Discipline for a Wayward Domestic Partner

by Mistress Tressa

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For the past two years Linda and Diane had lived together as registered domestic partners. At ages 44 and 42 respectively, the relationship was now in jeopardy, as Linda began to seriously entertain the possibility of a new female partner.

Linda, while always harboring lesbian desires, up until two years ago had lived in a traditional heterosexual marriage, bearing two children. She and Diane were co-workers at an elementary school, where Diane was a teacher, and Linda worked as an administrative aid.

The two hit it off and a steady sexual relationship developed, with Diane clearly the dominant. Ultimately it destroyed Linda’s marriage, with her husband filing for divorce, and retaining the home. Linda became a permanent resident at Diane’s fashionable suburban villa.

Linda, despite her regular full time job, was relegated to perform all of the household cleaning by herself. Diane dictated every aspect of her life, from where and when she would shop, to whom she would speak to.

Diane was also found of dictating Linda’s dress. Typically it would be a maid’s uniform when cleaning, and more sexually provocative attire when guests were present. Linda would be made to serve food and drink to the guests, rarely was she permitted to speak to them.

Linda was essentially a slave who existed to serve the household and sexual needs of Diane. Ordinarily the two slept together, but periodically Diane would have other females spend the night at the house, during which period Linda was required to sleep in another room.

The servitude was tolerated by Linda, who had no desire to return to the world of heterosexuality, and could not sustain herself economically on her secretarial salary. She resented the manner in which she was treated by Diane, and hoped someday the right female would come along, at which time Linda would gladly jump ship.

The relationship began to deteriorate when Linda took extended sick leave from her job, allowing her to carry on without Diane’s supervision, at least while she was at school teaching. While the cat is away, the mouse will play, and Linda began drinking excessively and flirting with other females.

During their relationship, the couple had not engaged in any type of bondage sex. That changed, after Linda defied Diane’s order not to leave the house, as it was assumed she was meeting another female. Diane always had ropes around the house, and they were put to use spread-eagling Linda to the bed.

Linda struggled vigorously and was quite vocal in her protests, but she remained restrained for nearly three hours, with Diane playing loud music to drown out her protests. To humiliate her even further, Diane arranged for another female to visit the house. Linda, nude and bound, was put on display. The visitor and Diane retired to another bedroom, where they engaged in a bit of sexual activity themselves.

After Linda was released the two did not speak to each other for two days. Linda became increasingly hostile and began openly defying some of Diane’s dictates. With summer recess at school, Diane at least had more time to devote to her errant partner.

With the relationship severely deteriorating, Diane decided that something radical had to be done. She had heard of Joe, who represented himself as a bondage trainer, specializing in disciplining wayward women by employing various bondage techniques.

Diane recognized the potential effectiveness of such aversion therapy, with a heterosexual male dominating a lesbian it would not be a pleasant experience for the female. Joe did not come cheaply, he quoted a fee of one thousand dollars for an overnight stay, lasting slightly less than forty eight hours.

Diane agreed to the terms, payment would be made when Linda was delivered to his house. Knowing that Linda would not willingly submit to such a scheme, Diane represented Joe as a counselor specializing in same sex relationships. Despite misgivings about dealing with a male counselor, Linda agreed to meet with him for approximately two hours.

Linda is an attractive, full figured, strawberry blond, who preferred casual clothing such as jogging suits. This was a source of contention in the relationship, as Diane preferred to dictate her manner of attire, which was considerably more formal. None the less, she was so attired in a jogging suit when Diane pulled into Joe’s driveway, and escorted her into the kitchen of the house without knocking.

Awaiting them in the kitchen was Joe, bare chested and wearing a ski mask. Standing 6’4 and weighing nearly two hundred pounds, the muscular thirty year old hulk, was a most intimidating sight.

Linda immediately protested vocally and tried to exit the house, but was physically prevented from doing so by Diane. “I must apologize for the defiant behavior of my partner, you can see it will be a challenge”, she added. Joe’s smile was not visible due to his ski mask, but he assured Diane of his high success rates in cases such as these.

“I want you to meet Joe, Master to you, he specializes in behavior modification through corporal punishment and other means”, Diane announced.

“No fucking way” replied Linda. Joe grabbed Linda by the arm and announced he would take over at this point, giving Diane the distinct impression that her presence was no longer desired. At this point she departed.

Diane did not appreciate the request for her abrupt departure. She had hoped to be able to witness some of Linda’s punitive training first hand, after all she was paying a hefty fee, and Joe had conveyed the impression earlier that she would be allowed to stay.

None the less Diane’s response was the prudent one, to leave immediately. However as she drove home, a sense of indignation overcame her. She had every right to witness at least some of Linda’s training, while no written agreement existed, it had not been specifically excluded.

Linda was no match for Joe’s strength and he walked her to the basement without difficulty, other than continued vocal protests. She was quickly placed in leather handcuffs, which were attached to an overhead device, forcing her to stand. Her vocal protests were silenced with a ball gag.

Linda’s jogging pants were pulled off and her top was simply shredded with scissors, leaving her nude. “I love nude lesbians, especially chubby ones, they are much more responsive”, quipped Joe. Linda was particularly disturbed by the chubby remark, she considered herself full figured, but worked out daily on a stationary cycle, trying to lose weight.

Joe then proceeded to explain what was in store for Linda. Essentially she would be subjected to humiliation training, which would consist of such activities as leash training, fetching a bone, and the like. She could expect to receive corporal punishment, in the form of flogging, with the intensity to be determined by her attitude.

Additionally she could expect to pay sexual tribute to Joe in the form of oral sex. “I’ve always wanted to be sucked off by a lesbian, maybe I’ll even cunt fuck you”, quipped Joe. This threat was anathema to Linda, she had absolutely no desire to have sex with men. At least Joe wasn’t some fat slob, he was muscular and spoke with a commanding masculine voice.

After inserting a black spider butt plug with Linda, she was left alone for a few minutes to ponder her fate. No sooner had Joe arrived upstairs, the cell rang and it was Diane. Assertiveness had overcome prudence, and she demanded to cancel the training agreement, have her money refunded, and that Linda be released immediately.

In no uncertain terms she was informed by Joe that these demands would not be met. “I’ll be at your house in ten minutes to pick Linda up”, she tersely stated before hanging up.

Diane was an arrogant and domineering person. She was condescending in her attitude towards most people she encountered, such as students and store clerks. She would soon learn the perils of such a disposition, when dealing with someone likewise arrogant and domineering, such as Joe.

Joe was infuriated, to say the least. He had no idea what caused Diane to change her mind, but if she set foot in his house, would be subjected to some punitive training herself. Diane arrived within ten minutes, and clad in a blue strapless dress, literally barged into the house.

“I demand to be treated with respect and you have failed to do so, I want my money back and to leave with Linda”, she promptly commanded.

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible, a deal is a deal and Linda is already undergoing training. The agreement was that the money was not refundable. I suggest you leave now if you know what is good for you”, replied Joe, still bare chested and wearing a ski mask.

“No way now bring her up her or I’ll go down and get her by myself, I didn’t sign a written contract and oral contracts are subject to being rescinded, I’m not intimidated by you in the least”, Diane smugly replied.

“In that case you’ll be joining your bitch for training, it is just as easy to train two as one”, he stated producing a set of steel handcuffs which were promptly used to cuff her wrists behind her. Diane put up a fierce struggle, screaming that she would have him arrested, but she was easily subdued.

Linda heard the commotion as she stood, helplessly restrained in leather cuffs, to the overhead mount, and had no idea what was transpiring. That quickly changed as Diane was led into the dungeon, and ordered to kneel on the carpeted floor, facing Linda.

“I’ve got something you’ll really like” quipped Joe, who proceeded to attach a leather collar to Diane’s neck, and a leather belt around Linda’s waist. A cable tie was used to connect the collar loop to a belt loop, forcing Diane’s face to be pressed tightly against Linda’s shaved pussy.

“That looks pretty good although I realize it is the opposite of your usual position, but I may as well have some fun with both of you”, and he then ordered Diane to commence licking Linda’s pussy. Diane hesitated and Joe’s response was to take a rattan cane and inflict one hard stroke across her buttocks.

Linda’s humiliation at performing in front of a male, was overcome by the knowledge that Diane was finding it far more humiliating. After all, she had boasted of her ability to overcome any male who made advances towards her, yet here she was restrained and completely at the mercy of a sadist.

Joe brooked no disrespect from any of his submissives, whether they were straight, gay, or in this case lesbian. Who did Diane think she was issuing an ultimatum by phone, then barging uninvited into the house? She needed to be taught a lesson, and it was all the more fitting, as she duped her partner into forced bondage.

Any doubt as to how the couple would be spending the evening was quickly resolved. Joe pointed to two sitting room only steel cages, about six feet apart, in one corner of the basement. As the basement was divided into two halves, one cage would be placed in each half, with the occupants being unable to see each other.

It was now time for Linda to be cunt fucked from the rear, even as Diane continued using her tongue upon her pussy, fearing further strokes with the rattan if she stopped. “Not a bad fuck even though you’re a bit chunky” quipped Joe, once again humiliating her by making reference to her weight.

As Joe plunged his rock hard cock into her, Linda felt revulsion as she had never felt before. She was determined to deny him the pleasure of a forced orgasm, but it was quickly becoming apparent she could not resist. After less than four minutes of incessant fucking, Linda succumbed and climaxed.

“That wasn’t so bad was it” asked Joe, with Linda not answering due to her gag. Joe took the rattan and administered a stroke to her buttocks. “I expect an answer bitch, you can talk through the gag” he decreed. “Yeessss sir” she replied.

Diane, thoroughly enraged at seeing her partner raped, was permitted to stop her mouth work. Equally disturbing was that Linda actually seemed to have enjoyed the ordeal.

Joe was frankly bored. Fucking two lesbians together held little appeal for him. He would have enjoyed further torturing the pair with the rattan, but he knew there had to be limits. Neither were pain sluts, and Joe knew from experience the consequences of pushing a novice too far.

Diane was detached from Linda, her handcuffs removed and placed in one of the two steel cages. Her strapless blue dress remained on, with Joe opining that her physical attributes didn’t turn him on. Diane’s collar, which was padlocked, remained in place.

The cage was then placed on a steel hand cart and wheeled to the other half of the basement, out of the view of Linda. Diane did not take well to this treatment, showering Joe with invectives all the while.

Joe had the remedy for Diane’s insolence. First off, he handcuffed her wrists behind her to the cage bars, even though it clearly wasn’t necessary. Then he took a garden hose and used it to liberally drench her with water. Joe had always found water bondage to be an effective technique, and it caused Diane to cease her verbal tirade.

After leaving Diane unattended for about fifteen minutes, Joe returned to check on her condition. She was a pitiful sight, her hair and dress drenched with water, sitting with her wrists cuffed behind her. For the first time she realized the virtues of humility, apologizing for her behavior and begging to be released.

Joe was in no mood for forgiveness. “I think you should stay here for the same period you agreed the other slut would, however I will remove your handcuffs and allow you to remove your dress, that should make it a little more comfy for you”, he said sarcastically. She was also ordered to address him as “Sir”.

By this time Joe had lost any urge to sexually use the two lesbians, regarding them both as contemptible sluts, not worthy of his talents. However he could make one person happy and enjoy himself in the process. The person he had in mind was Claire, a middle aged dominatrix he had known for many years, and whom he considered sufficiently sadistic.

Joe had always been turned on by movies of lesbian dominatrix, but never had the opportunity to observe a session first hand. A call to Claire confirmed she was available and willing to discipline the two sluts in his basement. Best of all it was a freebie, as Claire owed Joe a favor.

Claire arrived within thirty minutes, and was attired in a two piece black vinyl outfit, complemented by a whorish looking blond wig. Even to the most unsophisticated observer, it was not difficult to conclude that she was a dominatrix.

After a brief chat Claire and Joe proceeded to the basement, where he introduced her to Diane and Linda. Claire brandished a flogger in her hand, and both sluts knew a painful session was at hand.

Claire initially seemed to recognize Diane from somewhere, but couldn’t quite place her. A few minutes later, as she stood chatting with Joe, the recognition occurred, and it did not bode well for Diane.

Claire’s sister was a hairdresser, and a few years back the sister had a violent confrontation with Diane over a business transaction, which involved the quality of a haircut. Diane had filed charges with the police, which were eventually dismissed, but animosity persisted between the two.

Claire had seen Diane only briefly, during a court appearance, but took an instant dislike towards her. Now Diane was Claire’s captive, and would pay dearly for her past transgressions. While Claire was not a hair stylist, but had plenty of experiencing shaving the cunts of her submissives. Since Diane was already shaved in this region, an improvised haircut was in order.

Diane was indeed shocked when she learned Claire’s identity, obviously realizing that Claire would wreak revenge. “Take the bitch out of the cage and cuff her to the overhead” she commanded. Joe cheerfully and promptly complied, and Diane was now in leather wrist cuffs in full view of the caged Linda. Fortunately for Linda, at the time of the dispute, she was not in a relationship with Diane, which would serve to spare her from Claire’s sadistic wrath.

“I’ll leave the other slut for you, I think for starters a good flogging is in order for her after what she did to my sister”, stated Claire, referring to Diane. Using a run of the mill, cat of nine type flogger, Claire proceeded to deliver nearly seventy lashes, distributing them equally between her buttocks and boobs. Diane was not gagged and Claire was turned on by her pitiful cries for mercy.

Diane was covered with red whip marks and would be sore for days to come. “Try taking me to court slut”, Claire added defiantly. She then opined that a bit of hair styling would enhance Diane’s appearance, which presently consisted of natural dark brown shoulder length hair.

A spreader bar was used to further immobilize Diane, and a ball gag to silence her protests. “Blonds have more fun”, chortled Claire, who using scissors and an electric shaver, cut off ninety per cent of Diane’s natural hair. Claire then produced a kinky styled blond wig, not greatly different from her own, and glued it into place on Diane’s scalp.

“Tessie would be proud of you, maybe I should give her a call and see if she would like to come over and chat with you about old times”, chuckled Claire. As Diane stood, terrified and helpless, Claire made a call on her cell. Fortunately for Diane there was no answer.

“You luck out but I’m going to take some pictures of you for Tessie to see and if I have any further problems with you I’ll post them on the Internet” stated Claire. Joe generously provided a mirror, enabling Diane to see her new unwanted hair style.

Diane was clearly in a quandary. The whipping was painful enough, but she knew the pain would eventually disappear. More problematic was the glued on wig, even if Diane could successfully remove it, the best she could hope for was to find a suitable brunette wig, and this would entail some explanation to her acquaintances.

At this point Claire abruptly departed, leaving Diane with a modest degree of relief. She still had Joe to contend with, and the continued loyalty of Linda was in doubt. Diane decided her best course was to plead for mercy, with both Joe and Linda, and hope for the best.

When her gag was removed Diane proceeded to do just that. Unknown to her was that Joe had already made up his mind to release his two captives earlier than anticipated. Diane was not holding up well to the stresses of bondage discipline, and Joe was reluctant to push a submissive, especially an unwilling one, over the edge.

Joe was not impressed by Diane’s pleas, he knew they were contrived and not sincere, and ignored them. Her money would not be refunded, but both Diane and Linda would be released, with the understanding that should either attempt any legal action, retaliation would be swift and certain.

Diane had no reason to doubt Joe’s capabilities in this respect. He was reputed to have organized crime connections, and in the past had been retained to impose bondage discipline upon the wives and girlfriends of mobsters.

Joe ran Diane’s dress through the dryer, and after releasing her from the overhead and leg spreader, she was allowed to dress. Linda was released from the cage, her black spider butt plug removed, and she was allowed to put her jogging pants back on. Joe gave her a nondescript tee shirt to replace the shredded jogging top, chuckling that she would look better in a burlap dress.

This had been a profitable encounter for Joe. In less than three hours, he had made the same amount as the original estimate for the duration of the encounter, which was slightly less than forty eight hours.

Frankly he found the task of subjecting Linda to extended discipline, to be unchallenging. He would have enjoyed such activity with Diane, but the circumstances were not conducive to this. At least Diane did not have the audacity to request a refund of the fee she had paid.

The two ravaged females left the premises immediately and began the drive to Diane’s house. The trip was a silent one, and the future of the relationship was very much in doubt.


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