Dianna's Story

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2005 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; reluct/cons; X

They say that women mature quicker than men, I tend to agree. By the age of thirteen I was sexually active. I did not lose my virginity until I was past eighteen but I learnt about pleasure and orgasms. When I met the man who was to become my husband I was amazed how little he seemed to know or care about sex. I was now twenty one and at my sexual peak. 

I set about teaching him all I knew and for a while we were in sexual heaven, but now, twenty years on my libido has slowed down. I do not worry if I do not get an orgasm for days even weeks at a time. Steve, my husband, on the other time is permanently clamoring for sex. He seems insatiable and although I try to satisfy him, I just cannot get motivated any more. I love him dearly. He blames it on my promiscuous youth. I think that’s a little unfair. I may have enjoyed myself but I was not a slut, neither was I reckless. I just enjoyed sex and the feelings it produced. I also enjoyed giving pleasure.

Every now and then Steve would come with a new idea to ‘liven up’ our sex lives. I would normally just play along. We tried role play, stories, videos, various sex toys. They were mildly amusing but I really do not get that excitable any more.

I keep myself fit as best I can. Having children ruins your figure and I have to make regular trips to the gym just to keep everything from going permanently south. I must say I think I look quite good for my age. I am hardly hourglass shape but my tummy is firm and I can sunbathe in the nude without embarrassment. Of course the children have all left the roost. Well, John is at college but in general we live alone, and despite having had a family we are reasonably well off. Steve has a good job and I have a part time one to get me out of the house. I really thought life was good and that Steve was happy, but it seems I was wrong.

One day Steve suggested we try some bondage games. We had flirted with bondage in the past. I did not really enjoy it but neither did I have any major objections. The only problem I could foresee was that Steve got very frisky last time. Still if it made him happy I thought I would go along with it. I even let him buy a new bed for the spare room. It had a steel frame with built in head and foot board. Plenty of places to secure ropes to I noted.

I was not surprised when, the day after the bed was fully installed Steve wanted me to try it out. I undressed and lay on the bad as he rather clumsily tied me to it. Once secure I felt my usual nervousness. I was not in the least turned on and if Steve tried to enter me it would hurt like hell. He had not even got undressed so I was a little confused.

“Something to keep you warm until I am ready” he said. 

I did not immediately understand, but soon found out when he secured a vibrator against my pussy but not inside. He turned it on low and then left me. I was furious. I fought and struggled to free myself but despite his apparent ineptitude I was held firm. My arms were spread wide so I could not get a hand to any rope. My feet were also spread apart. I was stuck until he  decided to free me.

“If you make too much noise I will gag you.” He had said as he left. I did not believe him.

Having tried unsuccessfully to get free I started to try and gain his attention.

“Untie me!” I called. Nothing happened. “Steve? Steve where are you?”

He put his head round the door.

“Not far away just keep quiet and wait for me.”

I was not very happy and told him so.

“You have no choice.” He said calmly.

I fumed, but he was right of course. I could do nothing.  I was not particularly uncomfortable although I wanted to scratch an itch. I thought the vibrator was too low to be of any use but soon realized that with nothing else to think of or do my mind was concentrating on the little vibrations. To add to my frustrations I was actually getting horny.

I tried to get Steve's attention again.

“Steve,” I called, “I am sorry. Please come.” It sounded pathetic, but he did come and stuffed something in my mouth. It felt like a ball and I guessed it was a ball gag. We had never had such things so Steve must have been preparing for this for some time. This one had holes in it so I could breathe easily but it stopped my jaw closing and sat on my tongue making speech virtually impossible.

“I told you to wait.” He said firmly.

I murmured something indecipherable through the gag. He reached down between my legs and seemed pleased.

“Cooking nicely.” He said mysteriously. It did not improve my mood.

He returned shortly. He was naked and sporting a hard on. I suppose that I was not surprised, except that he had not been in with me. Perhaps he had been watching a video or surfing the net looking at his damned sex sites.

I think I mewed at him.

He spent ages teasing and stroking me. I could not escape his touch and with the gag still in place I could not argue either. I just had to close my eyes and take it. Much to my surprise I was getting very turned on but he was avoiding my pussy as if it had the plague. He even turned off the vibrator. I writhed and thrashed about as he sucked a nipple or caressed the inside of my thigh. He seemed to be everywhere. Suddenly I felt him on top of me. He entered me easily and despite me being very moist came almost immediately. He seemed disappointed.

“Ah well, I was going to try for a second one so perhaps that will be better.”

I looked at him incredulously. In all our time together he had never yet managed two orgasms in one night. I tried to tell him so but he did not seem interested. As an afterthought he replaced the vibrator.

To my surprise he did not leave the room again. He sat and watched me. I did not understand. I was not doing anything! The vibrator was beginning to annoy me. I was a little sore from his entry having not have sex for some time. Every now and then he would get up and touch or kiss me. He tweaked a nipple and I squawked through the gag.

He was getting bigger again I noticed vaguely.

The second mounting was much longer, but he did make it. I suppose I was pleased in a way but I was also stiff and sore and wanted to get off the bed.

He set upon me again. This time my pussy was not off limits. To my surprise, and probably relief I came several times before he stopped and let me go.

“I enjoyed that,” he told me. 

“It was different,” I ventured. I was very stiff but there was a good after feeling from my orgasms. I suppose that I was not unduly upset.

It was several weeks before he tied me up again. John made a weekend visit, our Daughter Sarah wanted to see me and there were other things to occupy our time and attention.

I fully expected to spend more time on the bed but Steve had other ideas. First he wanted to experiment. I stood naked while he tied my upper body in various ways. Eventually he settled upon what seemed to me to be the equivalent of a rope bra. My breasts were lifted and supported but also squeezed a bit making them stand forward and encouraging my nipples to swell. It was actually quite comfortable except I felt exposed. Which is silly really. I felt more naked than with no ropes at all. He then did something similar around my waist and between my legs. My limbs were completely free but there was rope caressing my personal areas. I did a twirl for him and he seemed satisfied.

“Now put your hands behind your back,” he instructed. I shrugged.

“Fair enough.”

He worked quickly as if I might change my mind. I just stood passively while my wrists were secured firmly together and to the rope around my waist. He then spent several minutes securing my arms so that they were pulled outwards towards my chest. It seemed superfluous as I was not trying to escape. He then produced the gag. I was going to object but it seemed pointless. I was in no position to resist and the last time had done me no harm.

He sat down on a chair in front of me and I felt all the world like a naughty school girl or possibly an employee waiting for a dressing down. He obviously had something to say and I was to listen and not answer back.

“Dianna, you know that I love you,” he began. It sounded corny and I was waiting for the ‘but’.

“But,” if I had not been so uncomfortable I would have laughed.

“I am feeling neglected.”

I did not understand. I kept the house perfectly, he did not have to want for food or anything.

“Sexually,” he corrected.

I wanted to say that I rarely refused him but the gag was too effective.

“You never start anything,” he went on, “You do not dress up for me any more. You haven’t worn earrings or jewelry for months. Your hair is a mess, you do not even clean your teeth.”

I was speechless even without the gag. Had I really let myself go? Or was he just nit picking.

“Look at the knickers you wear,” he said pulling a pair from the near side drawer. “Hardly sexy,”

“But they are comfortable!” I wanted to shout but the gag was very effective.

“And as for actual sex..” He was really warming up now. “You accommodate me, but that is all. It’s as if a quick wank and I’ll go away. Well if won’t wash any more. There has to be some changes.”

He stopped and I thought I caught a glimpse of strain behind his mask of anger. I had no answers, even if I had been able to, neither did I know what he wanted of me. At least not at that moment in time. I just stood rocking backwards and forwards on my heels feeling very uncomfortable.

He got up.

“I want you to think about what I have just said,” he told me. “Now go into the other room and sit on the bed I will follow you in a moment.”

I did as he told me. My balance was a little off bound as I was, but I reached the bedroom safely and perched nervously on the side of the bed. He came in carrying more rope and proceeded to tie my ankles together, side by side and repeated it under my knees. He encouraged me to roll onto the bed and manhandled me to the middle so I would not easily fall off.

“When I come back you are going to pleasure me with your mouth. We will see what happens after that.” He told me.

“Fat chance” I thought, “if he thinks I’m going to suck him off after this he’s got another think coming!”

I was left to smolder in silence. It was not pleasant. I was virtually immobile, just able to roll from side to side or bend my knees and lift my legs towards my chest. I could not get comfortable. It hurt to lay on my arms so I kept rolling for side to side or resting on my stomach. The rope between my legs irritated but not in a nice way. I could get no pressure inside me even if I pulled my wrists. I discovered that the rope on my arms prevented all but the smallest of movements of my hands. The Bastard! He knew all along what he was doing.

I tired quickly of fighting my bondage and my mind strayed to what he had told me. The problem was there was a lot of truth in it. I had little interest in sex and I had definitely taken our marriage for granted. I supposed that I should be grateful that he was trying to repair it and not running off with a young floozy. That made me stop. I had come this close to loosing the man I loved, all for a bit of sex and attention. I resolved to try and do better. I could get some sleepers and try and get my ears more used to earrings again. Cleaning teeth and taking more care of my hair was simple enough. I might even consider buying some sexy underwear. My thoughts were disturbed by Steve’s return. He had a dressing gown on open at the front to reveal a rather flaccid member. I rolled away from him. Enough was enough, he would not be getting that under such duress.

“Do I assume you refuse?” He asked quietly.

I barely moved my head, but the response was obvious.  Before I knew it he had put a rope through my ankle tie and yanked my feet over my back. He tied it off between my shoulder blades. I gasped as much as I could. He then reached over and twisted my nipples hard. I squealed but to no avail.

“Perhaps you would like to reconsider?”

I rebelled, but it was no use, I knew I could not stand this for any length of time. He was going to win and I hated him for it.

He played with my taught bound body, but there was no eroticism here. This was torture pure and simple. I had to give in. I made a desperate attempt to get his attention and he stopped what he was doing.

“Do you submit?”

I did.

He released me from the hog tie (I found out later that was what it was called) and made me kneel still bound. I was presented with his prick and had to suck him to orgasm. He did not withdraw holding my head firm with his hands in my hair. I felt like I would choke when it hit the back of my throat. I was forced to swallow and keep swallowing. He seemed to go on for ever. He let me go and I rolled away spittle and  semen drooling from my mouth.

“I would have preferred a willing receptacle but it was good none the less.” He told me. “If you had not refused I was going to spend time pleasuring you but instead I will leave you to the tender mercies of this.”

He produced a small metal bullet with a little bit of wire attached to it. I had never seen anything like it. He put it on his palm and I saw something like a TV remote control in his other hand. As I watched the thing started vibrating. Despite my legs being still tight together he managed to push the thing inside me past the rope between my legs. I knew that I would not be able to push it out again.

“Enjoy”, he said.

I growled at him. I was not in the least bit aroused.

He did not leave completely but sat on a chair at the bottom of the bed. I could feel his eyes boring through me. I could also feel the vibration that was coming from inside me. 

I have used vibrators most of my life, they are an excellent means of self satisfaction. Normally I would be sitting or lying with my legs open and my hand controlling the position of the vibrator. I tended to use a high setting and adjust the stimulation by moving it. This time I had no control over what happened and my legs were locked together. I was convinced that it would not work. I was wrong.

It happened slowly at first. It was as if my inside were all vibrating. Suddenly a familiar feeling swept over me and I started pulling at the ropes holding my wrists. Steve must have seen it because the vibrations increased. I went hot from head to toe. The feelings started swelling up but as yet there was no sign of me going over. It was painful and pleasurable at the same time. I wanted to orgasm but I could not push myself over. The vibrations increased and I felt like I would explode. My normal reaction was to shut my legs, but they were already locked together! There was no way to relieve the sensations and the damn thing kept going. I was lost in a series of unbelievable orgasms.

“Turn it off!” I screamed and eventually he did. I rolled back and forth writhing like I was demented before eventually lying on my chest exhausted.

“Excellent.” He said.

He came over and stroked my head and rubbed his hands over my sweating body, but he did not untie me.

“Perhaps I can rekindle your sexual appetite?” He suggested. I did not reply. I was aching all over and just wanted to be left alone. Preferably free of all this rope. Instead he lay beside me and cradled my head in his arms. Despite everything I went to sleep.

I could not tell initially if I slept for ten minutes or ten hours. Steve had not moved and I was still immobile. I still ached all over.

“So do you want another one?” I asked slightly bewilderedly.

“Hmm, a nice thought,” he answered “but I could do with something to eat.”

I agreed, my stomach felt empty and my mouth felt horrible.

“Untie me and I will fix you something,” I told him.

“I’ll get it.” He said helpfully.

I have never been fed since I was a child but that morning he fed me. I could not be bothered to argue but vaguely wondered whether I would ever be free again.

“Is this your plan?” I asked him, “To keep me bound and gagged as a sex slave?”

“Not permanently,” he said carefully, “just for today.”

I groaned.

“I’m stiff already,” I moaned.

After I had endured a cup of coffee being fed me He undid my legs and removed the rope knickers, then helped me to the bathroom. I could barely hold my own weight after being tied up all night. I was made to sit and even more embarrassed to have my bottom wiped. He then ran me a bath.

I was bathed and my hair washed and dried, all with my hands and arms still bound behind me. He allowed me to wander about a bit while he did some chores and I endeavoured to keep away from the windows in case anyone could see in. The Milkman came to the door and I scampered upstairs. This was ridiculous!

He tied me to a dining room chair to eat lunch and then I had to lie down on the bed for an afternoon nap. He allowed me to have my hands in front instead of behind me but I was still tied up. My groin was covered in rope again, he had remembered exactly what he had done before. My hands were now nestled between my breasts and my legs together. Once again I slept. Was it boredom? Exhaustion? Or maybe being forced into the fetal position?

Dinner followed a similar pattern. I suppose I had lost the will to fight by then.

“How long have you been planning this?” I asked him between mouthfuls.

“Several weeks,” he admitted.

“What made you think I would go along with it? Are you sure I won’t up and leave the moment you untie me?”

He paused but only for a moment.

“Yes, I’m sure. In fact I promise that I will never tie you up again without your consent.”

“I suppose I agreed this time, just not for the whole weekend.”

“You might even tie me up?”

I thought about it. “I don’t think so. Or do you want me to?”

“Just offering.”

“So what now?” I asked as he cleared the meal away. I must admit it was nice not having to do the housework for a change.

“I want to watch the match tonight then have some more sex.”

I groaned.

“Football and sex, what fun.”

“I knew you would agree,” he chortled, “So do want to watch or shall I give you something else to think of.”

“What’s the alternative?” I asked.

“You’ll just have to wait and see. Hobsons choice.” He said unhelpfully.

I decided to let the weekend run it’s course. I had been bound and humiliated all day what else could he do? I should have known better.

“The catch is that every time a goal is scored I increase the level of the vibrator inside you. Of course if there are no goals then nothing happens; but if there are several....” I did not need it spelling out. I could be sent wild with no relief until the end of the match. “I will let you choose how you are tied” he conceded.

“Spread-eagled” I decided. Despite everything I felt a twinge in my groin. I did not know whether I wanted this to be a high scoring game or not. Certainly a couple of early goals would make the hour and a half that followed a trial.

Steve was as good as his word. I was on my back like the first time except my body was still covered in his rope underwear. My nipples are quite firm having breast fed two children. I was not impressed when he put elastic bands on them.

“That’s not fair,” I moaned, unable to remove the offending  torture.

“Just to keep your mind on the fact that there will be sex one way or the other,” he said. “Just be thankful I am not going to gag you as well.”

“You might not hear me but I’ll disturb the whole neighborhood,” I snapped.

“You might be right.”

I could not believe that I had just said that. Perhaps being kept captive for over twenty four hours makes your mind go fuzzy. The gag was replaced and I was left to contemplate my stupidity.

I felt awfully exposed. I remembered the last time I had been like this and despite the ropes, even the little vibrator, my pussy felt vacant. My nipples were throbbing from the pressure put on them, I had hoped the elastic bands would pop off but there was no such luck. I did not even attempt to struggle free in case I tightened the ropes around my wrists and ankles still further. There was no clock in sight so I could not even tell if the game had started let alone how long I would have to wait here. I strained my ears for a sound to give me a clue. There was nothing. I busied myself counting the hole in the ball with my tongue. There were seven I think.

Suddenly the vibrator leapt into life. A goal I assumed. Despite everything I wanted it to work. The feelings were small and no raising or lowering of my pelvis would increase it. I should have made him tie me face down!

I have no idea how long I endured the frustrations. It was like nothing you could imagine: the hope mixed with fear. I knew that if I started to orgasm there would be no way to stop it. With my legs forced apart I would be both vulnerable and helpless. This had been a rather stupid idea that could end in.... I was not sure.

The vibrations increased. I now knew that I did not want this to be a high scoring game.  I was desperately trying to stop myself orgasming. I tried to think of other things: washing up, work anything but my thoughts were always dragged back to the vibrations inside me and the throb of my tortured nipples. I did not think I could hold out much longer. 

Steve appeared at the bottom of the bed. I glared at him. He turned the vibrator down and I screamed through the gag. His reaction was to turn it up full and I was sent into spasm. The next thing I knew he was pumping inside me. I must have passed out.

When I gathered my senses I was  completely free of all ropes and other tortures.

“My God you could have killed me,” I told him. It was probably an exaggeration, but I was still a bit blurry headed. “Leave me be.”

Steve left me alone and I decided to take a bath, this time on my own.

Refreshed I found Steve on the double bed looking a little sheepish. I was not angry with him really. He had gone too far but to some extent his antics had made me think. There would be some changes In this household that was for sure, not the least was regular use of bondage

We experimented with various rope harnesses and underwear for special occasions. Steve must have been keeping his desires quiet for a very long time because his enthusiasm for tying me up was obvious. I did wonder about this. Was it a male thing? Or maybe I was a little domineering and he was just getting his own back. I never did take him up with his offer to tie him up, I had no interest in it.

I did of course take notice of his other complaints. We now go out once or twice a month and I dress up nicely for him complete with earrings and matching jewelry. I even regularly clean my teeth.


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