Den Mothers Merit Badges

by Lancer175

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Every summer, mothers of local Gopher Scouts volunteer to serve as senior advisors at an all boys camp. For the last three years, these three housewives have stayed together in a separate cabin that has become known in the camp as “MILF Mansion” of “Playtime Pussy Palace”. It is common knowledge these fine ladies only come to the camp to get away from their husbands or party for a week. They have become the featured entertainment in the evenings with the senior male counselors. Wild nights and wild sex have become an annual event for the three suburban soccer moms.

As they prepared for the last night of camp, and their last night of partying, the three ladies started their night of pleasure with stiff drinks, a bottle of Captain Morgan and a variety of tropical mixes. The evening began as they drank fruity drinks heavy with alcohol and smoked cigarettes. Each of the women had a son enrolled in camp that was in their final year.

Dana, the seemingly leader of the “MILF Mafia” as they would sometimes refer to themselves, was a 41 year old divorcee and a divorce lawyer that loved to screw men, both financially and literally. She handed out a celebratory cigar to each mom to cap off their glorious week and acknowledge the final year they could be at camp. “I’ve never smoked one of these donkey dicks!’ roared Lisa in a half drunken stupor. “Don’t be a wimp, these babies are multi-functional.” Dana dropped her panties and proceeded to demonstrate the Bill Clinton preferred method of moistening a cigar. Dana took her stogie, slowly and erotically slid the cigar into her pussy. She eased the cigar inward, joyously spinning the tube as it moved. The girls howled with laughter as her erotic moves enticed the women to try.

With the cigar thoroughly moistened, Dana clenched the cigar between her teeth and lit it, deeply inhaling the unusually fragrant cigar smoke. As she exhaled, it became evident she was enjoying more than plain cigar smoke. Each cigar was actually a blunt with an added surprise, a marijuana joint rolled inside. The other women soon followed Dana’s lead moistening the cigar to prepare for sexual enjoyment before lighting up the stogies to mellow out.

The ladies were enjoying themselves puffing the night away in a mental haze from the marijuana smoke. An expected knock came at the back door. Dana jumped up in anticipation of the expected visitors. “Who are you guys?” a surprised Dana asked the visitors. She was expecting some of the “regular” guys from the camp to stop by for a night of fun and frolic. “Oh, they can’t make it tonight and sent us as their substitutes” answered Jason, another senior camp counselor. “But, they have agreed to join us for fun later.” Dana looked rather perplexed, but a new group males for a night of wild sex, booze and marijuana to celebrate the last night of the last year of camp might not be so bad.

Dana turned around and yelled, “Fresh meat, girls!” as she led the three new batch of young men into the cabin. As soon as Dana turned, Jason grabbed her around her neck and pulled her arms together. “What the fuck mghgmmghmg” as another member named Willie stuffed a white sock into Dana’s mouth. Terror struck the pot filled party room as the three ladies realized their new male companions for the evening had a different activities planned for their enjoyment.

It seems these three senior counselors, Jason, Willie and Randy, each had one of the sons of the den moms in their scout troops. Because their moms were the den mothers, none of the three boys wanted to cooperate and work with their group, they felt privileged. The counselors wanted to withhold their final merit badges, but the camp management overturned them and told the male counselors they must approve all three boys for their merit badges and promote them to the Loyal Order of the Beaver Tail, the highest honor in scouts.

The mouths of the other mothers were soon filled with white socks. All three women received rounds of duct tape over their mouths and around their heads to keep the socks in place and noise minimized. “Now that we have your attention, I would like to introduce ourselves and provide with, shall we say, coming attractions.” Jason went on to explain to the women that their sons were spoiled brats and it wasn’t fair to the rest of the scouts that their sons would receive their high honors without having to complete many of the merit badges.

“So, you see ladies, each of you will get to “work” on several merit badge requirements to provide the necessary “work” that your sons were too lazy to perform, but received credit because of their cock-sucking, counselor fucking moms. And to begin earning the first merit badge, “ropes and knots”, we will now tie each of you up in various positions using our skills as scouts.” First, each woman was required to strip naked. They sheepishly began to undress, slowly removing each piece of clothing. “Come on bitches, I bet you practically jump out of your panties when those other three studs come to visit.”

As the women removed their bras, the boys were not disappointed. Each mom was very well endowed, rounded breast with colored areola prompting each nipple to point forward. As the panties dropped, blond and black bushes were displayed by two moms, but Dana’s area was completely shaved. Each mom was completely naked when the men grabbed white rope and tied their arms behind them.

Each of the men grabbed a mom and began to demonstrate the skills needed to meet the merit badge requirements. The first phase of this merit badge was to demonstrate a “western” knot. Jason became diabolical as each woman should be properly punished for their deeds. What better than to use old west means of justice, he suggested each woman demonstrate the “hangman’s noose”. The eyes of the ladies looked like saucers as they realized these three monsters may actually hang them for their punishment.

And hang they would, but not by their neck. Each male took their ropes and knotted it into a perfect hangman’s noose. But, rather than wrap the noose around the neck of their victims, each counselor made two hangman’s nooses and wrapped a noose around each massive breast. After each woman had both breasts circled in rope, the girls were made to walk to the middle of the room where the ropes that were attached to the nooses were thrown over a wooden beam in the cabin. Each noose rope was pulled taut to cause the mom’s to stand on their tippy toes to avoid their precious jugs from being painfully strangled.

The boys howled with laughter as each naked lady tried to dance like a ballerina to avoid the tightening of the rope. To make matters even more interesting, the guys would occasionally snap a grill lighter on a butt or smack a pleasing rump with a leather strap. “MPHPMPHMINGPMFUPMH” would be the muffled sounds from the women as they tried to lessen the pain, swaying back and forth in an attempt to loosen the vicious grip of the ropes. Their tits were beginning to turn a bright purple when the girls suddenly dropped to the floor as the ropes were released from the wooden beam.

The “fun” did not stop there as the next section of the “ropes and knots” merit badge required to utilize ropes to mimic an animal or using knots in such a manner called by an animal name, such as a “hogtie”. Jason demonstrated the hogtie using Dana as his assistant. With her hands already tied behind her, he laid her down on the carpet. She kicked and protested with her muffled screams. Jason quickly subdued her legs tying them together at her ankles. To make her bondage even more difficult, he took a smaller diameter rope to tie the big toes of each foot together.

To complete the hogtie, ropes were tied around the cinches around her legs to the ropes around her arms causing Dana to bend her legs and force her feet towards her head. Jason took a full head of hair and twisted it into a knot forcing Dana’s head upward and her chest to raise slightly above the floor. He tied the hair directly to the rope leading the toe ties. Dana was now painfully secured into a classic hogtie position. Dana thought her part of the merit badge was completed when Jason released her from the hogtie to join the rest of her naughty crew.

This part of the merit badge was an easy badge for each mom to meet. They should be so lucky. The still gagged naked women were marched into their bunk room and placed on their beds. Each male counselor selected his patient for the next evolution. The boys went to work on their rope skills, each with a different “western” bondage tie.

Randy selected Lisa, a 37 year old woman with long dark hair and massive breasts. She really looked forward to the annual sexcursions. Her husband was a dud. Even when they had sex, the fire they had when they were first married wasn’t even a smolder. These wild sex getaways were the highlight of her year. Randy began to perform his rope work on her. He would use a western calf tie like seen at rodeos. The legs of the calf are lassoed and tied together when a calf is roped by a rider. This rope work is similar to a hogtie except the legs and arms are tied together in front of the person. Randy untied Lisa’s arms that were secured behind her back and rolled Lisa to her side. He tied her hands together in front of her and pulled her arms towards her legs in a jack knife position. All four “hoofs’ were tied together. To be extra secure, he put duct tape around her hands and fingers, then added more tape that sealed the feet and hands together in one silver taped mass. Tape was applied around the ankle and wrist to restrict movement even further.

Willie had Cassie the quiet one for his patient. She was a mid-thirties blond with high school cheerleader boobs that jiggled freely with every motion. With her mouth sealed and her arms still tied behind her, she was directed to sit on the bed in a squatting position. Willie was her trainer and took several loops of rope to tie around her ankles and loop around her upper thigh. He secured both legs this way and added additional rope further up the ankles and thigh areas to finish a “frog tie”, so named because with her bottom and top of the leg taped together gives the appearance of a frog leg. Willie then took additional rope and tied around each knee to the ropes tied around her back forcing her legs apart to display a magnificent bush.

Dana had barely recovered from her hogtie display when Jason grabbed her and forced her on to her bed. She squirmed and cussed through her gag, but that only amused Jason even more. He tied her by her wrists to the corner poles at the top of the bed. He stretched out each leg to the bottom corners of the bed where he tied both legs tightly until the hairless vagina was wide open for business. Jason snickered when he announced his tie was called a spread bald eagle. “We know each of you were expecting some nice young cock tonight and certainly didn’t want to disappoint you. So we will gladly handle the assignment to make sure you have your evening pleasures. Gentlemen, start your engines!”

Each male counselor climbed onto a bed with their merit badge partner and assured each mother would be serviced with a smile. Randy entered Lisa from the rear, hammering her with a hard bar of manhood that made her muffled screams turn into muffled sounds of a climax. Cassie was placed on her back so her crotch was wide open and inviting. Willie grabbed and pushed each leg even further out to the side as he aimed his missile at the inviting target. A direct hit into the moist missile silo soon turned quiet Cassie into a moaning sex machine.

Dana was stretched to the max, with arms and legs taut tightly to each corner of the bed. Jason almost couldn’t wait to explore his handiwork. He straddled her body and placed his massive erection between her bodacious boobs. Dana was expecting him to remove her gag and force her accept his manhood. She was somewhat relieved Jason began to fondle her boobs and titty fuck her. He kept up his motions as she waited for him to ejaculate in her face. He suddenly stopped. “I don’t want to disappoint you and take away from your enjoyment.”

Jason backed off her chest and repositioned himself between her outstretched legs to prepare to push into her shining bare cavern. Afraid but anxious, Dana watched as Jason slowly entered her. She was so very wet, her pussy betrayed her as her state of excitement was overflowing. His erection pushed into her with force and passion. The rhythmic movements only served to make her want him inside her even more. The cannon explosion inside of her shot his warm fodder deep into her cavern. ”MFGHGHFMFFHGNMFHHGFNMMGHHFHF!!” was the only sound she could make as she reached a pinnacle of sexual excitement in a massive orgasm.

“Ok girls, you had your enjoyment for the evening, we need to continue to work your, or shall I say your sons, merit badges”. First aid is always a primary lesson for scouts. The merit badge is divided into two sections, bandages and splinting. Each of the male counselors paired off with a “patient” to practice their various bandaging skills.

Willie kept Cassie as his patient. Her glistening tan would highlight the white of the Kling bandages and tape he intended to use on her. As her mouth was already packed tight. He began by taping each hand, fingers taped together to form tape gloved hands. He sat her down in a chair and took white medical tape and bound each ankle to the legs of the chair. He wound the tape several times until she was secured all the way to her knees. Each arm was taped to the arms of the chair with tape wrapped multiple times so her arms and the chair arms were one solid piece

Larger tape was stretched around her waist and the back of the chair multiple times to provide a solid white covering from the tip of her bush to the bottom of her breasts. To highlight her bodacious boobs, small pieces of white tape were placed over each nipple in an X shape. Tape was placed around her shoulders similar to her waist to solidify the white background above and below her breasts. Cassie was a beautiful masterpiece of tan and white.

Jason slowly released Dana from her spread eagle position on the bed. He quickly taped her legs together and taped her feet, ankles and knees so that her legs were tight against each other. As he untied her arms, he repositioned them directly beside her. Using vet wrap, he secured her arms so she was in a log position with her arms by her side and legs solidly stretched out. Jason took the blue vet wrap and began to wrap it all the way around her starting with her feet. He constantly took the wrapping around her body until he reached the V intersection of her love entrance. He allowed her shiny skin flaps to protrude out in an inviting display.

Starting just above her fold, he took red vet wrap and rolled her back and forth until her midriff was a solid sheet of red. Stopping just below Dana’s boobs, Jason squeezed each mound, rolling her nipples between his fingers. Dana moaned through her gag, not sure if she felt pleasure or pain. Jason grabbed the white vet wrap and began to unroll it around Dana beginning just above her breasts. Around and around her body until she was almost fully mummified except for her love entrance and her boobs. Jason simply could not avoid the invitation to climb on top. Jason lunged into her, grabbing her breasts as he rode her saddle. A sight to behold as the red, white and blue body bounced up and down below the hammering of Jason’s rod. As his hot load exploded into her, she reached the height of orgasm. Jason eased out of her and declared, “That’s what I call an All American fuck!”

Lisa was the final “patient”. Randy would see she was properly “packaged” and ready for transport. Releasing her arms from her legs from the first practice session, he stretched her arms above her head and quickly secured them around the post in the basement. Her legs were similarly secured around the bottom of the post. Large Kling wrap was the bandage of choice for Randy to practice. But, where Jason left certain points of interest uncovered, Randy planned on making Lisa a full mummy with only enough opening to allow breathing. He twirled the Kling wrap around and around her body, from the tip of toes to her shoulders where he stopped. He took two gauze pads and covered each eye and each ear and wrapped Kling around her head to secure the pads.

The mummification continued as he completed the wrapping of her body with the Kling wrap from the shoulders to the very top of her head. More wrap was placed from under her chin around the top of her head to cruelly secure her jaw. Lisa stood as a solid white statue, unable to move. An ancient Egyptian princess ready for a royal burial in her sphinx. Randy stroked each covered breast, finding the nipples and pulling them through small openings in the wrapping. He twisted and turned each nip until the hardened cherries peeked forward from the white medical gauze. Randy simply couldn’t resist the protruding projectiles. He leaned forward with his tongue and moistened each red hot bullet. He sucked hard and twirled each nip in his mouth. Lisa moaned with pleasure as the manipulating of her nipples created a sexual urge throughout her body.

“Extremely good work ladies, I believe your prick sons have earned the first part of the first aid merit badge.” Jason went on to explain that to achieve full credit for the first aid merit badge, the scout must be able to demonstrate skills in both bandaging to stop bleeding as well as splinting possible fractures. Each counselor released their patients from the bondage of various bandages. The practical evolutions to achieve the second part of the first aid badge requires a team effort. To properly secure splints, at least two people must work together. The women looked with fear as they saw the men bring in a variety of padded boards that would be somehow used on them.

Lisa was the first selected to march across the room accompanied by Willie. She saw how brutal he was with Cassie and could only imagine what drastic bondage would be used to demonstrate splinting a patient. Her arms were tied behind her back with each forearm on top of each other. Randy came over to help secure her arms to a board splint. Randy steadied the splint while Willie tied cravats to tie each wrist and each elbow to the board to prohibit any movement.

It was the next splinting that was very diabolical that would provide both protection to an injured leg and an erotic sexual experience. Two long, board splints would be secured to each leg from the base of the ankle to the top of the femur. A phallic object was attached to the top of the two boards that would be secured inside each leg in such a manner to allow entry directly into the vagina. As the boards were raised up the inner leg, the dildo was gently moved in and out of the vagina until the shimmering of her moistened nest indicated she was ready for full insertion. The anticipation and fear of being violated was replaced by the overwhelming sexual arousal when the large plastic love toy reached maximum entry.

Lisa gyrated her love muscles around her new friend, Randy and Willie added board splints to the outer part of each leg. More cravats were placed around both legs to secure the additional splints and to prohibit any type of flexing of the leg. The only movement Lisa could make was the lower abdominal muscle movement that allowed the dildo to slide within her void. Her movements began to pulsate until her muffled screams indicated she had reached orgasm. Though her splints were a bit confining, this first aid lesson pleasantly satisfied her sexual appetite.

The splint practice for Cassie would not be so personally fulfilling. Randy placed her in a solid wooden chair with her arms tied in a strappado behind the chair that pulled her shoulders back to provide a more pronounced vision of her magnificent set of boobs. Her legs were tightly bound to each chair leg with wide medical tape. So far the bondage was pretty straight forward. Cassie was beginning to wonder how they would use any splints since her arms and legs were already bound with rope and tape. The painful answer was soon presented.

Jason approached her with two medium size padded splints. “It seems the scout manual fails to provide instructions on how to splint broken tits.” Cassie cried a muffled protest as he placed the first splint under her massive breasts in such a manner that both breasts were supported on a single board. As he raised the board upward, he placed the second splint above her breasts, squeezing the boards together to form a boob sandwich. As Jason held the boards together, Randy tied the splints together by running cravats around each board and between her tits. The cravats were then pulled tight, nearly flattening the giant melons. To complete the medieval vice, cravats were tied around the ends of each splint so tight the ends slightly bowed together. Cassie moaned through her gag as the padded boards crushed each tit.

As diabolical as this medieval torture was, the boys were not finished with their demonstration of tit splinting. Each man began to suck on a nipple, twirling the knobs in their mouths. Though her tits were aching with pain, the sucking and playing with her nipples actually started her to feel herself become moist. Each nipple was now bright red and erect, just what the men had hoped would happen. “Tongue depressors can also be used as splints,” Jason explained. “In the event of a broken finger, these small boards can be taped to fingers to stabilize the break. And I bet they will work great to stabilize nipples.”

Cassie could not believe it as Jason took two tongue depressors and squeezed them together above and below her left nipple. At first she thought he was just demonstrating, but Randy brought small rubber bands similar to those used for braces to place around the depressors on both sides of the protruding nipple. Her muffled squeal signaled the new nipple splint was working as planned. Jason and Randy proceeded to do the same splinting to the right nipple. The men took turns flipping and rotating the ends of the tongue depressors causing the nipple to twist with each motion. The guys laughed as they took stock of their handy work that almost looked like a bi-plane with two propellers. Cassie was not amused.

Dana would be the final patient demonstration. As she was led into the first aid area, she wondered what else could possibly be splinted? Her curiosity was soon answered as Jason and Willie brought a full backboard into the room. The backboard was placed on the floor with the appropriate strapping laid out on each side. “You see Dana, we need to assure your entire body is immobilized because you are the one that seems to lead the merry band of minx and should receive the highest level of treatment.” Dana twisted and turned as they began to strap her down on the backboard. It took all three men to keep her on the board long enough to secure her. They first strapped her legs together and hooked the straps to the side of the board. The second set of straps crossed between the knees and thighs also making sure her arms were tight against her body. For the next strap, the guys were a bit more creative. A large dildo was affixed to the middle strap and placed precisely over, and into, Dana’s shining cave opening. The slow placement of the phallic immediately transformed Dana from a struggling captive to a moaning MILF.

Additional straps were placed just above her massive jugs keeping her upper body affixed to the board while adding more bondage to keep her arms fully parallel with her body. The final means of assuring the patient was effectively and properly packaged was to secure the head. Head blocks were placed tightly beside each ear to keep the head from moving. Even though Dana was completely gagged, additional extra wide medical tape was placed over her already fully packed mouth and attached to each side of the backboard. Strapped securely to the backboard, Dana was barely able to move any muscles, except her muscles that surround her entry for sexual pleasure.

Randy and Willie picked up the back board and placed the fully immobilized patient up against the wall. As Dana stood almost erect while attached to the board, the three male co-conspirators began to explore her bodily assets. Randy and Willie pinched each nipple causing Dana to give a muffled squeal. They laughed a bit. “Oh, did we hurt you, Missy? We’ll make you feel better.” The guys each took a breast and began to fondle and roll the nipples through their fingers.

As the guys worked on her boobs, Jason loosened the strap that held the plastic penis in her vagina and slowly removed it. As the fake penis came out, Jason began to insert his fingers in. Jason looked at her as he twisted his fingers inside of her wet raceway, “You are really enjoying this, aren’t you bitch.” Dana could only groan with pleasure as he continued to raise her sex meter closer and closer to an orgasm. Just before she was ready to reach climax, Jason stopped the internal massage. “Sorry, Babe, not just yet.”

She relaxed, but only for a few moments as her male companions abruptly grabbed the backboard and turned it over 180 degrees. Her head was now almost on the floor and her boobs hung down to her chin. “Now how do you like this arrangement?” Dana could feel the blood rushing to her head as she suddenly felt Jason’s tongue entering her pussy. He licked the bare skin around her opening, before doing a deep dive into her wet love canal driving her crazy. His tongue twirled inside, streaking an electric energy inside her. An orgasm while upside down and completely secured was an experience like no other sexual orgasm she ever had.

“But wait, there’s more!” Jason mimicked the television huckster. Randy and Willie picked up the backboard, turned it completely upside down, and placed each end on a sawhorse about 7 feet above them. Dana was bound tightly on the board while her giant boobs were free flowing hanging down. These massive melons just couldn’t be resisted as each guy took turns slapping a boob causing it to swing two and fro. But the real excitement came when Jason brought out a suction pump and pair of suction cups.

The clear plastic suction cups were placed over each boob and turned on to begin the process of “milking”. As the rhythmic pumping action pulled each “teat” as the farmers would say. This action caused the breasts to swell inside the plastic containers and nipples elongate. Dana’s muffled moans protested the HuCow performance to no avail. The pump kept pulling and pulling until finally both tits were entirely encased in the plastic cups. “We didn’t know you had it in you, Dana. But you have exceeded our expectations and are able to fully expand to completely fill the suction cups.” Each of you have performed well in this scenario. Now, only one last practical evolution to finish the needed merit badge requirements.”

The three women were glad to hear their work to complete their son’s merit badges was nearly over. The three were walked to another room where they were shocked to see the three counselors they were expecting earlier in the evening bound, gagged and blindfolded. “To assist in the final merit badge we have recruited the assistance of the three male counselors that normally tend to your needs.” The final phase of completing the merit badge is a special program designed to prepare the new members of the Loyal Order of the Beaver Tail to become a counselor. Counselor Dynamics was the final step in the process that demonstrated the skills needed to work well with fellow counselors.

“And who better to help assure you meet the qualifications of counselor relationships than your friendly counselors that have visited your cabin each night this semester.” The women stood silent as they looked at the three male counselors in front of them, naked, bound and gagged. “These fine men were gracious enough to tell us of your fondness for bondage and their desire to have each of you occasionally tie them up and play sordid bondage games. So they were more than willing to serve as evaluators for your final exam.”

The men were each tied to a chair, totally naked with their legs tied to a chair leg and arms tied behind the chair back. The ladies looked at their eager friends knowing these men were definitely looking forward to the final process. The three flag poles at full attention were sign enough as the actions the women needed to complete to pass this final. Willie stood behind Cassie, Randy behind Lisa and Jason was behind Dana to begin the program. Lisa and Cassie were each made to straddle a fully erect penis while facing one of the counselors as Dana was made to have her vagina hover over the middle erection facing away from the middle of the three men.

As usual, Jason gave the directions to meet the requirements for the evolution, “As I am sure each of you are fully moistened and ready for entry, please slowly lower yourself on to the awaiting sword of your nightly knight in shining armor.” Lisa and Cassie groaned with pleasure as the huge cocks pressed against the sides of their inner love canals. Dana was essentially being entered from the rear as she had to sit backwards on her man’s erection. She loved being entered from behind and could hardly control herself as she slid down on the shaft.

Jason started the festivities, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” Each of the young studs began to grind their hips upwards into their chosen sex toys. Lisa and Cassie began an up and down motion that turn on their sex machine into full gear. Dana enjoyed the additional sexual enhancements as Jason took liberties with her high tits as she hammered away. It only took a few alternating movement to set the MILF’s into a sexual explosion that culminated with unbelievable orgasms. A chorus of garbled screams of ecstasy filled the room as the men shot their hot loads skyward and filled the love voids of their now willing companions.

The big day finally arrived. The den mothers were on stage as each of the campers were presented with their awards. Finally, each of the den mothers escorted their sons to the podium to receive the highest award, The Loyal Order of the Beaver Tail, the highest award in the Gopher Scouts. As the boys received their awards, they gave their mom a big hug for all the help they gave their sons to receive these high honors. Cassie, Lisa and Dana turned to each other with a sigh of relief. If their sons only knew.


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