How I got my new $1000 Diamond Tennis Bracelet

by Techster+Techie

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How I got my new $1000 Diamond Tennis Bracelet 
Never bet against a lady engineer!
By Techie

Sometimes even the nicest men can be so stubborn and macho about certain things that they simply have to be shown to recognize the reality of the situation. Last week, Techster, my husband of many years and I were watching an adult video about slave contracts and when he saw the slaves licking their master's and mistresses' assholes remarked that no amount of torture could make him do that. A brief discussion followed that ended up by his challenging me. " You'll never find me licking someone's asshole!"
 I countered, "With the proper training anyone will willingly submit to their masters' demands!"
 Techster replied. "No way here! Tell you what.  I can stand up to anything you can dish out! I'll give you eight hours. I will be your slave. If you can get me to give in and lick your asshole I'll get you a diamond tennis bracelet. If I win and hold out for two days you will wear my locking slave collar around your neck for a month 24/7."
 "Agreed. When do you want to start?" I asked.
 "Whenever you are ready." He responded.
 "Next weekend." I answered. " The workshop is off limits until Friday evening. If you need anything from it ask me. OK?"
 "OK!" he agreed.

I hope this doesn't get too technical for you, remember both the Techster and I, Techie, are graduate engineers. During the week I started working on the instrument of his torture. He was going to be secured in a rack made of 2-inch steel pipe that was attached to both the floor and the ceiling. He would be rendered immobile and kept standing by a metal seat that served as both a seat and an electrode that went 2-inches up his butt, his wrists tied over head and a head harness. The angle would force him to bend over better exposing his back and butt. 

The box area, which is located at the upper edge of the bend would give me full and free access to his private parts. Two leather belts would be looped around the outer edges of the box frame and buckled at each sides. These belts would immobilize him during his torture. An eyebolt attached to the ceiling about 6 inches from where the top of the frame mounted would be where the pulleys for his head harness and wrists were mounted the end of the line would be secured to a pair of cleats on the far wall of our workshop. 

I also had the machinist and welder at work make a cross shaped anal electrode/seat of stainless steel. The centre or electrode was a piece of 3/4" rod. The seat part was a piece of 3/4-inch thick Aluminum plate, 12 inches long. In the center of the plate was a 3/4 inch hole drilled at a 12 degree angle so the plate would match the curve of his butt. This would provide a place for him to sit and relieve some of the pressure on his wrists and neck. There were locking screws set on both sides of the hole so I could adjust it up or down for a perfect fit. 

A 4 inch square plate with pre-drilled 1/4inch holes was welded on the bottom of the device this was for securing it the the floor. The upper end was ground and polished to a bullet-like taper so it would slide into his ass easily and smoothly.
Since I work in engineering with a company that builds metal structures, so all I had to do was do scribble a rough sketch and give it to the head of the welding and machine shop and ask him to make it from scrap since it was a personal project. I slipped him a litre of American Jack Daniels whiskey when he put it in the back of my vintage 300 D Mercedes station wagon. 
The upright or torture rack pipe even had pre-drilled holes in the plates that were welded to the top and bottom ends. These plates were for attaching it to the ceiling and floor. 

I planned to have him wear locking leather wrist and ankle cuffs. He would stand while I had him bend his legs and tie his knees forward of the pipe with a piece of 2-inch plastic pipe and a rope through it. The piece of plastic pipe would go between the back of his knees and the pipe. This way he could not straighten his legs. His wrists would be secured in a like manner.
Although I have teased and tormented him I have never truly tortured him in our 30+ years of marriage and playing bondage games. I really didn't want to hear his moans and screams or watch his struggles as my devices did their best.
 He would experience an evening/night of fully automated torture. 

Connected by cycling timers was an old oscillating fan ( the kind that move from side to side). The fan was mounted sideways on a wooden frame. I had removed the fan blades and guard and substituted 3/4-inch wide 1/4-inch thick stiff conveyor belt rubber straps 16-inches long. These would keep his back and butt warm. The whipping straps were rounded on the ends. I then took time and hand sanded the ends in order to make certain that when the whipping straps connected with is butt and back he got a slap, not a cut. To make certain that they worked right I dropped my slacks and underwear and personally tested this instrument of torture on myself. After about a minute my butt was nicely tenderized with a warm rosy glow, but no cuts or bruises.

To guarantee a truly warming experience this part of the system used two timing relays. I had the fan reverse direction every other pass to make certain he got an even "tan". His private parts would be kept warm by electrodes attached to the tip of his penis, ball sack, and groin. An asshole electrode would be the "ground lead" for the groin electrode and for the lead that shocked his balls. The groin lead would be the "ground" for his penis shocker. I modified a tens unit to do the shocking of his balls and penis. For the groin penis lead and the groin butt lead I used a modified Abtronic pulser. The objective here was electro-ejaculation. In addition to being tortured by waves of pulsing electricity he would be slowly and continuously milked of all semen.

I searched many second hand shops and found the perfect head harness. It was originally made for people with neck problems and supported the head under the jaw and the back of the head with adjustable side straps to keep the main supports in place. I purchased a pvc pipe elbow and some clear plastic tubing. I planned to attach the elbow and the tubing to the lock after he was securely bound. That way he could answer the "call of Nature" without having to be released from his torment or peeing on the floor. 

It was Thursday night and I was ready --- was he?

Friday night as we were eating dinner he asked, "Well when do we want to start?"
"Right after dinner, so eat fast, you don't want to miss a moment of the fun." I laughed knowing that he was completely unaware that he would be exposed to a brutal automated torture system. After dinner I had him undress and leave his clothes in the house. We sprinted out to the workshop and he saw my torture rack. He did not see the fan or the electrodes. I locked the leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles and had him stand next to the cold steel frame. I tied his wrists to the support line and pulled them loosely above his head. I tied his ankles to the base of the pole. Then I had him bend his knees and slid and tied the pipe in place on the far side of the frame. This forced him stand with his legs bent. Then I secured his arms the same way. He had to constantly work his leg muscles in order to relieve the strain on his wrists and head harness 

Now the head harness was put in place and the lines on the harness and his wrists were pulled tight and tied off to a ring on the other side of the workshop. I moved the fan and its frame behind him and switched it on as I adjusted it. It hit perfectly from the bottom of his butt to the middle of his back. I set the time on both relays to alternately cycle every 15 minutes for 2 minutes. When one stopped that would start the count-down timer for the other one. That way he would be treated twice every 30 minutes. I didn't want to really hurt him, just cause him enough pain so he would give in and beg for the privilege of licking my asshole (ands buying me that new $1000 diamond tennis bracelet).

Next I lubed the tip and slid the anal electrode/seat in place, anchored it to the floor with wood screws, adjusted it and tightened the set screws holding the crossbar or "seat" in place. The fan frame was then attached to the floor with angle brackets and wood screws. I took his penis and covered the tip with the plastic plumbing elbow. I put the end of the tubing in a empty gallon plastic bottle. Then I locked an old master lock that I had modified around his penis between the tip and the shaft. I had the shop foreman at work weld a washer on the lock's front, top and sides and a spacer on the top of the lock. This was designed to make it a snug fit around the tip of his penis to act both as an electrode and a restraint it would make an erection a very uncomfortable experience. I attached the rings with a harness of small nylon rope to make certain that his cock got and even, yet continuous stretching pull. I attached the lock harness to an eyebolt that I screwed into a wall stud. The constant pull came from a heavy strength elastic bungee cord. The lock and it's pull would be inescapable reminder of just how captive he was. The nylon lines also held the elbow and urine tube securely in place.

A parachute type ball stretcher was modified with six with several flat copper rivet heads of the type used to rivet truck brake shoes were on the inside. These were to serve as electrical conductors to his balls. There were wires soldered to each hollow rivet end. The parachute was laced around his balls and attached with a medium weight bungee cord to an eyebolt on the floor.  I pulled the bungee cord snug, but not tight. The objective was to insure that he could not be tempted to struggle against his torture and again to reinforce in his mind the fact that he was being tortured. Then the wires that were soldered to the rivets were hooked up. These six large flat surfaces made contact with his balls and acted as an electrode and lastly a clothes pin covered with aluminum foil as the groin electrode.
Finally I hooked up all of the electrical leads and "test cycled" the equipment.

The electronic stimulation cycle was set with a surplus cam type timer. The timer was similar to those used in an old washing machine, except it did not stop at the end of a cycle, it simply started all over again. Each cycle had its own cam, which turned the power source and directed the current flow to the appropriate location.. Wash cycle was the penis electrode, rinse cycle was the ball electrode and spin cycle was when all the electrodes were charged at the same time. Different electrodes were cycled with every time the timer began a new cycle. This timer would be triggered two times each hour. I set the timing so it triggered when the fan was between cycles. This was to insure that he did not get any rest from his torment.

The head harness prevented him from opening his mouth so his muffled grunts could barely be heard and he could not struggle as his ankles, knees, cock, balls, elbows and wrists were securely restrained so both the fan and the electrodes could do their best. I switched the workshop radio on to a rock station, set the volume at medium, plugged in a night light, gave him a kiss on the cheek, a swat on the butt and said, "See you in the morning!"
His eyes opened wide, he tried to shake his head, "no!" but that didn't work.
"Tomorrow afternoon we'll go shopping for that tennis bracelet." I said as I left the workshop.
I switched off the light and locked the workshop leaving him to his torture.

Three times during the evening/night I awoke went outside and peered in the workshop window. In the glow of the workshop nightlight I could see that he was still rocking along with the system and appeared to be OK.
I fell asleep and awoke about 4 AM. I dashed out and opened the workshop. He heard me enter and stared mumbling something. I noticed that the gallon bottle was about 3/4 full with a milky mixture of urine and sperm and that his butt and lower back had a nice warm red blush. It was time to see how well my 7 hours of automated torture had worked. 
I released the head harness so he could speak.
"What do you have to say?" I asked.
"Mistress mine, may this poor unworthy slave have the privilege of licking your pretty little asshole with my tongue?"
 "Yes, and you will be my eunuch slave for the rest of the weekend and wear the lock on your cock along with handcuffs and a hobble chain on you ankles when we are alone at home."
" I agree to all! Now please let me down from this torture rack! Please."
 His well-whipped ass was a bright red and he gasped when I touched it.

I first removed the plastic pipes and the parachute so he could stand straight. Next I released his ankles and wrists and the head harness. One by one I removed the electrodes and then the butt support and the fan frame. I left the parachute around his balls and the lock around his cock so he would be tormented by their presence during the rest of the night,
His hands were cuffed behind him and six feet of 3/8-inch heavy truck tow chain was locked around his neck.
Lastly I removed the catheter.

He walked slowly to the door. "The light outside the house is on, may I have a robe or something."
"No, run to the house." I ordered as I looped the end of the tow chain over his hands. It was fun watching him sprint to the door in the nude only to discover it was closed and having to turn around to open it with his hands knowing that he was in the light and any of the neighbors ( had they been awake) could see him. I locked the chain to headboard and had him sleep nude on his stomach with his wrists cuffed behind him.

In the morning I freed his wrists and gave him the privilege of giving me an intense personal massage. Of course he was still wearing the lock around his cock so he was doubly tormented as he did his best to make me beg for his services. Finally I succumbed and released him after he promised to make breakfast and do the laundry and all my weekly household chores. 
He served me well and performed all of my weekend cleaning chores. About noon I unlocked the chain around his neck, the handcuffs and the hobble chain around his ankles and told him to get dressed.
"Shopping time!"
I love my new diamond tennis bracelet. Unlike most jewelry, this means something very special to both of us. 
He will gladly tell you, " Never issue a BDSM challenge to a lady engineer!"
By my calculations I am the undisputed winner of the bondage contest in our home and I have the $1000 tennis bracelet/trophy to prove it.
For the balance of the weekend I attended to by my personal slave. I kept him nude, cuffed, hobbled, with the neck chain and of course the parachute and the cock lock. That way he was My property, my servant and my slave. Even his sex was under my control and he would do anything to make me want him and be released from its cold steel grasp.


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