and watch closely as it enters.  It is amazing at how wide his hole will stretch to accept the thermometer.  I start to glide the thermometer in and out of his urethra but drop it onto the floor by accident and set it aside.  I can feel my own juices dripping into my panties. 

He says to go ahead and touch it and asks what am I afraid of.  I am embarrassed at my own hesitation and reply that it might bite me, which makes us both laugh.  I delicately take my fingertip and touch it to the tip of his cock and play with his pre cum spreading it around the tip.  He encourages me by telling me how good it feels to him.  I continue to rub my finger all over his glans.  I love how his cock jerks when I touch the very tip over his urethra.  I move on to touch his tightly bound balls and look for the mole, which he has shown me.  It looks so different then on the cam.  My eyes are not as close and the lighting is not perfect.  I continue to run my finger over his cock, but as his pre cum dries my finger starts to grip his skin.  I collect a piece of ice from my drink to use as a lubricant.  As I work to catch an ice cube, he asks if I am going to put it in his anus.  I run the ice over his glans and shaft with my fingertip until it melts.  I wrap my hand around his shaft and milk out a long string of pre cum and watch as it gets longer and almost reaches the floor.  I can even play with the string on my fingers before it finally breaks.  I reach a finger under his balls to explore his anus and he bends to allow me access.  His anus is wet from sweat. 

He mentions that he would like to have me tie him up and shows me the ropes he has prepared on the legs of his bed.  We go to the bathroom so that he can pee before being tied up.  When I get up and walk, I can feel how wet I am.  My pussy lips are gliding across each other as I walk.  At first, I hold his cock while he tries to pee.  He is too nervous to do this way and he holds it while I watch.  He struggles for a while and produces a few drips before giving up.  It was intense to watch him struggle with himself.  He lays down spread eagle across the bed and I tie his arms and legs.  I tell him that I am going to pull the ropes tight so that he is truly helpless because that is what I would want.  He pulls against the ropes.  I think how hard it would be for me to do this.  He gets a little anxious to and asks for a drink, which I get for him and hold his head while he sips.  I hold his hands and gently caress him with reassurances that he will be ok.  I run my hands all over his body, tickling and playing with his nipples.  I give them each a hard pinch and a twist.  I run a finger across the soul of each foot and hear him groan.  I masturbate his cock and balls savoring the way they feel in my hands.  I can really feel how much power he has given me and how comfortable he is allowing to explore everything.  I decide I want to play with his anus and ask what he wants me to use.  He directs me to the Vaseline in the drawer and tells me that my bare finger is OK even though we had discussed using a rubber glove.  I work my Vaseline coated finger into his anus while rubbing his cock and playing with the drips.  I notice a long hair on the shaft of his penis and pull it out with my fingertips.  I am amazed at how much I was doing and enjoying.  I am hovering in a state of extreme arousal.

I turn him over onto his stomach and retie the ropes.  I finger his anus some more and get out his candle with the bulged tip.  I play popping the tip in and out of his anus.  I can actually feel it alternating between pulling in and pushing out.  I twist and play with different angles of sliding in and out of his anus.  He starts lifting and pumping his hips a little while straining against the ropes.  This causes my skin to tingle with excitement.  He seems to almost wake up and talk about it only being a dream.  He has to go to the bathroom again and this time I get to hold his penis while he pees.  I also still have him on a long string of ropes attached to each of his wrists and ankles.  I leave the wax probe on the bathroom counter and bring him back to the bed.  I notice red marks on his wrists and decide to remove all of the ropes.  I sit on the edge of the bed and masturbate his cock with my hands.  Playing with my fingers to find the sensitive spots that make his cock jerk.  I get out the baby oil and use it to lubricate my hands.  I play with different strokes that I have read about.  I notice the huge reaction to tapping on his urethra with smaller reactions on those tender nubs at the underside of his glans.  I am really starting to feel tired, but I don't want to stop. 

My hands explore his balls by using my fingertips to press against the inner organs.  He tells me that he is going to cum soon.  I continue to stroke his cock with increased intensity.  My grip gets firmer and he cums producing a large puddle on his stomach and beautiful cries of Ohhh from his lips.  I can feel a shudder through my own body just from watching him.  I think about dipping my finger into the puddle and tasting but remember the oil.  I get up from the bed and get a warm wet washcloth to clean him up.  After I clean him up, he sits on the side of the bed and I feel a strong desire to be cuddling with him and to feel the weakness and relaxation in his body.  I ask for permission to hug him, which he sweetly grants.  We talk about continuing in the morning and I head off to bed.  I am extremely aroused and wet.  As I fall off to sleep, I think about him sleeping at the foot of my bed and all the times I have watched him sleep all curled up. 

I wake up and head into the shower.  I quickly shave all over just in case he asks for me to show him, or I feel comfortable enough.  I knock on his door and he answers.  He has been awake and playing on his computer.  He is wearing the maroon boxers and I can see a white spot where the pre cum collected last night.  I sit next to him on the couch and talk.  Once again, he tells me that it is ok to touch him.  I reach over and slip my hand inside the boxers and lightly rub his cock.  I try to snake my hand up the leg of the boxers to touch him as well.  He is starting to get hard as I touch and tickle him.  I ask him to remove his boxers, which he quickly does.  He flexes the muscles in his cock, which makes me laugh.  I also notice that the flexing causes pre cum to start oozing.  I lean against the back of the couch and watch as I realize that I am drooling.  I closely inspect his cock and ask about the scars from his circumcision.  He lies down on the couch into a more comfortable position with his legs straddled around me.  I can now touch and play with everything.  I even play with his false pussy and he seems to be very sensitive in that area as I lightly scratch it with my fingernail. 

Noting that I have real armed chairs in my room, he suggests that we move to a place even more comfortable.  We move into my room and he lays across the bed pulling a chair to the edge.  I bring along the Vaseline and his wax probe.  I really like how greasy the Vaseline is and how well it keeps everything lubricated which is much better than the oils I have been using.  He puts his legs up onto the arms of the chair and invites me to sit down in the chair.  It is very comfortable in this position and close.  I like the feeling of his legs at my sides.  I grease his anus with my finger and then work with the wax probe.  I enjoy the tightness of his sphincter as it grips my finger and squeezes.  I really like the way the wax probe gets pulled inside or pushed out.  I play trying to find the spot where it will just sit half in and half out.  Soon, it is time for him to pee, so I take him to the bathroom. 

We return to the couch and talk and take a break.  He gets out his the cam and we look for someone to play with.  We browse through pictures and talk about them.  Finally a lady comes online, I hold his cock in my hand and caress it.  She can't see and leaves quickly.  It is really strange to see my hand on the screen but exciting.  He hands me a strip of rubber, which I fold in half to create a loud crack and play with it against my hand.  He bends over in front of me and tells me to spank him.  The first few swats miss but he encourages me to hit harder.  I finally find the right way to swing and start creating small pink stripes on his ass.  He gets amazingly quiet indicating that it is hard enough.  I alternate between his cheeks and rubbing my hand to feel if it is getting warm.  I enjoy watching his skin turn pink and reach to see if his cock is getting hard.  He turns around to give me better access and then sits down on the couch next to me. 

The next toy he produces is his set of ponytail holders.  He finds a pacifier in the bag and starts to suck on it while I lay out the holders along his leg in a rainbow.  We laugh at ourselves as we discuss where to put the purpley pink one.  Once I have them all laid out, I slide them down his shaft.  I accidentally pinch his skin while trying to shift a few of them.  He helps with the last few at the base since they are black.  We examine this work of art and then slowly remove them.  I watch as he brings out a bottle of champagne from the refrigerator and opens it.  I think this was very sweet.  He also serves some crackers and Brie. 

I decide to tie him up in parachute cord with his arms across his chest.  It looks almost like he is hugging himself.  I wrap the cord several times around his arms to hold them together.  I then wrap the cord around his balls in an attempt to construct a beautiful harness like I have seen in pictures.  Unfortunately, the cord slips loose as he moves.  I will have to do more studying on how to make those harnesses.  I change the idea and thread the cord around both sides of his cock and back between his legs.  I finish by tying it around his waist with a knot in the back.  I bring him back to the bed and lay him down on it with his feet back up on the arms of my chair so that I can really explore his anus.  I have brought the candle, Vaseline, anal beads, and my bullet vibrator along with me.  I start with the Vaseline and the candle probe sliding it in and out.  I rub my fingertip around his anus while it holds the candle.  I press a little with my finger and feel the resistance but he starts to relax further.  My finger manages to slide in next to the candle and it feels incredibly tight inside.  I pull my finger out and slide it back in with my nail next to the candle so that I can wiggle my fingertip inside.  I feel around trying to see if I can cause him to squeeze by pressing against certain spots.  I slide a second finger around his anus and try to press it inside too but there is too much resistance and I am afraid I will scratch him with my fingernails.  I pull out the candle and set it aside. 

Next I pick up the anal beads, which are black and probably 10 inches long with a series of beads varying in size from small to about an inch in diameter.  I slide them in one and at time.  I didn't really think they would all go in because the set is so long.  I work them in and out one bead at a time.  I think the beads are too close together because I can't feel his sphincter pulling them in.  I work all of them in but the very last one.  I make him groan as the last few pop in and out of his anus.  I pull the beads out and move on to my bullet vibrator.  I turn the speed on to low and hold it in my hands.  I rub the bullet all over his cock and balls with little reaction.  I slide it into his anus and let it sit there for a little while.  He has no reaction at all to the vibrator so I set that aside as well. 

I decide to challenge his anus relaxation and get up to find his red probe.  I bring it back, inspect his handy work, and put a condom on it.  The probe is impressive in size.  I work it into his anus ' slowly fucking it in and out a little deeper each time.  There is quite a bit of resistance.  I get the probe completely inserted and twist it a bit, repeating the motion several times.  I can hear him whimpering so I stop and remove the probe.  I am so horny and suddenly feel the need to orgasm.

I tell him that I want to blindfold him and masturbate because the aching is really getting to me.  He has to pee first which I help him up and over to the bathroom.  I hold his penis while he pees and try to play with the stream by squeezing.  He tells me not to squeeze yet J.  I manage to dribble his pee off both sides of the toilet and wipe it up with some paper before flushing.  My thoughts are focused on how humiliating this must be for him.  I bring him back to my room and lay him down on the bed with the blindfold on.  I go to the other bed with my vibrator and dildo and masturbate.  I press the vibrator against my clit and fuck the purple dildo in and out of my pussy.  I cum quickly and he whimpers along with me.  I consider working for a second orgasm, but decide not to.  I don't want to stop playing with his body because it is such a special treat.  I hide my toys away and slip back into my pants.  I lay down on the bed next to him while cooling off.  I rub my hands over his soft skin and remove the blindfold.  He asks to lick my dildo as we had talked about, but I get embarrassed and tell him no even though the idea excites me.  I untie the parachute cord with his help and release him.  It is time for dinner. 

He jumps into the shower while waiting for room service.  We eat dinner and talk.  It is hard to believe how much of the day has gone by.  It seems like it should still be morning.  He slides down on the couch to straddle my body.  I put one leg up on the couch underneath him and lift my other leg up to his side.  We sit and softly touch and tickle each other's skin.  The sensations seem magnified 1000X.  He reaches to tickle the back of my knee and I pull away a bit.  He seems to get scared and stops touching. 

My next request is to see him insert the glass rod.  He says that he will have to do which I agree to as long as I can watch.  He returns with the rod and sits back down next to me on the couch.  The rod is large but not quite as long as it looked on the cam.  It looked almost a foot long sometimes.  He shows me how careful you have to be and that the correct angle is important.  I can feel the rod inside his urethra all the way down to behind his balls.  I can even press the rod out with my fingers.  He lets me slide it in and out of his urethra while he holds his cock.  It is amazing.  I can feel it catch a little bit on the skin at the entrance but a small twist spreads his pre cum and it will slip back inside.  I make a game out of telling him when to press the rod out.  He says he uses muscles like he is peeing.  It feels just as erotic to press the rod in and out of his urethra as it does to watch it.  I remove the rod and we move onto the bed. 

I bring the baby oil with me and spread it all over my hands.  I love the way it makes my hands glide over his cock.  It also reduces my hunger to be sucking on his cock  As soon as he feels the oil, he gets extremely hard so that the veins bulge out on the sides of his cock.  I keep stroking and enjoying the extreme hardness, which is my favorite.  It is amazing that he does not cum.  He seems to be so relaxed with his eyes closed.  After quite some time, he tells me that he is going to cum.  I asked him to please cum and he does.  His moans sound even more desperate as he cums and I can almost feel his orgasm too.  I get a towel to clean the smaller puddle. 

We relax on the bed and watch a movie.  My mind wanders and I think about all the times we have talked about him laying across my lap while I watch TV and idly finger his anus.  I fidget to get comfortable and end up lying next to him.  He gets up and goes to the bathroom himself and he returns to sit on the couch.  While looking over and talking with him, I notice matches and two clothespins in a baggie.  I note to myself how he had protested the idea of clothespins and thought it was interesting that he had some with him.  I decide not to mention it.  He comes back to lie in the bed next to me.  The baby oil starts to itch him just a bit.  I drip a little bit of the rubbing alcohol onto his balls and listen to him whimper that it is so hot.  I can feel this pain with him too and it does excite me just as much sitting there with him. 

I get up to go to the bathroom myself.  While out of his sight, I slip a vibrator into my panties and between my outer labia and put the controller into my pants pocket.  I consider removing my shirt, but decide only to unzip it a bit instead.  I return and climb onto the bed between his legs with my legs under his.  This position really is so very comfortable.  I pour more oil into my hands and continue to stroke his cock and play with his balls.  It feels so good sliding in and out of my hands and between my fingers.  I try to slide a finger over his anus but he moves away.  He tells me that his anus is sore from my earlier play so I leave him alone and focus on his cock.  I turn my vibrator on and he looks up to see what the noise is.  I am too excited to care much and just continue stroking his cock.  He lies back down and relaxes.  I keep stroking his cock with my left hand while pressing my vibrator against my clit with my right hand.  It feels good and soon I am turning it on and off to keep from cumming to soon.  I rock back and forth to get the best sensations using both of my hands now to stroke his cock.  He starts to press up against my hands and he tells me it feels so good he is going to cum soon.  I keep the vibrator on and work to my own orgasm.  I close my eyes and continue to stroke against his thrusts.  He cries out as he cums and I cum soon after.  It is late and we are wiped from the orgasms.  We hug and I head off to bed.  As I lay down, I realize that I am way too excited to sleep so I masturbate with my dildo to another orgasm before falling into sleep. 

I wake up on the last day and shower, dress, and knock on his door.  He greets me with a big smile wearing his white boxers.  We talk about all the things he let me try the day before.  He tells me how the oil was itchy after awhile and I catch him scratching himself a few times.  He shows me some of the work he has done on his computer and then suggests that I say goodbye to melvis.  I slide my hand into his boxers and gently pull his cock out to pet it.  His cock has been well-used and only semi rigid with no pre cum, but still beautiful and reactive to my touch.  I lean my head against his chest and continue to pet his cock with my fingertip.  He tells me that I have spoiled him, which makes me feel good.  I ask him to remove his boxers, which he does and then sits back down.  We straddle each other's legs into my favorite position.  I work a finger into his anus and hold it there feeling him squeeze.  I ask him a few yes and no questions where he replies with squeezes which makes me laugh.  I probe with my finger past his tight sphincter muscle and try to find his prostate.  He guesses what I am doing.  I think I feel an organ on the topside that has a different resistance then the rest of his anus.  I pour oil into my left hand and he instantly gets hard.  He really likes the oil just as much as I do.  I start to stroke his cock again while holding my finger in his anus.  It is squeezing so tight that my finger goes numb.  When I try to move my finger, I feel a big squeeze of his anus as it tries to expel my finger.  My other hand strokes his cock and my fingertip presses a little bit into his urethra just like it was my tongue.  His cock gets soft but I continue to play because I am enjoying it too much to stop.  We talk about how much fun we have had.  I tell him that I have never done anything like this before in my life and have learned so much.  I mention that I need to be going soon and figured that he would not be able to cum again.  However, he gets hard again and starts to buck up against my hand as I stroke him.  I close my eyes and imagine what it would feel like to straddle over him.  He cums with large jerks from deep inside his body and a small spurt of cum.  He cries as if he is in pain and I watch his face carefully.  My panties are soaked once again and I clean up and wash before heading home. 

As I drive, I think about where my hands have been and watch as I wiggle my fingers.  It feels like a dream.  I get stopped in traffic and am horny.  I remember my vibrator in my bag.  My new confidence and kinkiness encourage me to pull it out and insert it into my panties.  I think about all the things that he let me do while I run the vibrator.  The traffic keeps inching forward so I have to keep turning the vibrator off while people get up beside me.  A car moves from the faster moving lane to right in front of me.  Maybe they saw what I was doing and want to watch.  I finally let the orgasm crash over me causing my body to jerk several times before I can find the controller and turn the vibrator off.  It was an incredible release leaving me drained.

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