Deep Cover Engagement

by JessBaby

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© Copyright 2018 - JessBaby - Used by permission

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I wasn’t supposed to get in this deep, and certainly not this fast. I was supposed to get acquainted, get to know them, get to work with them, but it’s all about improvising. You get an opening, you take it. He came on to me, hard. I was worried about poisoning the well if I said no, so I said yes. It was a way in at any rate.

But then.. It wasn’t even that bad. I expected to have to fake interest a lot more than I did. We actually had chemistry. So when he first took me back to his place, it was so routine, so natural. I didn’t even think about how sleeping with him might jeopardize the case down the line until hours later. If he wern’t in this family, if he wern’t in this line of work, he’s the kind of person that I could tie myself to. He gets me, or at least the me I’m showing him, which is frankly just me without some of the badge-inspired uprightness. I was expecting the son of a mob boss who went to the gym every day to not be so sharp, quick or funny. He wasn’t smooth like a pickup artist, he simply pressed and had a quick line to reply to whatever reaction he go. So that first time I went up to his place, that was all autopilot. What made me decide to return, aside from not wanting to end this particular identity that took weeks to establish, well that was the result of what happened that first night.

Put simply, well we just flowed. His lips were on mine, his leg between mine, his hands gripping the small of my back. And as he began to remove his shirt I began to do the same without even thinking. I had seen the surveillance photos, but seeing his bare chest up close, feeling it up close, that was different.

I had always tried myself to stay fit, which had thankfully not been too much of a struggle. I would say it’s all professional that the job was easier if I can keep up with runners and hold my own in a fight, but I also always took a lot of personal pride in my appearance. It felt good to be able to look good, and I generally feel quite good. But all the same, I had almost never felt as sexy as when this gorgeous man was pressing himself against me. I felt the lust, it was raw and magnificent.

And as we both stripped completely, he did not rush. When I was pressed up against the wall, I began to wrap my leg around him, giving his cock an invitation. But he didn’t thrust, he knelt. It was fluid and quick, he left my leg in the air and placed it over his shoulder. I moaned and began to run my fingers through his hair, trying to hold him close to continue doing what he turned out to be rather skilled at doing. He ran his arm behind my standing leg and to my own surprise lifted me up off the ground with both my legs on his shoulders. His penthouse had high ceilings, but sitting so high I could touch them reaching up. Once I’d recovered from the surprise, my hands went back to where they were as I locked my legs together as well. And just as I grew more confidant, he began to tip me to one side, jolting my hands out for balance. It was a dance of sorts, constantly changing between which one of us seemed to really be in control.

And control, domination, it’s everything to me. It is the thing that makes sex sexy, the spice to get my juices flowing. I was a generally domineering personality outside of the bedroom, ranging from commanding to bitchy depending on who you ask. But when it’s just two of you, there presumably for mutual pleasure, there is an intense unspoken battle that can underpin everything you do. It can be anything from who’s on top to who’s calling all the shots. It’s an unavoidable part of any halfway decent sex in my book, and far too few men seem to appreciate it. They either demand command by right of dick or simply expect the woman to do all the work pleasuring them.

But what really made me stay was what he did near the end of the night. When he had me pinned, holding down my arms with his and pounding into me with my legs up around my neck, it began to get so intense my grunts and cries of passion stopped, my eyes rolled dead into my skull as the sensations were simply overwhelming me. At that point he stopped, he let go of my hands, checked in. This wasn’t actually some trivial game to him, he understood there can be no defeating the other and still be a winner. But I wasn't thinking of that high mindedness at the time, I just grabbed his ass and grunted “more.”

We first met only three months ago, but it had given me half a dozen occasions to meet his father. My trusty glasses I wore at all times record whatever they can see or hear onto a custom memory card in the frame. I’ve been able to hand them off as they fill up, and I’m sure it has been valuable for the case, though I know there is more than a few sexual encounters in that footage I am sure my colleges are keeping to themselves. After all, moles are always a risk, this like many of my other undercover assignments have been very “need to know” in who they let in. I did not have direct contact, but they had ways of telling me to come in and nothing I’d sent them so far had made them want to bring me in.

But I hadn't told them about tonight. I was having trouble sleeping, I kept looking at the ring which I hadn’t dare taken off even as I lay otherwise naked. I said yes and it was making my mind scramble around trying to figure out how much of the yes was for the job and how much was that after living together for two months I really didn’t have to act to keep playing the happy girlfriend. Well.. happy fiancé now.

And it’s such a minor thing in the grand scheme of things, but he even seemed to guess the perfect ring. I’ve never liked gold, most “traditional” jewelry I found it mostly boring or gaudy. I don’t remember mentioning it specifically, but we talked a lot. It was also a good way to slip in questions about his family. Instead when he opened that box there was a platinum ring with a single red ruby. It could have been plucked out of my fantasy of the perfect ring.

That morning I was awake long before him, as usual. But where as I’d usually slip out to my cover job at the port, or possibly wake him with the smell of cooking bacon, I felt compelled to wake him another way. He was never shy about his wealth, and he had given me a card some time ago that he said was there for me to look as sexy as I wanted, without limit. The card came back linked to a network of accounts relevant to the case, but I decided to use it regardless. I tried to say it would be suspicious not to, but that wasn’t the only reason either. I had never shopped while ignoring price tags, and somehow it almost made the clothes look.. better. In this case, I brought out some new crimson red lace lingerie I had been saving for a special night. The bra had straps that all converged in a single spot just below my collar bone, giving my breasts some added lift. The thong panties paired with a garter belt which I used to hold up lace top thigh highs, all in the same crimson red. The pair of patent leather stilettos were black but the heel itself was red, and I have always been in love with what heels do to my toned legs and ass. And I wanted to look as stunning as I could

I snuck in quietly, climbed back into bed with a crop and two pairs of handcuffs. The cuffs in particular are something each of us have been getting out more and more, and with his wood framed four poster bed with vertical bars on either end to make up the head and footboard, there was always something to anchor them to. As quietly as I could I slowly locked one cuff around either of his hands and the nearest wooden bar I could reach. Satisfied, I ripped the covers off and rushed to stand at the foot of the bed.

The sudden rush of air against his naked body seemed enough to wake him up. He reached a hand down only to be stopped with a metal jingle after just an inch or two. He looked down and smiled at me, collapsing his head back onto his pillow as he began to stretch. “You look different this morning,” he teased  as he tried slowly to sit up.

“Is that all you have to say?” I replied as I started to walk around slowly to the side of his bed. I bounced the end of the crop against my other hand in my best attempt to intimidate with it.

“I don’t know.. I mean could you try to put some effort into your appearance?” I replied with a quick swat to his inner thigh. “I mean, you’re not one of those girls who will let themselves go when they get married will you?”

“Careful..” I interject, holding the tip of the crop against the very upright head of his cock.

‘I know that Leola the girlfriend was.. super hot. But Leola the fiance?”

“Yes, what kind of verdict do you have for her?” I said, climbing up on the bed and straddling his chest. “I know one opinion.” I continued, reaching one hand behind me to grab his hard cock and slowly began stroking my fingers up it.

“He’s a cheap date, easy to impress” he replied. I leaned forward so that my head hung directly over his. “But me, I say I not sure I’m sold.”

“Not sold?” I asked as I began to run one of my hands through his hair. “So how can I sell you?”

“Well, you can start by maybe dressing sexy every once in a while.”

“You said that already,” I teased with a few light taps to the forehead.

“And would it kill you to have dinner ready when I come home?”

“I work later than you do..”  I said standing up to tower over him. I leaned against the wall and began to slide my heel down his chest.

“Well a man’s gotta eat,” he taunted with a smirk. I smiled back and stepped up onto his chest, placing both my heels next to each other. He grunted and squirmed below me, he squirmed again as I dropped the crop and grabbed the two sides of my panties. I slid them down and stepped off of him before kneeling down over his outspread arms.

“A man’s gotta eat you say? Well I know Anton the boyfriend was quite a voracious eater, so how about Anton the fiance, is he as hungry?” I moaned deeply as I got my answer, throwing my hand up against the wall to brace, and allowing me to look at my ring as I enjoyed him.

* * *

Weeks went by, some of the most mentally turbulent of my life. I spent so much time in thought, this ring, this man, I think I loved him. I know I did. But I was also an officer, and he was supposed to simply be a means to an end. His father’s cartel had been involved in just about everything under the sun. Smuggling, drugs, bribery, murder, extortion. I know, I’d seen the evidence, I’d heard the conversations. I was becoming family, and his father had welcomed me into his home, even seemed to like me. They’d started hinting that my job at the port could be very useful to them in the future, but hadn’t given the kind of detailed recorded confession that play so well at trial. But I knew that was coming, they were good because they were careful and wouldn’t just approach any old port logistical coordinator.

And yet, I knew that when that confession came, and when I handed in the memory card, some time in the near future we would all be arrested and this identity along with my life with Anton would end. I knew it was the right thing, no matter how bad it might feel in the moment. The fentanyl they’re supposedly bringing in is doing a lot more than break a heart. So I kept my head up, I planned our wedding, the kind I’d always thought I’d wanted. Somewhere warm, overlooking the ocean, with as few people as my husband could live with since I had no family or friends I’d want to invite anyway.

I was in the middle of looking over options for tropical flower arrangements on a lazy Friday afternoon. Anton came home slamming the door behind him. I rushed over in time to see him angrily ripping off his shoes and throwing them into the closet like they were fastballs.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Oh.. I thought you were still at work and I was..” he said as he looked up and made eye contact. He looked twitchy, worried, but also like he might want to punch the next thing that annoys him. He looked like he was about to yell at me, but in real time I could see his mood soften the longer we locked eyes. “I just got some frustrating, bad news at work. I was planning on coming home early to blow off some steam before you got home.”

“Yeah, I’ve started taking personal days here and there so the planning doesn’t overwhelm. But you can talk to me if you want, maybe it will make you feel better? What’s happened at work that’s got you like this?” I asked calmly, slowly walking towards him and outstretching my arms offering a hug.

“I.. Look, I don’t talk about work much I know that. But let’s just say.. We’re getting some um.. We are.. I guess you can say we just found out we’re under attack. I don’t know if my dad’s business can survive.”

“Under attack? Like a rival muscling in?” I asked, hoping it could make him elaborate a little more.

“No.. more sneaky than that. But we just found out they’re coming. So my uncle’s trying to get a plan. Hopefully it won’t escalate too much.”

“Like.. is it the government or just someone else?”

“Why do you jump to government? What’s with all the fucking questions?” He said as he stormed over to the living room and knocked a couch pillow onto the floor as he went.

“Sorry! Sorry, I just.. I’m not an idiot, I’ve seen more than a few things. I know not to ask about it, but I can tell you’re dad’s more than just that warehouse you work at. You don’t have to say anything but you’re going to be my husband and if something’s troubling you then I want you to feel like you can confide in me,” I said both trying to get more testimony but also to apologize to the man I love.

“I’m..” he said, seemingly debating in real time if he wanted to escalate an argument as he looked at me thinking through what to say. “No I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling very good right now.” And with that he turned away and sat in an armchair looking out of the living room and towards the distant Miami harbor.

I felt bad. Not because I failed to get specifics, that self-criticism would come later. At that moment I just felt pained because I hated seeing him like this. I just wanted to make him feel good again. So I took off the blue boyshorts, grey v-neck and mismatched bra and panties. As quietly as I could, I reached into a where we hid ziptie cuffs for when we would sometimes get spontaneous. I knelt down on the pillow he had thrown out into the middle of the floor before reaching my arms behind my back and applying the ziptie cuffs. His head quickly turned at the sound. “Is there anything I can do to maybe make you feel better?” I seductively asked.

“You cuffed yourself? That’s new,” he said with slight intrigue. “Is anyone expecting you today?”

I shook my head. The corners of a smile began to grow on his face, making me blush and fight my own smile. As he stood up I could already see his cock starting to grow in his khaki pants. He took off his brown braided belt causing me to shift slightly. I very suddenly felt my own self-created helplessness as he approached with a purpose in his eyes. He wrapped the belt around my neck, putting it back through the buckle and not buckling it until it was a little bit tight. He wrapped the free end around his fist using it like a very short leash.

“You know, I might be wrong, but are you trying to seduce me?” he finally said.

And there it was, a disarming line just as I was starting to get nervous. I smiled and nodded my head vigorously. As he unzipped his pants with his other hand I had already opened my mouth. He flopped it out and I immediately took it into my mouth. I love the feeling as the cock gets hard, it always felt strangely satisfying, even empowering in the right circumstance. To also be potentially unburdening him, that was perhaps the best part.

As it grew, he began to eventually start pulling me in with the leash. As it hardened entirely he began to hold me down as well. I coughed a little, but I’d gotten used enough to my man’s cock that I didn’t gag any more. Instead I hummed, giving the head of his cock a gentle vibration I heard him groan his gruntish satisfied groan, the kind you develop growing up in a house with thin walls. I could taste the precum, and I knew enough to know what that specific twitching of his cock meant. But instead of what I expected him to do, what he usually does, he pulled away. Without even intending to consciously, I gave out an involuntary grunt noise of dissatisfaction.

He began to tug on his belt, gesturing for me to stand up. “How much are you willing to do to make me feel better?” he cryptically asked.

“Have I ever been the one to cuff myself before? You just seemed pained, I wanted to do anything to help and I know how much you can like it when you’re.. Well when I’m not being very on top of my game so I decided to throw the game from the outset. I love you, and I will do anything you want.”

He smiled and started walking briskly into the kitchen, pulling me in tow. He reached into the junk drawer and grabbed the entire bag of zipties and a roll of bandage wrap. “This’ll be a little different, but I’m in a pretty different mood to match,” he explained as he let go of the belt and began to wrap the bandage wrap around my eyes. “I want you only follow instructions, none of your usual fight.” Once he had finished the blindfold he grabbed the belt again and continued to lead me.

It was strange, I was no stranger to being at his mercy. It was maybe even the more common outcome given his size and build. Still though, none of those felt so.. Total. I was not saying a word, not testing my limitations. I really was just a passenger, something I almost never was. I always had to take care of myself, I grew up not having a choice. When your parents aren’t able to take care of themselves let alone you, well it drilled in hard that I need to be the one trying to call the shots. But I hadn’t tried and failed to lead, I had submitted this time. The blind walk to the bedroom gave me a kind of nervous excitement, like a taboo had be broken. I didn’t know what would be happening next, but I’d willingly submitted myself to whatever it was and had no desire at all to protest.

I bumped up against the footboard of our bed without much warning. He continued pulling on his belt, making me bend over to make my neck go where he led it. My face just began to touch the bed as I felt him secure the belt to a railing on the footboard. I felt his foot pushing mine apart, giving me a nonverbal command to spread my legs. He continued pushing my legs further apart until I had lowered myself enough to begin to rest against the top of the footboard where I bent.

Then the zipties started. First a chain of them to hold my torso to the board. Then a ziptie secured around my ankle was attached through another chain of zipties to the legs of the bed. After that it was another half dozen of them to secure my legs at nearly every wooden pillar they passed. But he wasn’t done, he grabbed my wrists and attached the cuffs to the chain of zipties that held me down, locking my wrists at the small of my back. I gave in to curiosity and tried to move my legs, and they wouldn’t give more than a wiggle. I jerked up with my torso and could barely lift my head off the covers. My wrists could not even reach to cover my ass. It was dizzying, I had never been so helpless. Yet all I could think about was how I must look from behind.

I felt a very familiar friend pressing at my rear. The large egg vibrator was wireless, and with its large size and large battery it had featured in more than a few sexual escapades we’ve had. He pressed it in quickly, which stung a little but it was mostly just a surprise. As was the surprise when it turned on at full strength. again without warning. I gasped as a third surprise waited for me as a rubber ball got stuffed into my mouth. He buckled the strap a notch tighter than he usually did, or at least it felt like it as the straps pressed against the sides of my mouth, making it impossible to force the ball out like I was usually able to if I really wanted to.

I was actually helpless this time, so much more than anything I’ve ever felt. Still, the vibrator continued to work in my ass, which I knew all too well was great at getting me in the mood, great at enhancing other activities, but without those other activities it would never be enough to really be satisfying. And after everything, I was in more than enough of a mood on my own.

A sudden sharp pain burned across my ass. I presume it must have been another one of his belts, but without my eyes the pain seemed otherworldly. I wasn’t in our Miami apartment, I was somewhere else, suspended helpless and alone. Another snap across my ass made me pull at my hands. They moved some but they could do nothing to protect myself. A third strike rang out, this one hard and with more power. I yelped in a way even I found pathetic.

I felt him climb up onto the bed, stepping his feet down less than a foot in front of me. Then the next thing I felt was some kind of warm liquid falling onto my head, by the time I realized what it was I started squirming what little I could. His stream followed me, soaking my hair and laying a healthy line of it on the sheets all around me. There was no avoiding the smell, the degradation, but with that damned vibrator going I was annoyingly aroused by it as well. At least I blame a lot of it on the vibrator. He climbed down off the bed and gave my ass a slap. “Now don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

And with that, I was used and alone. And every time I tried to think through what was happening, what I was thinking, what I was feeling, it always seemed to be a conversation with a background noise. That big egg was incredibly distracting, but it also made the time fly. I’m a very visual person, and without my sight I was just picturing what I looked like, my ass turned up and exposed. I can picture it as I shake invitingly what little I can. I was like some kind of disgusting bitch in heat, I had been picking out flowers for my wedding and now all my mind could think of is how much it wanted my man to come back and stick his dick inside me. After long enough it just became a need for any dick, as long as he was there. I had never considered myself a prude, but I was feeling like a switch had just been turned on, 31 years into life discovering there is this whole extra depth and complexity when you don’t switch like I like to do. But oh god I needed some relief, and the quickly drying piss was making me feel dirtier for that thought than I thought it was still possible for me to feel.

After a long and timeless cycle of thoughts, I finally heard the door open back up again. A sudden sting ran across my ass, but it wasn’t like anything I’d felt before. It wasn’t a belt, it covered too wide an area, half a cheek at a time with an extra sting for the outer perimeter. I felt that one land on me nearly a hundred times, turning my cheeks both very red and teasing my crotch with half-powered hits along the way. I was beyond just turned on now, I needed him to fuck me, but I had no way of making that request. Which was only made the feeling more present.

There was no other warning, one moment I was trapped the next he was inside me in a single thrust. The vibrator in my ass gave his thrusts a vibration as well, one of the main reasons he loves me using it. He was fast. Dedicated. Not unusual by any means for him, but in my state it seemed transcendent. I was his filthy fucking slut. I was getting pumped full of his hot cock after he pissed on my face and left me alone for.. I had honestly no way of knowing at the time but it turned out to be nearly two hours while he felt compelled to go out to buy a flogger. I was rocked  quickly to a climax and my moans had turned into loud grunts as I started to almost lose my cognitive abilities. I only noticed he had finished until more than a bit after he pulled out and turned off the vibrator.

He unbuckled the gag and began unwrapping the blindfold, sitting on a towel he had set down for my head. “I.. I didn’t think I’d go that far. I hope I didn’t..”

“No.. please. Leave me in a little longer,” I said, even a bit to my own surprise. I apparently didn’t need to tell him twice. He shoved the gag back in my mouth, but left the towel where it was. He turned the vibrator back on, but at only half the speed. With the sparks and shivers still pulsing through my helpless body though, that was enough. I was back into my own floaty world, where I moaned and strained as he began to flog my very sore ass again.

* * *

When he eventually did free me almost another hour later, I hugged him close and never felt more connected. I can’t even explain it, though I certainly did try. We talked through how he just wanted to basically take out his rage, and when I offered myself up something just kind of clicked that I could be that outlet. I tried lightly to pressure what it was at work that had him feeling that way but he just repeated “It’s being dealt with probably.”

And then we talked about what it was I’d just gone through. I confessed I didn’t know, I tried to explain what it was like but had no idea where it came from. But just like I like making him happy, he likes making me happy. And he wanted to know what is it that gave me something so good I started sounding more like a wild beast than a woman and kind of blank out entirely. I couldn’t believe it was as long as it was because time simply didn’t work right when I was that helpless.

The next night, we tried the roles reversed. I could do whatever I liked and he wouldn’t put up any fight. I took as much advantage as I could think of, teasing and torturing his cock, sitting on his face to the point of near suffocation. I brought out the flogger, got some rope to replace the zipties, and really allowed an unrestrained id to have full and uncontested reign. And it was great for both of us, better even than our sex had been.

So we both agreed, regardless of who took the lead, it was better for both of us if we agreed that only one of us would. We each in turn became each other’s playthings.

So even with the wedding and my cover job, we each took time to explore. With his wealth and the cards he gave me, we each had no qualms about buying what tools we thought might suffice. Our apartment had both a den and a spare bedroom, which became his and my dungeon respectively. Chains and metal became a favorite, heavy and noisy and so unbreakable. The sound of a padlock shutting was becoming a near pavlovian response that made my pussy start to salivate.

He installed several discrete anchor points throughout the house, especially in the den. And as he would lead me somewhere, he always made sure to lock me to one of those anchor points. I knew the moment I start to submit that I am powerless. He kept finding new and interesting ways to tease me, to torture me, or to overwhelm me with pleasure, and always finding a time to use me for his on pleasure. He got a belt with a crotch strap that locks into place but splits to allow continued functioning, but with several vibrators embedded in it with batteries around the waistband to last for days or maybe weeks between full charges. He would often leave me with some kind of teasing device like that on. He says after that he just goes to another room, but I have no way of knowing that and there is something truly gripping about that abandonment. He has even teases that he might chain me, leave some food out, and go away for a week or more while my belt keeps me in stimulated company locked to some anchor point and helpless.

I’ve made use of many of those anchor points myself, though the chain I lead him around with always leads back to his cock. Perhaps my favorite is to lock it to the back of a chair, it forces him to kneel in front of the chair. At different lengths I can let him lean forward and service me for long periods of time. Other times I lock it so far forward he  needs to lean back making him only be able to watch as my pussy sits inches from him but unreachable. I would sometimes leave him to anguish in a spiked chastity cage, gagged and holding in the large vibrating bullet chained to a chair forced to watch me slowly masterbate to some very loud lesbian porn on our large television. I had teased him many times that maybe I ought to order an escort or two and make him watch as I scream in delight for hours.

Of course, these are fantasies. When not “in the moment” we both agreed we didn’t actually want that, at least not right now. I wasn’t going to bring in other people, he wasn’t really going to leave me alone, but the fantasy was engrossing. We felt like teenagers first experimenting with something new and almost overwhelming. As his stressful days seemed to get more frequent, his desires seemed to climb with them. He would come home upset or angry and I then realised the chance to make him feel better. When he seemed more angry, I’d submit. When he felt more scared, he seems more ripe to be dominated. Either way, his mood would improve, and he’d seem to get a little bit looser lipped. Something I felt a little bad taking advantage of, but what made me live with it was knowing that if I weren't trying to gather information I’d still want to do every other part of it.

* * *

Two weeks before our wedding, Anton didn’t come home. I was a worried, but at least a relieved when he eventually texted that he needs to work until quite late. I waited up on the couch for him and fell asleep watching netflix.

I woke up to the sensation of cool metal manacles being closed around my wrists behind my back. It was still pitch black outside but the room was brightly illuminated. I looked up to see Anton with his knee holding me down. He had a very serious look on his face, the kind he had when he was deeply insistent on my total obedience. He got this way sometimes after a particularly stressful time, and the one he had generally before some of our most intense sessions. He placed another pair of metal manacles around my ankles and stood me up. I hadn’t seen these ones before, the hands were separated by about six inches of chain with an o ring in the middle, and my feet had only a few inches more than that. It was only then as I bent my head down to look at the restraints that I noticed he had already gagged me with what felt like a panel gag I didn’t instantly recognize. It prevented me from asking him about his day in any meaningful way, but that could all happen later. He was a man on a mission and I was to be his to do with as he pleased until he was done.

He brought out a tool from beside the edge of the couch that looked like a hook you might use with climbing equipment, but the inside of the hook was sharp edged like a knife. My eyes went wide for a second after some light glistened off the knife edge. He placed it at the collar of my shirt and pulled down, it shred away the pajama tops I had on like they were paper. He ripped two more lines over my shoulders and then ripped the ruined top off from behind me. They were not exactly cheap clothing, but it was his card that bought them and it was frankly too hot to think about any of that. He knelt down and did a few more choice cuts, allowing my pajama pants to be pulled away as well leaving me naked and in cuffs. The end result I got to often, but with significantly more showmanship than stripping me before the cuffs.

He reached behind the couch and pulled out what looked like an animal control pole, complete with metal wire at one end. He slipped it around my neck while I was still admiring how imposing it looked. He had recently gotten a steel dog cage that he had locked me in, and I remember telling him how much the animal level of humiliation, helplessness and then abandonment when he left the room all felt amazing. But this pole was new, I had never seen any of this before, I loved it when he simply introduced his new toys like this without warning first, another thing I’ve confessed. I get to have no idea what was coming next because I’ve never seen any of this before.

He seemed to look me up and down, as if thinking through something or trying to remember something. He didn’t vocalize, He simply stood silently until he made his decision, when he set down the pole and attacked it with a carabiner to an anchor point and walking briskly towards the bedrooms and then back. It suddenly dawned on me that with a rigid pole rather than a leash, it didn’t need to be locked I simply could never reach the other end of this eight foot or so pole. He walked up behind me when he returned and without warning pushed the large egg vibrator into my ass. Only a moment later it turned on, at about the same time Anton took hold of the pole and began to pull me forward.

But he was pulling me out towards the hall. I was completely naked, my hands could not even cover my crotch but there was very little I could do. As we left the door of our apartment I lowered my head and began to follow closer. I trusted there was a plan, there always was, I’d just have to hope that at whatever hour this is that no one would see us. All the same, I was glad when he decided to use the utility elevator rather than one from the main bank. It brought us down to the lowest level of the underground garage, It was quiet and empty, with few cars around and one blue van parked near the elevator.

When we reached the van, he slid the side door. Leading me by the pole, he pushed me to sit down on the surprisingly cushioned floor of the van. But he continued to push with the pole, forcing me to scoot backwards until I could bring by cuffed legs inside. At that point he pushed my head down to face towards one of the several round extrusions poking up from the otherwise flat floor of the van. When he lined up my head with that round extrusion roughly over my gag, I heard a click and my head was suddenly locked into place. Whatever kind of gag he used on me had clicked in locking me where I was.

Next, I felt a seatbelt like thing strap across my back. just below my ass and at my knees. A strap behind me attached to the o-ring in my wrist cuffs, and another in front of me attached to the o-ring in my ankle cuffs. All the straps then tightened until each one was independently satisfied that I was pinned down in a kind of hogtie. I could not move, and no movement of the car could force me to. I heard as the doors shut, and saw the floor darken but I was otherwise unable to see anything that was going on around me. I could hear the drivers door open and close, and feel the vibrations of the motor as he started it up and drove off.

We drove for around 15-20 minutes, long enough to lose track of time. The vibrations of my ass were still going strong, and he had finally decided to take our kink outside our home with all the endless possibilities that might entail. It meant that I wasn’t thinking of this like a cop, I was thinking of it like the perverted little sex monster this man, my man, has been helping me discover I am. I was so distracted I had barely registered that we had stopped.

When the van door opened, Anton immediately grabbed for the control pole that was still holding a coated wire around my neck. He released all the straps before finally pressing a button to release my gag. He dragged me out of the van into what looked like an old brick factory like would have been built and abandoned some time ago.There were now several identical metal tables, each with several metal loops. He pushed me to a kneeling position and said his first words all night. “Brings your arms in front of you.”

I thought it was strange, but I complied, he could have just unlocked and locked them back in the front, or had them in the front from the beginning. At that height it was simple to step over the chain in two moves in order to bring them in front of me. He simply pulled on, leading me to one fof the tables and laying me down. On closer look it was particularly odd because there was a small opening in the metal table right where the neck should go. Once he seemed satisfied with where I was situated, the various metal loops raised up, showing them to be hooks on long pillars. They each turned ninety degrees and descended down again, locking me to the table at several points. them to be.

Just then a second van entered the building, I looked over as best I could, but the loops over my neck give me very little movement in particular.

“I know you’re probably looking over to the van to try to see what’s going on. You do seem to always want to know what’s going on, isn’t that right Anne?”

My face very suddenly went pale. Fuck. He just used my real name. I suddenly pulled with all the strength I had but nothing moved. My head was spinning. I look over at the second van and two men get out of the front and slide the door to their van open. I saw three more women bound in the van exactly the same as I had been. This wasn’t some sex game, this was real. The women they pulled from the van one at a time were stunningly beautiful. One tall and pale, red wavy hair, she was brought to the table closest to me. Her eyes were red and puffy like she had been crying. The other two seemed to be identical twin blonds, each gifted with large perky breasts that jiggled freely as they each pulled and whined and protested what was happening to them. But each girl was only brought out one at a time and had two people wrangling them, none of them could do anything but slow down the inevitable.

Once the girls were all secured, the two that came in the van left the way they came. As they left they gave a honk, telling several other people that were out of sight to emerge and begin their work. Starting at the far end, a kind of conveyor belt of activity started. I couldn’t see much, but I could see the sparks of welding. I heard the gagged screams be intermittently loud. It was all extremely unsettling. One short man was working underneath the tables on a kind of low chair an auto mechanic might have. He worked on the back of the neck of the pale woman beside me who seemed to have a renewed burst of crying as a result with one sharp burst of gagged screaming. When he slid over to me I just looked up at the ceiling. I felt the pain of needles. Some vibrated like a tattooing gun, but one felt more like a sharp pain like some large knife had been plunged into me.

I got a preview of what was going to come for me next by watching what they did to her. Next came the humiliating and painful nipple piercings deep at the root of the areola. Then the welder took spare metal and sealed the cuffs the pale woman wore onto her hands, which I could not help but notice were identical to mine. After doing the same to her ankles, they placed a thick collar around her neck with a single o-ring in the front and back, and they welded that shut as well from under the table. By that point she had a thousand yard stare, she had left her reality for now. But when the welder came for me, Anton stopped him for a moment. The men connected a pole to the collar of the first twin at the far side before releasing her. When they did, they connected a second poll to the back of her collar too, and two men led her off the table far beyond her reach. They walked her up to her twin who now had a bar on the front of her collar too, which allowed them to easily attach the other girl to the back of the other. Eventually they slapped the redhead back to reality enough to sit her up and lead the coffle of slaves off, each being held rigidly eight feet apart, with two handlers on either end of the line. They were then marched into another room leaving me alone with Anton.

* * *

He stood over me and held out my police badge. I had put it in storage behind a fake name behind another fake name, I couldn’t imagine how he found it. “You see, with you joining our family, we have to be careful. We have great investigators, they can pull all kinds of strings to find what no one else can find. And guess what they turned up yesterday afternoon? Well I do have to say Anne.. you don’t look like an Anne. You certainly don’t fuck or talk or act like an Anne. You had me, I believed all of it. So tell me, was any of it real? Oh that’s right, you’re still gagged. I’ll take this off. Just know that if you are honest, nothing you say will make things worse for you, but a lie might make me find a way to make things worse. So be careful, do not lie, and only speak when I tell you to. Things can always get much worse, understand?”

I nodded as best as I could. He then unbuckled my gag and set it beside me.

“What was fake, what was not really you, exactly?”

“Just that I was a cop, and that that was the reason why I first approached you. I’m not nearly a good enough actress to fake all the rest. I swear that is all I kept from you and all I faked for you.” I replied, trying and failing to hold back tears. “I actually do love you. I was actually looking forward to our.. our wedding,” I said before distracting myself by the fact that I couldn’t feel the ring on my finger. I don’t know when he took it off but it clearly wasn’t there.

“And I’m supposed to what, believe you?” he said as he stood over me.

“Don’t you?” I replied. “Haven’t you trusted me.. I kept my job from you just as you kept your job from me. If I weren't Anne, would you ever show me this place? Would you ever bring your wife here?”

“That’s not the same and you know it. I wasn’t creating a relationship based on the lie”

“Well.. my job required getting close and your job didn’t, but please, believe me.. I wasn’t expecting this, I wasn’t expecting any of this. You have no idea how many times I thought.. Fuckit, just go dirty. Join the family and just get rich and happy. You’re, you’re not a good person if you’re running a place like this, but you are a better match for me than any man I’ve ever met with. I.. I had been seriously considering turning my back on everything if it meant not bringing you down.”

“But you didn’t.”

“No.. I didn’t.” I said as my crying began to intensify. “So.. at the risk of punishment, can I ask about any of this?” I asked looking boldly into his eyes.

“My love for you wasn’t an act. I don’t recruit, this wasn’t a set up. When we want girls, we have people who specialize in that. No.. I thought I was finding my soulmate.”

“I’m still that person. I’m still that girl who stayed up late just talking. I’m still that person who loves you so much I never even thought that I was in danger as you brought me here to my grim fate.”

“You’re the one that wanted to see the family business, here it is. What do you care about more, stopping this or saving us?”

“Save? In what world does your father let me live exactly? I know with me gone I can’t be cross examined at trial and so they’re going to have to throw a lot of evidence out and the case against everyone gets a lot weaker. What possible universe would I be allowed to exist when I can do all that?”

“In the universe where you disappear to the world. You’re world would shrink and to the outside world you’re just another girl that went missing. We will never have the life we wanted, your job and mine saw to that. But, if you cooperate, we can find a different kind of normal. If any of this had been real, maybe we can find enjoyment. On the other hand, inside your neck is the same little safety we put in all our girls; a little tracker, a little transceiver, and enough cyanide to make it quick. So do not think that this is some offer you can weisle out of later, if you accept you will never be able to leave my home. You will never be able to talk to anyone besides me. It will never be normal, but it can be yours. Can you accept?”

And just like that, I watched the world of my life become very small. I nodded nonetheless. I might entertain the thought that a death would be easier, but.. Maybe. Maybe the love can regrow. Maybe love can rebuild. My life as a crime fighting cop was over, snuffed out forever. But he stopped short of welding me into my cuffs, and that said to me I’m not going to face a life those other poor souls will.

Anton released me from the table, my legs were understandably weak but I fought through to stand up nonetheless. He grabbed me by my arm and began leading me away to a dilapidated looking elevator. He whistled loudly, causing the welder to come back out with a messenger bag. He grabbed the cart with his tools and followed me into the elevator, causing my heart to sink. I swallowed hesitatingly, struggling to find a good reason why he would be following us. He said nothing, pressing the topmost button. He seemed conflicted still but I wasn’t sure if I should let him stay that way or try to interject. Finally he turned to me and looked me in the eye. “No funny business? You understand there’s no getting away now?” he said tapping on my still sore neck. “You run, or do anything..”

“I swear,” I said, wiping my wet cheeks as dry as a hand can. The elevator doors finally opened, out onto the flat roof of the building. There was only a small covering around the elevator itself, But even up the three or so stories, you could see for a surprisingly long distance. It was only a sliver through the various trees and buildings, but you could even see the ocean. The pre-dawn light barely illuminated it, but it was there.

“Ok, take them off,” he said with still a note of caution. The man who had done the welding pulled out a fine metal instrument and sticked it into one of the wrist cuffs. It caused it to pop open, and he did the same to the other arm, freeing my hands completely. Though he did fail to do the same for my feet.

Anton cleared his throat and closed his eyes for a moment, gathering up to him the best words. “Anne Cathalin Mostov, I know this is not your first choice, but neither of us can have that now.” he said holding my hands and standing directly in front of me. The welder handed him a collar which he presented to me. It was a deep black metal collar. I found it crazy, but it seemed to be modeled as a larger version of my former engagement ring. The black titanium was not an exact match, but the red ruby that sat in the middle was without a doubt the same as must have been taken off my ring whenever it was it was removed.

I was suddenly distracted as I heard a torch light up, spitting out a line of hot fire to heat some kind of small cauldron. Anton reached into his pocket and pulled out my badge and placed it in my other hand which was not holding the collar.

“I want this final decision to be yours, you can be Anne the cop, or Anne the woman who claims she still loves me. This collar is a way of showing you belong to me, and it will be sealed closed with the brass from your badge.” Anton explained. I suddenly noticed the details of where the collar closes. It formed a small channel, slightly thinner than a straw and made up of interlocking segments that with a solid obstruction would make the collar impossible to open. It looked like a lock would be enough to do the job, but a lock clearly does not have the symbolic meaning he was reaching for. I handed over the badge I had once worked hard for and stared as it slowly but surely began to melt.

I moved my hair away as best as I could, but before I closed the collar he rushed to slip in some kind of protective fabric between the collar and my skin. It was cold against my skin, but that was probably for the best. He knelt me down and held my hair back, but I closed my eyes. I heard the sound of hissing and the pad getting significantly hotter, but I couldn’t feel any splatter onto bare skin thankfully, though the cold liquid nitrogen meant to cool it was slightly less precise and hit the uncovered edge of one shoulder.

After a period of silence I opened my eyes and looked up at Anton. He was smiling and helped me up to my feet. “Let’s go home,” he said as he grabbed one of my hands band began to lead me away back to the elevator.

Trust returned only slowly, very slowly when he kept me under lock and key for so much of it. But all this time later, that was the day we now mark as the true day we started our relationship, as Anton and Anne.

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