Different Paths but Bound Together

by Inferno of the Soul

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© Copyright 2011 - Inferno of the Soul - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; collar; straps; gag; bfold; nipple; fucking-machine; insert; tease; climax; cons; X

His phone ringer waking him up Draen grumbled up his breath until he saw who was calling. “Hey Sam why is it you seem to call me when I am trying to sleep?”

Sam gave him a sexy chuckle before she responded. “That’s simple it’s because I love you in bed.”

Laughing as he sat up Draen pulled the blanket from him he stretched before he asked, “So what do I owe for this pleasure?”

“Well I need a big favor and you’re the only one I can ask. I need to be made completely helpless and well I haven’t had sex in a long time so I really need a good strong orgasm or two. Do you think you could give it to me?”

There was a slight hesitation to her request and Draen knew why.

“So you want me to bind and gag you as well as satisfy you sexually all without actually having sex with you right?”

“Yes, you know I don’t want to cheat on my boyfriend and I know I am asking a lot from you but you’re the only one who can give me what I need. My boyfriend isn’t into the whole sex before marriage thing and you’re the only who I will submit to you know that.”

The fear in Sam’s voice that pulled at Draen’s insides.

“You know that I will be willing, what do I get out of this. You aren’t the only one who wants something more that fun and games out of this.” Draen only said this to tease her she knew that he would be more than willing to help her out.

“Yes, you will get something more than just tying me up and having your fun with me, but I won’t tell you unless you can completely satisfy me. Do we have a deal?” Sam asked the playfulness back in her voice.

“Alright you got yourself a deal. So how long do I have to make a plan for what I going to do to a certain helpless young lass that will be at my mercy?” Draen asked fully awake now.

“I won’t be able to do anything for a couple weeks. I just wanted to ask to give you time to plan one of those wicked plans of yours that I crave, but the 10th of next month will that work?”

Draen taught for a moment then looked at his calendar. “Hum I got to work that day.”

“Can’t you take a day off for me please I promise to be a perfect pet for you all day.”

Draen let out a small laugh “Yes, I can take the day off I have some personal time so it’s a date then.”

“You know it. I love you Draen you know that right?”

“Yes I know Sam and I love you and I always will.”

Saying his goodbye Draen hung up the phone and started working on a plan that gives Sam exactly what she wanted. Three weeks passed at a snail’s pace, but it did give him the time to order what he needed and set it up left him practically pacing back and forth waiting for Sam to show up. A knock at his door sent Draen running to answer it. Standing there giving one of those smiles he loved so much Sam held her arms up to him. Taking the invitation Draen pulled Sam into a tight hug. “It’s good to see you again Sam.”

Giving a quick kiss on the cheek Sam added, “I have missed you to Draen. So are you going to let me in to get started or we just going to stand at your door all day?”

Draen smiled as he stepped aside to let Sam enter then closed and locked the door behind her. Sam started for the door that leads to his basement. Stopping her Draen said, “No not this time my pet, your fun waits in the bed room, but you don’t look like you are ready for it.”

With even a seconds hesitation Sam pulled her t-shirt over her head while kicking off her boots. Once she was free of her shirt, her bra quickly followed and then she undid her buttons holding her nice tight jeans on and slid them down her legs with her thong. Stepping out of the last of her clothes she pulled her socks off and stood completely naked before him and said, “I’m very much ready Master.”

Smiling Draen pulled Sam into his arm and silently roared inside from the knowledge that even though she was with another that he was the only one that she would submit to. Releasing her he stepped back taking in her naked beauty. “So now what do I get for doing this?” He asked.

“I’m not telling unless you completely satisfy me.” Sam replied in her teasing tone.

“Ok then, though I think when I’m done your going to be a bit more careful about what you ask for. You have the whole day for fun and games right?” Draen smiled as he reworked his plan in his head.

“Yes. I have made sure that we would have enough time - I need this.” Sam answered as she picked up her discarded clothing and they walked into his bedroom. Sam looked around the room for Draen bag of toys as she dropped her discarded clothes off to the side, but didn’t see it anywhere, just a plain cardboard box in the center of the bed.

“I got my hands on some new equipment just for you love.” Draen answered her questioning look. Opening the box he made sure that she couldn’t see into it as he pulled out a shiny black leather collar that was much thicker than the ones he normally had her wear. “I figured that it was time for you to try a posture collar.” Draen opened the collar and held it up to her.

Stepping forward Sam lifted her chin up and felt the collar fit itself just under her chin down to her shoulders. Stepping behind her Draen pulled the end of the collar closed and buckled it snugly around her neck. Going back to the box Draen pulled out a small bag full of small padlocks and a large plug gag. Going back to Sam, Draen leaned in a stole a quick kiss before holding the gag to her lips. “Thank you master.” She whispered before she opened her lips and accepted his gag. Turning her around he pulled the strap tight and buckled it into place. Opening the bag of locks he quickly locked the gag and collar into place.

The next items he pulled from the box looked like small leather bags with a thick leather strap at that bottom and a large O-ring attached to the top. Holding them up he said, “Fist mittens I always threatened I would lock a set onto you so given this might me the last time I figured I best make good.” He smiled as he placed one of the mittens on the bed and held the other open for her to slide her hand into. Once Sam had place her hand into the mitten Draen quickly pulled the strap tight and locked it into place. “I know locking them on you is pointless but hey why go half way.” He said and he repeated the process on her other hand.

Smiling at Sam as she moved her hands around trying to find away to remove and/or enjoying the fist mittens Draen reached back into the box and pulled out a 4” thick waist belt and two large padlocks. Leaving the padlocks on the bed Draen moved behind Sam were he wrapped the belt around her waist and pulled it tight. “Is it too tight?” He asked wanting to make sure it was somewhat comfortable for her as she would be wearing it for a while. Shaking her head No Draen locked the belt in place with one of the smaller padlocks then turned her around. Picking up the padlocks from the bed he hooked them on the O-ring attached to her mittens, then he guided her right fist to her left hip locking it to the ring on her belt he then pulled and locked her left hand to the right side.

Stepping back a little Draen took a second to admire his handy work as Sam struggled playful against her bonds. Her arms now like her hands were completely useless to her and as a bonus to this way of binding her, her breasts were now trapped between her upper arms making her squeeze her own breasts as she struggled.

“Ok on to the next part. Sorry love the box will now be leaving without giving any more gifts.” Draen smiled at Sam as her muffled laughter mixed with the over the top disappointed look on her face.

“Alright let’s get you onto the bed so the fun can begin.” Draen smiled as he watched Sam climb onto the bed and lay down as he directed. “Ok now let’s make sure you can’t run away.”

Draen reached under the bed and pulled two 2 inch black nylon straps. Taking the straps Draen feed them under her arms so they rested on her chest just above and below her breasts, before moving to the opposite side of the bed and feed the free ends though the bracket and made sure the straps would hold her firmly to the bed. Draen pulled out two more of the straps that he tossed over her body then walked over and strapped them so that they would hold her waist and hips to the bed. Almost finished now Draen move to the foot of the bed were he pulled a 4 foot spreader bar with leather ankle cuffs already attached. Spreading her legs Draen quickly locked the cuffs to her ankles and attached a strap to the center of the spreader bar and pulled it tight.

Looking over her bound and helpless naked before him Draen just simply stared at her all the while fighting himself not to take advantage of her. Deciding it was best to get this show on the road before his own lust overrode his judgment Draen moved to the head of the bed. “Alright only a few things left and everything will be ready for us to start.”

Draen saw the confusion in Sam’s eyes and he knew she was trying to figure out what more he would add to her to because he had already bound her much more securely than he had ever before. Opening one of the drawers on his head board he pulled out a black leather blindfold, two vibrating bullets with wired controllers, and a small roll of red electrical tape. Making sure Sam couldn’t see the vibrators or the tape Draen held the blindfold in her sight range. “You always said you wanted one.” Draen said as he slid the band around her head and pulled it into place sealing her in darkness.

Now that she couldn’t she what he was doing Draen cut out four long strips of tape. Taking two of the strips of tape he picked up one of the vibrators, he pressed it to her right breast over her nipple and used the tape to hold it in place. Quickly repeating the process on her left breast he place the controllers for them on her shoulders and moved back to the foot of the bed to set up the last piece of equipment. Picking up a metal box with one long steel arm from a stand next to the bed he placed it between her legs and connected the box to her spreader bar so that its long arm was pointing at her exposed and very wet slit. Picking up a dildo from the stand he had gotten the box from he leaned over and slowly worked it inside her as Sam deep moans filled the room.

Once he stopped teasing her with the dildo Draen aligned the hole on the back of the dildo with the steel arm and slid it on until I clicked into place. Letting go of the dildo the arm held it so that just the head of the toy was inside of her no matter how hard Sam fought her restraints to impale herself on it again. Smiling and the groans and whines from Sam he picked a remote control from the stand and moved to kiss her on her forehead.

“Alright all finished and like a said I before I've got to work today so I going to head off, I will be back in around nine or so hours enjoy.”

Draen almost burst out laughing at Sam’s reaction to his small lie. He normally would have to work today, but he had taken the day off to spend time with her. Turning one the bullet vibrators taped to her nipples on low he then push the start button on the remote in his hand that started the preprogrammed settings on the fucking machine between her legs. Draen lost his control and started laughing out loud as Sam’s grunts and struggles to get free turned into moans of pleasure and struggles to get more stimulation from the dildo that was slowly fucking her. Patting her on the head Draen left the room went to his front door opened it for a second the slammed it shut and relocked it to support his lie about going to work.

Quietly as he could Draen went to his desk and sat in his computer chair. Shaking his mouse to wake his pc Draen clicked on the camera like icon on his desktop and his screen was field with a live video feed from a small security camera in his bedroom. Sam was fighting the restraints as best she could either to get free or more stimulation Draen couldn’t tell, but enjoyed watching greatly. The fucking machine was programmed to slowly fuck her for half an hour then would change gear and fuck her fast and hard for fifteen minutes then start the cycle over again. Draen knew that during what he called the build up phase Sam wouldn’t be able to orgasm until it switched to the second phase. Draen didn’t know how long he was going to leave her in there, but figured he would at least give her a few hours to enjoy herself why he watched her occasionally taking a picture of the feed to show her later.

Every so often Draen would get up and quietly make sure she was ok before going back to his computer and enjoyed the show she was unknowingly giving him. During the build up phase he could just hear her groans of desire and the machine slowly and steadily fucked her at a frustratingly slow pace. Then without warning the machine would ruthless fuck her hard and fast forcing long deep moans and muffled screams of ecstasy. Draen wanted to make sure that Sam got what she had asked for and would keep her bound until she got just that. Time began to move at what seemed too fast Draen as he watched and listened to Sam. At around three hours Draen could tell that she had had enough getting up he quietly went into the bedroom and pushed the stop button on the fucking machines remote. The machine was currently fucking her like there was no tomorrow and from the mixed groans that Sam was making if it keep it up there wouldn’t be, so Draen figured he had timed it right and she had had enough.

Watching as the machine keep fucking hard as it was programmed only to stop once it finished the current cycle Draen leaned back against the wall and waited for it to finish. Letting his mind wander as he waited he relived their past and took comfort, pride, and love from the fact that other than to him Sam was a Dom, a Mistress in her own right, but to him and only him she would submit and that no matter who she was with that she wouldn’t kneel to them. He treasured that thought almost as much as he treasured her and loved her all the more for it. He knew without her he wouldn’t be who he was today and he knew that it was her that gave him the strength he needed to get though the shit in his life. Like her he had a side that he kept hidden from the world and only she had ever seen it, only she knew the full truth of who and what he was. He knew without a doubt that no matter what if he needed her for whatever the reason she would be there for him with a smile and offering her help or in her case sometimes telling him she was going to help and he best let her if he knew what was good for him. She was at times stubborn at times, but he loved that about her.

There was almost nothing he wouldn’t give to just one more night with her, one more night were they were together and he could fully show her how much he cared about her, bondage or not he didn’t care as long as it was with her and he vowed once again that he would be there for her no matter what it cost him, he would not let her ever be alone in this world again with no one that would believe in her, because he knew that in her past she had been left alone with no one to stand with her and he would never allow that to happen again.

As the machine began to slow down and the dildo stop fucking her and returned to its position with just its head just inside of her, he had one last real realization that he'd never had before. He could turn his back on the world and stop caring about any other, but he would never be able to turn his back on Sam if even for a moment. Looking down on her as she lay still breathing heavily though her nose and around her gag as she fought to get enough air in her lungs. Walking over to her he pulled the blindfold from her eyes and asked “Well it’s only been three hours, would you like me to push go again?”

Draen could see in her eyes that her bodies lust and been completely satisfied, but there was more some else that she wanted deep inside that called out to his own need. Even though he saw it and knew that a part of her wanted him to take her, he didn’t, he knew that that wasn’t what she came here for and even if they decided they would, well she was far too worn-out from her little adventure with Mr. Fucking Machine for them to anyways. Turning off the bullet vibrators he removed them and moved he removed the dildo from her. Pushing the release button to free the dildo from the arm, Sam let out a tired groan and Draen pushed it back inside her one last time to free the dildo and her of the machine. Removing the machine from the bed Draen released her ankles from the cuffs and dropped the spreader bar to the floor. Releasing the straps that held her body to the bed Draen helped the puddle that was once known as Sam sit up so that he could unlock the gag.

Pulling his eyes from his belt he sat down on the bed next to her and unlocked the lock on her gag and gently pulled the gag free of her lips. Once the plug gag was free of her lips she twisted throwing her leg over Draen’s lap and captured his lips with her own. The fire and passion in her kiss shot though him and did nothing to help the ache between his legs where Sam seemed to be unconsciously grinding against. Surrendering to her kiss Draen wrapped his arms around Sam and pulled her tight against him, lending his own fire and passion to deepen their kiss. Pulling back reluctantly from her lips and his ear was assaulted by her rapid speech.

“You evil evil evil brilliant man. God how I love the things you do to me.” Sam said as she rained rapid fire kisses down on Draen laughing face.

“Well I very glad you enjoyed it. So did I meet your request?” Draen asked as he sobered.

“Yes a million times over, I don’t think I’ll be horny for a month, one more round I think I would of snapped and just be good for a sex slave. So you going to finish untying me so that you can get your reward?” She asked giving him her trade mark innocent sexy smile.

“Hum I’m thinking about letting you have a few more rounds on that fucking machine.” Draen laughed at the look that Sam gave before she joined in his laughter.

Picking up his keys were they had fallen on the bed Draen unlocked the locks holding her fist to her waist belt. Once her arms were free she pushed Draen onto his back and leaned down for another kiss. “I thought you wanted to get free not that I minding at the moment.” Draen said between kisses.

“Yes you're right if this keeps up we're going to keep going, not that it would be a bad thing, but it would cause some problems.”

Draen undid the locks locking on the mitts and then removed them. Having Sam stand up and turn around Draen unlocked and removed her posture collar. Moving her head from a little bit. “I like that collar, but I think I still prefer mine.” Sam walked over to her discarded paints and pulled her cell phone from her pocket. Dialing a number Sam waited for whoever she was calling to answer. “Hey you can head over now.” Sam said and waited nodding her head a little bit. “Ok see you in a little bit.”

Turning to face Draen he raised an eye brow at her. “I just called my pet Terry and she is now on her way here. She has been my pet for a little bit she is young and inexperienced. With the way my life is now I don’t have the time to play with her and if I let her on her own she would get in way over her head. So I was hoping that you would be willing to take her as your new pet since I can’t be that for you anymore.” Sam looked away from Draen as she finished speaking.

Stepping up to her and making her look at him he said, “Sam you will always be my pet regardless if we do this or not. No one can ever replace you in my eyes love. So why don’t you get dressed so that you’re ready to introduce me to our pet when she arrives.”

Sam looked up into Draen’s eyes a small tear ran down from her eye as she smiled, “Yes, I would love to introduce you to our pet I know you’ll love her. Besides you keep saying you get rusty between us because you don’t have anyone to play with. So if you can do something like this being rusty I wonder what you’ll do when you’re back at your best!”

A slow smile curved his face as he taught about it. “Hum I think that could be very interesting indeed. I will make sure to think about what I will do to you the next time you feel the overpowering need to be bound and gagged by my hand.”

Sam smiled at his words “Yes, it sounds like fun I think I will be looking forward to our next date.”


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