Denise's New Plan

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2011 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; club; bond; bdsm; hood; gag; toys; sleepsack; tattoo; piercing; chast; cons; XX

As Denise put the last box down, she thanked the removal men and closed the front door. She was in her new home now looked a complete mess but, in a few days it would be much better! Denise had picked the house, because of the large cellar, the large garage and the larger outbuildings in the garden. Denise opened a box up it said kitchen, first box. Inside was a coffee machine, a cup and some expresso coffee, she filled the coffee machine with water from the sink and tried the power. the little red light told her it was on!

"Perfect!" She purred, It was the start of a new business.

The house was on the outskirts of a large town and she would find someone to help her gain new clients but for now she sat in the living room with an I-pod playing her favourite tunes!

In the morning Denise went out to survey the area. She drove into the town, like most large towns, it had one of these, and one of them, and one of them! Large shops were not what she was looking for, she was looking for a club, and a female to help her. She found the road where the club was supposed to be but couldn’t spot the club itself. She got a few things and drove home, she would have to wait until the night, before she could make her play. Denise drove home to her new house and waited.

Once dark Denise pulled her latex catsuit up her legs, and picked and pulled it until it had covered her size ten body, she looked at herself in the mirror and squeezed her breasts until she felt her nipples harden. Denise rubbed her nipples until she felt pleasure flowing through her. She thought of using one of her dildos, she knew which box it was in but she couldn’t bear another box that needed undoing.

She stepped out throwing her kid leather jacket over her shoulders, as she got into her car she muttered under her breath as she couldn’t drive wearing heels, so she compromised and wore three inch heels. She felt like a secretary!

Denise drove off looking for the BDSM club, she knew the name, Shackelton’s and she knew it was a fairly exclusive club, but if she could worm her way in perhaps she could start getting her name round and might start getting clients again.

Denise drove down the road in question, she was looking for a doorway, or some sign of the name, then she thought she saw something down an alleyway, Denise couldn’t just stop, there were cars behind her, on the road, and there was nowhere to park. She drove round again and parked up, It was a short walk but seemed like miles, probably because she looked like exactly what she was and there were vanillas about!

Denise ducked into the alleyway hoping like mad she had seen the right sign. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw the sign she was looking for!


Denise felt a trepidation as she walked through the door to the club. There was a sign above the inner door behind the reception, "Sheckelton’s women’s club, NO men!"

"That’s clear enough!" came a voice from the reception. A woman’s face peered round the window and smiled, "I don’t remember seeing you , and I wouldn’t forget a beautiful face like yours! Is this your first time?

"Well yes, I have just moved into the area and the club comes highly recommended by some friends of mine."

"Anyone I know?" I believe so, you remember Mistress Phoenix?

"Why yes, how is Patricia?"

"I think you’ll find it’s Petra, and she was in fine spirits when I left her last week!"

"Oh yes, of course, my mistake! She was a regular here for ages, right up to last year."

"She left for my neck of the woods about Christmas, I think."

"Yes that sounds about right! Anyway I take it you would like to become a member?"

"If I could."

"Right well, if you could fill in this registration form, it’s just a formality really, if you could put your real name, your handle, the name you like to be known as here, and your address, and that’s it!"

"Oh that seems straight forward."

‘Oh and your preference?"


"Top or Bottom."

"Oh I see, Er top!"

"You don’t sound certain."

"Yes, I’m a top, a Mistress ! Mistress Beatrix

"Ok If that’s what you say."

"Yes, it is, is there a problem with that?"

"No, no, only,"

"Only what?"

"Well, we have a rule that everyone that comes into the club the first time has to, er Prospect for a month, regardless of preference,"

"I’m afraid you’ll have to explain that to me, what’s a prospect?"

"A prospect, or a prospective club member has to submit herself to the Mistresses in the club for a month, that is two nights a week for a month. Then the prospect will be voted on and become a member, or not."

"So in effect everyone that comes through the door has the submit to the whims of the Mistresses for a month?"

"Yes, that’s about it!"

"So who are the Mistresses in the club tonight?"

"Well there’s Mistress Grace, she is top dog, the club’s owner, then there’s Mistress Keen and Mistress Constance, Oh and Mistress Flint, I would avoid her if possible she is a bit of a sadist!"

"And what happens if I was to refuse anything?"

"We have never had anyone that refused the Mistresses, Now the first night you aren’t expected to do anything much, that will be because your not collared, but the next time you attend you are expected to wear a collar to show your devotion to the Mistresses.."

"So what sort of things do the Mistresses want a prospect to do?"

"Well, I don’t know, I suppose they might bind your hands and put you in a cage for half an hour, ask you to refresh their drinks, that sort of thing, nothing too heavy I suppose."

"And after a month that’s it?"

"Yes, we have a website, where you can download the rules of the club, the password is on this card, so don’t lose it!"

Denise looked at the card, it had one word the word was SUBMISSION.

Denise put the card in her clutch bag and with the receptionist holding the door open she walked in.

As Denise walked in as she grew accustomed to the light she realised there were about thirty to forty people in the club, it dawned on her that the club could comfortably hold ten times the amount and maybe it would have been a better idea to have come on the weekend when it may have been busier.

Denise walked down to the bar area and ordered herself a G+T, as she propped up the bar another woman stood next to her.

"I’ve not seen you here before, are you a newbie?"

Denise fought the temptation to be sarcastic, "No this is my first time."

"Oh I’m Josie, pleased to meet you!"

"Likewise. But after the little talk I’ve had with the woman outside it seems a bit paradoxical to call myself Mistress Beatrix!"

"So are you a mistress then?"

"Well I have been for the last twelve years!"

"Well we need some good Mistresses, most of the people here are subs!"

"Well I aim to please, but I’m a bit mystified about this being sub for a month!"

"Oh of course! I wouldn’t worry about that, I think that was put in the rules to scare off the Premadonnas of this world!
And it looks like it’s worked so far!"

"So who’s your mistress?"

"I’m Mistress Isabel’s, that’s her over there, with the long black hair."

Mistress Isabel was a stunner, probably late twenties tall curves! And dressed head to toe in Latex, probably Italian.

Josie headed back to her Mistress and left Denise with her drink. As she sat at the bar a stream of women stopped for a chat, she decided it was a much better place to meet subs than she ever thought possible, when the flowing leather coat of a mistress stood at the bar next to her. Denise purposely didn’t look directly at her, she surmised that she had been spotted and the mistress had come down to check her out.

"Well what do we have here?" Said a voice. Denise turned to look at the Mistress beside her

"Your new no doubt!"

"No doubt! I’m Mistress Beatrix."

"Mistress Grace."

"A fantastic club you own!"

"Yes, have you been given the grand tour?"

"No Mistress."

"Well come along, I love to show my club off to those that take an interest."

"Of course, thank you Mistress!"

The pair walked through some doors and up some stairs to a corridor, Mistress Grace opened one of these doors .

"This is my play room, now I was told you were told about the rules so I would like you to put your arms in the sleeve."

Mistress Grace had picked up a mono glove, Denise held her arms behind her and Mistress did it up around her. Once her arms were tightly held behind her, Mistress Grace tied her ankles to a spreader bar. Mistress Grace walked over to a bench and brought back a helmet which she pulled over Denise’s head. She zipped it up and then tightened the helmet ‘s lacing preventing Denise’s jaw from moving. With Denise affectively mute Mistress Grace zipped up the eye holes rendering Denise blind. Finally she clipped a rope from the ceiling to the mono glove and pulled on the rope so Denise’s arms went skywards and her head lowered. Mistress fondled her cheeks.

"What a lovely arse you have my dear! I could whip it into shape in no time!"


"Lets see, your thirty five, thirty six?"


"And what brings you to my club?

Unzipping the crutch zip on Denise’s catsuit and caressing her smooth pussy lips.


"You would make a fine slave, I could play with you for hours, tempt you, tease you, make you scream with pleasure, or pain!"

Mistress pushed a finger into Denise, she shuddered in anticipation, then Mistress started probing Denise’s sphincter, caressing it teasing it gently playing with it until Mistresses gloved hand pushed her way into it. Denise was getting really wet with Mistresses touch, she started breathing heavily. Denise felt herself building up to a massive climax when Mistress pulled out leaving her hanging.

"Yes my dear, you would make a fine slave!"

Mistress had been lubricating a dildo which she slowly worked into Denise, at first Denise enjoyed the feeling of the intruder but as Mistress clipped the other end to the spreader bar and Denise realised that she couldn’t move along it’s girth she started the feel very full indeed. When Mistress started working a second dildo into her sphincter she realised too late what was happening. As Mistress pushed the dildo/butt plug home and clipped it to the spreader bar Denise was effectively stuck, being unable to move at all. The final shock was when Mistress started pumping both dildo’s and they started getting bigger! They were big anyway and now they felt huge!


"But you didn’t answer my question?"

Denise squealed as the dildo’s got bigger still!


Denise tried to release herself by standing on tiptoes which did absolutely nothing to help !

"IIIfff vvvvooofff wwoonneee!"

"I doubt that someone as beautiful as you could ever be lonely, my dear. Why don’t you stay with me here as my slave, and we could find your limits and push them and you beyond your wildest fantasies?"

Denise was quiet for a moment, it wasn’t that she wanted to be Mistresses slave, she wanted to say the right thing, rather than dismiss Mistress out of hand.

"Norf ank oo Miftreff!"

"You seemed a little indecisive now, are you sure, slave? We could have you coming in seconds, my dear!"

"Norf ank oo Miftreff!"

"Well I have plenty of time to convince you my dear!"

With that, the dildo’s started pumping, Denise wasn’t sure if they were going up and down or whether they were just getting bigger and smaller.

"I have to maintain my dominance over the members so I’ll just be a short while, now don’t run away now, and you think about my offer, my dear!"

With that there was silence, except for a pump, which sounded like a miniature steam engine, making the dildo’s dance inside her! Denise felt herself building up again, and as the bullies inside her pressed her into submission, they stopped! Denise groaned in frustration, she wasn’t really surprised as she had done exactly the same thing to a client two weeks earlier!

Mistress Grace came back and released Denise. She studied the face of her captor, late forties to early fifties, tall thin, and carried a demeanour worthy of a queen. Oh how Denise wished she could turn the tables on her. She loved older women, especially those that were Mistresses in their own right. She wanted to break her, she knew she would have to bide her time but she would get there!

As Mistress removed the Mono glove Denise rubbed her wrists, as mistress was putting the glove away Denise followed. When Mistress turned Denise kissed her passionately the pair embraced, Mistress still playing with Denise’s tight latex clad bottom! When they broke Mistress looked at Denise with a grin!

"You like to sail close to the wind?"

"Well I know what I like!"

For the first time Mistress seemed in turmoil Denise gazed into her eyes and saw a fragile woman wishing to be taken.

"I have literally just moved into my new home and I have many thing still to unpack, but I would enjoy your company tomorrow night about eight?

"Where do you live?"

Denise gave Mistress her address,

"And what would you like me to wear?"

"Mmmmmm, something restrictive! Perhaps a uniform, I love them!"

Denise blew her a kiss and left.

The following morning Denise was hard at work cleaning her home, packing things away and unpacking her dungeon equipment. She wanted to make an impression, and had just the equipment to do it! She worked through the day, getting the house as she wanted it the perfect sanctuary for a Mistress and her prey!

As half seven came Denise readied herself, she had already spent over half an hour in the shower, making sure she was smooth all over. Her short blond hair was dried and styled to please. The music was picked and by eight she was ready! Denise had a small joint in the oven and wine on tap. She paced nervously until she heard a car approaching, she looked out the window and saw Mistress Grace getting out of her car. She looked fantastic, completely dressed in Latex!

As Mistress knocked on the door Denise checked herself in the mirror, and opened the door Mistress Grace stood there smiling, dressed in a tight uniform of Latex, holding a handbag not unlike the Queen. Denise put her hands round her and squeezed her bum, kissing her.

"Come in, come in Mistress!" Said Denise.

"You like?" giving a ladylike spin.

"Very, very nice."

"Oh, and it’s just Grace."

"Come have some wine" as they sat down together.

Grace was listening to the music, The Mamas and the Papas.

"You just don’t hear this these days."

"No it’s a crying shame, they made such great music together."

Denise handed Grace a glass and poured some wine into it.

"Thank you." Said Mistress, "You know I haven’t always been a Mistress."

"Oh what were you before?"

"When I was Eighteen I got my first job as a governess teaching two children, I was young and had my head in the clouds. The children’s father was in the military and left with little or no notice for months at a time. The wife found that an eighteen year old could be moulded into something she approved of. She loved Leather and wore it every day, she tricked me into some misdemeanour and before I knew it had undressed me and spanked me! Within weeks we had started a Lesbian affair, well I say affair, like I had any say in what we did."

"Anyway she would handcuff me, collar me and Gag me and tie me to her bed in case she needed pleasuring, which she did many times in a night! I don’t know to this day how her husband found out, he just took the children and told her he wanted a divorce. I of course was dropped like a stone and left to fend for myself, I was told in no uncertain terms that my family would be informed so going home wasn’t an option, now I realised the cruelty of the man, but at the time Lesbianism was a perversion and according to him I had been caught red handed! I ended up in London where I met The Lady Lucy, a woman who took me in, dressed me in Latex, and kept me in bondage for three years! I suppose she got tired of me and threw me away one day. I didn’t know it then but I had become a submissive, but I had to put all this to one side when I started as a Mistress. I had built up a serious clientele and made some serious money which paid for the club which is now my life."

"Why have you told me all this?"

"Well two reasons number one I have never allowed anyone into my life, on the basis of the people I had already had dealings with, then you come along and invite me to dinner, you have no secret agenda, no hidden plan, no pretence. I sensed you wanted me, on almost a vanilla sense of the word, and yet I’ve got to be fifteen, twenty years older than you, maybe you just like older women!"

Denise just smiled and nodded.

"Anyway, reason number two, I have never lost my submissive side, I just bottle it up. I went to America a year ago and paid a Mistress to give me a good going over. She treated me like shit, and I loved it! I spent four and a half hours reliving my youth. Deep down I am that little girl who craves being under a mistresses boot."

"I think I have a good idea where your leading this to. Grace."

"Yes I think you do!"

"Lets eat, if the oven has worked it’ll be done to a turn if not it’ll be like old boots!"

"Is it fifty, fifty then !"

"Well it’s the first time I’ve tried it."

They walked arm in arm back to the kitchen to see the food that Denise had prepared. It was juicy pink in the middle and crisp outside.

"Perfect!" Said Grace

"Hope it’s worth the wait!"

They sat down with their food, their wine and started eating.

"Wow! this is wonderful! I know it’s pork, but more so!"

"Well it’s actually wild boar."

"I’ve never had the pleasure before!"

They ate their meal and with their glasses refilled Denise showed Grace round her home, when they got to the dungeon they stopped to consider just what could be in store for Grace.

"I used to love being dominated by someone who appears to have little or no feelings for me, I might have been an animal, Could you be that Person for me?"

"I , I suppose I could, being a cold heartless bitch is part of the Mistress persona after all. Yes, if that is what you crave!"

"And I would assume you, as my Mistress would want me to get myself pierced everywhere that is potentially painful."

"Well that goes without saying! But just how extreme are you going to take this?"

"Well when you consider I was first deflowered when I was eighteen and I’m now fifty one I think I have a lot to catch up on!"

"You know I don’t mean that! Just how extreme do you want me to be?"

"Very, very extreme!"

"Well give me an idea of what you consider very extreme?"

"Well firstly we are both Mistresses we both have a fair idea of what’s extreme, secondly and probably more importantly I don’t want to choreograph everything that happens between us, I suppose what I’m asking you for is to take me further than I have ever been before. Now how you decide you want to proceed is up to you, the only thing I would say is I don’t want a safe word. I want this to be real, as real as you can possibly make it."

"Can I phone a friend?"

"As long as It isn’t made public knowledge, I’m more than happy!"

"Come on, lets get upstairs, we’re both a bit drunk and I consider it an honour if you would stay the night?"

"I would love to, Mistress!"

With that Denise held Grace’s hands and edged forward to kiss her, Grace dropped to her knees and hugged Denise.

Denise sighed, "If it’s what you really want we’ll start as we mean to go on!"

Grace beamed at her, she knew there was no going back now !

Mistress Beatrix assumed her new role. She pulled her new bitch away from her throwing her on the floor, Her heels clicking across the dungeon, where she gathered some bits.

"Don’t ever look at me bitch!"

Bitch looked at the floor, Mistress pulled a discipline helmet over her head and pulled it tight, a butterfly Gag was stuffed into her mouth and pumped up. Mistress had an idea and dragged out a Leather sleep sack, Bitch, because of the helmet couldn’t see, Mistress slapped her breasts painfully.

"Listen to what I’m saying next time, Bitch! In the sack!"

Bitch tried to remove her boots, but mistress slapped her breasts again!

"Perhaps your hearing is deteriorating Bitch, in the sack!"

Bitch climbed in and Mistress zipped her up. She was struggling to find somewhere comfortable, she gave up when Mistress clipped her to her pulley system and it pulled the sleep sack upwards until Bitch was a couple of feet off the floor.

"There! Punishment is simple If you piss yourself you’ll drink my piss in the morning Bitch!"

Mistress Beatrix felt awful as she walked up the stairs, she really wanted to make love to her new friend, but she had bagged her friend and if she couldn’t hold on she would have to make her drink her piss, but paradoxically her new friend was probably in subspace enjoying every moment of it! She turned the light off and had an early night.

Denise woke up in a sweat, had she left grace downstairs all night? As she started to rush down stairs she had a thought that perhaps she should dress to impress, and what if Grace couldn’t hold on , would she need to wear something that allowed her to piss in her mouth. She decided that Grace would want her to do this so she dressed in leather goatskin hotpants with a zip from her belly button to the small of her back, she put on some thigh length boots and a leather bra.

She started down stairs to her dungeon where Grace had spent the night. Denise got worried because there was no movement in the sleep sack. She lowered the sack and Grace shuddered, she was OK, now was the time to get into character. She removed the sleep sack the Gag and the helmet, grace/Bitch stank of piss.

"Bitch, I told you what would happen if you couldn’t hold your piss! Get over here!"

Mistress stood with her legs open inviting Bitch to sit between them, fingering the zip on her shorts, Bitch sat between her legs waiting for her to unzip herself. As mistress unzipped herself, Bitch held her mouth open waiting for the torrent which came! Bitch drank most of it, but it drenched her and her Latex..

"Lick me clean Bitch!"

Bitch licked around her mound removing the pearls of urine which remained. Satisfied with her work Mistress zipped her self up and picked a posture collar and leash for Bitch. She clipped the collar on around Bitches neck and clipped the leash to it. She pulled Bitch up so Bitch stood on her own feet.

"Right Bitch we are going to the only room in the house where Mistress is called Denise and Bitch is called Grace and I can wash you clean !"

The pair walk upstairs to Denise’s bedroom where Denise removed the collar and leash, undressed Grace and put her in the shower.

"I hope I did alright?"

"I didn’t expect you to take me like that! That was absolute genius, you can rock my boat any time you want!"

"I’m really glad you enjoyed it, but because you’ve given me so little to go on, I’m afraid I’ll want something from you that your unwilling to give!"

"It won’t happen, believe me!"

"Well for instance what if I mark you, or even worse permanently mark you? what then?"

"If it happens it happens, if you want to mark me then come with me to a tattoo parlour I know they‘ll do the job permanently !"

"Your very serious about this aren’t you?"

"Yes, I think you’re the one I‘ve been waiting for, all these years!"

"OK hold it right there, I want to know what your planning to do. I want to know just what I’m letting myself in for?"

Grace sighed. "Am I so shallow? I have had a great deal of time to think about the person I want to submit to, if I had to put it into one word it would be balanced! Balanced between their care for me as apposed to their sadistic side, The Mistresses that go to my club are only there to show the subs how many victims they possess, what I want from you is total possession, you know twenty four seven control, but I offer you everything I possess, including the club. I want you to take control of me and the quickest way of showing you my intentions is to have myself pierced and tattooed to you satisfaction! There! I’ve said it, do you think you can handle what I offer?"

"Well! It’s quite a lot to take in at once! I’ve never had someone want what you want, and obviously you have thought about it at great length, so I don’t doubt you, or your sincerity, I would love to take control of you, right now it would be my greatest wish. You mentioned about keeping it a secret, for how long?"

"Well now it’s irrelevant, you can parade me through the streets, In fact I would enjoy the humiliation of it!"

"You want a way of undoing this?"

"No, oh god no! Once it’s done that’s it! I want absolutely no way back, I know what I want, and finally I have found the person I want to do it, You!"

"Well how about your fetishes, do you want to be bound in Latex for instance?"

"I think it’s easier to think of this in these terms, It’s not my fetishes which are important, It’s yours!"

"Oh I see."

Denise was struggling with Grace’s mindset. Denise sorted some loose cloths for Grace to wear and they left for the tattooist.

Sure enough Grace walked through the door, followed by Denise, the tattooist stood by his chair needle gun in his hand.

"This is Denise, Or Mistress Beatrix, My future Mistress, Today is the day! And this is my friend Mouse!"

The man was heavily built, and heavily tattooed, he shook Denise’s hand warmly, "Hi, so she has finally found someone to control her has she?

"It would seem so!"

"Now you know what to do, don’t you? I don’t want any asking me if I’m really sure, just do it and get it over and done with!"

"Ok Grace!"

Grace undressed and sat in the chair as Mouse locked the front door to the shop, as he walked back he stopped and sighed. Looking at Grace all serene, he bent down and gathered some belts and strapped Grace to the seat. Avoiding her breasts her torso was strapped tightly and her legs were pulled wide apart and tied grotesquely to gain access. As Grace smiled happy in what was going to be a huge step towards submission for her Mouse opened one of the draws and pulled out a Large Gag!

He looked at Denise, "It’s what she wanted!" and forced the gag into Grace’s Mouth, tying it behind her head.

Denise watched as Mouse shaved off the hair on her head and slapped her breast. He folded a spare belt and whipped her with it for a couple of minutes. Denise couldn’t believe what was happening, but was sure that it had been pre arranged and discussed at length. Having whipped Grace to his satisfaction he swabbed her nipple and pushed a horribly large needle through her nipple followed by it’s sleeve. The needles were removed and a large stainless ring was forced through. The ring had been made with permanence in mind, when the other ring was threaded through Grace’s other nipple, Mouse lit a gas soldering iron. Holding the ring with a pair of pliers to act as a heat sink he flashed the soldering iron over the ring sealing it forever. Next came Grace’s septum, for the first time she squirmed and tried to move away.

"I know what you said but I’m not going to damage you because your squirming, now stop it or I’ll whip you again!"

Grace, flushed held her nose out ready for the needle, she screwed her eyes closed as Mouse tried to make it quick. Grace screamed into the Gag, the first noise she had tried to make. Mouse was through and pulled the needle out of the Septum. Again Mouse held the pliers and lit the gas soldering iron. He flashed it over the new ring, sealing it for good! Mouse went off to make them a drink, Denise bent over to Grace who was still bound, covered in the tell tale lines of a belt.

"I hope you know what your doing Grace?"

Grace looked up at her, her perfectly coiffuered hair had fallen on her shoulders, she was left with maybe a number one, her greying head betrayed her age and also for the first time she looked old. The ring in her nose was never coming out and Mouse had a lot to do to Grace before he were finished! Denise got close to Grace.

"I’ve a pretty good idea what you want from me now, I’ll arrange a contract between us that will provide for you if I should Pass away before you. I would hope that you would not want to be sold on, but that will be your fate if you fail to do exactly what your told, is that clear Pussy slut!

Grace looked at Denise and nodded, "You can find your own way to our new home."

Grace looked again at her and nodded. Denise walked out and found Mouse she told him what she wanted him to do and left.

Some hours later Denise heard a knock at the door. When she answered it, it was Grace

"Well you had better come in slave!"

Grace walked carefully through the door.


Grace looked at the floor like a good slave was meant to.

"Haven’t you got something to show me? Something Permanent perhaps?"

Grace started removing the clothes that Mistress had provided for her, she stripped the clothes off and stood there in the nude, waiting for her Mistress to look at her.

"Come closer Bitch!" Then Denise saw the rings, and the tattoos. The rings were all permanent and there were rings through her clitoral hood and rings in her inner and outer labia as well as the rings in her nipples and septum.
The tattoos were of her design, the nipple on the left said,


The nipple on the right said,


Where the bush would have been it said,


"Very nice! Now I have left you out some more clothes on my bed for you , have a shower and dress and show me what you look like!"

"Yes Mistress!"

Mistress was still unpacking her stuff when Grace came to show her what she had put on.

Grace had a Latex catsuit with cut outs for her breasts, the tattoos could clearly be seen! She had a nipple high Latex corset which trapped her breasts and forced them upwards, she had a locked, stainless steel Chastity belt with a pump up butt plug , the bulb fell between her legs, and had already been pumped up to quite a size. Grace had in her hands a pair of mittens, she maybe could have got one on but without help there was no way she could have got both on. Her head was covered in a Latex helmet, Mistress had spent some time cutting the two nasal holes into one so that Grace would be comfortable with her new nose ring. Grace’s boots were Latex six inch heels with the laces behind the heel with a boot strap which locked the boots on with a padlock. Grace had put on all her Latex and locked it as tight as any Mistress would have done.

"How are you feeling Grace?"

Grace looked at Denise, "I’m a bit sore Mistress!"

"It’ll get better I’m sure."

"Thank you Mistress."

"Now what you have on now is the norm from now on, I want you dressed like this, unless I give you alternative. For the next week I won’t be trying very much, you need to recover first, but I will be testing out some bondage on you, so you probably won’t like it but as you have impressed on me I call the shots!"

"Of course Mistress."

"Also while there is nothing in your mouth, you are free to talk and speak, at least for now! My reasons for that is simple, If this is to be twenty four seven, I don’t want you gagged all the time, The practicalities of life mean that I would wish you to speak, if I had a harem of slaves then It wouldn’t be such a problem for me but I don’t, and anyway I think you would prefer to it to be one to one, than be one of say twenty four! Now you mentioned that you wanted your Mistress to have little or no feelings for you, are you of the same mind?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Mmmm, that could be a bit of a problem you see for instance I could leave you bound gagged and hanging upside down for three weeks but you would have died of thirst and hunger, and I would be a very useless Mistress for leaving my charge unattended, So I don’t intend to do such a thing because good slave deserve better than that. The idea of Mistress and slave is interaction, I can and will be cruel at times and I sense that this is what you want, but I felt awful last night leaving you in the dungeon because I just wanted to get to know you and hopefully make love to you, I didn’t because you wanted to test me and I had to try to sleep knowing that you were hanging in your own piss all night!"

"When you released me when we were in your playroom, all I wanted was the chance to break you, and then you not only grant my wish but from what I’ve seen this morning your already there! I will break you, in my own time, in my own way, I have a doctor friend coming next week, another slave from another time, She has some presents for you, other than that my lips are sealed".


"Yes Grace,"

"Did you really want to make love to me?"

""Yes Grace I did."

"A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since last night Mistress."

"I’m afraid so, Grace."

"I’m sorry I should presume to test you Mistress."

"No Grace, I’m just glad you decided to submit to me rather than someone who did not care as much as I do."

"Do you like me then Mistress?"

"Yes I do Grace, I like you a lot."

"Is that why you don’t want to be cruel to me Mistress."

"As your Mistress Grace I can and will do things that you like, and things you don’t like, your not a little girl are you, you know that I’m here because you wish to be treated like a slave. That Chastity belt you wear is real! You will never be allowed to play with yourself, and the only time you will be allowed the remove it is when I can supervise you, and I have about ten Chastity belts that should fit quite nicely. You will have to earn your pleasure, starting tonight. Is this what you’ve wished for Grace?"

"Partly Mistress, I think my dreams allowed my heart to rule my head, and I wished for a cruel Mistress that always found fault with me and whipped me, I thought that you might have done this for me, and in part you have already. Last night was a shock to my system, I realised that you were the one I had spent my life looking for, and only wanted to be treated with the same scorn. That I treated myself with this morning. Now you have made me realise the person I was looking for has never existed In the first place and is probably grown from the books and stories I have read over the years. I suppose that any relationship has got to be on the basis of trust in the other person, But I believe I have never trusted anyone in my life before. Not Before now that is."

"You trust Me Grace?"

"Yes Mistress. I do."

The following day the papers arrived with Mistresses Legal adviser to sign over the club and all Grace’s assets to Mistress. Grace signed over everything she owned, willingly. Mistress asked her again and again if she had any doubts. She had none. Mistress told Ms Shannon the legal adviser she wished to make a will as soon as possible to leave everything to slave just in case! When the transfer was complete Mistress and slave went to the club to show the members the new owner, and the old one! Only the staff knew and had been sworn to secrecy, Mistress decided that slave would have to dress the part.

Mistress told slave to put on Opera gloves and stockings ( all was in Latex) and a open face helmet, Mistress strapped a ball gag in slave’s mouth, and then slave was told to get into a catsuit. The suit was tight, very tight but after much heaving and pulling slave got it on, the suit had hole for slave’s breasts and showed off her tattoos and rings. Mistress then fitted a corset which nearly covered slave’s nipples, she pulled another helmet over slave’s head, this one had eye, nose, and mouth holes, but all you could see was the bright red ball gag which filled her mouth.

"OK so far slave?"



The chastity belt went back on and mittens and boots too. Mistress fitted a harness around Slave’s corset and was padlocked.

"Nearly done Grace!"

Slave fluttered her eyes like a schoolgirl in love, regardless of what she had said earlier she was beginning to love Mistress using her name when they were close together, It just seemed to be right. Mistress clipped round slave’s neck a collar and leash, a small chain fell down following the spine which Mistress clipped her Mittens, very effectively putting slave in bondage.

"Keep your tongue nice and moist I will have need of it later! Now lets go ruffle some feathers!"

Mistress drove down to the club, slave next to her. They parked up behind the club and let themselves in to slave/ Mistresses private rooms. Mistress was in awe! The finely decorated rooms, were not something you would expect on top of a club! Mistress looked around in amazement!

"You have signed all this over into my name?"

Slave nodded.

"You took hell of a risk, when you signed this over to me, I could have sold it and run off with the proceeds, leaving you destitute!"

Slave nodded, her eyes falling to the floor, seemingly in thought.

"What we’ll do is in the next couple of days we’ll pick up your favourite bits and take them home with us, I was going to suggest that we’ll take your leather and latex collection back home with us anyway!"

Grace lit up, her eyes beamed at Mistress.

"Right lets give them a shock to the system!"

Mistress picked up the leash that hung from Grace’s neck and gave her a playful pull. Grace followed and as they walked down the stairs to the club. Grace had just disappeared a fortnight earlier and no one in the club had an idea what was going to happen. As they walked through the door, the club was in full swing. Denise had butterflies in her stomach, and she thought that Grace would have but Grace had one thing in her favour, she was being pulled along by her Mistress!

Mistress walked straight for the tables where the Mistresses enthroned themselves.

Mistress Constance noticed her first. "Can I help you?"

Winding up her bitch o meter!

"Err no, I don’t think so!"

"Who are you?" Said Mistress Keen.

"Oh I’m the new owner of the club!

"Oh I don’t think so!" Said Mistress Constance.

"And why don’t you think so?"

"Well where’s Mistress Grace?"

"Mistress Grace doesn’t exist any more!"

"What do you mean?

"Because she’s my bitch! That’s why!"

As Mistress unzipped Grace’s outer helmet so the Mistresses could see the previous owner of the club. The effect could only have been worse if they had witnessed someone having their throat cut in front of them!

"Pussy slut have you consented to be my bitch?

Grace nodded.

"Have you signed all your worldly possessions over to me?"

Grace nodded.

"Including this club?"

Grace nodded.

"And so are all these ….people in my club?"

Grace nodded.

Mistress pulled the helmet back over Grace’s head and zipped it up.

"Anyone like to join her? My club, my rules!"

Mistress pulled gently on the lead and carefully led Grace down to the bar. The news was travelling round the club at lightning speed, when they got to the bar Mistress asked for a G+T and put her hand round Grace’s neck, Grace lent forward and Mistress unzipped the outer helmet again, but this time she undid Grace’s gag as well!

"There you can ask for your own drink Grace !"

"Thank you Mistress, will I have to pay?"

"No Grace to you everything is free!"

A familiar face came up to them.

"Hi remember me!"

"Of course! Hi Josie!"

"So it’s true! Hi err Grace!"

"Hi! I’ve seen you round here."

"I didn’t think you ever saw me!"

"Oh you’d be surprised what I’ve seen!"

"And now your one of us?"

"Yes, and let me tell you, I haven’t felt this good in years!"

"Really! I thought that we were the lowest form of life in here!"

Mistress took over, "Think of it like this, if there was no submissives there would be no Dommes! Your as important if more important than the dommes, without you they’re nothing!"

"Wow I’ve never thought of it like that!"

"There! It’s whey past her bedtime and she has to do so much to me before she goes to bed, we had better get going!"

With that Mistress put the Gag back in Grace’s mouth and carefully Pulled the Latex helmet over her head!

A week later the doctor Elaine Derrick arrived at the house, a makeshift operating table was used to implant the internal vibrators in Grace. Little pockets were cut and the implants were put just under the skin. They were self powering and linked to software in Denise’s computer. After giving a week to heal Denise hit the button, at first it just tickled Grace but as they slowly powered up they started to get more, and more powerful Denise put the mittens on Grace and padlocked them behind her back as grace was building up to her first orgasm for weeks it stopped! Grace looked at Denise, Grace tried to release herself from the mittens but it didn’t matter even if she had, the chastity belt was still tight round her forbidding the touch of her clit! After three hours of constant building and not getting her reward Grace was somewhat irritable!

"This is what you wanted isn’t it Grace to live in servitude being denied your pleasure! The computer is gauging your heartbeat, pulse and stuff and is taking you to the point of no return! But you can’t beat the computer it knows where you are in the cycle because you’ve been there countless times! You can’t turn it off because the software is only designed to regulate you at the beginning. Now the information has been uploaded to their website, they control you now!"

Grace looked at Mistress, She realized that there was nowhere to go, nowhere the run away to. Grace smiled a weak smile and said; "This is what I wanted!"

"So you wouldn’t want to lose the chastity belt and turn the vibrators off and sleep in my bed tonight, would you?"

"Is this a trick question Mistress!"

"No Grace, it’s an honest one!"

"I have not touched myself whilst I have lived in your house Mistress.."

"Well remember what I said about the one room where I am always Denise and you are always Grace!"

"I remember it well Mistress!"

"Well that’s where we will sleep amongst other things, If you want to Grace!"

"I can think of no higher honour than to service you in your bed Mistress!"

"No Grace, I mean in my bedroom there is no Mistress and slave, no top and bottom there is only you and I."

"If you wish it Mistress!"

"You know I do Grace, it was one of the first things I said when you came here, and it is as I wish it Grace!"

Denise unbuckled Grace’s bonds and unlocked her Chastity belt. She got the remote controller and switched off the vibrators. Grace looked lost and when Denise offered her hand Grace seemed unsure of what to do. Denise grabbed her hand and walked to the bedroom and threw Grace on the bed!

"I told you a long time ago I thought that you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and I tried to get you in my bed that first night but you wanted to do something different! I thought OK. Grace wants to do something different, I bent over backwards to make you feel at home, I bent over backwards to make you feel wanted, loved and as happy as it was in my power to make you , but now I have you here in my bedroom, it’s like you don’t really belong! Grace please let it go even for a short while, Please come to bed and allow me to make love to you before it kills me! I Love you Grace and it destroys me when I have to cause you pain, I don’t want to cause you pain, but you want me to cause you pain and that’s why I do it Grace, I do it for you Grace! I do it for you!"

Grace seemed unhearing unaware of Denise opening her heart to her, Grace sat on the floor with both her arms behind her back as the good slaves are taught and waited for instructions…………


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