Disciplinary Hearing

by Alex Severn

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© Copyright 2010 - Alex Severn - Used by permission

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She’d arranged the disciplinary interview for 5.00 which was the only thing in this nightmare that gave either Alan or Cheryl any relief, anything to cling onto.  They were in Joanne’s office at the end of the corridor and, hopefully, at least, virtually nobody else would be in the building by the time the interviewing was really underway.

Joanne broke the strained silence.

“Well we may as well get this over with. You’ve had a copy of the charges brought against you, I presume you have read them fully?”

Alan and Cheryl spoke together quickly but quietly to confirm this.

“You realise the serious nature of these breaches of procedure don’t you ?”

Cheryl stifled a sob but had to get some kind, any kind of defence in.

“Joanne, we know we’ve been bloody stupid but it was just a silly game between us, nobody else knows anything, we won’t do it again, we swear it.”

The senior manager practically snorted her disapproval.

“ I bet you won’t but only because you were found out. How in God’s name could you send mails like that to each other, I mean what you do outside of this office is your own affair but………. Let me quote some of the little phrases you used, shall I?

‘Cheryl, I’ve been thinking about your wet pussy all day. Thinking about how it would feel if I licked you out, I could taste your juice on my tongue’.

‘Alan, my legs are wide open and I’m so fucking wet just thinking about you. I played with myself today and imagined I was on all fours with you taking me from behind, God your cock is so hard for me….’.

Do I need to go on, there are dozens of them that you were stupid enough to leave in your inbox, is this embarrassing enough for all of us yet?”

“ No please, there’s no need. Just tell us what the punishment will be, get it over with, Joanne .”

This was Alan’s first contribution and there was a note of defiance in his voice, almost challenging Joanne.

Seconds passed but then the manager smiled slowly.

“I have every right to dismiss you both on the spot and no tribunal would support an appeal, you realise that I think”.

Alan’s defiance waned and Cheryl bit her lip hard because she was determined not to cry and give this hard faced bitch the satisfaction of seeing it.

Joanne stood up and for the first time the couple had the chance to notice how she was dressed.

She looked very ‘Dom’ in her black leather thigh length dress, black boots almost meeting the bottom of it. Hair piled high, Joanne was slim tall and her dark eyes highlighted her French looking oval features. She must have been in her forties, maybe 20 years older than either of the others in the room.

Despite his intense dislike of the woman regarded as the toughest, most ruthless bitch in the office, Alan found himself thinking how hot she was.

Joanne spoke again.

“My punishment will be administered here and now and if you accept it totally, do exactly as I say, all evidence will be destroyed for good.  Remember I was the one who discovered your little ‘affair’ and I have notified you of this hearing myself. Not even my PA knows and I assume even two idiots like you haven’t confided in any of the other little boys and girls that I have to tolerate in this kindergarten?”

Frozen with a blend of uneasiness and fear, the young co –workers just shook their heads.

 “Okay.  From now on, you are forbidden to speak. I am your mistress and you obey every command.  Just remember, you only have to do as I say and I will let you go home and you have my assurance that it will be forgotten”.

For reasons that neither of them would be able to explain, they trusted her to stick to her word.

Joanne rightly took their silence as acquiescence.

“Right Alan, strip for us girls, quickly now. Everything off.”

He didn’t hesitate and soon he was naked, his cock flaccid and limp

Joanne gave him a dazzling smile.

“Not turned on yet are we darling? You will be. Cheryl, your turn now, strip, let me see what I have to play with”.

Cheryl was soon undressed and despite the situation and the feeling of vulnerability, Alan found he was aroused.  Cheryl had a really good body, small but perfectly shaped tits with large chocolate brown nipples and a thick bush of dark hair framing her pussy.

Joanne beckoned the couple closer to her and to each other and then reached out both her hands. Her left hand caressed and stroked Alan’s cock, hardening it instantly whilst her left hand stroked Cheryl’s pussy lips. With a quick movement she ducked her head downwards and roughly sucked on Cheryl’s left nipple . The young girl couldn’t prevent the moisture forming between her legs, she had never been touched by a woman before but there was no hiding from the way it made her feel. Joanne inserted two, then three fingers inside her and gathering Cheryl’s come, thrust her fingers into Alan’s mouth.

“You wanted to taste her juice, so taste it”.

And the young man did, devouring it much to Joanne’s amusement.

“Now, suck those hard tits for her, I’ll let you chose which one first.”

Bending his head to get the right angle Alan chose her left nipple and sucked, licked and chewed on it Cheryl gasped at the feeling, her mouth falling open as she swallowed hard.  He moved on to the right one giving it the same treatment which only increased her excitement. Even to herself she didn’t want to admit that being watched by the other woman increased her pleasure so much.

“Okay, that’s enough of that for now.  I think its time Cheryl tasted some cock, it looks appetising enough.  On your knees you little bitch, give him the best blowjob he’s ever had, get on with it.”

Just for a moment the girl hesitated but she regretted it soon enough.

Joanne stepped forwardly suddenly and slapped her hard across the face twice, causing her to squeal out loud. Then the older woman spoke again in a voice soft and quiet but with a cold menace all too clear.

“No more chances little girl.  Do as I say now or you will be out of work next week, both of you will.”

Cheryl dropped to her knees and taking Alan’s shaft in her left hand started to rub him up whilst her other hand stroked his soft silky balls. She positioned his now rock hard cock in front of her lips and with a quick movement swallowed it. Her jaws began to work furiously on him, and he felt waves of ecstasy sweep over him as she showed him what she could do with her tongue, how she could play with his skin and roll him around in her mouth. Abruptly he pushed her away with his hands and as she broke away her mouth and her chin were dripping with his juices. Joanne stepped forward again and grinned as she took Cheryl’s face in her hands.

“Mmmm, you did enjoy that didn’t you darling?  Your face is sodden.”

Putting a firm hand on the other woman’s shoulder as a sign that she should stay on her knees, Joanne reached down between her legs and beamed all the more brightly.

“God you’re soaking again, girl, you really are a filthy little tart, aren’t you? You need to be punished but rather than do it myself, I think we’d all enjoy it more if your playmate did it, don’t you?” 

From behind her large desk she produced a black whip, short but savage looking.

“ Stay down there but get on all fours. Tilt that pretty little bum upward so he has a nice angle to work with.”

Cheryl opened her mouth as if to protest, refuse even but closed it again quickly enough. She knew the rules and if she played along………..

Joanne handed the whip to Alan saying as he did so,

“ Don’t spare her, don’t be gentle with her. She wants it anyway, it’ll get her even wetter.”

Cheryl looked up at Alan and couldn’t decide whether his eagerness to start whipping her was due to his fear of not co-operating or because he really was turned on by the thought of it but she soon felt the force of the whip as it cracked against her arse cheeks. She tried not to cry out as she didn’t want to give this evil bitch the satisfaction but the pain was cumulative, each downward stroke built on the last and when Alan miscalculated once and the whip flailed against her crevice the pain burned so agonisingly she couldn’t help but call out

“Please, please, no more, I’ve had enough.”

She was rewarded with a smile from her chief tormentor.

“Yes I think you have now, darling. I will forgive your speaking out in the circumstances. Never mind, it will be soon be over.  One more section of this hearing and we will draw it to a close.”

Joanne traced her fingers over the red sore wheals criss crossed over Cheryl’s cheeks, almost gently, lovingly caressing them.

With a quick movement she pulled off her dress revealing she was wearing no underwear. Alan practically licked his lips at the sight of just how firm and appetising her body was. Her tits were large and full with hard pink nipples, her stomach was flat and her navel was decorated with a silver chain hanging down as if pointing to where his eyes were drawn to most of all. In sharp contrast to the other woman her pussy was freshly shaved, her labia was pulsing  and almost twitching and even from a few feet away the wetness forming there could be seen glistening.

She took Alan’s shaft in her hands, he had become harder during his punishment of Cheryl and he shivered with pleasure as she stroked and manipulated him.

“I want you to fuck me now, and you better make it good for me. I like it from behind, I want to feel your cock driving into me.  And you little girl, maybe you need a bit of attention now. On your feet, now.”

Joanne dropped onto all fours and commanding the girl to stand with her legs wide open, ordered the man to fuck her.

As he inserted his eager cock into her very welcoming, wet gaping hole, Joanne snaked out her tongue and began to probe Cheryl’s lips. Timing her probing around the other’s clit and labia with the increasingly urgent thrusts of Alan, the three of them rocked together with a rhythmical physicality that built and grew. Punctuated only by an occasional instruction from Joanne to Alan to give her more and harder, they seemed to have almost become one body, or perhaps one machine of pleasure and movement.

Alan felt as if her pussy lips were manoeuvring his shaft around, she had a way of backing onto him that just made him feel he was deeper and deeper inside her throbbing saturated opening. Then he came inside her, violently and gloriously. For a second he wondered at her reaction, if he had failed to satisfy her need, if she was disappointed at his performance, he had no doubt he would suffer for it.

But as she eased her body off his still swollen cock, she swivelled around to face him and smiled slowly.

“Well I’ve had better young man but I’ve had worse too. Much worse. “

Suddenly she turned back to face Cheryl, realising she had broken away from her, stopped exploring her with her lips tongue and mouth.

She gave that same slow almost bitter smile.  

“Oh dear, left you on the brink of coming did I?  You tasted pretty good actually, nice to feel a woman’s honey in your mouth, don’t you think? But maybe you’ve never had that little pleasure, Cheryl?”

Joanne paused for a second surveying the scene. She was squatting down still damp from the screwing Alan had given her. Alan himself stood there, his cock now limp and soft whilst Cheryl was standing, legs apart as if pleading to be given more pleasure, the wetness still gleaming on her swollen lips.
With a quick lithe movement she stood up and grabbing the man’s face in her hands she kissed him full and long on his lips. Standing back she told him

“There, now you have felt the taste of your little friend’s come in my mouth.  What a lovely bond between us, all our juices mingling together. But you know Cheryl, our man has got off very well here, don’t you think?  He’s had his cock sucked by your eager little mouth and he’s had me, the best fuck he’ll ever have open my legs wide for him. He even got to play master and whip your arse until you squealed. I will give you permission to answer me now. Would you like to show him how good it can be when a real woman takes control?!”

“God yes I would. Let me whip him now.”

Laughing delightedly, Joanne picked up the whip and handed it to Cheryl, and gestured to Alan.

“You, down on your knees and take a whipping, the best type of disciplinary action for you.”

Alan slumped to his knees and even as she took the whip from Joanne Cheryl saw how aroused he was already.  He wanted to be beaten by her as much as she had been by him. This felt so right and she wasn’t going to disappoint him.

She thrashed him several times, on his broad back on his upturned muscular ass and she felt a surge of power and excitement at the sight of him silently begging for it and saw the marks appearing on his skin. But most wonderfully of all she could see Joanne, perched on her desk, still naked, legs open with her long fingers probing between her legs.  Cheryl increased the force of the beating as she watched transfixed at how the other woman writhed and squirmed at her own touch, she could see pink and purple lips oozing with sticky juices, and when Joanne began to use one hand to twist and fondle her impressive nipples and the other to transfer the come from her soaking lips to her mouth and lick her fingers clean………..

Joanne’s voice broke the spell.

“Enough, girl, he’ll wear those marks for weeks as it is.  Stop it now. “

Cheryl stopped as if she were a machine that had been switched off.

Joanne gave her final speech.

“I have no more left to say, nothing left to do to you.  I gave you my assurance and you can count on it.  No copies of those mails you exchanged will survive. This ‘hearing’ was private and will remain so.  You can get dressed and go, both of you… if you really want to that is.”

Alan was dressed quickly, he moved towards the door albeit gingerly as the biting pain in his back and bum made walking  more troublesome than normal but he paused as he saw that Cheryl had made no such moves, she was still naked as was their senior officer.

“Come on, it’s over, Cheryl, I’ll take you home now.”

This time it was Cheryl’s turn to smile.

“You go Alan.  I’ll see you tomorrow. I want to stay with Joanne.”

The man left alone, his imagination still working long into the night.


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