by GaggedUtopia

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© Copyright 2002 - GaggedUtopia - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; naked; sbf; cuffs; cage; collar; maid; oral; cons/reluct; X

She swore the alarm clock had to be broken, or at the very least, have the incorrect time set.  It seemed just minutes ago she was locked in her cage for the night and here it was morning already.  “Another Monday morning” she sighed to herself.  She could find out what time it was easy enough, at least what she was told the time was, but dates were out of the question. 

Part of the usual routine was to brush her hair and prepare it for the day.  The exercise was more for punishment then beauty.  Every night she was allowed some mild freedom by showering alone, but was locked away wet.  Literally.  She was never allowed the use of towels or other means of drying herself.  By morning her hair was often a rats nest, and only the first of many punishments she would endure. 

“My name is Angela.  My name is Angela.” She repeated over in her mind. 

Her resistance to her slavery has been admirable however somewhat disappointing.  She should have accepted her fate long ago, but for some reason she insisted to hold on and not give into her Master.  Only a keen eye would notice the difference as she would obey his every word.  The Master knew it would just take a little more time. 

Angela finished her grooming and tied her hair in the usual pigtails.  It was never her favorite hairstyle and out-grown it by the age of 10 but he demanded she wear it.   With her hair perfect, she moved on.  There was a large ball sitting in the corner of the cage, and to most they would think nothing of it, but it was power.  Power over her speech and over her body.  Slowly she forced it into her mouth and behind her teeth.  The ball was in her mouth so often that she was able to line her teeth up with the small indentations her teeth had made. 

The last and final step was to handcuff her hands behind her back and kneel in front of the cage.  The cold steel was uncomfortable on her knees but with any luck she wouldn’t be on them very long.  The ratchet of the handcuffs echoed throughout the room as they made their way home around her wrists.  Angela had made special care to face the keyholes upward so he could remove them easier and make it impossible for her to remove them. 
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During the next 10 minutes she fidgeted around, trying to make herself comfortable but it was little use.  Truth be told she was just trying to eliminate the boredom of waiting in the cage.  When he finally appeared, nothing was said, the routine was very practiced and she didn’t need to be told what to do. 

After crawling out of the cage, Angela lifted to her feet.  Aside from her cuffs, she was totally naked which was par for the course.  Her Master quickly looked her over showing no signs of approval or disapproval.  Once the inspection was complete he walked her over “the wall”.  Most of the torturous devices he uses on her come from this wall and is where she, as her Master refers to it, gets dressed for the day. 

Angela often tried to make a game out of this time with her Master.  It was very simple actually and merely entailed her trying to guess what was going to be tied/strapped/secured to her next.  When in a state of constant boredom, the simplest of entertainment is a very welcome friend.  “I bet he uses that muzzle today with the locking collar” she thought, cringing at prospect. 

He walked over to the wall and picked up a large clump of leather with a lot of straps.  “God I hate being right, why can’t I be wrong on this one?” she rhetorically asked herself.  Wasting no time the thick posture collar encompassed her neck.  A few straps were secured lightly, but she knew it was only temporary.  Next was the connected muzzle which by itself was uncomfortable, let alone a large rubber ball contained in her mouth.  Again her Master secured the straps loose around her head. 
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Given Mondays typical activities she figured the large belt would be used.  She was right.  He pulled a thick and heavyboned waist belt off the wall.  It had two small cuffs attached in the front, perfect for restricted use of ones hands.  Metal cuffs were placed around her forearms with some great difficulty.  Aside from securing them to the belt, they served one other purpose.  Due to their unforgiving tightness they compress the muscle around the bicep and tricep almost eliminating all the power in her arms.  If that were not enough, due the strain during the day her arms would become very tried after just a few minutes. 

Having her arms secured to the belt he unlocked the handcuffs and secured her hands inside the front of the belt.  Grabbing a small harness from the wall he wrapped it around her upper body and strapped it down tight.  This harness connected to the bottom of her muzzle as to keep her head tilted down at all times.  Angela could feel the straps being tightened around her neck and face.  It was not all that unpleasant, but knew as the day wore on that would change. 

Angela was now ready to start her day.  With a quick swat on her ass she trotted down the stairs.  As with every morning routine, breakfast was first on her agenda. 

A low moan escaped her mouth as another drop of grease navigated through the air and landed with perfection on her right breast.  She smiled to herself thinking about her first days of cooking for her Master, when she should jump and scream when the grease bit her flesh.  It seemed like it was yesterday. 

In all her life she had never known anyone like her Master.  He was very methodical and set in his ways, right down to what he ate for breakfast Monday mornings. Bacon and Eggs was never her favorite, but after preparing the meal dozens of times for her Master she found herself drooling to taste it once more.  She hoped one day he would find it in his heart to leave some table scraps, but she knew better.  He is too set in his ways. 

When the meal was done, she prepared it on a plate and walked it over to her Master.  Setting the plate on the table, she turned to go clean up the kitchen.  The small echo of silverware hitting the ceramic plate sounded in the background as he devoured the food she had made.  After all this time, it still angered her that he never would offer her any food. 
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Her Master was very intelligent and had a purpose for the way her bound her each day.  It was his subtle way of demonstrating the power he had over her and her ability to function.  His power was never more obvious then when she had to clean the kitchen on Mondays.  It was not until now that she had realized the predicament he had put her in.  With her arms and hands bound as they were, she wouldn’t be able to scrub and wipe down the stove and counters very easy.  Furthermore, it would be impossible to reach the back of the stove and counter so her only option was to use her face. 

Hoping up on her toes she wiped the counters as far back as she could reach.  Angela’s breasts bounced in perfect view of her Master as she continued with the chore.  An evil smile drew upon his face already knowing the show was only going to get better.  Meanwhile she cursed his evil mind, desperately wishing some leniency.  It never came. 

With a fresh cloth soaped up, she wadded it into a ball and set it on the counter.  Slowing bending down, she pressed the muzzle firmly down on the cloth and moved it toward the back of the stove.  As it turned out, the effort was not nearly as hard as she had first guessed, but was more humiliating.  Her Master enjoyed the show from his comfortable chair, taking note of her well formed ass swaying in the air in sync with her head.  Breasts mashed against the stove in an effort to get more leverage over the cloth.  He couldn’t get over his own genius. 

He finished his breakfast while she continued to clean.  Purposely adding insult to injury, he left enough scraps that would easily fill her stomach, knowing full well she would have to dump it down the drain.  He walked over to inspect her work, in doing so he spoke for the first time that morning.  “Slave, I want you to have this cleaned up in the next 10 minutes.  When you are done, kneel in front of my chair and wait for me.” 

With a quick nod, Angela completed the kitchen as well as cleaning the plate, letting out a pitiful whine as she watched the food float down the drain.  Not wasting any time, she trotted over to the chair and kneeled down in front of the chair.  Usually this was because he was in the mood for a blowjob, however this was the first she had ever had to give one in the morning. 

As she waited she thought back to how she got in this position.  Even now in perpetual bondage, total servitude and sexual frustration she couldn’t help but giggle about how she could be so naïve and proud.  Meeting her future Master was not totally by chance.  He had spotted her at a club and after the usual getting to know you period, they dated.  Surprisingly though, he never asked for sex and was always content with a kiss goodnight.  It was part of his charm. 

About a month had passed and they were having dinner at his apartment and the topic of sex came up.  Actually Angela had brought it up.  Teasing a man by denying him sex is always a fun game, but loses its splendor when the man doesn’t play along.  She needed to know why.  He reasoned that he needed to develop true feelings for a woman before he consented to sex.  It was then he boasted, that if he truly loved a woman that he could bring her to climax after climax and she would beg him to stop. 

It was hard to contain her laughter as he looked serious and didn’t want to ruin the moment.  Collecting herself she asked, “So, do you TRULY love me?”  He just smiled, pausing only to sip his wine, and replied “Yes I do, but you don’t believe me.”  Not to be beaten, she fought for a retort.  “Well, it is a pretty bold claim.  To be honest, there has only been one man that has ever given me an orgasm, and even he wasn’t consistent.” 

“If you were a man, I would take that as a bet.” He quipped. 

Astonished and appalled, Angela raised her voice, “And what the hell is THAT suppose to mean?!?” 

“I didn’t really mean to insult you, its just that it’s not very enjoyable robbing a woman of her money.” He said, oozing confidence with every word. 

“Well aren’t we cocky today.  I want to see you lose, you obviously have a bet in mind, so what is it?” she blurted out, letting her anger get the best of her. 

“It’s simple really.  If I win, you are my slave until I release you.  If you win, I will be your slave.  Once either of us is a slave, it is unconditional.  I suppose if the loser decided they can’t handle the bet, they can be released of the terms.  I wouldn’t expect you to live up to them anyway.” He said with a joking smile. 

“Fine, it’s a bet.  Let’s finish eating.” She said. 

All was quiet for the rest of the dinner, she thought to herself what she had gotten into.  Aside from the fact that she was sure to win, she thought about the possibility of losing.  Angela thought that as a man, his idea of a slave was someone to give him a few blowjobs, making him a few meals and sit at his feet as he watched TV.  That didn’t sound so bad. 

That night was a blur, but what little memories she had were of pure ecstasy.  Angela didn’t regain consciousness until the next morning when she realized her fate.  He already knew it as well and had already shackled her arms and legs into a light hogtie on the bed.  She started to move into a more comfortable position when she realized the restraints.  Before the first scream parted her lips, he spoke. 

“I think you will agree that you lost our little bet.  Assuming you are a woman of your word and wouldn’t back out of a deal, you are ok with this arrangement, yes?” he queried. 

“Well… er… I never really expected this.  I figured it would be a little game, I didn’t know I would be tied up.  I guess this is ok, just put my hands in front please, so I can itch my nose.” Angela told him. 

“As a slave, you will only call me Master.  To avoid punishment, I suggest you obey.  Your training starts as of now.  The better you do, the better your rewards.  Your first task will be getting used to a ball gag.” He said, reaching for a large ball gag harness. 

Speechless she just glared at him waiting for the punch line.  He reached down and pinched her tit, getting a yelp and allowing him to get the gag into her mouth.  Strapping it all in place, he left her on the bed to think about her new situation. 

As Angela continued to kneel in front of his chair she giggled again when she realized that the gag in her mouth now was the very same gag she thought would kill her. 

Her master walked into the room while she waited nervously.  Sitting down he just stared at her, albeit with a warming grin.  “Over the past year, have you considered your stay enjoyable or unpleasant?” he asked. 

“A year?!?” she thought, how could it have been that long.  She never really had given much thought as to how she felt about it all.  Sure, she resented it at first, who wouldn’t hate being enslaved against their will.  After what much have been months, she started to get used to and even enjoy the routine.  Most of the time she merely served his wishes, but it was all worth it when he would return the favor and pleasure his little pet. 

“A simple nod or yes will do” he quipped. 

Angela quickly responded with a nod. 

“I am glad to hear that.  You and I both know why you are here.  For your good servitude and truly living up to your end of the bargain, I give you a choice.  You can be with me, as my slave, living the life you have for the past year or be freed.” He said, pausing for a moment.  “Keep in mind, that if you are free, you are free of it all.  You won’t be with me, not as lovers, not as friends, and defiantly not as Master and Slave.  I could have just kept you forever as a slave, but I do love you, and I couldn’t just imprison you without knowing it is what you wanted as well.” 

Angela quickly nodded her head. 

“I hoped you would fell that way.” He said, removing her gag. “If you are going to stay, then I think you need to earn your keep.” Picking up a ring harness gag, he strapped it on place.  “Do I need to give the order?” he said. 

To be continued…