Divorce Sale

by Lady Tressa

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It had been two years since George, a multimillionaire from Southern California, along with his wife Barbara, had expatriated themselves to Bermuda, primarily to avoid exorbitant United States taxes. For George, fifty years old, it was his third marriage, entering the second year. Problems had developed during this marriage with Barbara, thirty years old, her second marriage. The prime issues of discord were Barbara’s serial adultery, along with excessive alcohol and cocaine use.

Barbara had retained a sleazy matrimonial lawyer, who discovered that certain conjugal provisions George had insisted upon before marriage, were invalid under Bermuda law. She stood to gain an estimated twenty million dollars in the event of divorce.

Their luxurious seaside villa in Nassau was worth at least ten million dollars, with Barbara entitled to half of that. George was understandably upset when he learned of her intentions. Barbara had yet to inform him, but George found out from reliable sources.

In previous years George had been involved in drug trafficking, primarily in the money laundering aspect, and still had active contacts in that field. He also knew that a small number of drug traffickers were active in the white slavery trade. The thought of disposing of his wife in this manner was quite appealing.

Despite her age, Barbara was an attractive five foot ten inch blonde, of British descent, whose prime attributes were a set of 36C breasts, coupled with an athletically trim body. She was an avid tennis player, and her current lover was a government minister, who belonged to her tennis club.

Upon seeking counsel from a former drug associate, it was arranged for George to meet with Carlos, a shadowy figure, who reportedly was an operative for a white slavery group. The meeting was scheduled for George’s villa, at a time when Barbara was scheduled to be elsewhere.

Upon meeting Carlos, George’s primary concerns were the marketability of his wife, due to her age, and that his wife be enslaved permanently, but not murdered. After seeing pictures of Barbara, Carlos was convinced of her marketability, with Libya a likely destination. Mature blonds of European descent were particularly in demand there.

While Carlos could offer no guarantee of survivability, she would be purchased by a warlord and put into a harem. Females whose sexual performance was substandard were likely to be relegated to a lifetime of manual labor, such as mining.

“We are very selective when it comes to the background of our buyers. One of our rivals tried to discredit us by spreading a rumor that we sold women into snuff, something we would never do. The more times a slave is sold, or if she should somehow escape, the greater the chance our organization will be exposed” explained Carlos.

“In the past most of our sales were to South American drug lords and they tended to trade slaves between cartels. We don’t do much business with them anymore and have found that the African warlords are our best customers. They keep their slaves permanently, even if they fall from favor in the harem, although their lives are living hell” he continued.

Carlos was willing to pay George ten thousand dollars to purchase Barbara and would likely receive fifty thousand from the Libyan purchaser. Despite the risks it was well worth the price to be rid of a wife, who intended to destroy him financially.

A tentative scenario for the abduction was devised. George would be present and have the pleasure of seeing the look of terror on Barbara’s face as she was bound and carried away into slavery. The abduction would take place in the home, as public abductions were considered unnecessarily risky.

The abduction was set for a Tuesday afternoon, at about 2:00. Barbara was expected to arrive home from tennis at that time, and upon her arrival George would summon Carlos, under the pretense of doing pool repairs. Carlos and three of his fellow slavers would arrive shortly thereafter.

Barbara, clad in white shorts and a v neck tennis sweater, arrived home as scheduled. After mixing herself a martini, she settled down on the living room couch to watch a soap opera on television.

She did not hear George make the call to Jose on the cell but he had informed her of the pool repair ruse earlier. Fifteen minutes later an unmarked white van, occupied by three males and one female, pulled into the driveway and were shown into the villa by George.

Had Barbara been paying attention she would have been suspicious as to why four workers, in an unmarked van, were dispatched to a routine pool matter. She was quite perturbed when George grabbed the drink out of her hand and shut off the DVD.

“I have some bad news for you. You are being sold into white slavery and will be taken immediately to Libya and delivered to a warlord. You will never leave that country. That’s what happens when you sleep around with the high and mighty and try to take me to the cleaners with a sleazy divorce lawyer” he announced.

Barbara was stunned, to stay the least. She noticed one of the male slavers took six rolls of black duct tape out of a bag, placing them on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“Please don’t do this” she begged, which elicited a smile from George. “You enjoy cheating on me and being a lush but where you’ll be going you won’t be doing either but don’t worry I have taken steps to account for your disappearance” he added.

Carlos, the leader of the group, seemed to enjoy narrating the abduction. The female slaver, a tall heavy set blond, at least sixty, would be doing most of the restraint work. Barbara attempted to get up and leave, but was easily held down by the male slavers.

“First you will be gagged and it will be quite uncomfortable which is what is intended” announced Carlos, “then you will be secured with duct tape, we have found our captives are eventually able to free themselves if we use rope, but not so with tape, you will also be blindfolded but not before your husband has the pleasure of seeing the look of terror on your face for the last time” he continued.

The female slaver wedged a rag into Barbara’s mouth, and using a roll of duct tape wrapped it around her head several times. Intelligible speech was now impossible, with Barbara having spoken her last words before leaving Bermuda.

Next Barbara’s wrists were taped behind her, with her fingers also being taped. Four more rolls of tape were needed to finish the restraint. One was used to bind her elbows together, then another was wrapped around her chest and used to pinion the arms to her body. The remaining two rolls were used to bind her ankles, along with the legs just above the knee, together.

“This is expensive high grade industrial tape and no way can you get it off” added Carlos.

Carlos continued with his narrative. “Very shortly you will be wearing a leather hood and carried out to the van. You will then be driven to an airport where a private jet is waiting. We have a first class seat reserved for you, which you will be strapped into and you will remain gagged and restrained for the entire flight. The plane crew is under orders not to molest you in any way”.

The naïve expectation of mercy quickly disappeared from Barbara’s mind and her facial expression was one of animosity towards George, who was smiling.

“What can she expect in slavery” asked George, who already had obtained a detailed description from Carlos, and only wished to inflict further mental anguish upon Barbara.

Carlos was more than willing to oblige. “The warlord who purchased her was quite insistent she be delivered untrained, as ordinarily we would take her to a secret location and do it ourselves, however we always honor the preferences of the buyer”.

“The warlord has multiple slaves in his harem and they compete keenly to satisfy his sexual desires. For the first few days she will likely be locked in a solitary cell, whipped frequently, and be forced to suck on a dildo much of the time, the warlord is quite demanding when it comes to oral sex skills, I have seen videos of his training and it is very brutal, some of the slow learners spend weeks in solitary” explained Carlos.

“Explain to her a bit more what her new life will consist of” George requested.

Carlos quickly picked up on that theme. “No one, other than my slavers and yourself will know why she disappeared. Even we do not know exactly where she will be taken, other than it is Libya”.

“From what we know life in the harem is brutal, she will never be allowed to leave or be able to communicate with someone outside the harem” Carlos added.

“May I take a picture of her in bondage before you take her away”, asked George.

“I will have to deny your request, such photos have a way of turning up at the wrong time and in the wrong hands, but you may take a short time saying good bye to her” replied Carlos. George, obviously disappointed, did not argue the issue.

George savored the beauty of his wife, meticulously bound and gagged, about to be taken off to permanent enslavement. He only wished that the female slaver would force Barbara to perform oral sex upon her, a scenario George had long envisioned.

“Well it is time to get moving. Say good bye to her for the last time” said Carlos.

“Bye bye bitch, this is what you get for trying to fleece me with a divorce” were George’s last words to her. Barbara just glared at him. The leather bondage hood was put on her, and never again would he see her face.

Barbara was half carried, and half dragged to the van, by the three male slavers. George accompanied them in order to get one last look at his now ex-wife.

The transfer was quick and efficient. Barbara was placed in the cargo hold of the windowless van, then made to lie face down on a decrepit mattress. Jose drove and was accompanied in the front seat by the female slaver, while the other two slavers remained in the back of the van.

George breathed a sigh of relief as the van exited the villa driveway. But much remained to be done to conceal the circumstances of her disappearance. He wasted no time setting the plan in motion.


It would be necessary to concoct a story to explain Barbara’s disappearance and report her to the police as a missing person. While she had no family in Bermuda, sooner or later one of her friends would notice her missing. The security video cameras at the villa had been turned off during the abduction, something George now regretted. He had hoped to at least have a picture of Barbara in bondage, before she was taken away by the slavers, now that hope was dashed.

George arranged for Barbara’s vehicle to be parked in the lot of a bar she frequented. Using her cellphone, he made a series of calls to the government official she was having an affair with, after which the cell was destroyed.

None of the calls contained any conversation, but when the police eventually obtained the records, they would tend to suspect the official as the last person to speak with her. At that point it was likely the investigation would not be diligently pursued.

The van trip to the clandestine landing strip took about thirty minutes and was uneventful. Barbara, suffice to say, was experiencing acute mental anguish, as she tried to envision her future as the sex slave to an African warlord. She had to do this in order to maintain her sanity. If only her captors would say something to her it would make it a little more bearable, but not a word was said by the two slavers, sitting next to her on a love seat.

Adding to that anguish was the inability to see, speak, or move. The slavers were quite proficient at immobilizing their captives with tape. Barbara, resigned to the futility of escape, made no effort to struggle or speak.

The van pulled directly next to the Learjet on the tarmac, the rear door was opened and the stairwell leading to the plane was in place. Barbara was removed from the van and carried up the stairs, into the Learjet passenger compartment. Waiting inside was the plane crew, consisting of a male pilot, and two slavers, one male and one female. The male slaver appeared to be in charge and ordered Barbara placed in one of the passenger seats.

It was felt that no additional restraints were necessary, other than the special lap seat belt, which was locked in place, and required a key to unlock. Even if her wrists were not bound, she would be unable to leave the seat.

Barbara’s leather hood was removed, enabling her to see for the first time the plane that would fly her to Africa, for permanent enslavement. She also caught her first glimpse of the airplane slaver crew.

The male slaver, of Arab descent, was in his thirties, and wore a turban, while the female was a full figured brunette, who appeared to be in her forties and either of American or European descent. She was attired in jeans and a tight fitting olive colored turtleneck.

The van slavers promptly departed and the plane engines were started, in preparation for immediate takeoff. At this time the female slaver spoke for the first time, in modestly fluent English but with an apparent Russian accent. Her tone was both mocking, and chilling.

“Welcome to White Slave Airways. Enjoy yourself during the six hour flight, as uncomfortable as it is, it is nothing compared to what you will experience when your new owner receives you, I will be assisting him in your harem training but only for a short time. You will never leave his compound, never talk to anyone outside it” she announced.

The female slaver then placed a set of headphones over Barbara’s ears, forcing her to listen to Arabic music, not the least of which she could comprehend, it also prevented her from hearing anything the two slavers were saying. The slavers seated themselves behind Barbara, preventing her from seeing them as well.

Several times Barbara cried into her gag, hoping to attract the attention of the female. She desperately wanted someone to talk to, but was ignored. The slaver had applied the gag quite proficiently, if only she hadn’t been gagged with a rag, the tape would have been tolerable.

After the Learjet had been airborne for about forty five minutes, Barbara’s headphones were removed and she was forced to watch a video, on a large overhead screen in front of her. It was intended for the orientation of prospective slaves.

The first scene was of a nude blond woman, wrists tied behind her back, being led into a room by two Arabs. She was forced to stand on a chair, after which a rope noose dangling from the ceiling, was tightened around her neck.

For about one minute the camera focused on the look of abject terror on the woman’s face, causing Barbara to recoil in horror. Then the video abruptly shifted to another room, where the screams of a different woman, who was being flogged could be heard.

In reality the noosed woman was not executed. The warlord was opposed to snuff, it was a mock execution, with the purpose being to terrify new slaves. Thus the trans-oceanic phase of Barbara’s journey into slavery continued. The terror inflicted upon her so far, was mild compared to what lie ahead.

After the video finished playing, Barbara was again fitted with earphones, and forced to listen to more Arabic music. While hardly enjoyable, it did seem to make time go faster.


Finally the plane began descending and landed. Barbara would soon meet her new owner, or so she thought, however it was a brief stop for refueling only. Everyone on board the plane remained inside, and no one boarded. Within thirty minutes the plane was airborne again.

About forty five minutes later the headphones were removed from Barbara by the female slaver. She introduced herself as Elena, but Barbara was ordered to address her later as “Mistress”, however she would remain gagged for the entire flight.

“I will be your trainer for at least two weeks after you arrive at harem, and am the only non Arabic female at the compound who is not a slave” she stated in broken English.

“Your new owner is Sheik Omar and you are one of four of his slaves. For some time you will be in solitary confinement, the only people you will see are myself and the Sheik. You can expect to be used sexually soon after you arrive” she continued.

Elena continued with a description of the brutal conditions she could expect. No male, other than the Sheik, was permitted to touch, or even speak with Barbara. Elena’s responsibility was primarily to provide for the confinement, feeding and personal hygiene of the slaves. Any physical punishments, of which there would be many, were handled by the Sheik personally.

However the Sheik had given Elena permission to make sexual use of the slaves from time to time. “You can expect to eat my pussy and a few other things I have in mind” she added.

The Learjet finally landed at a remote Libyan airstrip. Barbara’s leg bindings were removed, and she was walked to the tarmac by Elena, where she was promptly placed in the rear seat of a waiting Toyota SUV.

Elena sat next to her, with two Arabs, neither of them the Sheik, and each armed with a Kalashnikov rifle, in the front seat. “Take a good look this will be the last time you will ever see anything outside the compound” she said, before covering Barbara’s face, with the same hood used during the initial abduction.

The SUV sped off for the two mile drive to the Sheik’s mansion. Barbara, resigned to a life of slavery, could only hope to survive her new life in a harem.

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