Denise's Submissive Holiday

by Gromet

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Jackie & Wendy have a small unique dungeon set up where they entertain their submissive clients and attend to their needs. One of those clients happens to be Denise, who was also enjoying a part-time relationship with Jackie & Wendy, even though she was a client of the two. They all three enjoyed more of a sexual relationship rather than just a business arrangement between them. But it was always strictly business when they had Denise bound and gagged; she was their little submissive plaything, and they practised on her for whatever they needed to perfect before acting out on a paying customer.

Jackie had been wanting for some time to expand on the services that she offered her clients, and Wendy had come up with the idea of the cell that they could keep the clients in, locked away for a length of time, maybe have some form of restraints on the walls or points to fix limbs to, they already had a client who would be willing to construct the cell and while that was being built, she also shared the idea that they could also use it for some suspension bondage and sensory deprivation of her clients.

Jackie had the new cell built in the basement with several suspension points, as suggested, with more ideas coming from the builder, who was keen to try out some of the features of the new cell. The walls went up fairly quickly, the metal door and frame had to be specially made, this would sound-proof the room so that those trapped inside would not hear what was happening outside in the dungeon. That way they could see other clients while still keeping another trapped inside the cell.

The house that Jackie and Wendy owned had a large basement cellar, which over time they had converted to their playroom/dungeon, where they entertained their clients. There were several additions over the past few years as their reputation grew, more bondage apparatus was added, stocks; a pillory; a four-poster bed covered in latex sheets, for cleanliness of course. There were several chains hanging from the walls and ceiling, plus cupboards full of bondage stuff, and many, many crops, whips and other implements of torture. Last but not least, there was a cross-frame to hold the client in an especially vulnerable position, which Denise seemed to love more than most, and had spent many wonderful hours bound to, teased and tormented or just left as part of the furniture while they saw to their other clients.

Wendy, meanwhile, who was into the leather side of things had specially made for Denise a leather bondage catsuit, a full-body leather harness and matching sleep sack/body bag, all of which when combined would trap and encase Denise inside their tight grasp, even more so when the leather catsuit had been left soaking overnight, and would then contract and shrink with Denise’s body heat. The sleep sack or body bag also has an inbuilt harness sewn into it with several straps and buckles to tighten to securely hold the person wearing it. Wendy was looking forward to seeing Denise inside the two, and kept the items hidden for when the cell was completed.

Denise was to be the first one to try out the new addition, this would be a combination of a special gift to her from the two women and also a trial run where Denise would be the guinea pig to iron out any kinks, though there was no way that you could iron the kinks out of Denise. Jackie knew from experience that Denise would enjoy her time inside of the cell, as she had been through several sensory deprivation scenes with Denise before and knew of her love for them. Others she had tried it out on had freaked out and never returned, but Denise always came back wanting more and willing to go further than before.

The day came and the cell was officially completed. The lighting had been done with the control outside of the cell, so the room would be in complete darkness once the light had been turned off. Standing inside you could not hear the person standing outside of the entry door once it was closed, it was perfect for what they wanted to do with it. Now to use it on their willing victim.

Denise arrived not long after the final builders had left, she was looking forward to seeing the new cell and wondered when she would be finding out the delights that had been installed inside. She was greeted by Jackie & Wendy, they seemed very excited to try out their new cell, and after a brief hug from the both of them Denise was shepherded down the now familiar steps into the basement playroom. Once there she saw the new room, the metal door seemed to be very substantial, and she remarked that it made a great first impression that she knew others would both fear and enjoy.

She then caught sight of the cross-frame, and the body bound to it, the naked male body presented to her gaze distracted her slightly, but she was more into girls than guys, though she could appreciate their bodies. Looking closer she could see that the male bound there was not totally naked, he wore a hood covering his head, there were several straps holding his limbs tightly to the framework, and she recalled that she herself had been bound there like that on many occasions;it brought back several fond memories for her.

Jackie explained that the guy bound there was the builder who had helped organize the new cell addition, and that as a reward he was bound, gagged and hooded and later he would be tormented by Wendy, using several of her Mistress skills to drive him wild, while also denying him any final pleasure. Well that was the plan, but they all knew sometimes Wendy gets too carried away, as Denise could testify, and that he may get some form of reward in the end.

Meanwhile, Jackie continued, he wanted to watch the first session with the new cell, and be on hand should the need arise, so while he will remain bound and naked to the frame, he can observe what we are about to do with you. Denise felt weak at the knees when Jackie said that she had been expecting to be here at the opening, not realising that she would be first to try it out. She wondered what they had planned for her, they always kept it a secret from her, and she liked the surprise with what they generally thought up for her, though most times she didn’t realise that both Jackie and Wendy went off their original plans for her, but the sessions were always very enjoyable and she was always ready for more.

Jackie continued to explain, so as you’re the first, we wanted to do something very special in honour of the new cell opening. I know that you’ve been doing some sensory things with Wendy, so we thought we’d do a full-on session with you being our first victim.

Denise replied that it would be wonderful to be the first, and she told them both to please feel free to do whatever you want to me. I am your humble slavegirl, yours to command. Slipping into her submissive side, a tingle ran down her spine at the thought of being their slave.

Wendy & Jackie then hugged and kissed Denise, thanking her for willingness to allow them to use her as their test subject; they both hoped that she would enjoy what they had planned for her. Wendy then told Denise that she had a very special gift for her, and that she hoped that Denise would enjoy wearing it, not only here in the dungeon but elsewhere too.

Denise was told by Jackie to strip off all of her clothing, she wouldn’t be needing them for some time now. Denise quickly did, she never wore that many clothes anyway, and it was a distant memory the last time that she wore any underwear. Now standing there in front of the two women naked as the day she was born, she found that she always felt more submissive when she was around others when naked and they were dressed. She noticed the guy bound to the frame was enjoying the view, his erection standing out for all to see.

Wendy then told Denise that from this point on you are our captive, you will follow any orders that we give you. You are no longer free, and you will be punished for any misdemeanours that you commit, that part where you were able to walk away is now gone. And a good slave should be on her knees when her mistresses are present. Denise quickly dropped down, her knees hitting the cold floor, her eyes cast downwards as she had been taught a slave should do.

Denise listened as her two Mistresses went about the dungeon getting things ready for her. She knew better than to sneak a peek at what they were doing, a painful lesson learned a while ago. Finally, the two women returned to the naked slavegirl and bade her to stand. She did as she was commanded by them; Denise was already enjoying herself even before the main event. She was happy when being their slave.

First Denise is prepared: She is placed into some tight latex waist high panties, attached on the inside are two inserts, these they explained to her are able to be controlled by Bluetooth remotely, so no wires like before. With both fully, and roughly inserted by Wendy, inside of her openings, the latex panties now securely held them in place, unable to fall out or be forced out by her. Denise also has some tens machine patches attached to her breasts and around her nipples, so that she can be tormented by Jackie and Wendy whilst bound. More patches are stuck on her tummy, she knew from past experience what to expect when they fired up these later on.

Wendy then brought out Denise’s new gift, a beautiful leather catsuit, Wendy told her that it had been specially made for her to her exact size and to Wendy’s specifications. Wendy explained that the suit had been soaking overnight to make the leather more supple and to ensure a tight fit on her body. She was not told that it would shrink when heated by Denise’s body, but she would find that out later.

Denise is then assisted by Wendy to put on the new damp leather catsuit, the cold feel of the material as it covered her nakedness sending delightful shivers through her whole body, it wasn’t the coldness of the suit but the prospect of what was to come that gave her this feeling. Her limbs slid down into the black holes of the leggings, her arms following suit until she found her naked body covered entirely by the black leather, the smell of the new leather giving her a warm, fuzzy feeling inside her tummy.

Wendy reached around behind Denise and began closing the rear zipper of the suit. She knew that once she had Denise sealed inside that there was no way that she could get herself free from the suit; she had designed it so that she could lock her inside, the tall stiff collar made of firmer leather than the suit would hold her neck in place and ensure that the zipper would remain locked once closed.

Adjusting several parts of the leather catsuit, Wendy made sure that each part was secured with a lock, the straps around the wrists attached to the suit were pulled tight and locked off, the same with the ones around her ankles. Jackie then stopped watching what was happening and brought over a leather corset. They both then wrapped this around Denise’s waist and while one held Denise steady, the other began to pull the laces closed, tightening the corset around their slave until they were satisfied with the result.

Denise is now tightly encased inside the leather suit, the corset tightened to its maximum forcing her to take short breaths. She loves the tightness that the suit and corset provides. A hood was then placed over her head, the damp leather tight against her skin, this was one of her favorite hoods as she had worn it several times before. It had several attachments like a blindfold and several different types of gags. It also had lacing down the back of the hood that made the hood even tighter on the wearer. To finish it off to Wendy’s specifications a padlock was added just to make sure that Denise knew she would not be getting free any time soon.

Jackie then fastened a strict leather posture collar around Denise’s neck, this would hold her head up and she would be unable to turn her head or to look down, her gaze now fixed on the door of the new cell waiting to welcome its first victim. But just when she thought that they were finished with her Denise was surprised to find that a full-body harness was now being fastened around her. This was new, she thought to herself, and looked forward to seeing how it felt being bound by it. 

With both women fitting and adjusting the harness, Denise soon found that she was no longer able to move her body, the harness straps were again adjusted by Wendy, who wasn’t satisfied with the tightness of the new addition to Denise’s bondage. Pulling each strap that extra bit extra tight making it much harder for Denise to move. She was now a solid column of leather bondage and wondered to herself what was coming next, surely, she thought they were finally done with me?

That’s when she spotted the leather bundle in Jackie’s hands, and as it unfolded before her eyes, she realised that it was some form of bondage bag, she had seen them online and had wondered what it would feel like to be encased inside of one. She guessed that she was about to find out. What she hadn’t noticed was the attached harness and rings fixed to the bondage bag that would enable whoever was inside to be bound down to something or otherwise.

Pulling the leather bag over Denise’s legs they both worked at making sure that it fitted properly. Her hands were already secured inside the leather harness, so there was no need for the internal armbinders that were inside the bondage bag, they would use them another day. Fitting the suit over their slave’s body they soon had her encased inside, the leather forming a seal against their slave’s body as they closed the heavy-duty zipper. Wendy added her finishing touches with yet another padlock, Denise was now trapped inside until they decided they had finished with her, which Denise hoped was far off in the distant future.

Lost in a haze of submissive bondage, her thoughts of freedom were long gone. Denise’s mind was in full slave mode, she would have done anything that both of her Mistresses would have asked of her at that moment. She had lost herself this way before and had spent a week being their maid, content in what she was doing for them. She would have loved to stay that way forever but her outside life was calling her back. One day she would achieve her aims, she thought, and she had many dreams and fantasies of being nothing more than a slave to the two of them.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Wendy said that the slave was finally ready for the new cell, Denise loved it when Wendy spoke about her as their slave, it always sent a tingle to places where tingles always caused delight. Coming out of her submissive fog slightly, she tried to look at what they had done to her but found herself too tightly bound and restricted to see any part of her body. Sensing that Denise wanted to see just what she looked like, Jackie with Wendy’s help picked up the bound and bagged slave and carried her over to a full-length mirror.

Denise was astounded by the vision before her, the only part of her that was visible at the moment was her eyes. All the rest of her was covered by the black leather of the bondage bag and hood, at this point she noticed the bag also had straps that were tightly holding her inside of the bag, and the shiny metal rings attached to them. Feeling both women running their hands over her bound body, she very safe and also secure, she always knew that she could trust them both to come up with something out of the ordinary for her to experience, and they had not disappointed this time either.

Not that she could express this to them as the large gag was firmly shoved into her open mouth, then fastened to the hood with more padlocks. She could only watch as one woman held her upright while the other walked over to open the cell door. Inside looked very dark and daunting. A cold shiver of anticipation ran up Denise’s spine. Now ready they both picked up their bound slave and carried her towards the cell, Denise saw that she was being watched by the man bound to the cross-frame, and he certainly seemed to be enjoying what was happening to Denise, his excitement showing.

Carrying her bagged form inside the newly built cell, Denise was stood back on her feet in the centre of the room, she looked around with her eyes at the interior; it seemed very well built and more like a dungeon she imagined than the current one that her Mistresses now used. They then began adding chains that were attached to the walls inside the cell to the bondage bag’s harness, each chain was attached to the shiny metal rings that she had seen in the mirror, once every one was attached they began to tighten them, the hoist above pulling the chains through rings on the wall soon lifted Denise off of her feet.

Now suspended in the air, the harness that was attached to the bondage bag made the bag tighter, the suspension combined with her weight made everything that much tighter. Denise had already struggled to move any part of her body, the leather catsuit had started to shrink on her body, the harness inside of the bag was already tightened to be uncomfortable by Wendy, now felt even tighter. The corset restricting her waist caused her to take short breaths, the constriction of the bondage bag now suspended in the air restricted it even more.

But she found that the tighter the bondage was, the more that she enjoyed it. She may have mentioned this to Jackie and Wendy in the past and now her wishes were coming true. She had never been this tightly bound and held before, the chains suspending Denise off of the floor, the bondage bag holding her body firmly in its grasp, like an all-over body hug. The catsuit and harness inside the bag were doing their part to raise Denise’s arousal to a point where she thought she would explode, the prospect of being punished for climaxing without permission sending her deeper down the rabbit hole. 

But just when she thought that she was about to go over the edge, she was brought back to earth with a slap to her rear. Wendy had been watching Denise and her reaction to the new bondage situation that she found herself in, one of the reasons that she had been left unblindfolded. She knew the signs of when her slave was about to orgasm and brought her back with a swift slap to the rear.

Once her feet have left the floor, both Jackie & Wendy continue to raise Denise to the set height. Happy when there is at least a foot of clearance underneath they begin adjusting the other chains holding Denise suspended, pulling her even higher and making the suit very tight indeed. Denise felt the chains pulled this way and that, she knew that she was higher up as she could see over the heads of her Mistresses out into the outer dungeon, and the well-placed bound man on the cross, who could watch the entire performance from his bondage vantage point.

Jackie & Wendy finally finish suspending Denise, leaving her in mid-air supported by the chains and the harness of the bondage bag. Wendy, pointing a remote control at Denise, began pressing some buttons. With each one pressed a part of the things embedded inside her began to make themselves known, that and the tens patches attached to her naked skin, held in place even closer now by the shrinking catsuit. Wendy set the controls for the electro-stim high at first, making Denise scream out from behind her gag as she was shocked by the patches and the internal probes.

The leather-bound worm now suspended in mid-air began to shake slightly, quickly any movement that their slave could make was taken out by tightening the chains suspending her. Wendy was finally happy with what she had achieved with their bound and suspended slave, it was time to leave her to suffer and endure whatever they wanted to do to her. They had her permission after all, not that Wendy needed that, as she always told her clients, that once bound, you’re mine to play with.

Reaching up to complete her bondage by placing the blindfold over the slaves’ eyes, leaving her helplessly bound and suspended, encased in tight leather, blindfolded, gagged, unable to see, hear or speak. The toys inserted would run for some time, the electro-stim products would alternate between low and high intensity, causing the slave to suffer and then wonder when the next time they would inflict their torment on her body. Wendy loved using them, she enjoyed watching the bound victims suffering.

Satisfied that they could do no more, they left the whimpering slave hanging in her bondage bag. Closing the cell door behind them, they listened to see if they could hear her, waiting until they were happy that no sound could be heard, even when Wendy had dialled up the electro-stim to maximum as a test. They knew that they whould have heard screams if they had been next to their slave. Much to Wendy’s disappointment she was told by Jackie to set the program to run as before; she could come back later and torment their slave so more.

Inside the cell was the suspended form of Denise, alone in the darkness, not that she could see or hear, there was no sound except for the slight rattle of her chains and her whimpering inside behind the gag. But even that was absorbed by the sound deadening inside the cell, this was truly a master stroke of sensory deprivation, one that even Denise had never experienced before. Her Mistresses had outdone themselves when they designed this, but she knew that this was Wendy’s idea to suspend her bound and alone. 

All time seemed to stop for Denise, she had no idea how long she had been in here, nor how long they had planned on keeping her like this. She knew that she was not expected back at work for a couple of weeks and had let Wendy know this. Outside the world moved on as normal, the two Mistresses now happy with the way the cell had worked and that they had their slave bound inside, worked on, seeing several clients while Denise was kept inside the cell, occasionally showcasing their latest addition and the bagged slave suspended inside.

All their slave had for the foreseeable future for company was the continued torment of the electro-stim devices, the pain part far outweighed the pleasure, and she knew that she would never get off on the internal plugs, she knew that Mistress Wendy would never allow that. The shocks seemed a welcome relief to the never-ending darkness. And it was only when they stopped did she wish that they would continue, she missed them and looked forward to them beginning again. Which they eventually did. 

As she hung there she felt a cool liquid drop on to her tongue and she quickly swallowed. She didn’t know at the time that she was being drip-fed and kept hydrated by her Mistresses, her needs were being catered for body wise, while her mind was subject to the continued emptiness of the sensory deprivation that she was experiencing from her Mistresses. She would be forever altered when she would, if ever, be released. Or did she ever want to get free, that thought seemed to take over her mind more and more, she could never go back to how she was.


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