Double Trouble

by Master_ties

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© Copyright 2009 - Master_ties - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; MF/f; bond; chain; susp; oral; toys; cons; X

Just to give you a little bit of background, I have been a Bondage Dominant for over 15 years at the time. I was dating a woman, we will name Alexis on and off for over a couple years. She had a girl friend that we will name Red for many, many years that I got to know through Alexis and became friends with and got rather close to as well. Alexis changed her hair color a lot but for the most part it was dark auburn or black mostly and she was about 5’3” tall with small “B” cup breasts and was a size 0. Red on the other hand was a more dominant woman with mid back red hair, she was about 5’11” tall with “D” size breasts. Like I have said Red was more of a dominant woman and Alexis was more submissive not only to me but also to Red. This story is just one of the times we got together and some of the great times we had.

Chapter 1

I was working as a mortgage broker, a commission only job with no benefits. I made decent money and loved helping people out. I was dating Alexis for well over a year and we had partied a lot with Red on the weekends when I would go out and sing in clubs. The two of them would love to put me on the spot when Alexis would tell Red of some of the things the two of us did and the great times we had doing them. They would stand at the back of the club and wait for me to get up and sing and then raise their arms above their heads acting like they were tied to a head board and wiggle their breasts at me simulating they were struggling. It was all in good fun and I knew Red well enough that she and Alexis did it all in fun, with no malintent meant. It was good fun and if I knew that it would lead to some of the things we were going to do in the future I would have gotten to know her a lot faster.

One day, it was particularly slow and nobody was home to make phone calls to Red called me on the phone and said that Alexis had told her that I did a loan for a gentleman that owned a shoe store. I had told her that yes, I had and that they sold nice high heels there and had told her of the shoes and boots that I had bought Alexis there. She informed me that Alexis had already told her and the new guy she was dating wanted her to get some real high heels for some of their fantasy play. Like I said it was slow and I loved helping people out so I told her where to meet me at and we could go look to see if they had the shoes she was wanting. Clearing off my desk, I told the receptionist where I was going and headed out to meet Red.

When I arrived at the store Red was waiting outside for me wearing a short red skirt and blouse with 4 inch heels. I told her that Red suited her well and we both just chuckled and passed pleasantries as we entered the store. “Bob” greeted me warmly and asked who my new friend was. I informed him that we had known each other for a couple of years and she needed my help with the shoes and I brought her to him. He told her that he would do the best he could to help her out and asked what she was looking for. My jaw dropped when she told him that she needed a pair of 6” heels with steel tips for a formal party her new boyfriend was taking her to. I informed her that that would put her well over 6 foot tall and that her boyfriend was just barely taller then her when she didn’t wear heels. She just smiled and winked at me and I knew in a minute that it was no formal dinner they were going out to but that her new boyfriend had a foot fetish.

It didn’t take long for “Bob” to find what it was that Red was looking for in both a boot and ankle strap shoes. Picking a pair of thigh high boots and a pair of heels she handed “Bob” her boyfriends credit card and said that if he had any questions he could call him but he wanted tonight to be special so not to tell him what she had bought. “Bob” knew me and didn’t ask any questions but charged the footwear on the card and sent us on our way with her new bags in tow. Once outside I told Red that she had better be careful with this that she could get herself into some trouble with those tips. She informed me that she was going to submit to this guy tonight for a special surprise and the heels were needed for his new contraption. Leaving it alone there we had finalized lunch plans for the next day (being it was Saturday) and that I would want to know all the juicy details when we went to lunch. Red told me that Alexis would know everything probably sooner but she would share what went on when we had lunch. Kissing her cheek, we parted ways and I headed back to work for the rest of the day.

Saturday morning came around and Alexis and I were waiting for the call from Red that she was up and moving around and would meet us at the restaurant. After we had both showered and gotten ready we had grown concerned since Red had not called us and that was not at all like her. Growing worried Alexis said we should go by the guys house and make sure everything was okay and see if we could find Red anywhere. We attempted to call her cell a couple of times as well as her home number but we got no response back.

Pulling up into the guy’s driveway we noticed his car was gone but hers was still there. I told Alexis that the two love birds probably went out to lunch without us and that we should go do our own thing and leave them alone. Alexis told me that she had a feeling about this guy and that she wasn’t leaving until she saw Red safe and sound. We went to the door and knocked and rang the doorbell. No answer. We called Red’s cell again and heard it ringing in the house. Red never leaves her cell anywhere she isn’t. Growing concerned we started looking into the windows of the house and saw Red’s purse and jacket on the couch but not Red. Checking the doors and finding them locked we walked around the house checking all the windows and found one open near the front door. Opening it and helping Alexis through the window she opened the front door and I walked in. We heard sounds coming from a bedroom down the hall and went to investigate further. Upon opening the door both of our jaws dropped wide open when we saw Red in a extremely helpless position.

Red was laying on the bed with chains running from the head board where it was locked to the bed down her back to her ankles/heels. She was completely nude except the hose and boots she had bought the day before. The heels of the boots were put through the last links of the length of chain attached to the headboard and another chain was locked around her ankles. She had other lengths of chain locked at her calves, thighs and waist. Her hands and elbows were cuffed behind her back with a set of handcuffs each. The wrist handcuffs were attached to the chain around her waist and the pair of chains running between her legs and dug deep into her sex. She had more chain wrapped below her breasts and above her breasts and another around a collar that was locked on through the “O” ring in the front.

Her hair was in a tight pony tail to allow for the half mask gag she was wearing and her hair was zip tied up the chain to the head board at least 6 times. A small rope was tied to the chain bottom to the foot board so that she couldn’t struggle off the bed and a vibrator that was plugged into the wall was on a trapped onto her clit but the chains that ran between her legs.

It took me awhile to come around when Alexis told me to help get her loose. I searched and found the keys to the locks and the cuffs on the dresser some 5 feet away from her. We quickly undid all the locks and the gag and got her out of the house as quickly as we could. She was a sexual mess and took both Alexis and I to hold her up to get her to the car. Alexis took her in my car back to our house and I took her car and got some food on the way home and met them at the house. Red was in the shower when I got home and Alexis told me that Red didn’t really talk much on the way home but wanted a shower and would tell us what happened when she got done. We ate our lunch and waited to see Red back down stairs. She finally appeared and we offered her drink and lunch and watched her closely while she ate.

After eating her lunch and finishing up her soda, Red smiled widely and told us that she would tell us what happened but that we couldn’t call the cops because she had allowed everything to happen. After promising not to kick this guys ass, and not to call the police she stood and threw away her trash, cleared her throat and started the story.

She showed up at his house at about 6:30pm wearing a black leather mini skirt, black leather bra and white satin top tied at the waist. She was also wearing her black thigh high stockings and garter, no underwear and her new black leather thigh high boots with steel stiletto tips. She was wrapped in a ankle length leather coat and when she knocked on the door her boyfriend almost blew out his zipper at how she looked. She could tell he had been drinking but didn’t know how much and by now she was so horny she didn’t care to ask, she just wanted him to have sex with her. He helped her out of her jacket and led her to the bedroom. She said she was kind of surprised to see the chain on the bed but she wanted to have fun that night and he was going to get what he wanted. He proceeded to tell her to take off all of her clothes except the garter and stockings and boots.

While she slowly undressed for him he asked her where she got the boots and she told her of our adventure to get them. He seemed to change somehow she said. He didn’t seem mad but maybe a bit jealous. He proceeded to take the long length of chain off the bed and hook it to a hook lag bolted into the ceiling, and told her to put her back to the chain and step her heels from her boots into the last link of the chain. As she did this he wrapped the chain around her ankles locking them together and proceeded up her legs until he reached her waist. He told her he had a surprise for her that she would have to wait for but to put her hands behind her back and he proceeded to cuff her arms behind her back. He then ran chains above and below her breasts and put the collar on her neck and ran the last chain through the “O” ring and locked in on.

He then told her it was time for part of her surprise and unlocked the waist chain and attached a pair of thinner chains and relocked it in place including the middle link from her hand cuffs. He pulled the chains between her legs and pulled them tightly to the front of her and locked them in place there and she said she almost exploded in orgasm with just that. He then told her he had a couple more surprises but didn’t want her to see them coming so he put a blindfold over her eyes and proceeded to pull her hair back in a tight pony tail. He then buried a leather plug in her mouth that she later found out was the half hood and laced it up and tightened the straps going over her head to the back of the collar. He then stood on a chair and told her he wanted her to stand on her toes for him and as she did so he pulled the chain running the length of her body tight and rehooked it in the ceiling hook forcing her to stand on her toes.

For the final surprise he had for her he pulled the two chains between her legs apart and wedged a vibrator attached to the wall with a cord into her crotch chains and turned it on low. She smiled when she told us she exploded right then but couldn’t let her knees buckle with how tight the chain running down her back was. He took her blindfold off and spun her to face a full length wall mirror so that she could see herself in the reflection and told her that he was going to leave her for a bit to allow her to get herself more excited for him again.

When he didn’t come back after 4 orgasms and 6 hours she said she knew something was up…. he had fallen asleep while drinking more and watching TV. When he realized what he had done he came in and let her off of the ceiling hook and made her lay on the bed where we found her and she had told us that the vibrator had been running the whole time and that she was wondering if she would ever be able to use her clit again for stimulation.

Alexis was so turned on by Red’s story she had her hands behind her back the whole time Red was telling us what had happened and I could see her shifting from side to side in her seat while she listened. Red moved in with us that day and Alexis swore she would want to meet the next guy or gal that Red dated to make sure that something like this wouldn’t happen to her again.

Chapter 2

While Red was living with us Alexis got her a job at the gym she managed and I continued to work at the Brokerage. We went out on the weekends and the girls would joke with me and others that I was the lucky guy with two dates for the night. One night after singing, the girls said they were going to head home and that I should help clean up and they would see me at home. After breaking down the equipment and getting it into the car, I headed home after settling my bill at the bar just wanting to get a good nights sleep in. THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN…..

When I arrived home Red met me at the door with her black boots and stockings on and her black leather mini skirt and leather bra on. She put her finger to her mouth and whispered that she had a surprise for me upstairs. I took my boots off at the door and followed her up the steps and into our bedroom. Alexis was in her thigh high boots and stockings and a new leather outfit that had the garter straps attached to the bottom.

She had been tied with her elbows and wrists behind her back, her thighs were spread and tied to a short spreader bar and her ankles were tied with her left booted ankle over her right. She was gagged with my head harness plug gag and blindfolded and a pair of earphones were on her head blaring music. A rope was running from the ring at the top of the head harness down to her ankles and if she had been laying down she would have been in a severely bowed hogtie. She wasn’t though a rope running under her arms and behind her neck was then lashed to the ceiling so that she was forced to stay upright on her knees and any movement would make her predicament more severe.

In her crotch I could see a bulge and could tell it was her “bunny” vibrator and it was going strong making her more and more excited to be in that position. Red looked at me and told me that the only way I got to get my Alexis down and have fun with her is if I would tie her up in a more severe tie and make her watch us go at it while Alexis didn’t know which of us it was. I quickly agreed and told Red that she would have to endure a severe chair tie to make her watch us. Red told me that she had been tied to a chair before and didn’t know how it was going to be as severe as what Alexis was dealing with currently. I just smiled and told her to trust me that I was good at what I did and that she would regret asking me to make it more severe then what Alexis was in.

Red was struggling fiercely when I got done with her but she asked for it. I had sat her in the chair towards the front. Her ankles still in the boots were tied to the back of the chair on top of the seat of the chair. Her thighs were tied to the front legs and her arms were tied at the elbows and wrists and leashed to the back of the chair. Her collar was tied to the rung separating the side legs under her chair pulling her forward making her arms very taunt. She was gagged with a head harness ring gag and a blindfold was put under the straps on the gag. Her pony tail was also leashed to her wrist tie to pull her head back and if it weren’t for the blindfold she would see what I was doing to Alexis. For now all she had was the sounds that would escape Alexis when I started tormenting her and having fun with her. Just for fun I had put a vibrator under her crotch and a vibrating butt plug in her ass and turned them both on low to torment her even further. My attention then went to Alexis’ helpless form on the bed.

Looking at Alexis in her inverted hogtie I was at a quandary. I finally settled on removing her vibrator and began orally working her over while I fingered her to a strong orgasm. After removing the headphones I informed her that Red was watching what I was doing to her and she attempted to struggle more to see what Red was doing but the blindfold kept her in her own dark little world. I told her that I loved what she did for me tonight and undid her thigh spreader bar and slide under her where I was able to have sex with her while she was still in her inverted hogtie and had us both orgasm after a short time together. After finishing I stood up and put the head phones onto Red and released Alexis so that we could plan our attack on Red. I found out that Alexis had agreed to let Red play and that she didn’t know that Red was going to make her a surprise for me. This would be Red’s undoing.

With Red blindfolded and deaf she was unaware of what Alexis and I were talking about but that didn’t make her any more comfortable with her situation. She was struggling fiercely but found that I had secured her well to the chair and she was helpless to what we were going to do to her. With her snap crotch still undone Alexis stood in front of Red’s face with her mouth held open with the ring gag and took off the headphones and told Red that she was now going to be an oral slave and that her mouth would be used to service us until we decided to release her. Sticking her crotch in Reds face Alexis told Red to start licking her and that she couldn’t stop until she had licked Alexis to an orgasm. Red seemed hesitant to do it but when I reached down and pushed the butt plug in deeper she instantly began servicing Alexis quickly with her tongue.

Alexis reached up and took hold of Reds elbow tie to steady her while Red licked her closer and closer to her orgasm. Leaning down into Red’s ear I told her that the ring would make servicing me all that much easier which caused a throaty moan to arrive from Red’s open mouth as she continued to lick away at Alexis. Watching Alexis enjoy her power over Red was interesting for such a submissive woman as Alexis.

Alexis was enjoying this and this gave me another idea and as Alexis was enjoying Red I snuck behind her and grabbed her wrists and cuffed them behind her back. Putting my hand over her mouth I reached over and grabbed the gag she was wearing earlier and put it back on to keep her quiet. I then attached her ankle cuffs to her ankles and used a lock to secure them to a spreader bar that was between her thighs earlier.

With Alexis helpless when Red was done with her I would make Alexis watch Red service me while she struggled with her own new predicament. It didn’t take long with what I was doing to her to get Alexis over the edge. She always did like being forced into bondage but this really was something new for her. After Alexis had finally came I pulled her back to the bed and laid her on her stomach and locked the chain on her handcuffs to the middle loop on the spreader bar and then tied the loop on the top of the gag to the spreader bar as well so she was forced to watch what Red was doing to me and I playfully kissed her on the panel of the gag and mouthed that I loved her and moved to Red.


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