A Double Challenge

by John Writer

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© Copyright 2009 - John Writer - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; computer; electro; bet; college; toys; cons; X

The spring was finally paying attention to Stockholm. After quite a few backlashes with snow and freezing winds, the sun was catching up, making the remains from the last snowstorm melt, causing water to drop from roofs and trees, small rills of cold water playing in the gutters

At school the temperature was raising in more than one way. The great ball for the graduating classes was coming up and everybody was planning, hunting for suitable dates. It was at that time the principal choose to gather the pupils to bore them with a few well chosen words, and to deliver scholarships with humiliating small amounts of money and usually equally humiliating motivations. Of cause such an event doesn’t pass without leaving severe damages in the self confidence and contempt among the graduates.

"I just can’t believe it", Lisa complained as she and her closest friends headed for the ladies room.

"It’s outrageous", Ullis agreed putting supportive anger into it.

"How can any adult mind be that sick?"

"I’d say only adults can be that perverted."

"OK, so I’m the best athlete this year", Lisa stated, "I can live with that… "

"That’s cool!"

"But why should I have to date the greatest nerd in the European Union?"

"Actually it’s an old schools tradition", Eva pointed out, "the best female athlete always dates the best male science student."

"I know, but Erik! He’s completely hopeless."

"The best science student is always hopeless, that’s part of the tradition."

"I might as well die at once. That way I’d at least avoid the humiliation."

"It can’t be that bad… "

"It’s worse. Definitely."

"Why? Because he’s the only guy you can’t seduce?"

"What? Hey, he’s the only guy I don’t want to seduce."

"You’re just afraid of failure…" Eva shook her head in disbelief.

"I’m not", Lisa protested, "I’m just not interested. He’s a nerd, all brains no muscles, no charisma, no humour and definitely no sex appeal."

"So", Ullis teased, "you think he’s so theoretical you can’t even get his pulse to raise?"

"He might as well be dead!"

"Maybe he likes girls with brains, girls who understand what he says to them?"

"Are you saying I’m stupid?"

"No, just that you’re afraid because you don’t think he’ll respond to your standard weapon, that stunning looks of yours."

"Are you suggesting my only asset is my looks?"

"What else am I to think? You, who have slept with both our and the other schools soccer teams, won’t spend one single night with Erik… I mean he’s not mean or ugly or anything… "

"Tell you what! I’ll date him and I’ll get him understand body language!"

"Is that a bet?"

"It is!"

In the science club’s laboratory, Erik was studying the oscilloscope as Anders walked in.

"Hi there, you lucky bastard", he howled pointing at Erik with a 'here’s the winner' gesture.

"Cut it out, I’m not in the mood."

"Why not? Has anything happened?"

"Like you don’t know. I have to take Lisa the all time 'muscles-is-all-there-is-bimbo' to the ball. "

"Yeah. And I’m dead envious… "

"Come on. I want people around me who have at least a remote chance to understand what I say to them. You know… conversation."

"It’s only for one evening. I’m sure you can stand it. Besides, don’t try to tell me you find her features repulsive."

"It’s not that. She looks good, but I happen to want more. And don’t forget this is a ball. We’re supposed to sit at a laid table, eating three dishes, listening to half a dozen speeches, not to mention delivering one speech each. Usually the dinner itself takes about three hours. And what can you do… talk, exchange thoughts, reason, make conversation. That is if you have any thoughts."

"Personally I would be content sitting next to her, looking at her dressed in a hot evening gown, dreaming of the dance to come. Remember you’re at least guaranteed one dance with her."

"Fine, great… "

Erik looked far from thrilled by the prospect. He adjusted the oscilloscope and made a few notes on a piece of scrap paper.

"Listen", said Anders suddenly serious. "I know you look for other assets in a girl."


"But maybe you could learn something from her."

"Like what?"

"Like living your life. Like giving in to impulse, without analysing first."

"What are you driving at?"

"I have talked a lot to Maria."

"So, now you know everything about our deleted relation?"

"No, I only know that she was frustrated that you couldn’t go around anything without analysing. You’re all brains and no body, no emotions."

"Personally I believe that emotions are patterns of reactions in the body. The brain is where physical sensations really take place."

"In that case you could look at Lisa and let your brain pretend she’s smart."

"Not funny."



"OK. I think you’re afraid."

"Ha, that’s a joke. Afraid of what?"

"Afraid of dating Lisa. You realise that you don’t have any power over her."

"Partly right. She is too stupid to understand my excellence."

"I think you’re scared. In this association you’re somebody. We look up to you, admire your intellectual capacity. Here you have influence and admirers. But Lisa represents quite a different group. A group where physical ability is status, where strength and dexterity counts. You are afraid that she will not like you, that she will not get interested in your brilliance. You’re afraid that you will not be able to catch her attention, to get her excited."

"I’m not."

"You are."

"The brain controls the body. Why else would you get aroused by a centrefold in a magazine?"

"But can a brainy person control a physical person?"

"Of course!"

"Prove it!"

"Is that a challenge?"

"Are you up to a bet?"

"I am."

"Good, you get her physically aroused, using your brain. If you succeed you win, if not, you loose. "

"I’m in."

Two weeks later all preparations where coming to an end. The dinner table was made ready in the large hall in the middle of the school. Younger students where engaged in arranging the decorations and planning to make the event a memory for their senior students.

In the school café Erik was staring thoughtfully on his half emptied coffee cup. He had been very busy the last weeks preparing for this evening. At times he had been excited, at other times he had been nervous, even uncertain, but now he was all set, well planned and very determined. His first move was to construct an excuse to get to meet Lisa early enough in the day. He had suggested that they should meet in the café getting to know each other, trying to find a way to integrate each others speeches, creating a little stand up comedy act. Lisa had accepted and thus the scene was set.

Lisa parked her bike just outside the main entrance. She locked it and got her heavy sports bag from the luggage carrier. In her right hand she held the travelling wardrobe in which her evening gown was carefully stored. With self confident moves she made her way up the stairs and entered the main hall. Even though she was not dressed for the evening, she was never the less dressed to kill. She wore a tight miniskirt in red stretchy lycra, a white sun top and a pair of red, five inch heeled pumps. Her well exercised body was on full display, ready to catch any mans attention. She knew Erik was a computerised nerd thinking more with his brain than with his guts, but she had grown to consider that a challenge. She had desperately been trying to find an excuse to talk to him the last few weeks, but he had nowhere been seen. She had almost given up hope when he called her and arranged a meeting. His excuse: Them synchronising their speeches, was poor enough to raise her hopes. She had heard a lot of excuses from guys trying to set a date with her and she knew one when she saw one. He would be an easy catch.

"Hi! Sorry I’m late", she fired at him with a shy smile.

"It’s ok", he said, well aware she was late on purpose.

He couldn’t help but noticing her stunning features, deliciously displayed in her provoking outfit. She saw his glances and smiled, making a note to herself that he was already hooked. They small talked for a while, discussing the ball, making jokes about how odd a couple they actually where. They both laughed at the odds of them ending up as a couple in real life.

"Imagine me accompanying you on your evening jog", he said with a broad smile.

"Or me assisting you in one of your experiments", she countered.

"What a sight. I’m not much into physics… "

"And I’m not to much into science and experiments… I even have troubles reading my mail. "

"Actually me not being into physics can sometimes be a burden. "

"No, why? "

"When you do research about the human nature, you sometimes have to know things about the physique."

"And you don’t?"

"Well, I know stuff, but sometimes I don’t have the physique to try things… "

"Like what?"

"I’m planning an experiment on self control, that takes a strong will and a good physique. I’ve tried it on some of the girls in the science club but they don’t have neither strength nor dexterity to make it."

"How disappointing."

"Maybe when I work this summer I will get enough money to hire an athlete to do the test, but for now it seems impossible. But I will not bore you with my problems… "

"You don’t bore me. I’ve been wondering what you do in your lab. All my friends think of is exercise. Your world seems so exciting… "

"Come on. Thanks for trying but you don’t have to pretend…"

"I’m not… tell me: Is that test hard?"

"Rather, why?"

"Well… I’m so curious. You don’t think that I?… "

"Now you’re putting me on."

"No, I am really impressed by the work you guys do. It seems so complicated and fascinating. I would love to be part of it."

"Well I don’t know… "

"Come on. Give me a chance."

"It's an experiment trying to explore how much the mind can control the body and the muscular activities… "

"Trust me. I have a very strong mind."

"I don’t doubt that, it’s just that I would have to… Well you must… eh you see the experiment includes a lot of electrodes fastened on the body… "

"You mean I have to undress?"

"Well…eh… "

"Come on. It’s a scientific experiment. Don’t be shy. I’ve been to the doctor and I perform in a swimsuit when I dive. I’m used to displaying my body. Besides… you wouldn’t be the first guy at this school to glimpse a few inches of my skin."

"I still don’t know. We hardly know each other."

"What scientist knows all his test subjects? Please let me try… I won’t give you a hard time… "

"But… "

"Please. I have a very good physique and a very strong mindl. I’m sure I can make a good test subject."

"OK, let’s give it a try."

"Yessss! Come on, let’s go!"

They got up from the table, him posing as the gentleman, carrying her stuff, she acting a like the siren walking ahead of him, wiggling her sensuous body. Erik was smiling to himself, so far things were easier than expected. Lisa, strutting on her high heels tried to keep calm as she headed to the science club’s local. She was pleased that things went along easier than expected so far.

He showed her around before pointing out a room where the test would be carried out. He told her to get ready while he brought some equipment. She pulled the sun top over her head, proceeding by stepping out of the miniskirt. As he returned with a cart loaded with things she greeted him wearing nothing but her high heels and a tiny pair of white silk underwear. She smiled at him with pretended shyness, being careful not to scare him off by being too pushy. He arranged some of his things, pretending not to notice her outfit. Glancing matter of factly over his shoulder he stated:

"If you are shy, just say so and we drop the whole thing."

"No, not at all", she said trembling and quickly removed the bra and panties.

"You may keep the shoes", he interrupted as she was on her way stepping out of them.

"OK", she said trying to hide the big smile inside her.

"Since this is a test examining which is strongest, your reaction to impulse or your will power, I’ll have to make sure you don’t ruin the equipment", he said in a suspiciously careless tone.

"What does that mean?"

"I will tie your hands, so that you don’t tear any of the electrodes, hurting yourself or damaging them."

"I see, I guess that is normal?"

"Of course."

She was delighted. She knew this one and she was on top of it. When ever a guy tied her up, they where trapped. She looked good in bondage and she knew her movements and moans always got men helpless from lust. These morons think with their dicks. And her friends thought this one was intelligent and would be hard to get. Ha. She placed her hands behind her.

He quickly placed her palms together and wrapped several coils of nylon rope around her slender wrists. He then cinched it all, knotting repeatedly before he was satisfied. She immediately knew she was going nowhere. This bondage differed from the ones applied by horny soccer players. This was applied with cold, thinking expertise. While she was thinking whether he was actually planning on doing an experiment, he firmly got hold of her thick, long curly blond hair. She wore a pony tail and he was now wrapping nylon rope around it, securing it carefully. Next he manoeuvred her a few steps forward and to the left until she was standing next to a chair. He stepped up onto the chair, surprising her by pulling the rope upwards, fastening it taut to the ceiling.

"Why this?" she asked, for the first time a little concerned that she might not be as much in control as she thought.

"It is to help you keep the balance."


He didn’t stop to give her a chance to think. Instead he started to fasten electrodes on her naked skin, using surgeon tape. She soon lost count of them, feeling as if all of her body was covered. He rapidly connected the electrodes by wires to a panel on the cart. Next he placed a lot of small vacuum nipples all over her body. To these he connected hoses that went to another panel on the cart. She tried to watch his doing, by turning her head what little her bound ponytail would admit. She was really starting to get worried. What if he was really going to carry some weird experiment out on her? What if it wasn’t a set up to trick her into sex? Had he outwitted her? She decided to pull a little on her fishing line, checking whether he was still on the hook.

"Mmmmm", she moaned, softly moving her naked hips in small circles.

"Problems?" he asked in an absent minded manner.

"No, it’s just that I have never been in an experiment like this before. It’s a little exciting… "


What did he mean by that? Good. Just like that? He was really making her nervous. What was good? Why. She was just about to ask, when his touch startled her.

"Hey, what are you doing", she called, trying to conceal her satisfaction with the new course of things.

"I’m placing a special device on you, or rather in you."

"I can feel that. But what is it?"

"It’s one of my inventions. It does a lot of things. I’ll explain as we go along."

She couldn’t lower her head enough to see what he was doing, but she sure could feel. He was inserting something into her vagina. Something that was soft yet stiff and very slippery. It filled her quite well and felt very interesting. Next he strapped a leather belt around her waist, pulling it tight, highlighting her slenderness even more. Then he pulled a strap between her buttocks, through her legs and out in front. Before fastening it to the waist belt he inserted another item, with the same soft and slippery feeling, under the strap so that her lips and Venus mound was enclosed in the soft moist grip. He then fastened the strap on her belly. Tight. He fastened a great mass of wires and hoses both to her chastity belt and the panel on his cart.

His next step was to tie her ankles together with more white nylon rope, cinching it carefully. Next her knees, above and under. After that he held out a web of rubber straps with connected wires.

"This is for your breasts. I hope it will fit."

"Listen, I’m getting second thoughts about this… "

"Interesting", he mumbled as he was bringing order to the rubber straps. "Are you giving in already. You said you had a strong will."

"I have. But I don’t know if I want this."

"What do you want then?"

She thought about it for a moment, wondering if she should tell him that she was out to get him excited, to seduce him, to win a bet. But in her current situation she was very depending on him, so she didn’t want to risk him being angry. She bit down.

Meanwhile he started applying his rubber straps on her firm breasts. It proved to be a sort of fishnet bra, made of latex straps, with electrical wires connected to each point where the straps crossed. She was not surprised to find the bra a little too small for her. Partly because she had larger breasts than their firm appearance made likely, partly because she felt certain he had designed it to squeeze her. The latter was comforting as it meant he planned on making her breasts bulge in a very sexy manner.

He then applied small nipples to her nipples, pumping air out, making the small items stick on her. Leading their wires and hoses out through holes in large plastic cups, he placed the cups one on each breast and secured them with a strap around her torso. He then went to his cart, starting a computer and making sure all the wires and hoses where properly connected. Then he started a compressor, that soon reached a level of a steady hum.

"How do you feel?" he asked as he tapped the keyboard.

"Well", she said hesitantly, "I don’t know if I dare to tell you that right now… "

"Why not?"

"Hrm… "

"Ah, you mean you are tied up and naked at my mercy?"

"Something like that."

"Well, I can’t blame you… "

"What the hell… I am disappointed…. "

"You are, why? We haven’t even started yet. "

"Oh yes, I have."

"Please explain", he said only half aware as he seemed to be indulging his computer and getting ready for the experiment.

"I came here to seduce you, to make you excited."

"You did?" He stopped what he was doing. "Why?"

"Well, you see I was not thrilled to have to date you."


"No, me and my friends have regarded you to be the most boring guy in this school."

"You have?"

"Yes. You seem to be all brain and no passion. A huge nerd only aware of your experiments."

"Oh, that’s the story of my life. If that is so, why are you here?"

"Well, here goes", she said with a nervous smile. "My friends teased me, telling me that I could get any guy going... but you. So we made a bet. I was to get your pulse raising, to get you even the slightest aroused."

"I do say… "

"…It all went so well. I dressed up to catch your attention, I paid interest in your weird science, I praised your intelligence and tricked you to bring me here. When you had me naked and started to tie my wrists I was sure you were hot on me."

"I’m surprised."

"Please don’t be angry. It was meant to be fun."

"This is fun."

"Easy for you to say. Please free me."

"Not yet. Now I have something to tell you… "

"What, are you a scientific rapist?"

"Not quite. You see I was completely disappointed when I knew I had to date you. I considered you to be all body and looks, with no brain."

"Thanks a lot."

"So my friend Anders told me that I couldn’t handle you. That I was not smart enough to get a girl like you aroused. So we made a bet. I am to get you aroused using only my brain and my science."

"This is too much", she said with a gasp as she started to get hold of the situation.

"Yes. It is, isn’t it. We both tried to frame the other… "

"Trying to get the other aroused, trying to seduce the other."

"I must admit I underestimated you," he said with a smile, "I really thought I tricked you into this, I had no idea that you where pulling my leg."

"See, I don’t have to be stupid, just because I’m athletic and gorgeous", she laughed. "But it usually pays to play that act. Everybody go for it, even the most intelligent nerd in school."

"Well, since we both have bets to win, here’s the deal: "


"The experiment continues. I try to get you so excited that you loose your self control. You try to resist. I don’t get to touch you, only use my brains and technology. You resist my attempts and keep your control, you win. You fail and loose control, I win. The winner decides the prize. OK"

She looked at him in a few silent moments of thought. This was not what she had planned, or even wanted, but she was a sports woman and she loved a good challenge. Also to her big surprise she found the major nerd real interesting.

"OK. You’re on", she said with a broad smile.

"Good, I will only finish the setting."

"But you’re in for humiliation, nerd."

"Save your breath bimbo, you’ll need it."

He quickly tied her elbows together, securing them to her torso with a few loops around and below the cups on her breasts. Then he took the remainder of the rope around her wrists and pulled it down, securing it to her knee tie, thus preventing her from moving her hands. Finally he picked up a large red rubber ball with a string attached to it.

"OK, ready to go?"

"I am. Are you ready for defeat?"

"I don’t think so", he said as he pushed the ball into her mouth securing it with a piece of duct tape.

He went to the computer and tapped a command. Immediately she could feel the thing inside her inflate, growing slowly. At the same time it started to vibrate at a low pace. An electrical impulse on her belly made her jump a little and give up a surprised cry into the ball gag.

"Now, I will give you a short 15 second demo of this equipment", he said tapping on the keyboard.

Immediately a soft wet tongue touched her clitoris with a vibrating touch. Then it started to gyrate, moving quickly around her sensitive knob. Next she felt herself being sucked, vibrated and stimulated with electrical impulses in a way she couldn’t comprehend. She was already flying towards a shuddering, unwilling orgasm when it all stopped. She gasped for air, trying hard to regain balance.

"Nice, isn’t it? You see I have been doing a lot of research on how the body works. This is devised to stimulate all of you in a great variation of ways. It is easy for me to give you an orgasm, but that is not enough. I want you to loose control. So, a few more comments… this computer will keep you company. It will keep you at full attention. It registers your heartbeat, your breath and your muscle activities, especially in your… you know. This information will let me keep you excited but not coming for as long as I want. By now you probably wonder why we didn’t agree on a time limit. Guess you are more gorgeous than brainy… "

Her muffled grunts made him laugh. He started to arrange things a new. A few spotlights on the floor, pointing at her. A cloth banner tied between two tables just in front of her legs. Then a white screen behind her, like the ones used to project slides on. She tried to follow him with her eyes, but her hair kept her up. After a new visit to the computer, he left the room.

She wondered where he had gone and why. Suddenly she realised that this was her chance. She started to fight vigorously against her ropes. At once the machinery started, caressing her, teasing her, vibrating her. She slowly felt things building up inside and stopped her movements. At the same time the stimulation stopped. She struggled again and things started up. She soon found that as long as she kept moving, the computer kept stimulating her. First she thought that was good, but then she realised that she would be more and more excited and finally she might loose control, which would leave her the looser of the bet. Therefore she tried not to move. For a minute everything was cool, but then the machine started to work on her, even though she kept still. She tried to move, which made the machine get very intense. She froze and got back to the slow, building program. Time went by. She got more and more worked up, more and more annoyed by the cunning machine and Erik's absence.

Finally Erik returned. He was wearing a superb tuxedo, black bow tie and blinding white shirt. He was singing to himself, obviously very happy with things.

"Enjoying your self?"


He laughed. He came in front of her, changing the banner at her feet. Then he got up and connected the string from her rubber ball to a two inch steel ring. The steel ring was already fastened in two other strings that both ran into an opening in the drapery in front of her. He pulled the drapery aside and she found herself looking at a dark blue roller curtain. Beside the curtain was an eyelet screwed into the wall. Both strings from the ring went through the eyelet. One of the strings was knotted to a bucket, the other to a lead weight. The weight in its turn knotted to a string from the curtain roll.

"Let me explain", Erik smiled. "This weight, which I’m now freeing from its hook, is enough to pull the curtain open. Behind the curtain is a large glass window leading to the main hall, the very hall where the guests are gathering right now. As you see, if you let go of the ball in your mouth, voila, you’re the main attraction of the evening."

She tried to protest, even though she knew she was into this with no way back. She took a deep breath as he ripped the tape off, thus making it possible for her to pop out the gag, to a certain cost of course.

"We didn’t discuss the time limit earlier. Let’s do that now. The bet is on till midnight. If you let go of your gag before then you loose. Right?"

She looked at him, trying to figure out if he was serious. Her attempts to convince him to shorten the time was to no avail.

"If you loose the curtain goes up and you are on display. At your feet is a banner that states that you have freely given in to me and that you wish to belong to me for a year to come. Of course I have sampled your voice and faked a message that through the speakers will tell everyone that you love your predicament and that you love me for putting you into it. The message is tried on one of your friends who testified it was you, beyond any reasonable doubt."

"Did you notice that the computer knows if you move? I’ve programmed it so that it will punish you when you move. If you’re cool it will immediately start warming you up, if you’re on the edge, of course it will stop all stimulation. It will simply do what makes it most difficult for you to keep control. It works both by sensors taped on you and by a movement sensor in the room. The same type used for burglar alarms in museums, only a bit more sensitive."

"And, I’ve put a doll that looks like you in the hall. It’s life size and dressed in a leather corset and high heels. There is a whip beside so that anyone who wants to whip you can do so. I thought that some of the guys you have played with might want to play with you… I had a terrible problem making the sensors right but I finally made it. It sends information to the computer, that translates it into a stinging electrical shock. It feels a little like a whip. Let’s try it."

He pulled a mobile telephone from his pocket and dialled a short number.

"OK hit her."

The next moment Lisa felt a stinging sensation on her buttocks. She cried and jerked, which made the computer start working on her.

"Again, on her breasts."

Another stinging sensation confirmed the function of the toy.

"To make it more convincing I’ve added a sound. How about this… Again."

A sharp cracking noise accompanied the next sting. She jerked and felt the computer tease her. He disconnected the cellphone.

"Now we are all set. Tell you what. You are terribly sexy. You have really turned me on. Now the bet is between you and me. If you lose control, or give up, you simply let go of the gag. Everyone will see you and hear your statement. And I will dictate the prize. I know you are a sporting girl and that you will stand by your word. If you loose I win and I will claim you for a year. I really want you, even this nerd can feel the raw uncivilised lust a girl like you can awake. Now, if you’re as strong as I think, this will be an even fight. I’ve designed the program to really drive you wild. I have also arranged for the bucket to slowly fill with water, adding to the challenge. It will weigh about twenty pounds by midnight. But on the other hand, I guess you jaws will cling on to it with growing force as you try not to scream. This will be a fair game. I have changed the locks to the area, installing even a time controlled lock to this room. The door cannot open until midnight. So if you give up, you will be on display for the remaining time… "

Erik went to the computer and started the sharp version. This was much more intense then the one that had kept her going until now. Before Erik got to the door she started to moan from despair. She was attacked by a weird sensation that topped everything she had experienced until then. She almost panicked.

"How many of your ex boyfriends do you think will whip the doll?"

Erik threw her a kiss and went out though the door, the time lock closing behind him.


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