by Sensual Robert

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Storycodes: M/f; FF; bond; oral; mum; blindfold; fetters; gag; dungeon; harem; chain; enslave; first; kidnap; horror; nc; XX

Delilah is a young beautiful 20 year old who is engaged to her older fiancé Pierre-Jac. She is innocent, pure, naive and a virgin while he has traveled the world...the world of 1910. Pierre-Jac is an accountant and has been involved in some illegal transactions with the local government. They are visiting the Middle East and will have their wedding there. She is attracted to her fiancé and looks forward to finally having a man take her virginity. She is also curious about Pierre-Jac's penis, since she has never seen one.

They are staying at a local hotel when invaders break into their room, tie them both up and carry them back to their hiding place...a large palace...Prince Zoltan's palace. Both Pierre-Jac and Delilah are bound and gagged. Delilah sensually snuggles up to her fiancé for protection. Her eyes show fear as her fiancé tries to reach her bound hands to untie them.

The lovely Miss Tamara walks in wearing a long black skirt, white ruffle silk blouse, black boots and black leather gloves. "Hello Delilah and Pierre-Jac, you are both wondering what's happening? Well Pierre here has been embezzling from the Prince Zoltan and he will be punished. You are a bonus Delilah, you will become Prince Zoltan's bride and then belong to his large harem. He has over 20 wives and the prince is still a handsome fit man despite being 45 years old."

Both Delilah and Pierre-Jac struggle more "Guards take Pierre away and prep him in the slave room. My sweet Delilah you will be prepped to meet your new husband."

Miss Tamara examines the beautiful Delilah's body, feeling her sexy curves and petting her pretty blonde hair. Delilah was bound and gagged in her long tan skirt, white lacy blouse and short heels. Miss Tamara removes her gag "Please let us go...I don't want to marry the Prince. I love my Pierre-Jac and what do you plan to do to him?"

"Well Prince Zoltan has no need for men in his palace, so he will be executed for stealing."

"Please Miss Tamara don't kill him! I will do anything...I will freely marry the Prince."

"Ok, I will talk with the prince and we might be able to keep him here as a slave."

Miss Tamara is walking around the bound Delilah "The prince will be seeing you soon and he wants to see your goods." She grabs Delilah's lacy blouse and rips it open, exposing her young breasts.

"Thank you...what are you doing! No! Cover my breasts man has ever seen my breasts. I can't meet the prince like this!"

Suddenly the prince walks in, he fondles her young breasts and looks into her young scared eyes "Yes, she will make a beautiful bride. Dress her for tonight's wedding ceremony." The prince leaves and leaves Delilah speechless and very curious about having sex with a man. She is attracted to the strong prince and she becomes moist thinking about being penetrated by a penis.

"Ok time to visit your Pierre before the prince makes you his bride." Miss Tamara re-gags Delilah before leading her into the slave room where Pierre is chained to a wall naked.

Delilah sees his penis for the first time and it's so hard. Pierre is blindfolded and his hands are chained above his head to the wall. Suddenly two thin naked male slaves approach Pierre. Their small hands are all over Pierre's penis and balls. Pierre is moaning from the sensual touches not knowing its male hands that are pleasuring him.

Delilah can say nothing with the gag in her mouth, she can only look at Miss Tamara and then her poor fiancé. One of the male slaves is now sucking Pierre's erect penis as the other slave is playing with his balls. Pierre is moaning hard as the male slave is bringing him to orgasm. The male slave swallows every drop of cum as his own penis is erect and ready.

Miss Tamara leads Delilah out "Looks like your Pierre will be getting fucked by the male slave. Let's leave them, I need to get you dressed in your wedding gown for tonight's ceremony."

As the sweet Delilah is dressed in a long silk lacy wedding gown with a long sheer veil she can only think about her Pierre-Jac and the pain that he is going through. As the final touches are done, she is now ready to marry the prince.

Delilah is pleasantly surprised at how civil and elegant the wedding ceremony is. There are hundreds of people that observe the special wedding ceremony. She feels so special like a true princess, especially when the prince raised her pretty veil and kissed her. It was the first time she ever kissed a man on the lips...although it was only a quick kiss.

Now her mind is thinking about their wedding night and when a man will finally enter her and make her a true woman...his woman! Her young virgin pussy is becoming wetter by the minute. She knows soon...tonight she will feel a man's penis inside of her.

Miss Tamara then takes her back to the prince's chamber where she will be prepped. "Time to change you into your new outfit and get you prepped for the de-flowering ceremony"

Her lovely silk lace wedding gown has been removed and she is dressed in a long silk fabric that only covers the front and her sweet pussy. Long satin gloves and a pretty sheer veil are added to her outfit...her young breasts are exposed. She is also gagged behind her veil.

Delilah is led to a large open room and she is chained to a wall. Her legs are spread wide and her hands are chained above her head. Only the long silk fabric is covering her exposed pussy. Delilah is very frightened as the same guests that visit her wedding ceremony are now entering and taking their seats. They are here to witness her getting deflowered. This is not how she imagined the handsome prince taking her virginity.

A very thin older man enters the room wearing a long satin robe. She looks at him and realizes this is not Prince Zoltan! This man...this old man looks to be 80 years old! She struggles hard as Miss Tamara helps remove the old man's robe.

Delilah is staring at this old man's penis and it's hard. She is shaking her head no as Miss Tamara now lifts up the long silk fabric...her young pussy is exposed. The old man easily penetrates her young pussy. She feels a sudden sharp pain and then he is fully inside of her.

She begins to moan as the old penis goes in and out of her pussy. She can't believe that an old man is her first penis and lovemaking. She is still shaking her head no as she moans. She is on the verge of having her first orgasm when the old man shoots his load of cum into her...before she can achieve an orgasm.

After the de-flowering ceremony the guests are eating snacks, having drinks, mingling with each other while she remains chained to the wall half naked. She feels so embarrassed, then she sees her Pierre-Jac. Miss Tamara is leading him by a leash "This is the new Pierre-Jac, he is now an eunuch. He can no longer get erections."

Delilah cries as she watches her once strong fiancé become a submissive mindless sexless man. But her own horrors are not over as she finally meets one of the prince's wives...the older but strict wife Opal.

"My my you are a true beauty, no wonder why the prince wanted to marry you. You are like the other young wives and will never meet the prince. I control who sleeps with him and only myself and a few of the other older wives get to lay in his bed. You on the other hand will soon be meeting the other younger harem slaves."

I still struggle and try to call out to the prince for help but the gag prevents me from doing so. Opal kisses me and fingers my pussy "Did you enjoy getting fucked by the Prince's father. He is a lucky old man, he gets to fuck and impregnate all the harem slaves. You might be carrying his child?"

The guards unchain me from the wall and take me down into the cellar. I'm stripped naked and prepped for my stay in the cellar. "The prince never comes down here, so you will remain here for the rest of your life with the other harem slaves. You will never see the prince or feel the pleasure of a hard throbbing penis in your pussy."

As the guard lays me down in my mummified state, I have been tightly mummified from my ankles to my shoulders with strips of loin cloth. My pussy and the other harem slaves’ pussies are exposed. I can barely move, I can only inchworm on my belly. I see the harem slaves are also mummified and I'm shocked to see several of the harem slaves are kissing and licking each other with such passion. "Those harem slaves are in heat, they are so horny and crave men...a man's penis. Soon you will be in that horny state."

I can see a harem slave inchworming towards me "Hi, what's your name? I'm princess Kara, I have been mummified for 6 months and it has been so torturous to be left like this especially when you become horny and you want sex. I...I...don't have a mate...can you please lick my pussy? I will do the same for you! Please I need to feel a tongue on my pussy!"

"No! I'm not a lesbian...I will never resort to that...what are you doing? Stop...get off of me!"

Princess Kara is able to inchworm her way on top of me. Her mouth is heading towards my pussy and now her pussy is in front of my mouth. I feel her tongue against my pussy, it feels so disgusting to have another woman's tongue pleasuring me. Her tongue is doing things to me that make me softly moan. Suddenly I find my own tongue reaching out for her pussy.

I taste another woman's pussy for the first time and it tastes so wonderful. We are both so aroused from each other's tongue when someone yells "Feeding time!"

Suddenly all the mummified slaves rush towards one wall where there are 8 dildos poking out from the other side of the wall. The women are fighting for position to get to one of the dildos. They eagerly suck on the dildo, the dildo releases a soft mushy type of food substance. I watch as beautiful mummified princesses suck on dildos like whores.

The mummified Princess Kara returns to me and she kisses her new mate. I taste the mushy food substance and I lick every drop from her lips since I'm so hungry. I suddenly cry again as I realize I will live the rest of my life here in the cellar as a mummified sex craved princess!


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