The Dinner Date

by Torquemaster

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Never did the term “Opposites Attract” apply more than it did to Vicki Kane and Mandy Moore.  The 2 girls met while in training for the FBI’s cadet program. Both had a strong interest in law enforcement but each had very different reasons for being where they were now.  Vicki was a tall slender but shapely brunette raised in the Midwest. She was 3rd generation law enforcement and came loaded with a full set full of conservative values and her fathers solid work ethic. Mandy was California born and raised.  A blue eyed, busty blond with a body and an attitude that looked like it just stepped off of Rodeo drive in Hollywood.  Despite their differences they both saw their opportunity at the FBI as a chance to make a difference in the world.

That was 2 ½ years ago.  In that time after successfully passing all the tests and training the FBI could challenge the two with they had graduated. It did not take long though for them to realize their position in the agency.  They were “Token Minorities.” Since graduation they had been assigned every clerical and administrative job the agency could find.  They were in their own words,” Secretaries with Guns.”

On the good side the girls had developed a blossoming friendship.  They had common interests after all, Law Enforcement, Guns and Handcuffs. The two had become room mates and over time their natural interest in handcuffs turned into a fetish for bondage. After all the agency was a treasure chest of fascinating restraints and the girls had both spent plenty of time in them during their training, maybe just a little too much time Vicki had more then once commented. The girls found they loved to challenge each other with a wild variety of bondage games. At least to one it was challenging. To the other it was turning into something much, much deeper.

Despite the boredom Vicki took great pride in her work though still mostly clerical, but Mandy just did the minimum to get by. That all changed the day their new boss entered the office for the first time.  Matt Striker was a tall, tanned, muscular man in his mid 50’s with a square jaw, salt and pepper hair and a six pack.  Matt carried all the spit and polish they taught him as a Marine aviator to a new level.  The first time Vicki met Matt she was immediately impressed by his professionalism and “Take Command” authoritativeness.  Mandy on the other hand said her knees went weak.  It only took a short while for both girls to develop a crush on him despite their differing reasons.

Matt held his emotions close to his chest while on the job.  He had to because underneath it all his nerves were held together with razor wire.  As a Marine pilot and veteran of 48 missions over North Vietnam, Matt had been shot down in one of the last missions of the war.  Held as a prisoner for 17 months he was subjected to terrible, unspeakable tortures that he never surrendered to.  He denied his captors of even the smallest bit of information from him.  Little did the girls know that one day soon he would expect that kind of courage and dedication of them?

One afternoon at work Mandy came running up to Vicki’s desk obviously excited about something. “Matt...Matt... Matt just spoke to me,” she stammered out. 

“Calm down girl.  He talks to all of us every day what is the big deal?” Replied Vicki as she tried to get Mandy to slow down and make sense. 

Finally after taking 3 deep breaths and counting to ten Mandy was able to deliver the news.  Matt was heading up a new task force.  This was a counter terrorist force designed to go after the terrorists where they could be hurt most, in the pocket book.  It seemed that the US had gained intelligence that Mid Eastern terrorists had been collaborating with South American drug dealers in an international slave trading ring.  There had been a recent rise in the disappearance of rich, young white American girls on vacations in popular Caribbean and South American vacation hot-spots. Reliable intelligence had concluded that these girls had been smuggled out of the country to the middle east and sold as sex slaves to rich Mid Eastern Oil barons and the profits were being use to fund Iranian Terrorist training camps.  Matt had been given approval by the Security Council to infiltrate the group, capture whoever was at the source of the kidnappings and cut off the money trail to the terrorists. 

“We have to volunteer for this task force,” said Mandy. “This is our one chance to see some action.” For once Mandy was right. Vicki knew she would never see any action in the FBI until she first could see over the pile of paperwork on her desk.  “Let’s do it!” they both screamed.

So they did.  Both were surprised by Matt Strikers willingness to accept their applications to the task force and even more surprised by how quickly their advanced training had begun. Within a week they were part of a ten person unit in training for the CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) taskforce. They and all of the applicants had been told by Matt at the beginning that this was a tryout, that there would only be 5 people including him in the unit.  That meant 6 of the group of 5 women and 5 men would be scrubbed out during the training. 

After the basic FBI training part, pretty boring for the most part, was out of the way the training quickly got into role playing.  Each scenario was different but at the heart of each the goal was to gain information out of your adversary.  Candidates played both parts of the scene. Sometimes Vicki got to play the good guy and sometimes the bad guy. Points were awarded and scores kept for every scenario. Each was played out until there was a winner or a loser. You lost when you were tripped up and discovered to be either a spy or you divulged your information.  If you lost the game you were either captured or arrested, depending on your point of view.  Either way you ended up bound.  At the end of nearly every role play someone got tied up, handcuffed, or hogtied.  Whatever it took to restrain them was fair game because the scene didn’t end then. 

Once tied up it was then your job to escape. In Matt’s point system you got double points for escaping and if someone got out of your bondage you lost double points.  So these role playing games became a contest of who could out Houdini, Houdini. At first everyone thought it was kind of strange but after discussing it between themselves the candidates wrote it off to Matt having been a prisoner of war and his obsession with escaping. After a couple of weeks of the training however, Matt gathered the group together and explained to all of them his purpose.

“This group of Terrorists we are targeting,” he explained, “is in the business of kidnapping and restraining people. If you allow yourself to be caught and made one of their victims you are no good to this team. Don’t ever for one moment think that you are indestructible or untouchable. I was protected by the most sophisticated airplane in the world 28,000 feet in the air and I was taken out by a missile no bigger than a baseball bat. I expect 4 out of 5 of you to be captured at some point in your career As long as there is an ounce of blood in your veins I expect you to keep fighting. If you are captured and bound by the enemy they will take you for granted. At that point you can either give up or become a secret weapon aimed at them.  It’s your choice.” 

Matt’s words inspired Vicki and energized her to double her efforts.    Vicki was tied up with rope, chains, cuffs, telephone wire, bed sheets, whatever was made available. Of course Vicki liked being tied up and her captors soon found to their dismay that she was very good at escaping.  But for all the points she earned escaping, she lost points at tying people up. Even Mandy who was constantly being caught would escape from Vicki’s knots and padded her scores when they were placed in opposite rolls.

Vicki’s frustration with not being a good enough rigger led her directly into Mandy’s arms outside of work.  The girls had played with bondage before and Vicki knew Mandy had a thing for her, but she only occasionally let her guard down.  She kept telling herself that she was straight, but an occasional lesbian experience was ok to let off some tension. Now the competitive drive in her took over and her personal life became a bondage marathon. Over the course of the next few weeks not only was she being challenged at work but at home she was either being tied by or tying up Mandy 6-8 hours every night.  The girls bought books on the subject, purchased a small fortune in equipment at a local adult store and bookmarked dozens of internet sites honing their skills.  Vicki was hogtied, ball tied, frog tied, suspended, spread-eagled and inverted.  She learned the strappedo, the reverse prayer, elbow crush and the hammer tie.  She learned that every inch of a woman can be tied.  She experienced crotch ropes, breast harnesses, thumb cuffs, posture collars, and nipple clamps.

Every evening became a contest of who could tie who in the most intricate way. For Vicki it was the competitive challenge. For Mandy it was one opportunity after another to grope, fondle and stroke Vicki’s supple young body. Good Bondage has to be tight Vicki would say and Mandy would add that for it to be challenging, you have to be nude.  In each girls way they were getting what they wanted. 

On one particular night the reward of the night for the winner of the contest was that the loser would take the winner out for a dinner of her choice. Mandy had won that evening, escaping from Vicki’s handcuffs, ballgag and crotch rope in 32 seconds less than Vicki had escaped from her bondage. Little did Vicki know that Mandy had tampered with the timer to insure the out come. Since it was not Vicki’s choice, Mandy had chosen a very nice and private restaurant on the far side of town. After the girls had showered and done their hair and makeup, Vicki was surprised when she came into her bedroom to find a pile of skimpy lingerie and bondage gear on the bed in place of the dress she had laid there.  “Hey, what’s up?” Vicki cried out.

“Since I won my choice for dinner I get to chose how you are dressed for the evening as well.” replied Mandy.  

Vicki thought about protesting for a moment and then bit her lip. Might as well go along and take this as a challenge too.

The dress was more like a short teddy; it barely covered the cheeks of her firm little butt. Mandy has insisted that she wear no bra so the skimpy top and thin straps did little to cover Vicki’s jiggling cleavage. Fortunately Vicki knew this restaurant and it was dark so she wasn’t too concerned about revealing any secrets.  Next came the accessories. Mandy handed her a thin black leather collar. Not bad, Vicki thought, most people would let it pass for a necklace and not think twice about it. It had a loop in the buckle for a padlock but there was none on the bed so Vicki thought she had at least escaped that one.  No such luck   however as Mandy handed her a large silver padlock with the word Master on it.  How appropriate she thought as she slipped the hasp into the loop. “Hold on a minute,” cried Mandy, “Not so fast, lock this on too”. She handed Vicki a one foot long chain.

“What’s this for?” “For Later,” came the reply. So without any further hesitation Vicki slipped the hasp thru a chain link, it barely passed, and locked the Master lock onto the collar buckle with a resounding click.  The weight of the big lock and the chain hanging down her back actually pulled her head back slightly. There would be no slouching tonight. Vicki looked at herself in the mirror. Hooker costume she thought. Damn I actually look pretty hot! She turned to get a pretty good view of her back.  Her long dark hair at least hid the chain trailing down her upper back but the bottom of her butt cheeks were hanging out. She slid the dress down to cover them and as she did her nipples popped out of the top.  “Good, I needed them next,” said Mandy as she approached Vicki with 2 twist- ties in her hand.

“What are those for?” cried a now frightened Vicki. “Now hold it sister, just what is tonight’s game?” she asked.  

“Ok here is the deal,” and Mandy went on to explain. “Tonight the challenge is on concentration. During dinner I intend to read the technical manual to you on the new SR933 surveillance scanner. After dinner I will give you a test to see what you remembered.”

“So what is the big deal?” asked Vicki.

“I have arranged several uh, uh, distractions for you to make it difficult for you to concentrate.” answered Mandy.

“So those are going where?” asked the now slightly fearful Vicki.

“On your nipples of course,” replied Mandy. Not waiting for permission Mandy took each nipple in turn and after rolling each in her fingers to make it hard tied the wire twist-tie around the base of each nipple insuring that the little buds would stay engorged with blood and hard for the entire evening. Not a bad feeling thought Vicki.  Why didn’t I think of that years ago? However when Mandy raised her dress back up to cover them and Vicki took a few steps she felt the material rub across each hard nipple and a tingle ran thru her chest.  Oh! This could be interesting she thought licking her lips.

Finished with their dressing the 2 girls picked up their purses and headed for the door.  Vicki picked up her long coat. “Oh let me help you with that” said Mandy. Vicki obliged by placing her arms behind her back so Mandy could place them in the sleeves. Mandy’s next move was so swift that Vicki swore she heard the ratcheting of the handcuffs before she felt the colt steel tightening on her wrists.

 “Hey what the fu--,” Vicki tried in vain to shout out.  But before she could get the words out Mandy was cramming a big red ballgag in the mouth of her surprised victim.

“All part of the distraction,” was all that Mandy said. Next she raised Vicki’s cuffed hands up to the bottom of her shoulder blades and using another padlock attached the cuffs to the end of the chain dangling from Vicki’s collar. Now the weight of her hands pulled hard on her neck and Vicki discovered very quickly that she needed to concentrate on keeping her hands held high in a mildly painful position to keep from pulling her neck back and interfering with her breathing.  After Mandy placed Vicki’s coat on her shoulders she turned the bound girl around and stared into her eyes. “Let the games begin,” she said. Vicki could only stare with her eyes wide open trying to burn a hole into Mandy’s forehead. She was helpless to do much more.

Mandy took great care in placing Vicki in the front seat of the car, making sure she was comfortable and buckled up.  “Spread your legs,” Mandy commanded.  Vicki only stared. “Now,” said Mandy in a much more menacing voice.  Vicki complied and Mandy took something out of her purse that looked like an overgrown horse pill about the size of a man’s thumb with a 3 inch wire coming out of one end. “It’s a Silver Bullet,” offered Mandy.  “It will definitely get your attention.” She pulled Vicki’s thong aside and slowly slipped it into Vicki’s already wet pussy letting only the wire left exposed and then snapped the thong shut. Vicki didn’t know what surprised her more. Was it the snap of the thong on her pussy lips or the fact that the damn thing had slid in so easily?  She had no idea at the moment but soon realized that this whole affair with the cuffs, the collar, the slow burn coming from her nipples and now the intruder in her pussy was making her extremely hot and wet.

 The ride to the restaurant was long and very eventful. Every bump, pothole and stoplight gave Vicki a new sensation she had never felt before.  It was like her entire body was one giant nerve ending and the car seat was a huge antenna attracting impulses from every corner of the city. She was actually disappointed when they pulled into the parking lot. Her first shock was when Mandy turned toward Valet parking. No No No she tried to scream thru the gag, but it came out as “mhpmhpmhp.” She did not sign up for this.  There was no way she wanted to be seen like this and embarrassed in front of some pimply faced teenager.  The bondage under her coat was ok but the gag was shining out like a spotlight saying hey come look at me.  Mandy sensed her friends fear and at the last minute turned and drove into the self parking lot. 

After stopping the car and shutting off the engine Mandy leaned over and removed Vicki’s ballgag.  The words came pouring out behind a river of saliva. “Don’t you EVER do that again!” screamed Vicki. “I’m ok with the fun and games but THAT was going too far.  You try anything like that again and the game is OVER you hear!”  Mandy shrunk down in her seat like a cowering little girl.  If you didn’t know that Vicki was chained and handcuffed under the coat watching this scene play out you would swear that Mandy was the one in bondage and being punished. Whatever games the girls would play from this moment on it was now clear that Vicki was definitely in charge.

Once again Mandy carefully helped Vicki from her seat and quietly the two walked up the parking lot to the front door. Not saying a word. Maybe it was the quickness of her pace, maybe is was the anger raising her blood pressure but for a few moments Vicki completely forgot that she was handcuffed and chained underneath her coat and that she had an intruder shoved inside of her pussy. It only took a few steps to bring that fact back to the forefront of her mind. The heat building within her pussy began to climb. Sweat began to bead on her forehead. Each step began to shoot white hot pains into her legs turning them into rubber. Oh God just let me reach the front door she thought. Coconut she thought.  I have to concentrate on something unpleasant; something she hated to keep herself from going into an orgasm right there in the parking lot in front of all of those pimply faced teenage boys staring at her.  Mercifully she made it, all thanks to the thoughts of the day the coconut candy bar had made her sick as a little girl.

Once inside Mandy abandoned her to check on their reservation with the hostess.  Another hostess approached and asked Vicki if she wanted to have her coat checked.  Vicki shot a laser gaze at the poor girl’s hand, hitting it just short of the coat’s shoulder. It did not stop the girl from grasping the empty sleeve of the coat. As the girl squeezed the sleeve she realized it was empty. Her hand went up the outside of the sleeve to Vicki’s shoulder. She then took a long look at her other sleeve and leaned back to size up what she has discovered.  The girl then released her grasp, looked Vicki straight in the eye and gave were a wink before saying “Hope you are having fun under there.” She then turned to check out the rear view of Mandy at the desk and slinked away. 

Soon after, Mandy returned and the two girls were escorted to their table. Vicki was finding maneuvering in her present position not that difficult.  She even managed to slide into the booth without the use of her hands quite easy. She was thankful to get off of her feet though.  The constant action of the bullet rubbing inside of her was taking its toll. Between that and the friction of the inside lining of her coat on her tender hardened nipples which felt like sandpaper against them by now was making her so wet that if she weren’t wearing a thong the bullet would have fallen out for sure.

Dinner and drinks were an interesting challenge. Mandy was very attentive to her bound friend. The waiter was very discrete and never asked why the young lady kept her coat on.  Vicki found it was actually fun having Mandy wait on her, feed her and tend to her subtle needs. Dinner was great and the wine gave her a warm glowing feeling. Not bad Vicki thought. I could stand this for hours.

“Ok,” Said Mandy “Now fun time is over, time to go to work.”

 “Huh,” was all that Vicki could reply.  Then Mandy pulled the manual for the SR933 out of her purse and set it in front of Vicki. “You think having my arms tied and pouring a couple of glasses of wine down me is going to make me lose this challenge?” asked Vicki. “So what if I succeed, what is my prize?” continued Vicki. Mandy had no answer.  “Ok here is the deal,” said Vicki.  “If I pass the test YOU have to go home and spend the rest of the weekend like I am now.”

  Mandy just smiled. “No problem,” she said cheerfully “Let’s shake on it.” Mandy extended her hand; Vicki just stared at her with steely eyes.  After a very uncomfortable moment Mandy retracted her hand and placed the manual down in front of her bound and helpless student. “Time for the contest to begin,” she said. “Start here with chapter 3, technical specs.” Vicki looked down at the pages for a moment and then at Mandy.

 “How am I supposed to see anything in this dimly lit corner booth?” She said.  

“Oh I almost forgot,” said Mandy as she reached in her purse and produced a penlight, reached over and put the butt end of it against Vicki’s lips. “Open wide,” said Mandy. Vicky just gave her a disgruntled look but figured she had already endured enough humiliation so what was one more?  She opened her lips and took the small flashlight between her teeth.  It did a fine job of lighting up the page before her. It also shone like a spotlight to the rest of the room that something very strange was going on here. Vicki quickly began to read the detailed specs in front of her. The quicker she got thru this the less embarrassment.  That was when Mandy revealed her secret weapon.  

Suddenly and without warning Vicki’s pussy was on fire. She literally jumped up off the seat. Her teeth bit down hard on the metal flashlight nearly chipping a tooth.  The bullet within her pussy that she had almost become accustom to and had been finding quite pleasurable company had roared to life with a vengeance.  It had a life and a purpose of its own and that was to drive Vicki insane.  Very rapidly she began sweating.  Her cheeks began to grind into the seat. She squeezed her thighs together in a vain attempt to smother the little invader.  Her imprisoned arms tried to claw at her side trying to get to her pussy, to get to that bullet, to get it out. What, no she didn’t want it out, she needed it. She needed it bad. Her heartbeat was racing. She could hear the blood pumping in her ears. Her entire body began to tingle like someone was pouring hot melted chocolate over every inch of her bare skin. This was it. She was reaching the top.  She was quickly reaching the crest of a shattering orgasm........

And then it stopped.

 Her eyes burst open and in front of her face was Mandy’s hand holding the bullet’s remote control.  Mandy just smiled and stared into Vicki’s sweat drenched face and said “I never bet the house unless I am holding all of the aces.” 

Five times Mandy drove Vicki to the edge with that damn bullet. Five times Mandy shut it off at the last moment and let Vicki cool down. Every time she would begin reading another paragraph of the technical manual Mandy would turn on the merciless pussy invader.  Five times it brought her to the edge but no further.  Five times her well honed concentration skills would bring her frazzled mind back into focus. 

Finally Vicki said “I’m finished with the section.  Test me now!” It was a good thing Vicki thought because she honestly did not think she could hold out for another battle with the bullet. Mandy had 3 questions prepared that she was confident would stump the now exhausted Vicki.  After Mandy read each of the 3 questions to Vicki she just sat there and stared confidently into her captives eyes.  A look of horror soon took over her face and she saw a smile slowly emerging on Vicki’s lips.  Mandy had seriously underestimated her captive’s concentration and resolve.


“Are you sure you two girls don’t need some help or a ride somewhere?” said the cute hostess as she helped Vicki put Mandy into the front seat of the car.

 “That’s ok It’s not far,” replied Vicki as she buckled Mandy into the front seat. “No too tight is it?” Vicki whispered into the ear of her new weekend slave.

 “Do you mean the seat belt, the handcuffs or these damn twist ties you have on my nipples?” replied Mandy.

 “Oh I almost forgot about those,” said Vicki.  “I have an idea.” She reached into the car and pulled down Mandy’s dress revealing her swollen red nipples tightly squeezed by several wraps of the wire twist ties. “What do you think?” she asked the hostess. 

Without missing a beat the hostess replied “They look a little slack to me,” reaching out to each of Mandy’s nipples and giving each another half turn twists.

“EEEEK” cried Mandy. 

“Don’t you have a gag for her?” said the hostess. 

“Oh I have something better!” said Vicki, and with that she removed the remote control for the bullet. She then turned it on high. Mandy screamed again and tried to twist her way out of the seat.  “Fix that!” yelled Vicki to the hostess now more than eager to help out.  The hostess calmly and quickly reached up under her short skirt and pulled down her panties.  Wadding them into a tight ball she stuffed them into Mandy’s open mouth. It was then that she spotted the ballgag on the console. Like an experienced pro she pulled the leather strap out of the ball and used it to strap the panties even deeper into Mandy’s mouth. Then Vicki held the remote to Mandy’s face.  “For the rest of the weekend I OWN YOU!” she said defiantly. Then with the horrified, bound and gagged Mandy only able to watch, Vicki opened the remote control with the bullet continuing to run wildly at full speed. She took out the batteries and threw them into the woods next to the parking lot. This left the bullet running on its current setting of “High” with no way to turn it off until the batteries ran down.  “We are taking the long way home thru the construction zone!” she said and drove off into the night.

The End



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