Drawing Class

by Dan Dofogh

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© Copyright 2007 - Dan Dofogh - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; susp; cons; X


Heather looked down at the timer near her feet. It said 3 minutes and 55 seconds. Dang gum, the wide leather suspension cuffs gripped her wrists tightly and she sure was earning her $15 an hour today.

“Look for the internal contours. Draw the strain through her ribcage.”

The teacher motioned to the students drawing, then walked over to where Heather hung suspended from her wrists in the middle of the classroom. She picked up a short rod, tracing it down Heathers side where the ribs stood out starkly against her skin.

“Picture the differing planes of the body: the underside of the breast, the hollow of the stomach, the cut of her hipbones.”

Heather moved slightly – the rod had brushed her sides, her most ticklish spot. She gasped through her nose and bit down on the rubber ball trapped within her mouth, moving the position of her legs unconsciously causing a few of the students to growl in response.

She looked down at the timer again. It now said 4 minutes and 38 seconds. This pose was nearly over. The teacher had moved onto the next student and was observing their interpretation of Heathers harness gag. Listening, she could hear the explanation of how differing values of light and shade could be used to indicate the indentations of the straps in her cheeks. Booooring – she was glad she was a model and not a student, drawing looked like hard work.

BEEP BEEP BEEP. The timer announced the end of the five minute pose.

Students began to circulate around the room, looking at each other’s work. Some students had focussed on capturing Heathers nude and stretched form, others had focussed on the dynamics of her bondage, some had focussed on facial portraits. The teacher slid a box under Heathers feet and taking her weight from her wrists, helped remove the suspension cuffs and as Heather rubbed them, asked if she was OK to continue. Heather nodded her assent and used the palm of her hand to rub off a drip of drool from the corner of her mouth.

The teacher turned Heather around and picked up a ream of rope from her supply box. Heathers wrists were gathered behind her and wrapped three times, tightened with a cinch and leaving a remaining eighteen inches to hang down and brush against her ass. A second length was likewise wrapped around Heathers elbows and cinched off, before the hanging eighteen inches was brought up and anchored off to the elbow tie. The teacher gave a quick tap on her shoulder and Heather nodded her assent – yes, this tie was bearable and her circulation was OK. The teacher then picked up a third ream and ran two strands around Heathers waist and through her wrist knots before anchoring it and running a strand between her legs to tie off as a crotchrope.

A last rope was joined to the elbow cinch and up to the suspension point, then pulled taut. Heathers elbows were pulled upward, bringing tension onto the crotchrope and pulling it deep within her folds. The teacher gave another tap on Heathers shoulder, and again she nodded her assent. Holding this for another five minute pose would be tough, but possible. The teacher turned to the class.

“OK everyone, back to your easels. Warm up poses are over, this pose will be an hour long!”


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