The Demonstration

by Neo Socrates

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© Copyright 2009 - Neo Socrates - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bond; bdsm; latex; susp; enema; electro; torture; toys; reluct/nc; XXX

This is my first attempt at fiction of any kind and I’d be happy to hear what you think. Please feel free to email me your thoughts about my story, and I’m open to any suggestions about this story or any future work. Please do not re-post this story without my permission. - LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


The well-lit seminar-room was lined with chairs, and people in business attire entered the place and started filling the empty chairs. They all sat facing a wall with a huge mirror dominating it. Just as everyone took their seat, two women entered and stood in front of the seated gathering. The first woman, the president of the organization, started talking and introduced the second woman as Mrs. Nina Schroeder, their lecturer for today’s seminar. Mrs. Schroeder thanked the audience for attending and explained that the best way to learn is to see a live demonstration. “Our guest for today is named Tim.” She went on. “Tim hasn’t been at his best behavior lately, and you’re going to witness his due punishment.” Then, Mrs. Schroeder exited through a small door behind her next to the huge mirror.

After about 20 minutes, the lights gradually started to dim until they were totally out. The room remained totally dark for half a minute, and then the room behind the mirror (which turned out to be one-sided) started to light up gradually until it became very bright. The room looked like a bathroom. A big, brightly lit, white tiled bathroom with lots of white cabinets and trolleys. But what really caught the attention of the attendees was the limp figure of a small man hanging from the ceiling. They couldn’t see his face because of a red latex hood that was hugging his head so tight he must’ve had a headache from it. The hood had no holes whatsoever except for two small, green tubes coming out of where his nostrils would be. There was also a huge, weird looking hole in the hood where the mouth was. Closer inspection revealed a mouth that was stretched impossibly wide by two wide tipped, transparent hooks (one on each cheek) being pulled tightly by a wide red leather strap going behind his neck, keeping his mouth wide agape. The strap looked like two hands trying to rip the poor man’s face open by the mouth.

No, Tim didn’t look like an adult; he looked more like a kid no older than eighteen years of age. His body appeared weak and fragile and whoever looked at it was amazed at how it could endure such severe bondage. Tim’s arms were straightened behind his back, his elbows almost touching each other, being held together by an extremely tight, red leather single-glove that was pulled up towards the ceiling by a chain. His legs were almost doing a hundred-and-eighty-degree split thanks to the red leather cuffs surrounding the ankles, with each ankle being connected, by a chain, to one side of a long red pole. The pole itself was connected, via chains, to a pulley system hanging from the ceiling, and so was the chain from the single-glove holding Tim’s arms. Normally, this setup would guarantee the dislocation of a few joints within a few minutes of hanging, but Tim was spared that fate by having a third chain, also coming from the pulleys, connect to a wide belt that surrounded his thin waist and supported his body. Still, his arms and legs were pulled-up so tight that any more pulling would neglect the waist-strap’s support and cause the joints to dislocate.

This bizarre, disturbing scene unfolding in front of them amazed the attendees watching this scene, but they didn’t move, nor were there any expressions of horror or disgust on their faces. They just observed with great interest and jotted down notes on their notepads and small laptops. They were used to this kind of thing, for their organization was dealing in white slavery.

No, it wasn’t white slavery. They weren’t some low-life criminals that went around causing trouble and kidnapping people for money. They were intelligent, intellectual, highly trained professionals that were cherry picked from society’s upper classes. They were rich, successful people that didn’t need or want money. Make no mistake, they do get paid handsomely, but they chose this job because they loved it, not for the money. They all had classy tastes, wore fashionable clothes and dwelled within the higher echelons of society, and they were all pure sadists.

Just as the audience was contemplating the hanging boy’s situation, a door opened and a woman entered the room. Everyone in the audience, both men and women, skipped a beat. It was Mrs. Schroeder who took their breath away, clad in a shiny black latex catsuit with a high neck that seemed to cup her chin and framed her beautiful face. She also wore boots that were made out of thick red rubber not unlike the kind used in waders, making the boots appear ready for wet, messy work, but they were also very tight, almost like a second skin, and ended just about the knees. The boots also seemed to increase Mrs. Schroeder’s height, who already is a tall fortyish beauty, to well above 6 feet tall, thanks to the boots’ four-inch wedge heels. They were very fashionable, sexy boots indeed, complementing the shape of Mrs. Schroeder’s long, beautiful legs. Her hands were gloved in shiny red latex gloves that reached to just below her elbows. An apron made of the same material as the gloves covered her front from the chest to about mid-calf. Closer inspection would allow the observer to notice a rigid, tight, black leather corset that was almost hidden under the bright-red apron, but gave the striking woman a magical, oh-so-sexy hourglass shape that made this scene even more bizarre than it is.

Indeed, with the way she was dressed, Mrs. Schroeder resembled a butcher ready for some messy, bloody work. But she was a beautiful, hot butcher that oozed sex appeal. She belonged on the cover of a high-tier fashion magazine and yet she was here, which added to the effect of this bizarre, erotic scene. Every one knew they were on for a very hot demonstration.

She looked at the mirror knowing that she appeared to look directly at the seated audience, and gave them a big, beautiful smile that transformed into something of an evil grin just as she was turning towards the helpless body hanging behind her. Immediately, and with brutal swiftness and efficiency she opened one of the many drawers in the room, took out a pair of vicious looking clamps connected together by a short chain and clipped them to Tim’s nipples. The speed at which all this happened took the audience by surprise. They were so amazed by her efficiency that they, for a second, didn’t notice Tim’s screaming. But they eventually did, for Tim was screaming the loudest he could, given the contraption that was spreading his mouth so wide.

His beautiful torturer didn’t waste any time and she amazed everyone again with her swiftness as she almost glided to his front, cupped his chin and neck with one hand raising his head slightly to face her directly and, while he’s still screaming from the pain and shock of the clamps, she stuffed her other hand into his gaping mouth and inserted it as deep as possible down his throat. Tim’s air supply must’ve been cut as he started to gag and shake violently trying to escape his severe bonds and remove the hand from his mouth, but all he could do was to endure and choke, while Mrs. Schroeder held him firmly and kept her hand deeply embedded inside his mouth, tickling the back of his throat with her long fingers. Just as Tim was about to faint, his beautiful tormenter quickly and suddenly removed her hand from his drooling mouth, followed instantaneously by a gush of puke from poor Tim’s mouth. Thank goodness there were drains in the tiled floor just for this kind of situation, the onlookers thought. They watched as Mrs. Schroeder stepped back to give her victim a moment to collect his wits and recover from her recent onslaught.

Tim was scared. He didn’t know where he is or what would happen to him. He remained in that excruciating position for at least an hour with absolutely no input from the outer world, and all of a sudden all this pain and agony is applied to him in a matter of a few seconds. That’s a big load of stimulus, much bigger than his nerves could handle, and yet he was helpless to do anything but to endure what his captors choose to do to him.

Suddenly, Tim felt something cutting into the soft tissue within his inner thighs. White, searing pain took over his nervous system and made him violently thrash within his unyielding bonds, to the amusement of his audience, who were keenly observing this bizarre scene unfold in front of them. Mrs. Schroeder had extracted a black menacing cane from one of the drawers and without any warning slashed the hanging boy’s thigh with utmost viciousness. She continued to mercilessly slash his thighs and buttocks and she looked very concentrated and determined, like someone who’s getting her revenge on an old enemy. Yet, despite all the viciousness and brutality she put into this beating, she was very clinical, precise and efficient in her task. She never hit a spot twice unless she intended to do so, and she never hit Tim’s cock or penis, despite their close proximity to the area receiving her attention. And this fact, of course, didn’t go past the keen employees of the organization who were jotting down every detail they observe in this demonstration. They were in total awe, watching a master of the trade in her very best. They would definitely learn a lot from her.

When his tormenter finally stopped the caning, the helpless Tim was sobbing uncontrollably, his mouth drooling like an open faucet, nose secretions (from crying so much) dripping from the small tubes coming out of his nostrils, and he was sweating profusely. Giving the gasping boy a minute to recover, Mrs. Schroeder went to a cupboard and extracted a few items, put them on a trolley and came back behind Tim again, setting the trolley next to her. At this very moment, the door opened again, and another female figure came into the room.

It took the audience a few seconds to realize who that woman was, but Mrs. Schroeder instantly recognized her friend Ms. Margaret Firestone, the president of the organization herself. Everyone else finally figured out who she was only because she had disappeared from the room about half an hour ago, and even then only a few of the attendees noticed her absence since everyone else was so engrossed in Mrs. Schroeder’s display. Otherwise, it was near impossible to recognize the masked figure that came into view. Ms. Firestone, an accomplished and wealthy businesswoman and a beauty even at the age of 52, wore a white latex gasmask that covered her whole head and revealed nothing of her stern, yet attractive face; it even had mirrored lenses that hid her eyes from view. Her body was encased in an outfit just like Mrs. Schroeder’s; only it was red on white, instead of red on black. She even had the same exact boots on, which seemed to be the standard issue boots for this type of session.

As soon as she entered, Ms. Firestone headed straight to Tim’s front, held his head in both hands and raised it to face her directly, she then took off a panel that was covering his eyes, which no one had noticed before (everyone thought that the hood was actually made of one piece of latex. A testament to the extremely high quality of the gear used by the organization.) It took Tim a while to adjust to the bright light hitting his eyes and to clear his tear-blurred vision, but when he focused his eyes he saw a pair of perfectly circular, mirrored eyes staring him in the eye. It was some kind of creature, an alien or a monster, which was looking deep into his soul, injecting pure fear into his heart. He stared back into those eyes trying to find traces of humanity in it, but all he could see was a reflection of himself in his cruel bondage.

She didn’t say anything. She just looked him in the eye for thirty seconds, and then closed back the eye panel, sealing Tim in total darkness again. Then, she walked to where Mrs. Schroeder was, who had pulled up a stool between Tim’s legs and sat there waiting for her friend to finish her dramatic entrance. She knew her friend to be a mistress of psychological torture, just as she is, and was glad to see her joining them.

“Lately I’ve been too busy to play, and it’s been while since I’ve had a real session. Seeing you perform I couldn’t let you have all the fun alone, so I thought I’d give you a hand,” said Ms. Firestone to her friend, who welcomed her to their session.

“And how can I say no to you, Marge. It would be an honor to see you at work, and I’m sure our dear audience would be thrilled as well”

Mrs. Schroeder turned to the audience and smiled as she said that, then continued “I was about to start with phase two of the session, I sure could use your help and expertise.”

Meanwhile, Tim trembled in terror as he awaited his fate, only to feel a hand touching his genitals, causing him to start screaming and bucking again, thinking that they were going to cut his balls off next!

But, nothing happened. The gloved hand was actually stroking his penis, and it felt good. Despite the pain in his nipples, joints and thighs and despite all the humiliation he was undergoing, he was actually enjoying being stroked, gently and erotically. He became hard, and was loosing himself to the pleasure when he felt yet another slash of the cane that sent him into a frenzy of pain, but the stroking didn’t stop. He got another slash, and another, and another… and the stroking didn’t slowdown. It wasn’t fast enough to drive him to orgasm, but it was steady and firm, sending waves of pleasure through his body at the same time as he was being brutally caned. Quite the psychological stress for anyone to undergo, not to mention the physical torment he’s undergoing.

The caning stopped suddenly, and a split second later the stroking stopped as well. He was both relieved because the caning had stopped, and frustrated because the stroking had stopped. He then felt a pair of hands stroking his raw, red-striped thighs, and they moved slowly inward until they were stroking right between his ass cheeks. That was like adding insult to injury. Not only did they torture him physically, but they were also taking liberties with his body like some cheap whore, playing with him and touching his most intimate spots. He felt so humiliated; he wished he could die that instant.

The stroking and touching withdrew momentarily only to return with some kind of gooey lubricant, and they smeared his ass and crack with it, taking their time doing it and they even inserted a couple of fingers to lubricate his anus. His sobbing started again as he realized what was going to be done to him. Mrs. Schroeder noticed that, and she gave her friend Ms. Firestone a proud smile as if telling her “We’re there!” She then extended her arm to the trolley next to her and retrieved a speculum, lubricated it and started inserting it into poor Tim’s rectum. Just as he gasped from the pain of the insertion, Ms. Firestone started stroking his penis again, and continued to do so until Mrs. Schroeder was done embedding the whole thing into his anus and opened it as much as possible in his virgin ass. They both stepped back and leaned to look into the wide-open ass hole. They retrieved a hi-def camcorder and start documenting their exploration of Tim’s backside. The Camcorder was also connected to a large screen in the other room so that everyone in the audience could have a closer look at the proceedings. The ladies then shined a small flashlight down Tim’s anus to better see inside it, and everyone could see a trickle of blood oozing from the walls of his rectum. It was obvious he was too tight, and the two ladies were going to loosen him up big time.

After a couple of minutes they pulled out the speculum and wiped Tim’s ass clean from the blood and lubricant. Next, they lubricated a nozzle that was attached to a small bulb, and inserted it into his rectum. They inflated the head by squeezing the bulb a few times to insure it doesn’t come out, and connected the other end of the hose to an unusual looking water container, which had a small water pump in front of it where it connected to the hose. They flicked a switch on the pump and it started slowly injecting water into Tim’s bowls. The poor kid could feel the water steadily flowing into him, and it didn’t slow down one bit until his bowls were full to bursting. He started having some violent cramps and started sobbing again, which soon turned into screaming and he begged them to shut down the pump, but they didn’t shut it down until his belly was so large he looked like a pregnant woman that is well into her final months of pregnancy.

Ms. Firestone put a gloved hand on his extended belly and felt the water that filled his insides, pushing a little inwards here and there and driving the hanging Tim crazy with pain. As his tortured screams continued, Mrs. Schroeder became annoyed, and she went to the front of Tim, removed the mouth spreader and the hood and held his chin in a vice like grip, raising his face to meet her fiery eyes and spoke to him with a whisper low, yet venomous voice. “Shut up or I’ll rip you in half,” she hissed.

Just as she said that, his bladder gave way to a torrent of piss that came gushing out of his penis onto the white-tiled floor. Everyone in the audience had their eyes practically glued to the window in front of them from amazement at what they were seeing.

“Oh, my” said Ms. Firestone in mock surprise as she watched Tim wet himself from sheer terror. “Nina, dear, I think little Tim here just wet himself and needs to be taught a lesson,” she said to her friend with a smile under her bug-eyed mask.

Without loosening her grip nor taking her eyes off her prey’s face, Mrs. Schroeder said: “did we, now? Well, well. Looks like we do need to teach you some manners. So, tell me, do you need to go to the bath room?”

Tim was sobbing so hard he couldn’t even form words. All he could do was to nod his head frantically in hopes they would finally free him and allow him to go to the bathroom to relieve the pressure that’s about to rip him apart.

“Fine” she said and, from out of nowhere, she produced a small rubber item that everyone else recognized as an inflatable gag that was attached to a red leather head-harness. Still holding his chin in her painful vice and keeping his mouth open, she inserted the gag into his mouth, then buckled the harness around his head so tightly it looked like a large hand holding his head and trying to crush it. She then connected an air bulb to the front of the gag and rapidly squeezed the bulb several times until Tim’s cheeks looked like they were going to burst. The combination of the inner pressure from the gag and the outer pressure from the tight harness was so severe that his head started to ache.

When she was done, Mrs. Schroeder took the pulley controls and lowered the hanging body to about waist level, then stepped back to admire her work, and Ms. Firestone stood next to her watching the poor Tim squirm. Then, Mrs. Schroeder suddenly deflated the nozzle and pulled it out of Tim’s rectum.

“Okay, now you’re ready to relieve your self” She told the still sobbing Tim, who was shocked to hear that. The ladies were expecting him to actually relive himself here, in front of them! They can’t do this to him, he thought! He tried to plead and beg them to grant him the privacy of a bathroom, but all he could muster was non-coherent mumbling due to the huge gag filling his mouth.

“I know exactly what you’re thinking, you want to go to the bathroom to do your stuff there” Said Mrs. Schroeder, and in his delirious mind he almost felt relieved that she could read his mind, but that also terrified him because thought was the only thing still belonged to him, but now she can also read his mind. “The answer is No” she popped his little bubble of hope. “You either relieve yourself here and now, or we’ll stick this plug up your ass and we’ll make you retain your enema for six more hours. What’s it going to be, Tim?” And she showed him an anal plug with the diameter of a large fist.

When Heard those words and saw that huge monster, he went into more hysteric sobbing and mumbling trying to beg them not to do that to him, but the more he begged, the more they became impatient. Losing her patience completely, Mrs. Schroeder walked towards him in a flurry of anger, and before he could even sense any movement next to him, she rested both of her soft, latex-clad hands on his sweaty back, took a second to steady her self and then kneed the struggling Tim with all her might right on his bloated belly, knocking the air out of his lungs and the dirty enema water out of his anal canal.

Everyone was astonished by how quickly and suddenly this happened, but what was more astonishing was Mrs. Schroeder’s extreme cruelty. Even Ms. Firestone, who was famous for her unmatched and cruelty within the organization, just stood there in awe, staring wide-eyed at the convulsing heap of human meat that was gushing out brown liquid like a fire hydrant.

Still watching Tim who had lost consciousness, Ms. Firestone lowered her hand and rubbed her belly a little, feeling pleasurable waves flooding her body at the mere sight of the struggling victim. Meanwhile, Mrs. Schroeder went around to a drawer, got some smelling salts and went around to the victim’s head and woke him up. As soon as he regained consciousness, Tim’s brain registered the overwhelming pain and his tears started to flow once more, only to feel that oh-so-gentle stroking of his penis again. Mrs. Schroeder had gone around him, took hold of his penis and started sliding the soft, smooth and slippery latex of her gloved hand up and down Tim’s shaft, making him rigid in no time despite all the pain and humiliation his body was suffering.

All the while Ms. Firestone just remained standing, breathing heavily from lust. Mrs. Schroeder, sensing the heat in her friend, turned towards her and with a big grin said: “enjoying the show, dear Marge?”

The masked, alien-looking head turned towards her and just nodded in agreement.

“Would you do me the honor, then?” said Mrs. Schroeder, holding Marge’s hand and placing something in her gloved palm. Ms. Firestone, her vision blurred with lust, looked down to see the scary looking anal beads that Nina placed in her hand. They were scary because they weren’t any ordinary beads, but iron balls almost the size of Q-balls, and they were connected together with a thick, strong looking wire that looked like an electric cable, which it was, because the attendees could see the wire’s other end connected to an electronic box. They recognized the box as a special version of a tens unit, made specifically for their organization. It could conduct electricity as well as heat through whatever was connected to it.

Ms. Firestone, smiling under her mask, quickly lubricated the balls and started inserting them one by one into the waiting anal opening in front of her. Tim tried to get away but he only managed to increase the pain in his joints and nipples. Once all the balls were inside him, Mrs. Schroeder switched on the machine and set it to heat up the balls. At first the heat helped Tim relax his muscles and it actually felt good, but in a minute the heat became unbearable and he started shaking his ass from the excess heat he was feeling. It wasn’t scorching hot, as they didn’t want to permanently injure him, but it was hot enough to be uncomfortable and to allow the muscles to relax and loosen up to accept larger stuff later on.

Ms. Firestone, in a fit of sexual heat, retrieved a smallish but very effective whip made of white leather, and started lashing Tim’s back while he endured the hot iron balls in his ass. After about ten minutes, they switched on the electricity and Tim felt like someone had pierced his prostate. He convulsed and writhed feeling both extreme pain and pleasure at the same time, and he just remained hanging there enduring it. Ten more minutes of electricity and whipping, and the ladies felt that Tim was ready.

They brought a big suction tube like the ones used to milk cows, connected it to the limp penis and switched it on, and the suction motion brought the penis back to full erection. Next, nodding to each other, Mrs. Schroeder took hold of the wire while Ms. Firestone dropped her whip and took hold of the chain connecting the nipple clamps. While the electricity was still running through the helpless body and the suction tube still at work, the two ladies pulled the implements away from Tim at the exact same moment, extracting the balls from him in one quick pull and ripping the clamps off his nipples in one swift move, all at the same time, eliciting an astonished gasp from the crowd watching them in the other room.

Tim gave out a big howl of mixed pain and pleasure, just as he exploded into an earth shattering orgasm and flooded the suction tube with a torrent of cum. He then fainted again.

Taking advantage of the situation, they started preparing Tim’s next ordeal. Mrs. Schroeder produced a large dildo and handed it to her masked Boss/friend. Looking at the implement in her hand, Ms. Firestone saw that the dildo was a sleek black cylinder with a rounded tip, and it was at least as thick as her wrist. It was also so shiny she could see her reflection on it. The base of the dildo was connected to a pair of black latex briefs. The thing looked like a futuristic torture implement, and just holding it drove waves of electric pleasure into the sadistic lady’s body.

Mrs. Schroeder revived Tim with some smelling salts, then they released Tim’s legs and allowed him to stand on his feet, but they kept his arms connected to the ceiling, forcing him to bend at the waist. Then, raising his legs one by one they helped him into the briefs and raised them up his legs until the large dildo was inches from his ass. Wasting no time, Ms. Firestone painted the dildo with lubricant and positioned the tip at Tim’s anal opening. Panic struck Tim again when he felt this huge thing at his backside ready to invade and rip his ass apart, but the two ladies were enjoying themselves very much they didn’t care one bit about Tim. With one slow but steady, unrelenting thrust, Ms. Firestone drove the black monster all the way into poor Tim’s rectum, not stopping until the latex briefs went between his ass cheeks and the long dildo’s tip was tickling his bowls.

Satisfied with their accomplishments for the day, Ms. Firestone exited the room and went to the other room where the audience were watching the session, took off her mask showing them a big smile of satisfaction, thanked them for attending this “seminar” and asked them if anyone had any question.

A young woman no more than twenty four years old stood up and said, with the enthusiasm of a school girl: “Ms. Firestone, thank you both for the great demonstration! But I was wondering, could I please borrow today’s subject for a couple of days? I’ve just finished the advanced-interrogation-techniques course and I need to practice but I don’t have any subjects right now. Besides, he’s so incredibly cute! Please, Ms. Firestone??”

Ms. Firestone gave the young trainer a motherly smile and said: “Well, Rebecca, congratulations on finishing your course. I’ve always thought you were a bright student, and I’m very proud of you. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that Mrs. Schroeder’s son was only brought here for demonstration purposes and his mother would only allow a handful of people to train him because she wants to keep a very high standard when it comes to his education and training.”

This statement caused the attendees to drop their jaws open. Then, in unison, they all turned their heads towards the other room to see Mrs. Schroeder who had taken off Tim’s gag and head harness and was holding his head tenderly in both hands and giving him a heart-warming motherly smile. Then, to their astonishment, she gave him a deep, long, wet kiss. She kissed him so hard and so deep, it looked like she was sucking his soul out of his body.

“Besides…” continued Ms. Firestone with a big grin on her face, “Today’s a special day. It’s Tim’s eighteenth birthday, and what you just saw was just the first part of his mother’s birthday gift to him. Later tonight when they’re back home, she’ll give him the rest of his gift, and I’m invited.”


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