Double Cross

by Lady Tressa

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© Copyright 2014 - Lady Tressa - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/ff; capture; drug; kidnap; bond; handcuffs; gag; zipties; chairtie; hood; domme; hogtie; torment; rim; strapon; anal; hum; cons/nc; XX

SYNOPSIS: a mean spirited 19 year old female, hires a dominatrix as, revenge upon a female acquaintance for allegedly stealing the male she had hoped to date.


Amy and Mary Jo were both nineteen years old, having graduated from high school together, with their relationship best characterized as one of jealously and mutual disdain.

The jealously was strictly one sided. Amy, an attractive petite brunette, was a big hit with the guys, and was able to be quite selective as to whom she dated.

Mary Jo, was a slinky five foot eleven inch blonde, whose nickname in high school was “Psycho”. Guys shunned her like the plague and for good reason.

To date Mary Jo was to risk one’s reputation. After a date with a guy she would publicly disparage his sexual prowess. She also had a propensity of maliciously lying, such as accusing someone of being either gay or lesbian, which in almost every case was not true. One time she accused a guy who turned her down for a date, of propositioning her to have sex with an animal.

While attending high school, Amy and Mary Jo, while not exactly friends, co-existed without any clashes, occasionally speaking to each other. Upon graduation Amy matriculated at the local community college, majoring in medical technology, while Mary Jo went to work as a receptionist for a small insurance company.

Mary Jo had hit on Rick for a date previously. He was one of the high school all star alpha types, who were able to be selective about which women they dated. Rick wanted no part of Mary Jo and had recently began dating Amy.

This infuriated Mary Jo, who decided that some bondage punishment, combined with blackmail, was in order for Amy. Mary Jo had no hands on experience, but had spent plenty of time visiting bondage web sites, and had no shortage of ideas as to how to dominate another female.

Mary Jo had also become knowledgeable on chloroform use. Her intention had been to use it to incapacitate a male, and have sex with him. The opportunity had never arisen but it was decided to use it upon Amy instead.

The bondage plot was set in motion when Mary Jo phoned Amy and asked if they could meet to discuss an important matter. Mary Jo was aware that Amy lived with her mother, but ordinarily was home alone early Saturday afternoon. Amy, despite knowing Mary Jo’s reputation for mischief, agreed to the request.

Mary Jo rented a cargo van especially for the occasion, and Amy wasn’t overly concerned when the van pulled into the driveway at the agreed time of 12:30. She sensed Mary Jo’s visit concerned jealousy over the relationship with Rick, but was confident she could handle the “psycho”.

Amy was attired provocatively, in a short sleeveless red dress. Mary Jo, who ordinarily wore miniskirts, wore jeans and a green turtleneck, allowing her to conceal the implements of restraint. Amy greeted Mary Jo at the side door and both proceeded to the living room.

After exchanging small talk for a few minutes, Mary Jo made her move. “All right we are going to my house and the two of us can make love together, you don’t deserve someone as beautiful as me, but that’s what it will be”, she stated.

Amy was taken completely by surprise, exclaiming “you must be crazy”. In an instant Mary Jo grabbed her tightly, with one arm around the neck, and the other pinning Amy’s left arm behind her.  She was then easily wrestled to the couch and held in place, while Mary Jo simultaneously removed the chloroform bottle and the rag.

After saturating the rag, Mary Jo held it over Amy’s mouth and nose for nearly two minutes. As this was Mary Jo’s first use of the drug, she was pleased that by Amy was quickly rendered unconscious, hopefully she would remain in that state for at least twenty minutes.

Mary Jo had no difficulty carrying Amy to the van, where she was placed in the cargo compartment. At this point Mary Jo pulled a set of steel handcuffs from her jeans pocket, using them to cuff her wrists behind her.

As the drive to Mary Jo’s home would take nearly twenty minutes, it was likely Amy would regain consciousness before that. As a precaution a zip tie was used to connect the handcuffs to a ring on the floor, thus preventing her from moving about. Mary Jo had decided it would be too risky to gag her while unconsciousness, that would be done later.

While Amy was sedated, Mary Jo had taken a snort of cocaine five minutes before arrival, as it served to bolster her courage. She fully intended to use additional chloroform to control Amy during her captivity

Mary Jo drove cautiously as she drove to her house, the last thing she wanted was to be stopped by the police with a female handcuffed in the van. The house was ideally located in a rural area, with no nearby houses, and with her parents away for the weekend privacy was assured.


Amy regained consciousness just as the van pulled into the driveway. She was disoriented, but quickly realized that she was now the prisoner of a woman whose behavior was unpredictable.

After cutting the zip tie Amy was led in handcuffs, into the house and taken to the living room, where a high backed wooden chair with no elbow rest had been positioned, and to which Amy would be secured to for the time being.

Amy’s pleas for mercy were ignored by Mary Jo who threatened to gag her if she spoke without permission, later she would be gagged regardless. She was left fully clothed for the time being and after her legs were spread wipe apart, her ankles were secured to the chair legs with zip ties.

The steel handcuffs were replaced with zip ties, one tie was used to secure each wrist to the back of the chair. Another zip tie was placed around her neck and used to secure it to the back of the chair. Amy was restrained so that even if she somehow slipped the wrist restraints, she would be unable to remove the neck restraint.

After again cautioning Amy not to speak, Mary Jo delivered a monolog describing what was in store for her. It was kinky, beyond anything Amy had ever imagined, leaving her fearful just what else this psycho might have in store for her that wasn’t being mentioned.

Mary Jo had arranged for a professional dominatrix to visit the house. Upon her arrival, Amy would be stripped and forced to engage in lesbian sex.

“Since you don’t deserve to have sex with someone as attractive as myself, I’ve hired a mistress who weighs at least two hundred pounds and despises anyone who doesn’t like fat people or lesbians. Of course I’ve told her of this. I will be taking photos of the two of you and I just might show them to Rick”, she explained.

Amy couldn’t resist staying silent any longer. She begged for mercy and demanded to know why Mary Jo was doing this to her. Mary Jo made it clear she was covetous of Rick, accusing Amy of stealing and not being worthy of him.

Speaking without permission was used as the pretense to gag Amy. Mary Jo produced a soiled pair of panties, which she claimed to have worn the day before. These were forced into Amy’s mouth, with resistance overcome by pinching her nostrils together.

Mary Jo then produced a roll of black duct tape, calmly cutting off four pieces, which were sealed over her mouth to keep the panties in place. “That should keep you quiet for the time being but don’t worry you will be using your mouth to lick your mistress’s cunt and asshole, so we’ll have to take the gag off then”, she chortled.

Amy was also made to wear a spandex hood with added padding over the eyes. Bound, gagged and blindfolded, she was left unattended while Mary Jo went to another room. It was a terrifying experience for Amy, especially since she could not see or hear what her captor was doing.

In what would prove to be an ill-fated move, Mary Jo had arranged for a professional dominatrix to visit the house to subject Amy to forced bondage and sex. With Amy secured in the living room, she made her call to the dominatrix, who would arrive in about twenty minutes.

The dominatrix was Elana, a forty year old White Russian émigré, who spoke with a distinct accent. At five foot four and weighing nearly two hundred fifty pounds, she had a reputation for extreme sadism, in addition to robbing money and drugs from the client whom had paid for her services.

Mary Jo was unaware of Elana’s reputation. The two had met online and subsequently in the food court of a shopping mall. Elana assured Mary Jo that she had extensive experience as a dominatrix with numerous regular clients.

The truth was much different, but when hiring a dominatrix one ordinarily has no way of verifying such claims, thus Mary Jo was forced to trust her own judgment.


Elana arrived as scheduled, clad in a two piece jogging suit, and carrying a large leather purse over her arm. After Mary Jo greeted her at the door, they proceeded to the living room, where Amy’s hood was removed, enabling her to see Elana for the first time.

“So this is the slut who doesn’t like fat women or lesbians, why hasn’t she been stripped, does Elana have to do everything?” she stated angrily.

“I thought you would enjoy doing it”, Mary Jo sarcastically replied.

“Cut her loose and strip her so Elana can tie her up and leave her gagged”, she replied, her tone growing more hostile. Mary Jo, miffed at the attitude of the dominatrix she was paying for, used cutters to release the cable ties, before removing Amy’s dress and underwear.

Elana was an expert in rope binding and methodically Amy was placed in a rigid hog tie. To prevent any movement a rope was looped around her neck and connected to the ankle tie, so that Amy would choke herself if she struggled.

“Elana tie well and no one has escaped yet, I fuck you later”, she chuckled. Amy was growing increasingly despondent, as she pondered her fate. She concentrated on attempting to stay calm and not move, breathing through the nose because of the foul tasting panties stuffed in her mouth.

The next target of Elana’s visceral sadism was Mary Jo. “I want all your coke”, she demanded.

“You bitch no fucking way you’re getting my coke. I already paid you a good price to be a dominatrix”, Mary Jo angrily retorted.

Elana’s response was to use a set of steel handcuffs to cuff her wrists behind her back and a pair of cable ties to bind her ankles. It was done swiftly and efficiently, catching Mary Jo by surprise before she could resist.

This was followed by a vicious slap across Mary Jo’s face. “No one talk like that to Elana. Now I take all I want, your money and coke, you can’t stop me. Maybe I leave you with the key, maybe not”, she intoned.

The next order of business was to extract the location of the coke. When Mary Jo balked, Elana yanked up her turtleneck and used a pair of scissors to cut off her bra. “Snip snip maybe I cut your hair too”, she added.

Elana then held the pair of wire cutters next to Mary Jo’s nipple. Mary Jo needed no further persuasion and volunteered the location of her coke, which was in a bedroom chest drawer.

The sadistic dominatrix then ordered Mary Jo to hop into the bedroom, to show the exact location. By this time Amy was even more certain that painful torture awaited both of them, although the thought of it being inflicted upon Mary Jo was hardly repugnant.

Elana helped herself to Mary Jo’s stash of coke, about two hundred fifty dollars worth, placing it in the pocket of her sweatpants.

By this point Mary Jo was terrified, realizing she was in over her head, and prudently refrained from speaking. It didn’t matter, as Elana produced a ball gag, stuffing the oversize ball into her mouth, and then buckling it in place as tightly as possible.

Mary Jo was dragged into the living room, and placed on the floor next to the chair, to which Amy was secured. Elana stood arms folded, admiring her two captives, as she thought out loud.

“What will I do with you two sluts.  I could charge one hundred dollars for a blow job and have two guys here in a half hour, then I could take pictures of you and sell them to a bondage web site, but better yet I use you for sex myself and make you use each other”, she mused.

In what was a rehearsed act, Elana used her cell to simulate a call to a prospective male client. “For one hundred dollars you can have blow job from two tied up sluts”, she offered the imaginary buyer.

She then repeated the ploy with two more callers, with all three declining the offer. Mary Jo and Amy were each relieved to learn this, but knew they would be tortured or humiliated in some form, by this vicious dominatrix.

“Elana find no guys that want to use you so I will have to do it myself. That means I need more money, another two hundred dollars, tell Elana where it is or I will really cause you some pain”, she commanded once again touching Mary Jo’s nipple with her wire cutters.

After her ball gag was removed, Mary Jo pleaded that she didn’t have any more money. Elana went to the bed room and returned carrying Mary Jo’s purse. Inside she found one hundred fifty dollars.

“Elana not like it when her submissives lie so you will be punished harshly, besides I don’t like you anyway”, she announced.

“My asshole is itching and you will lick it until it stops”, she chuckled as she removed her sweat pants. Mary Jo was still hogtied, turtle neck curled over her head, and wearing her jeans.         

Using two pillows to sit upon, Elana positioned herself so that  her anal aperture was accessible to Mary Jo’s mouth. Under threat of a severe whipping, she was forced to please Elana for nearly ten minutes. For Mary Jo it was the most repugnant task she had ever performed, adding to the insult of having her drugs and money stolen by a criminal dominatrix.


In the meantime Amy, hogtied herself and fearful of choking from the neck rope, took some degree of pleasure in observing the debasement of Mary Jo. This was tempered by uncertainty as to what depravities Elana had planned for her.

Amy’s fate would have to wait until Elana was finished with Mary Jo, which would consist of an anal strap on fucking. Mary Jo’s restraints were changed, as Elana expertly tied her elbows together using rope, before removing the painful steel handcuffs.

The cable tie connecting her ankles together, as well as to the handcuffs, was replaced with a rope tie, which assured she would remain in a strict hogtie. Mary Jo’s jeans were pulled down to her ankles and her panties shredded with scissors. With no further need for Mary Jo’s mouth, the panties which Amy had been wearing, along with duct tape, were used to gag her once again.

Elana removed her sweat pants and fastened the strap on belt around her waist, promptly commencing with the anal invasion. It was intentionally painful and Mary Jo’s cries of agony were suppressed by her ball gag.

The strap on fucking continued for nearly ten minutes. For Mary Jo it was her first experience with anal sex. Despite having watched such sex on pornographic videos, it was far more painful than she had ever anticipated.

Finally Elana ceased the invasion, leaving Mary Jo ravaged and fearful of what lie ahead. This anxiety was shared by Amy as well. To keep her submissives in anxiety even longer, Elana sat down in a living room chair and casually smoked one of her joints.

She next turned her attention to Amy, who was visibly distraught and struggling to maintain her composure. The neck rope was becoming intolerable. 

“Elana go easy on you because I do not like this slut”, she announced, referring to Mary Jo, and proceeded to release Amy from the hog tie with the restrictive neck piece, although her wrists and ankles remained bound.

“I could leave you both tied up so you would have to wait until someone find you, I just tie you to the bed frame, you might have to wait a long time”, she explained.

Elana then spent a few minutes searching the rest of the house, hoping to find something to steal, but came up empty handed. After that she took numerous photos of Mary Jo and Amy, which she would attempt to sell to a bondage web site, and gleefully making them aware of it.

Her next move came as a complete surprise, one that brought joy to Amy, but not Mary Jo.

Amy was freed from her restraints and would not be subjected to any forced lesbian sex. “Elana go now and it will be up to you to decide what to do with this slut”, referring to Mary Jo. “Maybe it time for you to get even”, she added.

Elana then left the house. It had been a lucrative session for her, the three hundred dollars paid by Mary Jo as a session fee, another one hundred fifty dollars cash, two hundred fifty dollars worth of drugs, along with some marketable bondage pictures.

Mary Jo naively assumed that Amy would set her free, however such was not to be the case. “I think I’ll leave you tied up like that awhile and take a few pictures for myself, maybe even a little torture, perhaps I’ll have Rick come over and have sex while you watch”, said Amy.

As Amy dialed a number on her cell phone, Mary Jo watched in horror. Elana had tied her so tightly, there was no hope of escape. The psycho captor was now the humiliated captive.

Rick answered the call. “Hi Rick this is Amy, you’ll never guess what. Mary Jo, the psycho bitch, is into bondage and I have a treat for you. She is all tied up at her place and would love to be fucked by a guy. It’s a long story but if you get here quickly I guarantee you won’t be disappointed”, she explained.

Amy hung up the phone and smiled, “Rick will be here in less than half an hour, I never knew until now that he was into bondage”, she added.

Mary Jo was now forced to wear the same hood as Amy had earlier. Securely bound and gagged, she had no way of escaping or protesting her plight. The psycho bitch would soon be getting a taste of her own medicine.



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