Denise & the Twins

by Denise Wallace

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© Copyright 2020 - Denise Wallace - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; bond; gag; spreadeagle; oral; sex; toys; insert; trick; threesome; cons; X

A little background about me, I’m a happily divorced woman in her early forties; you may have read some of my adventures elsewhere where I’ve enjoyed being tied up and left, bagged and bound. Since the divorce, I’ve met and played around with several male acquaintances, pickups in bars, and male friends of friends who were introduced to me. So I’m currently enjoying playing the field so to speak and don’t have any regular or steady boyfriend, just enjoying myself as a woman. Some of this story is true, other parts I leave that up to your imagination.

I’d been seeing Justin for a couple of months, just meeting up maybe once a week for some fun and sex, well a girl has needs you know. Justin was younger than me, bonus points there, and he was different from the other guys that I was seeing at the moment. Yes, he was good in the bedroom, but he was also a great talker, so the conversation was easy with him (extra bonus points). He also revealed that he was into bondage, though, as Justin told me that he preferred the tying part than being bound himself. Now I like bondage, or should I say love being tied, the feel of the coarse ropes as they caress my soft skin and hold my limbs down or tied together. The helplessness of being bound is a significant turn on for me, I can let myself go, relax and enjoy what is happening to me.

Justin had at first been hesitant to introduce me to his ropes. He didn’t realize that I have been tied up before so when he asked me if he could do it he was shy and for the first time seemed nervous in the relationship. I could tell by the slight quiver in his voice. I told him that I had no problem with trying it, I sort of lied to him that I had no experience. A girl has many guilty secrets after all, and he gently tied my wrists with some very soft rope to the headboard of his bed and brought me to several beautiful orgasms that night. The feeling of being bound again by someone and being their captive damsel bringing a deep sexual longing out from me.

So the next time we met, he asked me if I’d enjoyed being tied up by him. I told him that I had really enjoyed being his bound sextoy and that I was hoping for a repeat performance. His face lit up when I said this to him, he seemed to be like a boy getting all his Christmas presents at once. Soon he had me tied naked and spread eagle onto his bed, my wrists were tied off to the top corner posts of his bed and my ankles down to the bottom corners of his bed, I guess tied off to the bed legs or something. I was now naked, available and stretched open for whatever he wanted to do to me, there wasn’t anything I could, or wanted to do, to stop him from using me as he wished. I was in my bondage heaven.

He again brought me to several fantastic orgasms. The best one, though, was when he covered my mouth with his hand to stop me making too much noise, he told me, well, I was enjoying myself immensely at the time. I think the fact that his hand acted as a gag but also restricted my breathing brought out a more profound climax within me, the forcefulness of his actions bringing out the inner submissive in me. Once I’d recovered my wits, I said to him teasingly that if he didn’t want me to make so much noise that he should do something about it. And that was the first time that he gagged me during our ‘tie me to the bed and shag me’ sessions; he brought out a ballgag from his collection of bondage goodies and pushed the ball into my mouth and closed the straps behind my head. I could no longer speak and I loved it.

Our sexual relationship continued this way for the next few weeks. We’d meet up somewhere for dinner or drinks and then back to his place for our regular sex sessions with me tied some way or another. I’d usually be bound naked and spread wide on his bed, with him using my body for our mutual pleasure and me using him for my bondage fix. I trusted him more now, and I felt that I could experiment with Justin, so more bondage goodies were added to our steamy sexual dalliances.

Although the nipple clamps were a bit painful at first, they turned into a good pain when he was going down on me exploring the inner folds of my pleasure center and bringing the most delightful feelings out of me. The buttplug was interesting. I have had and enjoyed anal sex before, especially in college as I didn’t want to get pregnant and sometimes forgot my birth control, so the feel of that inside me was a nice feeling, especially when his penis was inside me as well. It does seem that two cocks are better than one.

Then one Friday evening with me bound naked in a spreadeagle tie on his bed, I was gagged as usual and had my jewelry on or in, nipple clamps & a buttplug inserted filling my rear. I lay there as Justin went to town on my body, going down and using his tongue to bring out some superb feelings in me and an orgasm that washed over my body, and then without delay, Justin climbed on top of me to use me for our mutual pleasure.

We’d been going for a couple of hours, or so it seemed. I would have thought that Justin would have run out of steam by now, but after seemingly going out of the bedroom to refresh himself with a drink from the kitchen, leaving me bound to the bed, he was back and now ready for some more action. His member was standing there loud and proud and soon it was again plundering the depths of my womanhood. It was amazing.

After three magnificent and thoroughly enjoyable orgasms were brought out of me by him he began to again shoot his load into me. I could feel the shudder go through his body as he climaxed and then a warm, wet feeling grew stronger between my legs. I felt like I was in heaven and relished the afterglow of our lovemaking. Soon he excused himself again and said that he needed to take another break and that he would be back in a moment, still leaving me tied to his bed. I was comfortable in my bondage, though the nipple clamps had started to make their presence felt. With no delightful distraction from him using me to take my mind off them, and being bound and gagged there was nothing that I could do to request otherwise.

It didn’t seem too long, but he was back, and he seemed more than ready to go again. His erect member was standing out proudly for all to see and enticing me to want to take the thing in my mouth and devour it. But I was bound and gagged, so I was just his sextoy at the moment. I could do nothing to him and had to deny myself the pleasure of sucking him off, tasting the flesh and swallowing his cum. That thought turned me on even more, though I was on that plateau where I was so sexually responsive, even a slight breeze over my skin felt delightful and sent pleasant feelings deep within my body.

This time he just used me it seemed, no sooner was he in the room that he was inside me too, falling on top of me and entering me without any foreplay, not that I needed any turned on as I was, but this was just pure sex from his point of view. I was just a receptacle for his sexual needs and I loved it. I think at that point we were both used up, tired and satisfied with our lengthy sex session that night. I certainly was, and I would remember this night for a while to come. Talking of coming he didn’t take too long before he again shot his wad inside me, I didn’t climax myself this time, I think that I’d used up my quota already and was just happy to let him use me. I find it just as enjoyable to be used this way sometimes.

We both lay there on the bed for a little while enjoying the afterglow of our exhausted bodies, with me still tightly bound to the bed stretched out with my limbs attached to each corner of the bed, and the ballgag remained firmly in between my lips ensuring that I could not speak. I was comfortable and didn’t want to be released just at that moment. I was content to lay there with Justin cuddled up next to me, spending some time just cuddled up to each other. But that didn’t last long, he just got up and left the room again, strange I thought, but I was still happy and deeply satisfied, then not long after he was back and once again with his manhood standing to attention, ready to plunder my body again for his needs.

At this point, I realized that there was something different about Justin. There was usually a mole just to the right of Justin’s crotch, and now it was no longer there. A woman notices these things when she wants to. Figuring out that something wasn’t right, I started to laugh behind my gag. He just looked at me as I got the giggles, and I think that he thought that he’d damaged me with all of the sex or maybe I was laughing at him. I wasn’t, but with the gag in my mouth, I couldn’t speak. Though this didn’t deter him as he then climbed on to the bed and was soon inside me. He again used me for his pleasure; all the while, I looked with a deep knowing smile into his face. Once he came in me I grunted for him to remove the gag, he was reluctant at first, but I repeated that I wanted the gag out and nervously he removed it.

“Thanks,” I said, the smile still on my face. “Now, where is Justin?”

“What?” was the reply.

“I know that you have been trading places with each other,” I said, “Justin, get in here.”

The door opened, and there stood a sheepish Justin, his twin brother Roger was still in the bed with me, still stunned that I’d figured out their little game of switcheroo.

“Well, guys...?” I asked, leaving the sentence open for their guilty confession.

“We... well, sorry I didn’t think you’d notice.” Justin said, standing there looking like a guilty schoolboy.

“At first, I didn’t, but when you came back every time with a hard-on, I thought that you’d taken some potent sex drug or that maybe something else was going on,” I said.

“How did you guess?” he asked.

“Well, Justin dear, you have a mole next to your package, and he doesn’t!” I laughed.

“Oh.” They both said simultaneously, and both looked down at his mole.

“Now, boys, I think I need to be untied, don’t you,” I said to them both. “I’ve been bound here for quite a while now, and mother nature is calling.” My eyes were looking down below.

They both got the message, and soon I was untied and heading to the bathroom, our combined sexual fluids leaking out of me and running down my thighs. I was a deeply satisfied woman sexually, even though I had been tricked and used. In the main I had enjoyed the two of them playing with me and using me for our mutual pleasure. I still wore the clamps and the buttplug and gently removed them in the bathroom, the exquisite pain as I released the clamps, causing me to cry out as the blood returned to my abused nipples. I felt empty after wearing the buttplug for so long when removing the toy from my rear.

Once I left the bathroom, I found the two men sitting on the bed looking very guilty, and obviously, they had been talking while I was out of the room, I think they were worried about my reaction to their deception. I was quite taken by their sheepish looks, and even though they’d used me without my permission I felt sorry for them, I had after all thoroughly enjoyed the sex we’d all just had together, and I was not committed to just one guy at the moment anyway, and I suppose it also ticked off one of my wish list items of having two guys service my needs.

“My, I’m tired after all that fun!” I said with a smile, “you’ve both worn me out, you naughty boys.”

“You... You’re not mad at us then, I thought...” Justin said.

“No not at all, I should be, and if I was another woman, I would probably bring charges against you two, but I did enjoy being used by the two of you. I’m too tired to argue or be angry. I think we should all get some sleep now, don’t you?” I replied.

“Yes.” They both said, a wave of relief falling over their faces. Roger made to leave the room to return to his bedroom.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked him.

“Oh, I thought I’d leave you two alone,” Roger said.

“Don’t be silly, I want you both to sleep with me, who knows what you two will think up next to tease or torment this poor female.” I laughed, “and... I mean sleep, guys. I’m very tired all of a sudden.”

All three of us entered the bed, with me playing piggy in the middle, and the two of them either side of me. I snuggled against the two of them and brought their bodies closer to mine. We were now laying there under the covers, cuddled up and all very sleepy, exhausted but contented sexually, a deep need within all three of us had been satisfied, and soon we were all asleep.

I awoke first in the morning to find a hard penis pressing against the soft round flesh of my derriere. The owner still seemed to be asleep, and as I moved slightly, he rolled over onto his back, his member now waving at me in the morning daylight. I couldn’t resist and soon I had my mouth slowly enveloping the hard flesh, the bulbous knob at the end was first licked by my tongue, and then my soft lips took the whole package into my mouth. I savored the taste, which I was denied last night by being tied and gagged. This was delightful and I could taste both myself and him from our sexual debauchery last night.

I moved around in the bed to get my body into a better position to take advantage of this early morning gift and was soon on my knees crouching over Justin. I was determined to make up for being denied this pleasure last night and his hard penis was taking all of my thoughts at that moment. I was lost in the pleasure of having him in my mouth, and gently teased and played with my new found toy. I had forgotten about Roger, but with my moving around on the bed to get into a better position, it woke him up. He got an eyeful of my rear as I bent down to take his brother’s member in my mouth, the womanly delight hidden between my legs in full view as he lay there.

Soon he was hard as well and moved himself around to take advantage of my position. I was too occupied in my task to take much notice. That was until I felt something hard pressing against the soft fleshy outer lips of my vagina, aroused now and moisture was forming from the delights I was taking from Justin’s penis in my mouth. After realizing that Roger was now behind me and that he too was hard, I pushed myself back towards him and felt him enter into me, the soft folds taking him inside me into my inner sanctum.

Now I had two penises inside me. It felt wonderful, one in my mouth which I was devouring hungrily and the other now balls deep within my sex, beginning to move in and out. Justin was now awake and laid there as I pleasured him, my hands now playing with his balls, while Roger continued to use me from behind. His pounding into me caused me to take his brother deeper in my mouth and down into my throat. This was a delightful way to wake up in the morning, a sense of being a wicked girl driving me on to continue teasing these two unfortunate victims of my feminine charms.

I could feel my own sexual excitement building within me. Roger was doing an excellent job behind me with just the right amount of thrusting and teasing. Justin’s member was now deep within my throat, causing me difficulty in breathing, taking in deep breaths when I could between thrusts. Justin’s hands now held each side of my head as I continued to deep throat him. He began holding my head in place with him deep inside me as he approached his climax. I struggled slightly but was held in place with Roger forcing himself in me from behind now coming to his own climax and Justin’s hand forcing me to take him in as far as I could as he spurted his cum down into my throat. Roger came as well and that, with the combination of lack of air, brought me over the edge as well.

After we had recovered from our brief morning session, I took myself off to the bathroom for a well-needed shower. I left the boys to make some breakfast and coffee, well after they had both recovered from their latest mind-blowing climaxes. I think that there is a direct connection between men and their penises, the lack of blood affecting them. With all of the blood drained from their brains down to their penises, they all seem to be more compliant and dopey afterwards. It’s not something that we girls seem to suffer from, but we do like to take advantage of it when we can.

I joined the boys in the kitchen and found coffee and breakfast waiting for me. I wore one of Justin’s shirts and nothing else as I had nothing to wear other than my work clothes. Well, I like to tease these two men some more, the fact that I was naked under the shirt made me feel powerful, I was in control here, even though I prefer to be submissive. Roger & Justin were identical twins, and now with both dressed in matching shorts and t-shirts it was harder to tell the difference between them, not that I cared at that moment as I had them both waiting on me hand and foot. It seemed that they couldn’t do enough for me.

“Sorry about last night,” Justin said, “I knew it was a crazy idea and that we would come unstuck...”

“It’s okay, I enjoyed it, but you two had better not make a regular habit of binding girls and using them like that; otherwise you may end up somewhere like jail.” I laughed.

“Thank you, Denise.” They both said in reply. “We thought that we were in deep trouble after you discovered our little game.” continued Roger.

“Well, I do find Justin rather attractive, so why shouldn’t I find his twin brother the same.” I said, “After all, you both look the same, and you fuck the same too!” A smile was forming on my face.

After breakfast was finished, I asked them about the house they lived in. They told me they had inherited it from their uncle and that they were both joint owners of the house. I asked them for a tour which they were more than happy to provide. We walked around the ground floor. I had planned on teasing them when I walked upstairs in front of them with the shirt barely covering my rear, it would give them both something to look at I thought.

But my plans were interrupted when we walked past a door; I asked them both what was behind there as they didn’t seem intent on showing me.

“That’s only the basement cellar,” Justin said.

“Cool, could I have a look; you might have some skeletons down there!” I teased.

Roger opened the door and we walked down some stairs; finding the light switch he illuminated the basement area. The walls were brick and the floor concrete it seemed, though everywhere seemed to be neglected with a damp musty smell. The ceiling was made up of the wooden floor beams above with just a couple of bare lightbulbs hanging down to light up the area. There were no windows, as Justin explained that this part of the house was underground.

Some wicked thoughts ran through my head at this point. I said, “You could easily keep some poor unsuspecting female down here as your prisoner, bound and available for your use.” I winked at the two of them. “Wrists bound to rope hanging from those beams, her legs spread out and tied down, she’d be gagged and naked, and your sexual slave unable to do anything to stop you taking advantage.”

At that moment, I had visions of me being that bound female, held here by these two and used by them for their pleasure, shivers of delight running through my body at the thought. I could see that they too were having the same thoughts; their shorts seem to be getting tighter in one particular area. I could feel my own nipples rising and making their presence felt, and the boys also noticed them standing out loud and proud.

“Shame that you don’t have an old mattress thrown down on the floor for you to use her on,” I teased, “That floor looks cold and uninviting.”

“I’m sure we have one somewhere here.” Roger quickly said, and began looking.

I gulped, now realizing what I said, my deep-held fantasies of being kept as someone's captive sexual slave coming out. I could feel my sex now becoming wet and a lovely warm feeling was spreading out from my tummy throughout my body, my skin feeling more sensitive now and goosebumps were forming all over my flesh. I’d often dreamed of being held against my will in some dungeon and used sexually by several men for their pleasure. It brought many incredible orgasms out of me when masturbating under the safety of my warm bed covers, now would I go through with the real thing.

But Justin broke the spell by saying, “Roger, you forgot that we put that out with the trash when we cleaned out some of the old stuff we found down here. And we have to get to the golf club in an hour, so...”

“That’s okay, guys,” I said, happy in one way but disappointed in another. “Maybe you could capture a damsel another time.”

I turned and walked out, my fantasy on hold, for now. I wondered if the next time I visited that the basement would be ready to hold a damsel captive and used by them, I certainly hoped so.


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