A Different Winter-Walk

by Hartie

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© Copyright 2009 - Hartie - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; outdoors; zipties; cuffs; gag; hobble; true; outdoors; cons; X

A little Background to this Story that really happened last Winter 2008/2009 It is no fiction and really happened!

I made a hobble skirt by myself out of an ankle length denim skirt. I sewed some zippers to each side and back/front so I can individually reduce my stride. All 4 closed, only 4 inch step length, around 10 cm. Also I own knee length platform boots, 1 inch platform, 5 inch heels that lace up the front that I used to wear while going out to a club near me. I also use this Boots when I dress up for a bit self bondage Fun at home.

Ok, so much background my Husband and I wanted to go for a walk in winter sun and he asked me, if I would wear these boots for him while walking. I also had this self modified skirt on because it’s warm and cozy, but left all zippers open. I said, "Ok, as long we don’t run a marathon“.

Also I had a nice warm winter coat on, with internal pockets that stick out on the inside. As last item, I had some earmuffs on my ears to keep them warm. Because I often get cold hands, I used some winter fist mittens because they keep my hands warm. It was a nice, sunny but chilly day, -- we had 23°F back then --

After a while he asked me if I really trust him.... and I said “yes“, and he stopped, looking at me he asked again and I repeated "yes, I do"

He then opened my coat and asked me to put my mittened hands into the pockets of the coat and make fists so that my hands stay complete inside. I was puzzled at first but did as he asked and before I could react, he used some zip ties to seal my hands in the pockets. He then produced from somewhere a set of hinged handcuffs and locked my hands in front and closed up the coat again. I was nervous like hell then and looked if anybody is near us, pleading with him to stop that. But we live on the countryside and have plenty of free room around us.

We walked further chatted a bit and he assured me again and again that all is fine. His smile calmed me more and more, and I started to enjoy our walk again. Suddenly we stopped again and he then stepped again before me, only saying "open wide" and pinched my nose at the same time, I opened my mouth to get some air and before I could react, already had a ball gag wedged between my teeth. I started swearing at him but only some muffled MMMPH’s came out. He took the scarf from around my neck and wound it loosely around my lower face, covering the gag and muffling my protests even more. I started shivering then, but not from the cold……

We walked further down the road, he hooked his arm under my restrained one and guiding me along, chatting a bit more about his week at work and I only could glance around and listen to his Monolog. Later I found out that he was far from done with restraining me! After a while, he stopped me again and opened my coat. I sighed in relief as I thought that he would finally release me now. But instead he pulled a chain through the belt loops of my skirt, reached around and clipped it together in back. The rest of that chain he fed in my back into the skirt, zipped that open too and fed the chain through my legs to the front, locking it to itself in front and to the handcuffs restraining me even more!

Eventually he zipped the coat closed again and guided me further I resisted at first, but he only looked at me, smiling warm and tenderly and asked again if I trust him. I eventually gave in and we walked quietly further. Well, I was quiet, he told a bit about his last working trip he had. Meanwhile the chain between my legs did wonders and I started to enjoy its presence. Suddenly the weather changed and clouds came up very quick. He looked up and so quick the clouds came, so quick it began to snow. He stopped again and pulled up my coat hood, but instead of loosely tying it, he pulled it really tight so that only my nose was out! He later told me, that that sprang into his weird mind as it started to snow.

He guided me further and told me that we were soon home, his voice coming muffled through the thick hood and Earmuffs to me. The whole time he assured me, that no one is near us and that I should enjoy myself and trust him. After some time walking helpless chained, unable to speak or see, only hear muffled sounds, he stopped me again and quickly closed all 4 Zippers on my skirt so that I nearly stumbled. My legs were welded together from my hips down to my knees, from there only slightly allowing some room to hobble along. I thought he would grab my arm again and lead me along, but instead, he left me there, and I wasn’t able to locate him due to the thick hood pulled so tight.

I panicked at that moment and pulled with all my might on the cuffs holding me captive. That tugging and pulling only drove the chain further between my legs, rubbing against my most sensitive parts and bringing me rapidly to the edge The chain between my legs eventually did its magic and sent me into an exploding orgasm. Before I could collapse he grabbed me and carried me in his arms into our house. I later found out, that we already were only 20 meters away from it. When he removed the hood, I saw a wide grinning face of him, asking me if I am ok and if I had enjoyed my little adventure. I was still gagged, but nodded vigorously at him, leaning to him as best I could, giving him a kiss with my gagged mouth.

I modified the coat later, sewing some zippers to the bottom of the pockets so I would be able to reach through them inside the coat. So with zippers open I am able to put my hands through the pockets and handcuff me without someone noticing I used this exact setup only two weeks later for a bit Self inflicted bondage fun while he was on a working trip somewhere in the World again.

The End

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