Down on the Farm

by The Technician

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Nicole plans evening of self-bondage games in abandoned barn

Nicole is looking for the “big one,” an orgasm she can find only while bound tightly in a rural setting. She has found the perfect abandoned barn, but things don’t turn out exactly like she expected.

“Down on the Farm” is a commissioned work. How many chapters there will be and what direction it will go depends entirely on the person who commissioned the story and is paying for it.

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Nicole carefully pulled her car around the back of the barn so it could not be seen from the road. She had spent months looking for a farm that was recently abandoned. The Owens’ farm was perfect for her purposes. It was over an hour’s drive from the city with no close neighbors. The Owens, an elderly couple, had died a few years ago. The house was empty, and so was the barn.

To be sure the farm was indeed vacant, Nicole had driven past the farm several times in the early evening and even at night. There were no lights from the house or the barn but the farmyard was not in total darkness. A yard light near the house was still burning, and one closer to the barn that had apparently burned out had been repaired after her first visit. That concerned Nicole at first, but then she realized that a bank or realty office would do that to keep vandals away from the property until it was eventually sold. The place was definitely empty… and it was perfect for her needs. The only thing that she had to do on her first visit was clear some of the brush behind the barn so that she could pull her car completely out of sight.

“What will it be this time?” she said to herself as she opened her trunk. In the trunk was a stack of four cowboy hats, several pairs of cowboy boots, a large duffel bag, and a 12V freezer. She quickly moved two small metal cylinders from the freezer to the duffel bag and then set it on the ground.

“I think today is a white hat day,” she said as she selected the white Stetson. White meant pleasure. Black was denial. Red was pain. The red and white straw Stetson was for those special days when she sought pleasure mixed with pain. She put the white Stetson firmly in place and shook her head once or twice to settle her long brown hair back over her shoulders. Then she hummed a tune to herself as she set a pair of mid-calf, black, soft leather cowboy boots on the ground behind the car. After carefully taking off all of her clothing, she folded it and stacked it on a towel in the truck. Then before closing the trunk she picked up a magnetic key case, opened it to make sure the spare key to the trunk was inside it, and placed it just under the back of the car. Brushing off her feet, she slipped them into the boots and said loudly, “Play time!” Then picking up the duffel bag she walked into the barn.

The first time she came out to the barn, it was much darker inside and Nicole had to use a small battery-powered lantern. Now with the yard light repaired, the inside of the barn was illuminated in a soft light that caused her voluptuous body to glow slightly as she climbed slowly up to the loft carrying the duffel bag like a backpack.

Once in the loft she walked quickly to the large sawhorse-like wooden structure in the middle of the room. With her city upbringing, Nicole didn’t recognize that it was actually a saddle stand. All she knew when she first found it in the loft was that with its wide, rounded top it would be perfect for her games.

Nicole shifted the saddle stand slightly so that it fit down into the slight depressions in the old boards of the loft floor. The first time she explored the loft she wondered why someone had cut into the floorboards so that the stand was held tightly in place. But the cuts were old so she dismissed it as something to do with farming. She also wondered about the old rusted metal eyebolts which were screwed into the floor joists just behind where the saddle stand was held. And she was still confused and amused by the old four by four timber that held two old ropes that went through pulleys mounted in the loft floor. She had no idea what it was originally for, but when she first explored the barn, she had tripped against it and it rattled noisily across the floor pulled by the two ropes which held an old wagon axle supported in the air under the floor. It had taken most of her strength to pull the board back and place it behind the two by four which was nailed to the loft floor.

Regardless of what Farmer Owens had intended all of this for, tonight Nicole had her own uses for it. Standing naked– except for her hat and boots– she bent over to take several items out of the duffle bag. As she bent over she gasped slightly. Her position had exposed her sex and the night air in the barn felt very cool against her wet slit.

The first items out of the bag were her ice releases. These were not home made and were relatively expensive, but she was playing her games alone in a barn at night and she wanted to be sure that they would open like they were supposed to. She slid the cold metal cylinder over her breasts, causing her nipples to become even more stiff. Then using a threaded chain link, she attached one end of the release to the eyebolts on the four by four. Another threaded link was used to attach a short length of chain to the other end of the release. Leather wrist restraints were already attached to the chains.

She took two small items out of the bag and set them carefully on the rounded top of the saddle stand. Two larger items and two small tangles of leather were also set on the stand. A small laptop was placed on an old wooden crate a few feet behind the stand.

“Let’s see if everything is working,” Nicole said softly to herself as she opened a program on the computer. She clicked on an icon and a soft buzzing filled the barn.

“That’s one,” she said and then clicked another icon. A second, more raucous buzzing joined the first sound.

“That’s two,” she said with a smile. “Now my jewelry.”

When the third icon was clicked a very faint buzzing joined in the chorus. As soon as she heard it, Nicole clicked on a larger icon and everything became quiet.

“Program running,” she said to herself. “I wonder how long I have to wait before it activates?”

She then stepped over to the saddle stand and picked up a shiny black ass plug. She stuck it into her mouth and began licking and slobbering on it to lubricate it. She knew that special lubricants would make it go in much easier, but she enjoyed the dirtiness of putting the ass plug into her mouth. For some reason it excited her.

After a few moments she squatted slightly and began pushing the plug into her ass. It never went in really easy but she had learned that if she squatted down so that her asscheeks parted, it would eventually go in. She gave a soft grunt when her rosebud finally accepted this massive intruder and clamped back down on the narrow neck of the plug.

The dildo was much easier to insert. There was no need of lubrication. She was providing plenty of her own. In fact the opposite problem was true. She was so slick that the dildo would not remain in place on its own. As soon as she slid it in place, she quickly put on the thin leather belt and reached between her legs for the crotch strap which hung down in the back. She pulled the leather crotch strap through the special buckle, drawing it tight against the head of the dildo. She wiggled her hips– and ass– making sure everything was in place. Then she picked up one of the nipple clamps.

She squeezed the clamp to force it open and then centered it over her stiff nipple. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath as she slowly released the clamp and allowed it to grip her sensitive teat. If she wanted pain, there would be a heavy weight hanging from the clamp, but tonight was a pleasure night, so she had chosen the clamps with the small vibrators hanging from them. She sighed again as she attached the second clamp.

She took two short straps from the bag and stood just behind the stand. Starting with her right leg, she put her boot next to the rusty eyebolt and looped the strap through the hole. Then she wound the strap tightly around her boot. The soft leather of the boot compressed against her ankle, trapping her foot in place. The end of the strap had a Velcro attachment to hold it in place. It would be easy to remove… later, when her hands were once again free. She quickly repeated the process with her left boot.

The next item was a bright red ball gag. It too was held in place with a Velcro-type strap. She wiggled her jaw to center it properly in place and then looked down at the wrist restraints lying on the floor in front of the stand.

She made an umphing sound as she leaned over the saddle stand and stretched herself out to reach the leather wrist restraints. She gasped slightly as the small vibrators hanging from the nipple clamps swung back and forth. There was enough slack in the chain for her to easily use her right hand to attach the left wrist restraint and her left hand to attach the right.

She paused for a moment taking deep breaths through her nose and the safety holes in the ball gag. She was leaned over the saddle stand with her ass high in the air. The nipple clamps were still swaying slightly. She had that wonderful feeling of anticipation she always got when she began her games. She remained motionless, breathing slowly. Then shouting “Giddyup!” as loudly as she could through her gag, she snapped the chains as if they were the reins of a team of horses pulling a wagon.

Several things happened all at once. The four by four bounced just enough to clear the board that held it in place and went skittering across the floor. The chains suddenly became very taut, pulling her forward and raising her up slightly on the saddle stand so that her ass was now pointing straight up and her weight was totally supported by her hips. And more importantly, her weight was now almost totally on the front of her cunt. She groaned and wiggled herself against the rounded top of the saddle stand.

Nicole was now breathing rapidly. She had no idea when the program would kick in. This feeling of being totally not in control thrilled her. She had once written in her diary that the feeling of helplessness when she tied herself up “was almost as good as sex.” That thrill of uncertainty was part of the reason that she used ice releases rather than electronic locks. She didn’t trust electronic locks, but she also didn’t have to set the ice releases for some specific time. They would thaw and come apart in somewhere between three and six hours. It depended on how solidly they were frozen, how well the little 12V freezer had kept them frozen, the temperature of the room, the purity of the water… a thousand little things. There was no way of knowing for sure when she would be released.

She gasped loudly. The program was now running on the computer. Her cunt was vibrating softly. She gasped again as the plug in her ass went to full vibration for just a few seconds. Then she purred softly as the clamp vibrators began to softly tease her nipples.

The program had just done its operations check. She knew what was next. This part wasn’t random. She programmed it this way. The dildo in her cunt went to full intensity. Almost immediately she screamed and thrashed in a violent orgasm. Then everything went quiet. That wasn’t her “good orgasm.” That was just purging her body of sexual energy built up as she prepared herself. Now she was ready.

The computer knew what it was doing. It slowly raised and lowered the intensities of the dildo, nipple clamp, and ass plug vibrators. Waves of vibration– and pleasure– poured into Nicole’s body. Sometimes all vibrators would be off at the same time and she would groan in frustration. Other times they would all peak at the same time and the groan would be louder and much more shrill. But with each wave Nicole would move closer and closer to the big one, the orgasm that she could reach only like this.

No man… or woman… could ever drive her this high. And strangely, even her games didn’t take her this high unless she was someplace like this abandoned barn. Maybe it was the danger of trespassing. Maybe it was the dimness of the abandoned barns. Maybe it was the smells of leather and hay and cattle and old wood. Maybe it was all of that, but combined with the helplessness and uncertainty, Nicole could reach literally mind-shattering orgasms and she was slowly moving toward what would certainly be one of her best.

Then everything stopped.

“Noooooo!” she groaned through her gag. Then her eyes were blinded by a bright light which suddenly filled the barn. A sultry woman’s voice broke the silence. “Well, well, well, what have we here?” she said.

She stepped forward and ran her hand up Nicole’s leg all the way up to the ample rounding of her ass. Nicole startled and looked around, still blinking against the lights which had been turned on in the loft. A tall, red-headed woman walked around in front of her. This was Nicole’s worst nightmare. Someone had discovered her during one of her play sessions. Her skin burned red with embarrassment, but her inner body was burning with something else.

“…ease …ease …ease” she mumbled through her gag.

“Please what?” the red-headed woman said as she removed Nicole’s gag.

“Please let me cum!!!” Nicole screamed.

“Why should I do that?” the woman said mockingly. “You are a trespasser on my property… a naked trespasser. Do you think you deserve to cum? I think you deserve to be punished for breaking into my barn, don’t you?”

“Please let me cum,” Nicole begged. “I’m so close.”

The woman squatted down in front of Nicole. Nicole could see up her denim skirt. For some reason the sight of those white panties almost took her over the top.

The woman lifted Nicole’s head so she could look directly into her eyes. “I know you are very close, Nicole,” she said sarcastically. “But do you deserve to cum?”

“You know my name!” Nicole almost shouted. “How?.. How?…”

The woman laughed. “When my grandparents died, they left me the farm. I have a manager who handles the crops and all that, and I just come out here once in a while to enjoy the country life.” She laughed again, “Between times, I check on things with the internet security system I had installed. There are cameras all over… in the house… outside… behind the barn… and even here inside the barn. I’ve really enjoyed watching you make use of all of my old things. … and that key case was so easy to find. Do you always trespass naked?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Nicole sobbed, “but please let me cum. You can punish me… anything… but let me cum!”

“You have to ask nicer than that,” the woman said with a wry smile. “My name is Annabelle Owens. My friends call me Ann or Belle, but you can call me Mistress Ann.”

She laughed and stroked Nicole’s face lightly. “Now what was it you wanted?”

Nicole was shuddering in her restraints. She once again looked up the woman’s skirt and then looked down at the ground. “Please, Mistress Ann, please let me cum,” she begged. She took a deep breath and then sobbed, “I need to cum so badly.”

“And you shall,” Annabelle said smartly. “But first you need to be punished.”

“OK, OK,” Nicole sobbed, “but please, please, let me cum.”

Annabelle walked over to Nicole’s computer and made some quick entries. As she worked she said, “I’ve set your program to keep you all warmed up until I think you are deserving to cum.”

She turned around and patted Nicole’s ample ass. “When I was nineteen, a college friend and I came to visit Grammy and Grandpa for the weekend. Do you know what he said when he caught me using his saddle stand and hide stretcher? Gloria was tied up almost exactly like you are now and I was using one of Grandpa’s horse crops on her ass. I almost died of embarrassment. I was naked in front of my Grandpa and so was Gloria. I expected him to explode in anger, but instead he walked up close to us and said in that low almost grumble of a voice he had, ‘Does she have a safeword?’”

“‘She has to have a safeword in case you go further than she wants to go,’ he said. ‘It should be something she would never say. Your grandmother’s is moocow … So what is it for your slave?’”

“‘Cityslicker,’ Gloria said. That was what I called her when we were alone. After that whenever I went too far or too fast for her she would say ‘cityslicker’ and I would back off for a while. We had a lot of fun in college, then she got married and moved away.”

Annabelle smacked Nicole’s ass smartly and said, “So, what is your safeword my little naked cowgirl?”

Nicole thought for a moment and then said, “Cowgirl, if I say that I really mean I can’t stand it.”

“OK,” Annabelle replied. “I was debating calling you slave cowgirl, but instead I am going to call you… … nicole.” She smiled and patted Nicole’s ass once again. “I can even call you that in public and no one except you and me will know that you are my little naked cowgirl slave.”

Nicole felt herself blushing in shame at the thought of being Mistress Ann’s slave in public, but at the same time she felt a heat rising within her even with the vibrators almost off. Annabelle walked over to the wall. That area had been in total darkness so Nicole had not seen the reins and leather straps… and several crops and other strange-looking things hanging there. Annabelle lifted a long-handled horse crop off its hook on the wall and walked back to where Nicole was restrained with her ass high in the air.

Annabelle stood alongside her and asked, “How many strokes do you think you deserve?”

When Nicole didn’t answer, she tapped one of the small nipple vibrators and started it swinging. Then she said, “Should they be on your ass or on your udders?”

“My ass! Please, just my ass!” Nicole sobbed loudly.

“But how many?” Annabelle said, tapping the crop lightly on Nicole’s asscheeks.

“I don’t know how many I can stand,” Nicole sobbed.

“I tell you what,” Annabelle said cheerily, “I will give you twenty-five. If you stand that without using your safeword, I will let you have your orgasm.”

“OK,” Nicole said shakily. “Will you let me have more than one?”

“Oh, yes,” Annabelle said, almost laughing. “If you don’t safe out before stroke twenty-five I will let you have as many orgasms as you can stand.”

“Thank you, Mistress Ann,” Nicole said softy. She was looking at the floor and burning with shame as she said it, but she knew it was the only way to get her orgasm.

“That is exactly how I want you to respond when I swat you,” Annabelle said firmly. “You will give the count and then thank me. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, Mistress Ann,” Nicole mumbled.

“Louder!” Annabelle said forcefully.

“Yes, Mistress Ann,” Nicole said. She wasn’t speaking all that loud but in the quiet of the deserted barn it sounded to her like she was yelling.

Almost immediately Nicole felt a sharp sting on her left asscheek. When she said nothing, that was followed by a much more forceful smack that seemed to reverberate in the barn. After a moment of silence Annabelle said in a soft mocking voice, “If you don’t count them properly, they don’t count.”

Nicole immediately said, “One. Thank you, Mistress Ann.”

“Nice try,” Annabelle said with a laugh, “but it doesn’t count if I have to tell you to say it.”

This time the smack was on the right asscheek. It was harder than either of the first two. Nicole gasped loudly but then quickly said, “One. Thank you, Mistress Ann.”

Some of the smacks were very hard and echoed in the barn. Some were soft, almost love pats. None were above the top of Nicole’s ass, but several were slightly below the round of her rump. Those hurt the worst. It was a light, love pat that Nicole counted as twenty-four. Then Annabelle moved to squat once again in front of Nicole. And once again Nicole found that her gaze was drawn between Mistress Ann’s legs.

“Look up at my face,” Annabelle said firmly. “This last one is going to hurt a lot, but you don’t have to count it. I will reset your program before I leave. Your release mechanisms are almost melted. You should be able to free yourself soon.”

She reached under Nicole with one hand and gently massaged Nicole’s right breast. Then looking her directly in the eyes she said, “If you want more, come back here next Saturday night at nine.” She laughed and said, “You won’t have to bring your release mechanisms. I will take care of all that.” She smiled as she stood back up.

“Think about it,” she said as she brought the crop down in a wide swinging arc directly between Nicole’s upturned asscheeks. A lightning bolt of pain exploded in Nicole’s cunt and ass and she screamed and thrashed in her restraints.

When she stopped screaming, Annabelle was gone. And the vibrators… all of them… were at maximum. It was only a moment before Nicole was once again screaming, only this time it was not in pain. A massive orgasm was tearing through her body. If she was not held so securely in place she surely would have thrown herself to the ground.

That orgasm passed, but the vibrators continued to torture her helpless body. She was taken to the peak again… and again… and again. She didn’t think it was possible to have so many orgasms. She was even beginning to think that she wouldn’t survive another… or another… or another.

Then one of her arms was free. The ice had melted. She quickly freed her other hand and attempted to stand up. She almost made it, but another orgasm caused her to lie back over the saddle stand. When it passed, she stood and fumbled at the straps holding her boots to the floor. She had to endure one final orgasm as she stood in front of her computer trying to shut everything down.

When everything was quiet, she sank to the floor and sat there cross-legged for a long time. Then she stood and very carefully removed the dildo and ass plug. She would be very tender down there for hours, or even days. She reached back and rubbed her ass. She would be tender there also. It wasn’t until she started putting things back into the duffel bag that she realized that she had not removed the nipple clamps. She yelped loudly as she removed each clamp and circulation returned to her swollen nipples.

Climbing down the ladder from the loft was much harder than climbing up. There seemed to be no strength left in her legs… or in her entire body. Somehow she made her way to her car. The magnetic key box was where she had left it, but when she opened the trunk all of her clothing was gone. Her purse and wallet and keys were all there but the wallet was open to expose her driver’s license. Tucked under it was a sheet of paper with a note from Annabelle. It said, “Remember, next Saturday night, nine pm.” Under those words, written in red ink, it said, “Arrive NAKED!”

“Oh, well,” Nicole said to herself, “there’s a little grove of trees just up the road where I can strip off. I’ll leave my clothes there so I don’t have to drive all the way home naked next time.”

Then she drove off with an odd smile on her face as she thought about how she was going to sneak into her apartment building without anyone seeing her.

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