Doing Penance with Pastor Dan

by Studbound

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© Copyright 2002 - Studbound - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf; bond; rope; chair; cons; X

My girl, Amy-Bell (she is eighteen) and I (I am nineteen) have been going together or a long time now, and we plan to be married as soon as I get me a job that can earn enough money. My Pa says I need a few thousand dollars in the bank and a car and maybe a house before I should get married, and Amy-Bell's father says the same thing, so we're waiting, and I'm looking for a job and I hope to find a better one soon but they are hard to find now-a-days.

Anyway, Amy-Bell and me - well, we're in love and we want to be together all the time, but it's hard with family around and everything. We live in a small place out in the country and everyone farms and everyone knows everyone else and what everyone is doing all the time, so it's hard to find a private place to just be with Amy-Bell and be kind of close and touch each other and all that. We've been seen kissing and holding each other a few times, and our parents don't like it when we go off alone and they let us know about it right now when they find out.

That's why we went to the church house last Thursday. We figured that it being Thursday there wouldn't be anyone there and we might be alone. We didn't actually go into the church, but we drove into the woods behind the church because they are thick and nobody much can see what's going on there from the road. You can only see if you are in the churchyard, and there's never nobody there on weekdays. 

Our Pastor is Pastor Dan. Actually it's Daniel, but nobody ever calls him that. It's Pastor Dan to everyone in the town. We're nondenominational, but actually I think we're Baptists of some sort. But Pastor Dan says it's best to be nondenominational because then we can believe what we know to be the truth since some of the other people and their churches make mistakes now and then. Pastor Dan is a tall man with lots of black hair and a full beard. He's got a wife, and they live in a house a ways away from the church. We don't see his wife much because he always laughs and says she's tied up at home and not able to be around anywhere away from their house much of the time. I suppose she's busy there and that's why we don't see her much. She seems a happy sort though - and he's happy too, always making jokes and laughing. Everybody likes Pastor Dan and his Wife. They're good God-fearing folks to be sure.

Anyway, Amy-Bell and me went to the church on Thursday and we hid the car behind the building in those woods I talked about, and then we just sat and hugged each other and kissed and she rubbed her hand on my chest, and I felt her neck and down her back, and then I moved my hand into her shirt and put my hand on her breast and it felt so good and firm and round. She moved her hand down and rested it on my jeans, and I know she could feel my prick because it was really hard and she let her fingers trace it on my jeans and it felt wonderful and we were so happy just sitting there quietly holding each other and all. 

Then, all of a sudden I knew something was wrong, and I looked up and there stood Pastor Dan, right outside my car looking in on us and not smiling or frowning or anything - just looking at us calm and peaceful like he saw people doing that every day. Well, we jumped, and Amy-Bell was embarrassed and pulled away real fast. I smiled and put down the window and greeted Pastor Dan and didn't know what else to say. And he looked at us and just stood there. It was spooky the way he looked at us and didn't say nothing at all. Finally, I said I thought we would be going, but Pastor Dan said calmly, "I think you had better move your car over by the church and come inside and talk about this with me."

Well, I didn't know what to do because nobody ever says no to Pastor Dan and besides, we were afraid he'd tell our folks what we'd been doing, so we drove over to the church and I asked Amy-Bell what she thought and she agreed that we should do what Pastor Dan had said. So we did. We went into the church and stood there in the entry hall looking at Pastor Dan and waiting. Finally he said, "You two have been thinking sinful thoughts and doing sinful things - and right here at the church too. This is very serious."

Well, we knew he was right, but being with Amy-Bell felt so good and we wanted to be together so bad that I thought it was the right thing, but then I realized I had been wrong, and I felt awful about it. But Pastor Dan smiled and said he could help us. He said that we needed to do penance, and that he would help us do it and do it right. Then he told Amy-Bell to wait in the hall and he took me to his little office in the basement, and then he did a strange thing. He brought out a piece of rope and he told me to hold out my hands and he tied my hands together at my wrists. Then he took another piece of rope and tied it through the rope that held my wrists and pulled my arms up over my head and used that second piece of rope to tie my arms up to a hook in the ceiling - high up so that I couldn't reach it. So I stood there with my hands pulled up and my wrists tied and Pastor Dan said I should stay there that way and wait for him. Well, I didn't have much choice, did I? So I waited.

I waited there for a while, maybe near to half an hour, and then Pastor Dan returned and brought out a piece of cloth and tied it over my eyes like a blindfold. Then he untied me from the ceiling, which was nice because my arms were beginning to ache a little. Pulling me by my arms he moved me to a corner and then he explained that I would do penance for a while, but he needed to prepare me. In doing penance I would be asking forgiveness and to do that I needed to go naked before the Lord so that I would show I had nothing to hide. Pastor Dan untied my wrists and helped me remove my shirt and then he retied my wrists. I asked if it was necessary for me to be tied up, and he said that for sure it was. Then he undid my belt and pulled down my pants and my shorts and removed them - he had already taken off my shoes and sox. Now I was naked standing in that basement room with my wrists tied.

Pastor Dan then led me back upstairs and through the church. I couldn't figure out where we were because of the blindfold, but I went along since I couldn't do much else. Finally we went into some room and Pastor Dan had me sit in a chair. He had my hands out and over the back of the chair. Then with more rope he tied my legs so that they were up off the floor and tied tight to the side of the chair with my knees really bent. More rope went around my body holding me to the chair very tight - so that I could hardly breath. Rope pulled my arms down in back too. Pastor Dan took a while using lots of rope to tie me to the chair really good so I could hardly move. 

Then Pastor Dan told me to open my mouth and when I did he put a ball of some sort into my mouth and then he began to put something over my mouth wrapping it all the way around my head so that it closed up my mouth around that ball. While doing that Pastor Dan said that when one does penance one must be silent so he was gagging me so that I couldn't talk even if I wanted to. When the gag was done I tried to say something, but only sounds came out and nothing that nobody could understand. I felt really helpless all tied up that way and gagged. But I knew that if Pastor Dan said it was the right thing to do, then it was what I must do, so I didn't complain at all, not that I could with that gag there so tight and filling my mouth and the tape sealing it shut that way.

Then a funny thing happened. I could feel Pastor Dan touching my prick and my balls. This really surprised me, and I really wondered what he was doing. I felt something get tight around my balls and then around my prick which also surprised me because it got so hard very fast. Pastor Dan just laughed and said quietly, "Looks like you enjoy this." I didn't know what to say and couldn't say anything anyway because of the gag. Anyway, there was more feeling on my hard prick and I felt it pulling away from my body a bit. Then Pastor Dan stopped and left me alone.

Pastor Dan was quiet for a few minutes, and then he said, "Now you two are to do quiet penance and ask for forgiveness. You will go naked and silent before the Lord and you will think over your sins and show that you are repentant." With that he removed my blindfold and I was so surprised I sucked in air quick through my nose. Right in front of me was Amy-Bell and she was naked too, and she was tied up to a chair just like I was, and she was gagged too. I couldn't believe it. But, oh God, she was beautiful. The ropes on her chest make her breasts stand out so nice and firm it was wonderful. I looked down and saw that my prick was all tied up and from it a rope went up to the ceiling which held my prick standing straight up. Whenever I squirmed or moved, I could feel the rope tug on my prick and balls, and I gotta say that I liked how it felt. 

Amy-Bell had a rope around her waist, and down from it was a rope that went in between her legs and up behind her to a little pulley in the ceiling and that was the rope that went down to my tied up prick. So when Amy-Bell squirmed I felt it and I guess when I squirmed or moved, she felt it. Anyway it was wonderful and I just looked at her and admired her and wanted to touch her and hold her so bad I could hardly stand it. Pastor Dan removed the blindfold on Amy-Bell too, so she sat and just looked at me – we were only about two feet apart, so we were really close.

"Now you two be repentant and ask forgiveness," repeated Pastor Dan. "Go in silence before the Lord and be naked before him and ask that your sins be forgiven. You will have a while to think about this and then I will return and see if you have finished the task."

Then he left. Well, it was hard to be repentant looking at Amy-Bell, and I guess she had the same problem. Anyway she squirmed in her chair and moved about and seemed to be smiling although with that gag covering her fact I couldn't tell for sure. We tried to talk to each other but only little sounds came out, so we gave up.

So anyway we both sat there looking at each other for what we figured later must have been around almost two hours. I got to say, I didn't mind it a bit even though I was all tied up. Then Pastor Dan returned, and he looked at us, and he finally said, "Have you been forgiven for your sins?" 

Well, we both nodded our heads that we had even though I'm sure I didn't know if we were forgiven or not. Then he asked if we needed longer and we shook our heads that we didn't. So he untied us and told us to put on our clothes and go home and be thankful that we were forgiven and not to sin or think sinful things anymore. And I asked Pastor Dan if he was going to tell my Pa or Amy-Bell's Pa what we had done, but he said that since we were forgiven there was no need to tell anyone about any of this at all which made me happy. So we left.

After that Amy-Bell and me talked about what had happened and I told her how great she looked all naked and tied up and she said that I looked great too and that she thought she could sit there and look at me forever when I was that way. I asked Amy-Bell if she was scared when Pastor Dan had her take off her clothes and then tied her up, but she said that she knew Pastor Dan was good and a man of the Lord, so it didn't bother her at all and she sure wan't scared. I said that I wasn't scared either which was really surprising since people don't usually like getting naked and especially getting all tied up Once later we hid in the barn at my place when my Pa and Ma were away and I tried to tie her up but it wasn't the same and she said it wasn't as nice as when Pastor Dan tied us both up together. So after we talked about it for a while and we decided to do something about it.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I called Pastor Dan on the phone and said that Amy-Bell and me had a problem. We were together a bit and we discovered that we still had sinful thoughts and that it was were for sure that both of us were unrepentant sinners in the worst way and that we needed to do more penance. Could he help us? Pastor Dan just laughed a little - that quiet little laugh of his - and then he said that on Wednesday right after lunch the both of us should meet him at the church and that we should tell our kin-folk that we were doing counseling with him concerning our future marriage and that the counseling would take a while and not to expect us at home until late that night - very late. So we're going in a little while, and I am excited to find out how we'll do our penance this time. I sure do trust Pastor Dan to do the right thing by us and help us.

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