The Disappearance of Jennifer

by Bound5lave

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Storycodes: MF; F+/fm; D/s; bond; cuffs; chast; captives; enslave; objectify; femdom; cons/reluct; X

At the end of it all, I knew the only person to blame was myself. Yet I never saw it at first and because of that from now on I will have to pay the price.

I had only ever had two girlfriends in my life. During a majority of my time at college I was dating someone, it had officially ended by the end college was almost over. That was the time I had noticed a girl in my class, her name was Jennifer. She was a year younger than me, she had striking blonde hair, gentle blue eyes, black glasses and she had a geeky vibe about her. She had a small body, standing only 5 foot 2 inches tall and small curves, despite her small body her breasts were small and perky, pushing them out and being very noticeable. At the end of the year she announced her feelings towards me, both as a friend and a crush and we began dating.

College soon went and we spent our new free time seeing more and more of each other. Going to movies, dinner and pretty much doing everything together until we ended up in bed.

Our first night together was special and simple. The way you imagined it would be. Soon after she began to bring more things into the bedroom, Vibrators, cuffs, paddles, whips and she was even talking about bringing in a friend to dominate us both.

This is when I had learnt about Jennifer’s submissive side. She enjoyed all types of submission, whether it’s a simple spanking or being tied up or even wearing a collar that says ‘slave’ in public. She wasn’t happy when I brought it to an end, but in the end we ended up as a normal couple again.

And that was what it was like for almost an entire year. We focused mainly on our work, keeping busy most of the day and sleeping the rest. We would try and sneak in a date or playtime in bed now and then.


I enter my home. I brought us a small bungalow in a quiet part of Oxford a few months back and it has been a wonderful place to live.

I place my work stuff on a nearby chair and take off my suit jacket, stretching my arms out to get rid of the day’s stress, I walk over to the table and grab the newspaper that Jennifer must have brought this morning. I look at the headlines, normal stuff. The world is at war, recent celebrity mishap and something new to be angry at parliament about.

However, something small catches my eye on the page. The date. 7st June…

It looks familiar… OUR ANNIVERSARY.

I throw the newspaper down and run towards the kitchen. Instantly looking into the cabinets to try and find something nice to cook. As I forgot a present, a nice dinner should do.

I sigh relief as I find a chicken in the fridge; I throw it into the oven and begin cooking faster than I have ever before.

I clean and tidied the table and got everything ready and shortly after everything was prepared. The food was on the table, romantic music in the background and even the candles were out.

I waited for her to return, 7pm is when she finishes work.

7pm came and went

8pm arrive and left sooner than 7pm.

9pm, I rang her mobile, went to voice mail.

10pm, I rang her parents, they haven’t heard from her but will tell me if they do.

11pm, the food is cold, the candles have burnt out and I fell asleep there and then.

I woke in the morning to banging on the front door. Still in my clothes from yesterday I opened the door to two police officers.

Jennifer’s parents called the police last night after no one from her workplace knew where she was. I told the police my side of the story. Needless to say my heart was panicking, I quickly changed my clothes and drove to her workplace, trying to get all the pieces of information together as much as I could.

“She spent a lot of her time on the phone yesterday” was all that the lady from reception could tell me and the rest of her colleagues had less information to tell me.

I searched everywhere for my girlfriend, all the places we used to visit and every inch of the nearby area.

Her parents called on manhunts almost every day and I helped out any chance I could.

Hours fell into days and before I knew it two weeks have gone past.

Jennifer’s parents began to call off the manhunts and any sign of her existence had vanished into thin air.

I returned home in the darkness, exhausted after a long day searching. I picked up a letter on the floor, closed the door and fell onto the sofa. Falling asleep almost instantly.

I woke up several  hours later with the light from the morning sun blaring on my face. I throw off my dirty clothes. Standing in my underwear in the living room, I once again notice the letter that has fallen on the floor sometime during the night.

I pick it up and rip it open, reading a standard size letter with only a few lines typed onto it.

The lounge
21st June

A part of me thought I should tell the authorities, another part of me knew that this was connected to Jennifer in some way and it’s the only chance I will get to see what happened to her.

I ran to the bedroom and got changed as fast as I could, mentally preparing myself for what might happen. The lounge is a local and busy café, so any chance of something bad happening is slim.

I put on some jeans and a plain white shirt, I run to the door and put my trainers on and run all the way to the Lounge.

I got there an hour early, brought myself a coffee and sat down at an empty table, trying to calm down my nerves. Every scenario of what could happen pops into my head, men demanding money, etc. Every minute dragged more than the last, I saw people come and go. Each time the door opens, I flinch.

11am came by and as expected, a few minutes went before the door opened and I flinched harder than before.

I was surprised to see a beautiful woman with ebony skin walk in and instantly I put it off, expecting her to be meeting a friend, you can imagine my surprise when she sits down opposite me. She had dark, wavy skin and a very impressive figure. She had decent curves, a large bum, large breasts and her stare could intimidate the largest of men.

I stopped a moment with the staring and asked her the most basic question.

“Where is Jennifer?” I try to keep tears from rising back up.

She places her purse on the seat next to her, ignoring my question.

“Who are you?” I ask, the only other thing I can think of asking.

“My name is Nikki” she says, putting both her hands on the table.

She didn’t look like a kidnapper, She was wearing a large silver necklace and a black, tight, short dress.

“What is happening?” I beg her to answer.

“You really want to find out the truth?” she asked me in return, “I cannot promise you will get the answer you wish for and you can never go back once you have learnt about it”.

“What do you mean?”

“If you want to figure anything out about Jennifer, you will have to leave your old life behind and suffer the same fate as her”

“What? That’s crazy, what do you mean by fate? Is Jennifer alive?”

“I cannot tell you” she said.

She moves her body to reach into her now open purse. Doing so she opens her legs, revealing under her dress. I try to look away, but something catches my eye and I stare at her pierced pussy. She knew what she was doing and sadly, despite the situation I got very hard looking at it. After a few seconds she closed her legs once more and placed a small parcel on the table. She points to it with one of her long nails on her index finger.

“If you want to know everything about what has happened to Jennifer. You must give up your current life. Follow the instructions in this parcel tomorrow morning and I’ll do the rest”.

“And if I don’t?” I ask, cheekily.

“Then forget about Jennifer” she states, standing up, “Forget about me, forget about these past few days and get on with your life; but if you want to see her again. Do everything in the parcel before 11am”.

“Is Jennifer alive?” I ask one more time.

She ignores me, turns away and begins walking towards the exit. My eyes stare at her bum, watching them move under the tight dress. My rock hard cock returns.

I return home and place the parcel on the table. I once again throw myself onto the sofa. The sexiness of what just happened had faded and now the serious part of it had begun. I stared at the parcel, whatever was inside was going to change my life. If I leave it, then I will never see my girlfriend again, but if I open it and do what it says, I could be dead by tomorrow.

I fell asleep staring at the parcel. Waking up with the room brightened by the morning sun. My eyes dart towards the clock.

“10:28am… shit!” I yell, sitting up and throwing open the parcel.

I did not care about anything else; I want to see what happened to Jennifer and figure out the truth. I rip open the parcel and drop the insides onto the table. A few metal objects fall out and a letter. I instantly grab the letter and begin reading the letter out loud.

“If you want to see Jennifer again, do everything this list says. Burn this and the first letter as soon as you read it. Inside the parcel should be ankle and wrist cuffs, a blindfold and a chastity device.

Take off all of your clothes.
Unlock the front door and leave all your keys in front of the door.
Open the chastity device and place it onto you. The padlock has no key, so it is permanent and will NEVER come off.
Get on your knees in front of the front door.
Place your ankles in the cuffs.
Place the blindfold over your eyes.
Lock the last two cuffs behind your back and wait for further instruction.
The ankle and wrist cuffs will be unlocked later.
If you do not want to see Jennifer again, keep your front door locked for the rest of the day”.

I read the letter over and over again, reading every last detail. When I looked at the clock it read 10:40am.

I quickly rushed and picked up the two letters, placing them in a fresh fire on the fire place. I ripped off my shirt and trousers, revealing my naked body. I grabbed the contents of the parcel and knelt in front of the door. The chastity belt was really small. Shaped around the penis and made out of metal to make it harder to get out. I checked the padlock and as the letter says, there is no lock. The entire padlock was covered in metal and it was obvious then the padlock cannot be opened in anyway.

The chastity belt was made out of three pieces. A metal cock ring that goes underneath the scrotum, a top piece of the cock ring that also locks onto the top of the shaft piece and the shaft bit itself that covers the penis. I place the cock ring underneath my ball sack and when it gets in position I place the top piece on too. My heart beats harder than it has ever done before as I touch my penis for the last time, holding the soft skin in my hand.

I look at the clock. 10:50am… SHIT!!

I slip the metal shaft over my penis, it was the tightest thing I ever put on, the shaft clicked into the top of the cock ring, all to do not was to seal it with the padlock. I put the padlock in its place and held it to push it shut. My hands shook, I grunted. The two wills in my body forcing my hands both ways. My grunt turn into a scream as something silenced me.


My body froze and my heart stopped as I stared down at my now locked cock. I tried to pull it off, but it was too tight. I moved it in every direction but it wasn’t getting loose. A part of my wanted to cry.

I stared at the clock, 10:55am.

I grabbed the ankle cuffs and locked them onto my ankles. Placing the leather blindfold onto my head and drowning my sight in darkness. I felt around for the handcuffs and locked them behind my back too.

I sat in darkness for what felt like ages, the seconds on the clock I could hear getting slower and slower. The chastity belt felt so tight against the skin of my cock.

Eventually the front door opened and I heard two people come in.

“Wow, he actually did it?” a female voice appeared from the darkness.

“Wouldn’t you do the same in his shoes?” a familiar voice said.

“Nikki?” I whispered.

The two women grabbed me and took me outside. I briefly felt the cold air touch my skin as I was thrown into the back of the car.

The drive felt like it took forever as most of my senses were blocked out.

I fell asleep.

I woke up being dragged through the dirt, I felt the cement turn into carpet as we entered a building. I suddenly stopped. The blindfold was lifted off my head and I took a moment to adjust to the room. I felt my nakedness more than ever now; I was handcuffed with my cock snuggled into a device.

The room looked like a lobby. The carpet looked like a hotel carpet, the walls were wooden. Apart from the entrance where I appeared from, there is only one more door.

Nikki stood in front of me, wearing the same clothes as yesterday, she stripped down the dress to reveal simple and see through lingerie. I could see her breasts and pierced pussy.  From this closenessI can see the necklace Nikki is wearing is actually a collar, padlocked at the back.

She turns towards the next door and bows as a woman walks through it and the sight was too much. My cock strained against its prison. The woman had the largest breasts I had ever seen, being held loosely in a very open, black dress, and the bottom of the dress flowed behind her, but the front of the dress was high enough to show the bottom of her shaved pussy. She wore nothing else.

In her hand she had a lead that attached to a dog… wait that isn’t a dog!

At the woman’s feet was a man on all fours being dragged along. He was head to toe in latex, his arms and legs were bound tightly, allowing for stiff movement and he was gagged.

I felt sorry for the man as he was pulled into the room.

Nikki in front of be bowed down towards the woman, I soon felt a smack on my arse and told to do the same from someone behind me, must have been the other woman who carried me out earlier.

I quickly bowed too, the woman walked past me and to the mysterious woman, she whispered something to her, sadly something I didn’t want to hear.

“Remove all valuables from his house, and then burn it down”.

I tried to ignore it and think of Jennifer. The woman walked up to me, looked me up and down. She grabbed my chastity belt and tugged at it, making sure it was properly on.

“Wow” she acted surprised, “You really went through with it. You must really love her”.

The woman turned around, grabbing something from the desk. I took the moment to stare at her body. She had dark brown hair and hazel eyes, a look that could command anything she wanted. I tried to not stare at her body, my cock was straining so hard against its prison.

“Here” she turned around, “Drink this, it will complete everything you done. Just one last step”.

In her hand she held a glass filled with blue liquid.

“Where is Jennifer?” I asked.

Nikki held my shoulder, “Just drink it and ill promise you that you will see Jennifer right away”

I looked at the two women, their eyes staring contently at me. My cock screamed in its chastity as it begged for release, a touch even. Jennifer came first. I grabbed the drink and drank it all.

It tasted really weird, but I managed to swallow it all.

The woman took the glass from me, “Take him to the dining room”.

“Yes mistress” Nikki obeyed as she grabbed my handcuffs and pulled me through the door and down a small corridor.  She stopped me in front of two large doors.

“This is where the Mistress entertains her guests” she smiled as she opened the large doors, revealing a rather big room. It contained a large dinner table that stretched on for about 15 feet, allowing atleast 7 guests on each side and a person at the two ends of the table. The room glowed a relaxing orange with status holding up candlesticks on each side of the room.

Women surrounded the table, all sat on the chairs, drinking wine and being in rather high spirits, each of them wearing very minimal clothing. I could even see that one of the women were completely naked.

The Mistress walked in, with a top hat in one hand and the lead in the other. She took her place at the end of the table and as she sat down a loud, almost human groan came from her seat.

“You have come at a good time” Nikki smiled, “What do you think of my Mistress’ slave collection?”

At that moment I realised what the furniture in the room was, all the chairs, the tables, even the statues. They were all people, tied, bound and gagged. All forced to live as furniture.

I stared at the chairs as their bodies are fused with the woodwork and they strain under the pressure of the women. As the tables are forced to hold up the heavy wood for their entire lives and the statues coated in silver and bound to the wall.

At that point, when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Jennifer walked in and her eyes locked onto mine in complete horror.

She was naked, her hands bound behind her back in the reverse prayer position , rope tied tightly around the base of her breasts pushed them out further than normal, at the end of her breasts were nipple clamps attached to a serving tray that hung around her belly. The bottom of the serving tray was attached to the top of a female chastity belt she was wearing. Her mouth was gagged with a thick leather gag and her ankles were locked together like mine.

“I want a drink, slave!” The mistress command.

Jennifer stared at me for a second, her eyes were saying sorry to me as she turned around and gently moved the tray towards her Mistress.

“All she wanted was some more fun and games in the bedroom” The Mistress giggled, “But as you broke her spirit down, you two ended up here and now everything is now given to me”.

My head started to spin around the room, whatever was in that drink was beginning to take effect.

My eyes could barely focus as the room began to get dark. I managed to see the Mistress take a drink from Jennifer’s tray, put the drink on the table and place her hand into the top hat.

“Let’s see what my new slave’s job is?” I could hear her say, although it sounded like she was in another room.

Through my unfocused eyes I could see her pull out a bit of paper, open it up and look at it. She laughed and showed all the other women, who also began laughing. She showed Jennifer, but she just looked at me with fear in her eyes.

That’s all I can remember

I wake up and the darkness from once before returns. I try to move, but my hands won’t budge. My feet also seem locked to something.

I strain against my bonds to move, at least budge something; but to no avail.

It felt like hours went by, locked inside my own space. Spending my time trying to calm down and get out the bonds. It is difficult to tell when I am dreaming or awake.

I dream of running through warm fields, with Jennifer in my arms we run freely. No bars, no bondage. We hold each other’s naked bodies, smell the fresh air, and feel the wind against our skin-

I wake up. Light blinding me.

I try to move and once again the bonds keep me locked down.

I strain and try to move my body towards the light.

I look up once more to see a familiar sight. Right above me I see the pierced vagina of Nikki.

I stop struggling, confused.

The door to the bathroom opens. Mistress walks in to see Nikki sitting on the toilet, gagging can be heard underneath her.

“He’ll learn” Mistress smiled.

Nikki smiles back, standing up and closing the toilet lid once again. They leave the bathroom, only to look back and see a traditional, normal bathroom looking back at them.

They close the door and turn off the light.


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