by Prowl1

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I was kind of angry with Sheila, my girlfriend. She works at a computer place, doing god knows what, until 1 in the morning. I usually work late anyway, so when she gets home, we can usually stay up a little later eating each other out. However, last week she was staying out later than usual, coming in at three or four in the morning, and was too tired to care about sex.
When I pressured her on it, she just said that she made a new friend, and that I'd really like her.
"Donna, you should meet Alex. She's really cool."

Well, if I was mad before, I was really mad now. I knew exactly what kind of 'cool' Shiela meant. "How could you sleep around on me? I would never do that to you!" Shiela just sighed.
"Don, you know I wouldn't sleep around with just anyone. But you also know that I like a little bondage now and then. I know you tried it, but you don't really get into the mood of it. Alex does, and she's a nice person to work with, too. Do me a favor, OK? She's having this party in a week, Friday night after we get off work. Not a big one, just a few friends. Come meet her, see what she's like. If we can't reconcile this, I'll stop seeing her, OK?"
Knowing that Shiela was a wild spirit, I figured this was my best chance at keeping her. I had to give this lady a fair shake, but then I'd have Sheila back. I agreed.

Friday night, I got a phone call fron Shiela, telling me the party was off.
"But Alex still wants to meet you. Put on a blindfold, take off your underwear, and wait for me. I'll be right over."
Well, in Shiela's world of strange requests, this was a tame one. She has asked me to do (and I have done!) things a lot wierder. I figure that Alex just doesn't want me knowing where she lived, in case I was 'the jealous type'.
Well, to make a long story short, I went to the bathroom, put on a blindfold (One Shiela had gotten a while back) took my underwear off from under my dress, (I don't have very large breasts, so I wasn't wearing a bra anyway.) and sat down to wait. It didn't take long. after about ten minutes, I heard a key hit the lock, and the door opened. Shiela (I guess) walked in without saying a word, took my hand, and led me out to the car.

I knew my way around my apartment well enough, but after a thirty minute car ride, (all the time trying to keep my bearings. I could be a little jealous....) I had to be given hand signals on my arm to keep from tripping on stairs when we got out. We walked for about a half mile, I would guess, and then a door was opened.
We walked in, and immediately a female voice said "Put her in the dungeon."
I almost lost it there. I already lost Shiela, I knew and now this witch wanted me in some sort of dungeon! I started to struggle, but Shiela kept a good grip. Then another pair of hands pushed me, and I almost lost my balance. I was at the head of some stairs already, and I almost had fallen down! I figured my best chance was to play along for now, and run later.
Shiela took the walk down the stairs to talk to me for the first time.
"Don't worry, Donna. I told Alex you didn't like to dominate me. We're going to see how you like the other side of the coin. It'll be all right."

I was sure Shiela wouldn't lie, (not tell the truth, yes. Lie, no) and so I calmed down a little.
Besides, I did always have a little fantasy about being chained up...
Almost as if she read my mind, Shiela led me to a table, stripped me, and told me to get on it. It was a latex-covered table, with what felt to be a square bar running about two inches off the table. I was told to get in a doggie style, and when I did, I was strapped to the bar, which apparently raised and lowered on pipes, like twin jacks, one at the head, one at waist level. My hands were then handcuffed, and a chain held them a little above my head, but I could move them around. I just couldn't reach lower than my blindfold! My legs were then strapped down at the knee, with what felt like latex straps. I couldn't move enough to cause any of my restrainds to come off.

In spite of my bondage, I really wasn't worried. I knew about Shiela's dom fetish, and I wasn't too concerned about Alex. I could take a little fun...
I then heard Alex coming down the stairs. "I had to get my toolkit."
I then heard a metal toolbox opening up. "Here, Put this candle somewhere."
Shiela said, "But there's no candle holder down here..."
"Jesus, I have to do everything myself..."
I felt my front being pulled down, and as I was strapped to it, I had to go down with it. I then felt a pair of hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks. Then, as the hands kept my cheeks apart, a finger, then two, were gently pushed into my asshole. I knew how to relax pretty well, which made things worse. The fingers pulled my asshole open, and a very hot wax, almost hot enough to burn, was poured in. Then while it was still hot and loose, the butt of a candle was pushed into my ass. It was held straight up until the melted wax cooled, and then was released. I had been made into a human candleholder.
"There, that ought to seat itself..." Alex said. "And it'll stay loose for later..."

With that said, there was a pause, and I felt latex gloves closing over my breasts and pussy. My pussy hadn't gotten any attention, and so was still very dry. I began to worry about this, but then I felt and smelled some baby oil squirted onto my pussy and ass.
"Oh my, Donna. You have such a small pussy. This just won't do."
And with that, The fingers started in. There were three in me before I knew what was happening, all in latex and coated in baby oil. And as I soon found out, none of which were on the same hand. After about a minute of pounding away at my pussy, which I was really enjoying, I felt them all push in as far as they would go, and pull away from each other, opening my pussy up to the open air.

That also didn't last long, as I quickly felt the baby oil being squirted up inside of me. and squirted. And squirted. And squirted until it finally started to pour out over my legs. The fingers didn't stop holding me open, and I quickly felt filled up with the biggest dildo I could imagine. It was huge! All the oil they had just poured into me was pushed out hard and fast, and I was quickly pounded away at by this monster cock! I almost immediately came, what with that and the occasional hot touch of wax on my ass from the dripping candle.

I began screaming at my first orgasm, more in pleasure than pain, although both were involved. One of the girls, (I'd lost track of which was which by this point) took this opportunity to squat in front of my mouth, quieting me down.
After about ten minutes of this pounding, non-stop, during which both women squatted in front of my face making me eat them out, and not a few orgasms by myself, the dildo was removed from my pussy. I started to get back on my elbows, but the bar was still locked in place, and I fell back onto it.

"What makes you think we're done? We haven't given you any food yet! This was going to be a party, I still have cake and hot dogs!" With that, Alex ran back up the stairs, to come back down a few minutes later, a little slower. All this time, Shiela was toweling me off, getting me completely dry, except for my own juices still oozing out of my pussy.
"Here was are ladies, Here's our cake..." With that, I felt a repeat of the 'three finger' trick.
Still in latex, the ladies pushed their fingers into me, and pulled me apart.
Due to the recent fucking I had just had, I was a lot looser, even when the cold frosting hit my pussy walls. More and more was scooped into my pussy, filling me up with cream, both mine and the frosting.

"Now let's see here..." I felt the candle, now almost forgotten, being pulled out of my ass.
I felt a little relieved, as I was getting really tired. All this sex was more than I usually got in a week, and the strangeness of the situation made me come all the harder. But not quite yet...
"Well, here's some nice buns for our hot dog. I'll just put some mustard in them..."
And with that, I felt a strange cone forced into my ass. It then erupted, filling my ass with something both cold and hot. It was then extracted, only to be filled with the monster dildo in my ass!
I really did scream then, as I wasn't ready for anything near that size. I could take it, but it would hurt for a while until I got used to it.

The sudden pressure on the wall between my pussy and ass, combined with my clenching my pussy muscles in surprise, squirted out the cake and frosting, where the ladies began eating it off my pussy, licking my clit in the process. It was bliss!
Needless to say, I had to agree with Shiela. Alex was 'cool' and now we get into three ways about once a week. Kinky sex can really get you into meeting new friends!