by Mikel

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; chairtie; gag; wrap; breathplay; nipple; collar; tease; toys; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

Judy leaned against the kitchen counter as she nibbled on her dinner, John stood across the room staring at her from behind admiring her thin body, the extreme shorts she wore only for him originally made as a joke when she had started cutting an old pair of jeans into shorts and continued to cut them as she modeled them raising the hem between each cut, both of them laughing as she continued to cut away the material until the openings for her legs went directly from the thin seam in her crotch almost straight to the belt line making them a denim thong leaving both perfectly round ass cheeks fully exposed and cutting deeply into her pussy.

She had even hemmed the waist smaller so they would pull tighter into her and even though she only wore them for him and never outside the house she enjoyed the feeling of the tight denim wedged inside her as she moved around, often cleaning the house wearing them. John liked them because they showed what he felt was the most beautiful ass he had ever seen and making her thin legs seem even longer and allowing him to watch her ass twitch as she moved for him.

John stared at his strawberry blond beauty, her hair flowed past her shoulder blades reflecting the light as she ate, the too small crop top leaving enough skin showing of her back for him to get aroused just from watching her breathe, her perfectly smooth skin expanding with each breath begging him to touch it. His eyes were drawn down her body as she continued to nibble and chat with her back to him studying her narrow waist and firm ass, as he stared at her he marveled at her thin legs, their muscles showing as she shifted her weight back and forth on the towering heels she always wore.

Judy was barely over five feet tall and had worn high heels since she was very young and now constantly worn them in an attempt not to be looked at as a little girl, the shoes she wore now were fetish inspired, like most of her shoes were now a days with wide ankle straps and six inch heels forcing her small feet almost onto their toes and making her feet look tiny and she stood there in front of him.

To say he was enamored by the beauty of her was an understatement, when she turned and took the beer he had opened for her he was struck by the feelings of seeing the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, her green eyes, small upturned nose and full pouty lips always shocked him, her smile and laugh would brighten his day no matter how bad he felt, the tight top showing her small but very firm breasts with their large pierced and constantly rock hard nipples poking though the material made him want to clamp them tightly just to hear her moan.

Her moans were another thing he loved about her and enjoyed hearing her gasps and moans of pleasure more than anything else in his life, he had been able to find her “spot” as he called it long ago and used it to bring her to a climax whenever she deserved it. John was one of the few people she had been with that had found this “spot” and had mastered manipulating it. Judy who had always had trouble achieving orgasms, especially mind blowing ones, always appreciated his skill and with their combined attraction for bondage she had found someone she could finally be open with feeling completely safe sharing her most intimate secrets with.

Judy had a problem with eating, she never ate enough by his judgment so he often would bring groceries to her house and one of them would make dinner and he would watch her eat, always making her eat more than she wanted and tonight was no different, she had made herself a large pot of pasta and every few bites would turn and face John making him motion for her to turn back around and eat until she stepped up to him and kissed him deeply as she unbuckled his belt and began to open his pants. The three beers John had consumed before this made him allow her to drop his pants and sink to her knees before he pulled her back up and pushed her towards the counter where her food was sitting and say, “Not until you’ve eaten!”

She pouted as she picked up some of the pasta and seductively sucked it into her mouth while she watched his face and grinned. When she turned around again John walked into her bedroom and retrieved several coils of rope and a few other items and returned to see her sitting at the table sipping her beer John said, “Ok, if that’s what you want,” and pulled her tight crop top off then took one of the coils and looped it around her elbows and drew them tightly together before wrapping them several times and cinching them tightly.

Taking the loose ends he wrapped them over her shoulders between and under her breasts then around her chest several times pulling them tight, sinking them into the flesh under her breasts before tying them off. Judy was purring as she sat with her eyes closed knowing she was getting what she wanted as she felt her wrists being tied tightly together then pulled behind the chairs low back and pulled down quickly and secured to the cross bar. Judy twisted her arms and moaned slightly as John prepared anther length of rope and spun the chair around and began to tie her left ankle tightly then pull it backwards securing it to the backrest leaving it hanging from the side of the chair. Repeating it on her right ankle he then tied her knees tightly to the chairs legs forcing her into a slight arch before taking his belt off and wrapping around her waist and the chairs back and drawing it tight forcing her ass back onto the chair and pulling all the ropes much tighter eliciting another moan from her.

After stepping back to admire his bound beauty he watched her twist and lightly struggle in her bonds when her eyes opened and looked into his John smiled and slipped the blind fold that was waiting on the table over her beautiful eyes, making her purse her pouty lips as he stroked her breasts tugging lightly on the gold loops in each nipple before slipping large padlocks into each loop and letting them dangle pulling her erect nipples downward and eliciting another moan from her partially opened mouth.

Judy was twisting in her ropes as John listened to the chair creak as she struggled making his cock swell even more knowing she was his and he could do anything he wanted to her. Leaving her struggling John retrieved her plate of food and his beer and brought them to the table and began to force feed her, Judy knew the game and played along until she felt full then started trying to resist him. John continued to feed her saying, “This is what you wanted so take it all or you will stay bound to the chair until the entire pot is gone!”

Judy thought about this knowing he would leave her tied until she finished her meal and decided to make the game last awhile and refused anymore feeding attempts. Without saying anything John forced her large ball gag into her mouth and strapped it tight behind her head, then took the six inch wide roll of pallet wrap and began wrapping her lower face moving slowly up her head as she struggled and twisted trying to get him to stop.

John wrapped Judy’s head covering her entire face and wrapping many layers around her head leaving her moaning and whining while she tried to breathe through the tight plastic. Judy was struggling as John sat in front of her and watched her struggle for air and waited until she was thrashing before ripping a piece from her nose allowing her to gasp through one nostril and begin whining again. John uncovered the other nostril before sliding one jaw of her butterfly clamps under the loop in her nipple and the other on top of her erect nipple and let the pressure squeeze her sore nipples behind the piercings making her moan louder and throw her head back.

John took a large rubber band and stretched it around her head down to just below her nose then took another and connected it to the chain between her nipples, pushing her head forward he pulled it up tying one rubber band to the other one around her head making the chain tug firmly on her nipples and yank on them when she moved her head backwards. Judy was panting through her nose as she quickly figured out that each time she leaned her head back it pulled harder on her nipples so she sat with her chin on her chest panting while John tied more rope around her torso, chest and the chair locking her even tighter to the chair before sitting back and finishing his beer, occasionally touching her bare legs with the cold bottle making her jerk and tug hard on her nipples.

John turned on the TV and watched a show while Judy sat panting and whining in her dark and muffled world, when the show ended John asked her if she was ready to eat yet and she carefully shook her head “no”. He smiled knowing she was now being stubborn and lay her largest vibrator on the chain directly in front of her spread pussy and plugged it in letting her feel the vibrations but not touch her with it and went back to the TV.

Judy knew the vibrator was close and strained as she tried to inch her way closer to it and fought making no progress as her frustration level grew and her moans increased. John waited for two hours listing to her grunts and moans before asking her again, this time the “No” came slower but Judy was still trying to beat him and not give in.

John rubbed her stretched and open pussy lips with the vibrator knowing the crotch of the jean shorts would keep him from getting to her sweet spot but the extra touching would drive her up the wall. Judy felt the vibrator on her pussy and moaned deeply and stretched her hips up to push harder on it and leaning her head back stretching the rubber band tight and pulling hard on her nipples. She stayed leaned back until she could not take it anymore and leaned forward easing the tension on her nipples and whining loudly as she wiggled and twisted in the chair.

John left the vibrator sitting on her pussy and went back to watch another show leaving her wiggling and grunting while he relaxed and watched his bound beauty fight her bonds, her hands and upper arms turning red as the ropes dug into her skin. Judy was whining as the realization came she could not get free and the pain from the ropes and the cramping in her legs grew intense, John was now sitting very close to her and held a tall posture collar near her throat as he dug his fingers into her ribs making her throw her head back as she was forced to laugh pulling on her nipple chain.

While her head was back John quickly wrapped the posture collar around her neck and before Judy realized she was not able to lower her head again he had it buckled tightly keeping her head erect and the rubber band pulled taut. Judy was whining as she renewed her struggles her pert nipples now being stretched upwards while the heavy locks pulled down on them dancing and twisting as she fought.

John sat back and watched her beautiful body wiggle and twist in the ropes holding her firmly to the chair, her flat stomach heaving as she gasped through her nose and her small cries and yelps coming when she found the limits of her movements made him even hornier. Judy struggled enjoying her captivity completely, the new sensations from her nipples and even more immobility from the collar had pushed her into her subspace and she was very close to having an orgasm but knew she couldn’t unless he helped her. John had no intentions of letting her cum and after watching her closely for a few minutes he removed the vibrator from her dripping pussy, Judy let out a long moan as she felt him pick it up and then heard him turn off the vibrator knowing she was not going to be allowed to cum and renewed her struggles desperately trying to achieve a frustration orgasm before the feelings faded.

John watched her in total amazement as her tiny body fought the ropes, her groans and heavy panting making him wonder how someone so petite had so much strength as she continued to grind her body against the ropes and stretch her arms as far as she could. Judy finally calmed down, her orgasm had escaped her and now all she was left with was the pain and frustration, she sat whining as her body relaxed, sagging in the strict bonds that held her to the chair with John sitting inches from her smiling. John began cutting away the plastic wrap uncovering her beautiful sweat covered face and quickly replaced the large ball gag with a steel o-ring gag and said, “Well, I don’t know about you but I need a release!”

Judy moaned knowing what was next as she licked the metal gag’s circumference with her pierced tongue enticing John into grabbing her shoulders and leaning her forwards in the chair, the ropes holding her to it shifting as her weight moved in them until he had her gaping mouth poised over his swollen cock and slowly lowered her down onto it.

Judy absolutely loved giving head and was very skilled at it and immediately started running her talented tongue up and down his cock as it filled her mouth and slowly eased down her throat. John let her full weight settle on her shoulders on top of his thighs forcing her to deep throat him, the ropes and posture collar making movement impossible for her and allowing her to only flex her shoulders some to raise herself enough to be able to get a quick breath of air through her nose before lowing herself back down the fraction of an inch as she continued to stroke his cock. John watched her flailing hands and twisting ankles as she purred and hummed while she worked on his cock occasionally he would hold her head down firmly not allowing her to raise herself to get the much needed air she needed and enjoyed her brief struggles before easing up and letting her gulp in air before pushing her down firmly again into his crotch.

John was still watching her hands and bound arms twist and pull at the ropes as his orgasm approached and knowing he could not resist it any longer he opened his legs slowly removing her support making her face press harder onto his cock. As the front of the chairs seat touched the floor John’s cock was driven deeper into her throat and Judy could no longer raise her head and frantically she stroked him, humming and sucking while she desperately tried to get enough air into her nostrils.

Judy felt his body tense and knew if she could keep up her pace he would come and his pleasure from her would be complete and then she would be allowed to breathe again and redoubled her efforts. As her head grew light from lack of air her hands and arms were involuntarily flailing wildly behind her and the grunts that escaped her filled mouth sounded primeval as she sucked and stroked his cock furiously. John could last no longer and exploded into her throat, Judy kept working on his cock as John groaned and pushed harder on her captured head making it impossible for her to get any air as he sat letting his orgasm pass completely before easing his grip on her head.

Judy was blacking out as John sat stroking her hair and panting, she could not get enough air into her lungs and her body started to thrash wildly, John waited for a few seconds more before lifting the bound woman’s body and chair up off his shrinking cock then letting the chair rock back and forth on its legs and bouncing her stretched nipples making her moan as she gulped in the much needed air. John waited for her breathing to become normal before saying, “Ok, now are you ready to eat your dinner?”

Judy thought about it as she panted, her arousal peaked from her recent activities then grunted, “OO!”

John smiled as he picked up the roll of pallet wrap and said, “It’s going to be a long night then” as he began wrapping over her blindfold and o-ring gag sealing her head under layers of the plastic wrap and waiting again until her body started thrashing before poking a tiny hole into the center of her gapping mouth making Judy fight for each breath as he added more ropes to her already captured body, even cinching her ankles to her thighs before yanking on the crotch of her shorts and pulling it to one side just enough to be able to insert a small egg vibrator into her soaking pussy before letting go of her and returning to the TV saying, “Too bad you’re going to miss the movie!” leaving the hopeful Judy alone to struggle knowing her orgasm is at least two hours away.

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