Decompression Part 8

by Scarecrow

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© Copyright 2014 - Scarecrow - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; D/s; rope; bfold; scarves; bond; cuffs; collar; tease; slave; oral; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part Eight

Chapter 13

Sally got up and fetched the dice.

“My turn to throw today. And no cheating. No turning a die over!” Big grin!

She threw a Nine. Six and Three.

Her eyes lit up. “Oh, yummy. I’m going to have such fun. Master, will you please take my collar off.”

“After you’ve cleaned up the kitchen.”

“Delaying matters won’t help, you know?”

I knew!

Sally returned wearing her Dominatrix outfit and persona. “Strip!”

She buckled a penis gag with a wide front pad into my mouth before pulling a cloth bag hood over my head. The bag was comfortable for long term wear, easy to breathe through the material, and completely opaque. It was absolutely black in there. Then she put the larger strait-jacket on me. I knew she’d been holding off on that until a day when our session started quite early. It was going to be a long day.

Sally’s way of thanking me for allowing her to have her ‘Kajira’ day was to give me as many orgasms as she could wring out of my balls. My normal recovery time is, I like to think, not too bad for a man in his mid-thirties but Sally pushed me to the extreme. She only had my lower body to work on – everything above the waist being covered by the strait-jacket and hood - but that didn’t slow her down in the slightest.

The first one was easy; I was already rock-hard so she sat in my lap and, without moving up and down wanked me with her vaginal muscles. “This girl must do Kegel exercises all day.” I thought. That was when I could still think. Once I had cum she lay me on my back with a spreader-bar holding my ankles apart and licked me clean. That was fun and soon my cock began showing renewed signs of life. Number two (three for the day, because we’d already had our normal wake-up call) was in her mouth. She licked and sucked the head, her tongue probing the little slit, while her fingers, circling my cock, moved up and down.

Sally's efforts were rewarded when I ejaculated into her mouth. Again she cleaned me up and then, after freeing my legs, took me into the kitchen. There she removed the hood and gag and fed me lunch.

"Got to keep my man's strength up." She grinned at me. "You're going to need it." A 'body break' and then I was led back to the lounge and the spreader, gag and hood restored. Sally hadn't taken the jacket off through lunch. She laid me on my back and tethered my spread legs.

Now Sally started a varient of the massage she had used on me previously. Beginning with my toes and working slowly towards my groin, she stimulated and sensitised my legs. It was as though a pressure was building up aimed at my balls and cock. My balls were starting to tingle and my cock to stir even before she reached my knees.

Sally was working on both limbs together, her left hand mirroring the actions of the right. When she reached my groin the hands seperated, going up my sides. From my waist they moved downwards and in towards my cock that was, by now, eagerly waiting their arrival. I felt Sally's sweet pussy engulf me. She straddled me facing my feet and started a good rhythm, pumping and squeezing my cock with her pussy. Then she scraped a finger-nail up the sole of my foot and I exploded.

Sally licked me clean and then let me rest for a bit. I think I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew she was rubbing herself on my bound body.

"Come on big boy, I've got lots more for you."

I shook my head from side to side in negation "Ugh ugh."

Sally, in Dom mode, was unrelenting. "Don't give me that. You don't know what you're capable of; and you'll find out what I'm capable of!"

She lifted my legs up and back until my feet reached the carpet, calves alongside my head. They were fixed there somehow. This put my arse and balls in the air and my cock aimed at my face and gave Sally a whole lot of new options to work with. She attacked my feet, the back of my knees, my perineum and my balls. Well, attacked is too strong a word; feather kissing, licking, finger tickling, pressing, gently stimulating. My Sally knew her way around a man’s body. Then she slipped a finger in my butt-hole and found my prostate. My cock responded. Didn't have any choice in the matter. Sally's fingers circled it and persuaded, induced, seduced one last orgasm out of my over-worked organ.

Then she let me sleep. Post-coital coma, I think they call it.

Sally cooked supper whilst I was out of it and woke me up as she released me at the end of the day’s session. A shower together and then we were back to normal, Sally wearing her collar.

As we ate she commented “I love your penis, Wish I had one!”

“Bit of penis-envy there?” I asked.

“Mmm, yes. Most women I know have penis envy. Gals probably divide into two classes; those with penis-envy and those who won’t admit it.”

“What’s so special about a penis? I mean, I like mine but… ”

"Well, weeing, for one thing. Being able to stand. Just pull it out, stand there and wee. Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't mean penis-envy in the sense that Freud described it. I do not feel inferior to men in any way. It's just that, sometimes it would be nice to grab it in my fist and wave it around a bit."

"Well, any time you feel like doing that, you can always borrow mine."

When we finished laughing we were off into another one of the discussions that helped put the seal on our relationship. Almost inevitably, this one was on the psychological differences between 'the guys and the gals' as Sally put it.

We were both conscious that we couldn’t maintain the intensity of our play, especially when we were back at work, so we eased off to establish a routine for ‘normal’ living. We worked out the best time to use Sally’s gym equipment, now installed in the spare bedroom. It would not be in the very early mornings as she was adamant that she would continue to sleep in her ‘Jammies’ as she now referred to her blindfold and cuffs. I am not an early riser.

I was slowly reducing the length of the chain between her wrist cuffs; too slowly for Sally. She wanted her hands cuffed together but I refused. “Not yet.” I told her. Pout!

One morning, at breakfast, I got a call. It was Peter, one of the Directors.

“Sorry to be bothering you when you’re on vacation John, but we’ve got a crisis and you’re the only one who’ll be able to fix it.”

Well, it’s good to be appreciated. “That’s okay, Peter. What do you need?”

Turned out that someone on a site I’d worked on before our last project had screwed up. He told me what had happened and, because I knew the system well, I could tell him how it should be fixed.

“I knew you would know what to do.” He said. “Will you implement the fix? I’ll handle the change control and documentation if you can sort out the problem.”

“Okay, but do you need me to go on site?” I really hoped not.

“No, I’ve told them to reactivate your access and to allow remote logon so you can do it from there. Just keep me posted on progress.”

Sally had been listening to my side of the conversation “So you’re going to busy for most of the day?”

“It looks that way, darling. Sorry about that, I know you wanted to play.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ve been wanting an opportunity to wear my ‘Ferrari’  and this will be perfect. We’ll clear up here and then you can lock me into it and go do your thing.” She gave me a big smile. “Just one thing, you must promise not to let me out until you have finished and tested and signed off with Peter.”

“Are you sure? That could be a very long time.”

“Motivation for you to do it fast and do it right!” An impish grin.

As I was fitting her into the garment, Sally suddenly said “Ear-buds”


“Ear-buds. You know, those remote ear-buds for my radio. You can set it between stations so all I get is white-noise so I really can’t hear anything.”

“You’re really into this Senso-Depro thing aren’t you?”

“Yup!” Grin.

“Okaaay. Your choice.” I took her collar off. She couldn’t wear it under the ‘Ferrari’.

After locking her into the garment, hands curled into useless fists, wrists together behind her back, elbows close but not touching, head totally enclosed, all in bright, Ferrari-Red leather, I decided to add a further twist to make her day a bit more interesting. I fitted her with a crotch-rope. Length of rope tied tight around her waist, just above the hips; knotted at the back and the two ends drawn down through the crack of her bum and then up through her pussy and tied off at the front. The ropes through her pussy went inside the lips, separating them and then gripped her clit between them.

I thought of looping the rope back again and tying the ends to her hands so that, if she moved her hands it would increase the pressure on her pussy and clit. I decided against it; the little minx would be pulling all day and getting herself off on it. I couldn’t have that! What I did do though, before tying everything off I slipped a remote activated bullet vibrator into her pussy. She was already wet so it slid in without any resistance. The crotch-rope would make sure it stayed there.

A slap on the bum to let her know I was done and I left Sally to amuse herself while I went to the office.

When I completed the section I’d been working on and started a process that would run unattended for a while, I sat back. “Now for a bit of fun.” I thought. Picking up the remote for the bullet I sent a series of pulses to Sally. Buzzzzz, Buzzzzz, Buzzzzz. Morse code for ‘O’ for ‘Office’. I waited a few seconds and then repeated. And again. Even if she didn’t know Morse she should get the message. Sally appeared shortly breathing heavily. Using the vibrator for communication obviously had side effects!

The sight of my Sally, all hot and bothered, and the sweet aroma of her arousal had a predictable effect on me so I loosened the crotch-rope and pushed it to the side, catching the bullet as it dropped out. Then I manoeuvred her forward to sit on my cock. Popular idea! Very quickly Sally came to a screaming climax. Well she couldn’t scream with her mouth clamped closed by the tight hood but a high-pitched keening sound emanated from the hood as she thrashed and shuddered on my cock. I hadn’t cum yet so, a bit of persuasion with my fingers on her clit and sucking and kissing her tits soon had her going again.

I had a policy never to let Sally cum just twice. Once or three or more orgasms was my demand. I was determined to break her ‘Two is my limit’ thing. It seemed that she endorsed the policy because, once she had mewed her way through the second orgasm she carried on riding me hard to my own climax and, as she felt me erupting into her, she too crested even more strongly than the first one.

I took her to the bathroom to clean her up and retied the crotch-rope, with the vibrator inserted. “Insert flange A into slot B.” was my idle thought. I slapped her on the bum and went back to work. What a pleasant interlude!

The next time I summonsed Sally I put her on her knees, clipped her ankles to each other and her hands and put the nip and clit clamps on. Just like the last time she wore the clamps she had a huge orgasm as the clit clamp bit and I had to hold and steady her through it. Then I went off to get a cup of coffee. Returning, I removed the clamps. Interestingly, when the last one came off her clit, she had another orgasm. Once she had settled down I freed her ankles and helped her up onto her feet. A slap on the bum sent her off while I went back to work.

That was the pattern through the rest of the day. At random intervals, when I could leave something to run, I used the vibrator to call Sally. Then I would loosen the crotch-rope and remove the bullet before doing anything else. She never knew what was to happen next. Only once I didn’t do anything to the crotch-rope or bullet; when she arrived I just switched the vibrator on and let it run. That was fun to watch as Sally tried to curl up around her over-stimulated pussy and shrieked. I only used the clamps once more, to make sure she didn’t get complacent. I fucked her once, didn’t cum myself, just eased her off after she’d had her orgasm and I went down on her twice, using mouth, tongue and fingers. “Why can’t every work day be like this?” I thought.

Finally I was finished, final tests done, confirmation from the client and I phoned Peter.

“Job done, All fixed and the client is satisfied.”

“Thank you John! That was really above and beyond and we are very grateful. Lots of billing hours too.”

“Well I don’t know, Peter. I wasn’t busy all the time you know? I had a few other things to do today so I don’t think I can bill all the time.”

“Nonsense! I was monitoring and from just about the moment I phoned you this morning right through until now you’ve been running that system and implementing your fixes. That’s good enough for me, you’ll be credited with all the hours. If you did something else when you couldn’t be hammering on the keys then good luck to you. It didn’t slow the job down and you’ve finished far quicker than I expected.”

“Well, thank you Peter. Much appreciated.”

“No John. Thank you! Now go and give Sally some attention. Poor girl has been neglected all day.”

Okay, so Peter and, presumably, the rest of the Board had a pretty good track on what their senior staff were up to. And he was letting me know that it was fine with them. He didn’t know just how much attention Sally had been getting. I buzzed her for the last time, not that she could know that yet. Once free, and with her collar back on, she curled up in my lap.

“Thank you my Master. That was wonderful. I hope you got everything done.”

“Enjoyed it did you?”

“Oh yes! Tell you what. Tomorrow I’m taking you out for lunch in the country, up in the mountains. There’s a fabulous little restaurant I know with divine food and a view to die for.”

A view to die for? Yeah, right! Little did I know.

Sally drove me in her little Mazda. She wore her new cream silk scarf covering her hair. She also tied one of the black silks over her face, biker-style. Big sunglasses as well.

“It’s not as bad as riding a bike, but I don’t like swallowing bugs.” Was her explanation.

“You should wear a cap.” She’d said. “Remember, this is an open-top sports car.”

She was right and I was grateful for her advice.

She scared the living shit out of me. “You big car guys don’t know how to handle a proper roadster.” She explained. Yes we went up into the mountains a couple of hours’ drive out of the city and  yes we had lunch at a little restaurant with a magnificent view from the deck.

“I know this road and I know my car so just sit back and enjoy.”

Sit back I did, by necessity. The four point, racing-style, seat-belt meant I was firmly fixed to the seat. Enjoy, I did not. I was terrified. It wasn’t so much that Sally drove fast; she was quick but not inordinately so. It was that she didn’t slow down for corners. And there were lots of them, tight ones, winding through the mountains. And there were sheer drops right next to the corners, with flimsy barriers that wouldn’t stop us if we hit them.

When we got to the restaurant I could hardly stand, my legs were shaking so much. I had to admit she did know how to drive her car. But some of those corners, when she changed down, gunned the engine and hung the back-end out, almost gave me a heart-attack.

“You poor thing.” Sally said with mock sympathy. “Was that a bit much? Tell you what, I’ll make it easier for you on the way down.”

I was suitably grateful and managed to calm down as we admired the view and shared a delicious Lasagne.

When we got back to the car, Sally fussed around me, making sure my seat-belt was properly fastened. A bit distracted, I didn’t notice that she slipped a pair of handcuffs through the belt until I found my hands locked to my waist. Then she used her black silk scarf to blindfold me.

“There you are. Now you can’t watch so I can go really fast.”

Whether she went any faster or not I had no way of knowing. I sat in darkness, helplessly feeling my body thrown against the belts, hearing the roar of the engine and the squeal of the tyres with the occasional “Oh, that was a bit close.” from Sally. I thought I was going to die. No! I knew I was going to die.

A miracle occurred. I didn’t see it happen, but it must have because we got out of the mountains in one piece.

Sally drove us into the garage at home, heaved me out of the car and walked me straight into the bedroom. She dropped my pants and then pushed me, still cuffed and blindfolded, onto the bed. I had a huge erection which she dropped onto.

“I always love a good fuck after a drive like that. The adrenalin does wonders for my libido.”

Mine too, I discovered.

* * *

Chapter 14

I am ecstatic as I race my little car back to our house. My Johnny has truely set me free. Free to be, like the saying goes. And I know just how to thank him and I really am going to fuck his brains out 'cause I've been taught how to do that.

Not something I talk about. Was the worst time of my life. Went off the rails a bit after I finished my Masters. Ended up with an old woman from a long line of courtesans to the Emperor’s Palace in China. Hated her, but she taught me. Muscle groups and massage techniques and skin sensitisation and my own muscle development. Made me carry a wooden dildo sticking half out of my cunt and hold it there for the whole day and she'd whip me if I dropped it. Kegel had nothing on this lady!

So when Johnny gets home I'm waiting for him, good little slave on her knees. And I ask him to take my collar off 'cause a collared slave can't do what I'm gonna do to my man. And he does and then I take charge. In a session like this, the mental space is as important as the physical, got to set the tone and get him off balance. So I start with a reminder of how he first kidnapped me, with the same rope, same tie, same scarf blindfold so he thinks he knows where we're going.

Then I go into full-on Dominatrix mode, and I let him see me in my kit with a crop and everything. Doesn't have to be for long, just to change the rules, make him uncertain, doesn't know what's coming next. Now I go heavy, safe-words and all, serious hood, strong suspension cuffs, make him a bit scared.

Now I can go courtesan. Full body massage. Every muscle totally relaxed, every milimetre of skin sensitised. Then I bring all of that to a focus in his cock and finally I fuck him like he's never been fucked before. Bloody hard work and it takes a long time but it's worth it, he's worth it for what he's done for me. And I know I've got it just right 'cause he's sweating like a high fever and the bed is soaked and when he's spent he just falls asleep. And I untie him and then I have a little nap too 'cause I'm exhausted. And then I clean him up and he wakes and I know he'll remember that for the rest of his life. My thank you to my man!

Now we can do the domestic bliss thing and I'm loving it. Most days I'm naked, just wearing my collar and I call him Master and I play at being his slave and we both know it's a game and he lets me 'cause he knows I want to. And sometimes we just talk and sometimes we play 'cause I'm serious about using every piece of kit we've got, 'though most of it is his.

And because he's Johnny and he knows me so well and he knows I can go overboard, he sets rules for how we play. But also I can influence those rules to get what I want. Like who's dom and who's sub when we play. Being Johnny and wanting everything 'fair' he wants it fifty-fifty, random on the throw of a die. But I don't want fifty-fifty! So I push a bit and we end with two dice and the odds stacked so I'm sub about seventy-thirty. And I want to go all day and all night but he won't let that. Must finish in time for me to cook. Makes sense. We don't want him cooking! And the dom gets to control the sex and that also suits me 'cause the sub gets the really good orgasms. And my Master loves making me cum and I love it when he does and I get lots of other chances to make him cum. Like in the mornings and when we go to bed.

So now I can say I know our house blindfolded. When Johnny decides he's ready to sleep he lets me know so I can wee and brush my teeth and then I bring him my sleeping cuffs and blindfold and he locks them on me for the night and leaves the keys, with my collar, where-ever he is. And I have to shuffle my way to bed without my eyes or my hands and then I wait for him and being bound and blindfolded makes me so hot no matter how many times I've cum that day. I'm such a slut, and I love it!

And 'cause I'm bound with my ankles hobbled we can't just do the regular missionary. We have to experiment, be inventive, try new ways. Can't be routine. But always I want him inside me. No blow-jobs at bed time. So I work out how I can mount him, with him lying on his back, 'cause I know much seeing me on him like that turns him on. When I do that he can't last too long, which is fine 'cause it's hard work for me, but it's worth it to feel him cum like that.

And other times he spoons me on my side and him behind and I can tickle him with my hands back there. But he can reach my clit and press it against his cock and I cum and cum and he makes me cum some more. And I always sleep well after that!

And in the morning I always have to remember where he left the keys and collar 'cause I have to fetch them so he can put my collar on and take my ‘Jammies’ off. That's what I call my cuffs and blindfold 'cause that's all I sleep in and it's nice that he also sleeps naked 'cause I like to feel skin on skin when I snuggle my man, my Master.

Some mornings I wake my Johnny with a blow, kissing him all over his bod and then sucking him dry. And then he goes down on me and he's so good with his tongue on my clit and his hands on my nips and he knows just how to punch my buttons!

Other mornings I let him wake up first and then he sends me off to get the keys and then we can make love missionary. And don't knock missionary 'cause you can really kiss and look in each other's eyes and I can run my hands through his hair and tickle his armpits and rub his back and sides. And I love the feel of his bod on me, holding me, crushing me. Nice!

And one day my Master tells me to get dressed ‘cause the movers are bringing my stuff from the flat and I’m so naughty with them! It’s such fun! I’m wearing my collar and I call Johnny ‘Master’ every chance I get and I’m wearing a tight blouse so they can see I don’t have a bra and their eyes pop out and they don’t know how to handle it. But they are really careful and nothing gets broken. They put all the gym kit in the spare bedroom and I supervise that ‘cause I want it set up just so and finally I’m satisfied.

And now I must decorate our house properly. My pieces make a start, we’ve kept most of Johnny’s furniture, just brought bit of mine and most of my paintings and ornaments and, when it’s all positioned like I imagined it I can really see what else we need to finish it off right. So the next day we go shopping. I take charge ‘cause I know what I want and Johnny lets me. And he’s so good, doesn’t get bored or try to interfere. I pay for it ‘cause I want to contribute to setting up our house.

We also go to fetch my ‘Kajira’ pendant from George. And he’s done it just right and it looks beautiful so I give him a hug and a kiss and the poor guy gets all embarrassed. And Johnny asks if I want to wear it now but I say ‘No’ cause I’ve too much to do and I don’t want to get distracted. Have to get our home just right. For Johnny and Sally, Master and slave. For us.

And the next morning I wake up early, early ‘cause I’m excited and scared and apprehensive ‘cause this will be a big day for me. Today I will fully be a collared slave, ‘cause it’s my decision, what I want. My gift to my Master. By now I can judge the time pretty well by the sounds of the cars and the birds and such and, when it’s right, I wake my Johnny, my lover, my Master kissing all over his bod and being as sexy and sensual as I can. And I give him the best blow I can without my hands and, when he tongues me I’m so turned on that I have three huge orgasms that nearly blow my mind. But I won’t let them distract me.

And, when I fetch my collar, I ask my Master to put my new ‘K’ pendant on my collar. And he does. So I go and look at it in the mirror and it’s beautiful on my neck; everything I imagined. So now i’m really His slave and i sink into it and it’s so easy. He is my Master and i am His slave and nothing else matters. So after breakfast i bring the dice and i kneel in front of Him with my head down and my arms extended. And He takes and throws them on the coffee table. And i look out the corner of my eye. Fuck! Shit, shit, shit! Double Five; Ten. That means He’s supposed to be the sub today. But it’s my day! i’m the slave, i’m the sub. So i reach out with one finger and turn one of the die, just a quarter turn, so that the One shows up. Now it shows Six. i’m the sub.

And very respectfully the slave requests of her Master that He will tie her very tight today. And He agrees! And my heart jumps for joy and love for my Master. So He tells me to fetch the stuff He wants, a hood and all the rope in the toy box. So i race off to wee ‘cause i know it’s going to be a long day and i grab the kit and run back to the lounge to give to my Master. And He takes the hood and tells me where to put the rope.

He puts the hood on me and it’s a bit loose ‘cause it’s really built for him but it’s a serious sensory deprivation hood with just breathing holes. Built in gag, pads over eyes and ears. The works. Then He winds something, rope i guess, round and round my heads making it so tight. And He ropes my bod, tight with little knots on all the pressure points. Well, He misses a couple i know about, must show Him sometime but there’s even a knot right on my clit. Then He ropes my legs, heels to bum, ties my big toes together. Last He does my arms, elbows together, very strenuous, rope wound from elbow to wrist. Palms together, even fingers tied. i am a slave in a tight net woven by her Master, the ropes and knots holding me so i can’t move. And i love it!

And the pressure builds up from the knots and from the ropes. And the fire centres on the knots and shoots down the path of the ropes to the knot on my clit and bounces out again and multiplies and i can feel every strand of rope and it builds and builds and i accept the torment, i love the torment because it’s my Master’s gift to me, shows He’s accepted my gift to Him.

And then He moves me on my side and i feel His thumb under the knot right on my clit and His fingers on my nips and i know He wants me to cum for Him and the fire from the ropes and the knots mixes with the pleasure from my clit and i explode but the explosion is held by the net of rope, it can’t get out so it concentrates back on my clit and it melts me and purifies me it’s just indescribable what it all does to me.

And then He gives me a break. He doesn’t take the hood off but He unties everything else so i can stretch my limbs. But He doesn’t leave me unbound; while i stretch my arms, my legs are bound, and when i stretch my legs, my arms are bound. So i’m His bound collared slave and i’m so happy for that. And then He ties me again and i think ‘My Master. What are you doing?’ ‘cause it’s a comfortable tie with my arms folded behind my back and my legs in a half-lotus and i could stay like this for hours.

But my Master knows what He’s doing with His slave ‘cause he puts a vibrator in my cunt and it’s buzzing away on low and it’s tickling me and arousing me but not enough for me to cum and that’s okay. At first. And it goes on and on and on and now it’s driving me wild with frustration. And i can’t pull it in and i can’t push it out. If i lean forward it slips in a bit but i can’t hold it ‘cause I’m so wet and slippery and if i lean back it slips out a bit, but not all the way ‘cause it’s held by something. And i realise that the frustration is my Master’s gift to me and i must learn to accept the frustration. And i do. i accept the frustration and i love the frustration ‘cause it’s my Master’s gift. It’s what He wants me to have. But that’s a hard lesson. Very hard!

And then my Master takes the vibrator away and i don’t like that ‘cause i love the vibrator and i love what it’s doing to me even though it’s driving me a bit crazy. And then He unties my legs and takes off the hood and before He unties my arms He says ‘Posture’ and i kneel up like a slut and he unties my arms and i force my hands down behind my back like my Master wants and He tells me i must not touch myself and i can go and get a drink and wee. And i can’t do it, i can’t not touch myself. My cunt so needs my hands and my hands so need to go to my cunt and i ask my Master, i beg my Master and He understands and He ties my hands so they can’t go to my cunt and i am so grateful ‘cause i don’t want to disobey.

And then He gets my scarf and He blindfolds me and folds it so that the tail covers my face and the blindfold and the feel of the silk on my skin and my face covered like that makes my need grow even more.

And then He unties my hands and tells me to cum for Him. But i’ve never masturbated in front of anyone else before and i just don’t care. i just fall on my back and my hand goes in my cunt and the other one mashes my tits and i cum So Nicely and So Quickly! And then He tells me He wants three from me; i must cum two more times and the second one is there, i can feel it and i find it and i bring it out and i cum nicely again but that’s all. i know i’m done; there’s no more. But He wants me to cum again but i can never cum more than twice unless my lover, my Johnny, my Master is driving me forward. So i’m going to have to fake it and i hate the thought ‘cause that’ll be lying and i can’t lie to my Master. And i don’t know what to do.

And He says ‘No faking!’ He knows me so well. And then He tells me to just think what the sight of me masturbating with a blindfold is doing to Him and what He’s going to do to me later and that thought is the key. Now i can find the next orgasm, now i can see it, now i can cum for my Master. And i do cum and it’s a lovely hot screaming orgasm and i love my Master ‘cause that’s the first self-induced third orgasm i’ve ever had and He gave it to me.

So then next day it's my turn to throw the dice and I throw Nine, which is nice 'cause it means that Johnny will be sub for today's play session. Earlier, after he untied me I saw that he'd changed my 'Kajira' pendant for the normal 'Slave' one. He told me that he didn't want me in full-on slave mode and I know what he means. But yesterday was so special for me, so important for me to be able to totally subjugate myself to him, to have no consideration except to please him. When I make myself, and everything I am, my gift to him.

But I know he's not completely comfortable with that so we'll keep it for special times, when I want to show him how much I love him. But today I'm going to do that in a different way, today I'm going to give him more orgasms than he thinks he can do. He's already had one when we made love after he took my 'Jammies' off, but that doesn't count 'cause that was making love, sharing and caring, like they say. Today I'm going to empty his balls completely and that's going to be my thanks for yesterday, my gift to him.

I dress in my Dominatrix kit, partly for him and partly for me. How you dress is how you feel and I don't want any hang-over of my Kajira mode from yesterday so it's 'Power Dressing' with a capital 'P'. And then I gag and hood him 'cause I know the senso-depro is a turn-on for him just like it is for me, a giving up of control. Now I put his strait-jacket on him, haven't used it yet, been saving it for special. It's gonna make it a bit harder for me 'cause half his bod is covered but I know plenty other places and ways to stimulate him. Don't use the crotch-strap though, need to be able to get to all those delicious nerve-endings and he won't be able to get out anyway.

So the first two are easy. I show him what I can do with my cunt muscles and I make him cum without moving at all. Just pulsing and gripping and loving him as I sit on his cock. I still keep up the exercises that old Chinese woman taught and they come in very handy, if you know what I mean. And the second one I lie him back and fix his feet and then I clean him up with my mouth.

By now I know my Johnny so well that I know just where to lick and just when to suck and it takes a while. But that's okay 'cause I'm not in a hurry, I've got all day and I want to do it right. It's his day, my gift to him. And anyway, I love his cock. Wish I had one but I don't so I really enjoy his, and after a while he starts getting hard again and I suck his balls and lick his shaft and go up and down on him and gently, gently bring him on until he spurts in my mouth and I swallow it all and then lick him clean again.

So now it's lunch time and I give my Johnny some time to recover before I work on him again. And again I use my training and I force two more orgasms from my lover even though he thinks he's got nothing left. They're hard work but anything I can do for my Johnny is worth it.

And then I let him sleep, still all tied up in the gag and hood and strait-jacket and I do the house-work. So happy that I can care for my man that I'm singing and dancing as I clean house. Normally we do it together 'cause my Johnny insists that we are equals in everything including the chores, and it's so nice doing things with him. But today I let him sleep while I work. And even if he wasn't sleeping he couldn't argue 'cause I'm the dom today and I've got him helplessly tied up. Yummy!

And now we're beginning to settle into a more 'normal' routine. Not playing and fucking all the time and we go out a bit and take a movie and I love the reaction I get when people see my collar. And my Master has begun shortening the chain on my wrist cuffs. But when I say I'm ready for them to be locked together he just gives me a look and says 'No, not yet.' And I know there's nothing I can do about it but I'm thinking 'Come on, hurry up!' But he doesn't.

And then, one morning he gets a call from one of the big noises from work. Guy's okay, I guess. Never tried anything with me unlike some of the others. Anyway there's been a fuck up at one of the sites Johnny has worked on and please will he clean it up. And being Johnny he, of course, says 'Yes'. I suppose I shouldn't be so disappointed 'cause, truth be told, so would I. The client comes first but it sounds like I won't be cumming at all. And then it hits me, this will be the perfect opportunity to wear my Ferrari and I've been wanting to wear that again ever since Johnny first put it on me.

So I make my Johnny promise that he'll leave it on me until he is finished the job, encouragement to get it done quickly. And he agrees. And he takes my collar off 'cause the Ferrari is too tight to wear with the collar and he puts ear-buds playing 'white-noise' in my ears so I won't be able to hear a thing. And he buckles and locks everything and fixes my arms behind my back and I am in heaven, bondage heaven! And then my Johnny goes further and he fixes me with a crotch-rope but before he ties it tight he slips a little dildo in my cunt and the crotch-rope stops it coming out.

Then he slaps me on the bum like I'm a horse and I'm alone. And I've never worn a crotch-rope before and it's quite interesting 'cause the ropes go each side of my clit and kind of grip it there which gives a nice feeling when I move 'cause the ropes slide a bit but it's nowhere near enough to get me off.  And I'm remembering a story I once read about a community of people like Helen Keller who were all blind and deaf and how they communicated by touch and the last line was 'We live in the quiet and dark.' And that's how I am now, in the quiet and dark.

So I decide to explore the house. I mean, I know the house 'cause I live here and I have to navigate my way around blindfolded every day but this is different 'cause Johnny hasn't hobbled my legs so I can move freely and I've got time 'cause nothing else to do. Which is kind of fun trying to concentrate 'cause I'm so turned on and the crotch-rope nibbling at my clit isn't helping either. And I'm working through the gym in the spare bedroom when the little dildo in my cunt starts buzzing and I realise it's a remote controlled bullet vibrator and Johnny is buzzing me. Then I figure out Johnny is using Morse to say 'O' and I guess he wants me in the office and I'm about as far away from him as I can be in the house. And that bloody little bullet isn't helping either!

So eventually, I get to him and Johnny takes the vibe out and he fucks me and it's So Nice and I cum and he cums so I cum again and then he cleans me up, puts everything back together and slaps me on the bum. And he goes back to work and I am alone again. So I carry on exploring until he buzzes me again. And this time he reckons I know what he wants 'cause he only buzzes 'O' once. And I get even more excited 'cause I think he's going to fuck me again but he puts me on my knees and clips my ankles together and I think 'Oh oh.' And I'm right, 'cause he puts the nip and clit set on me.

And my one tit's on fire and I know what's coming but the fire goes straight to my cunt and makes me so wet and the fear and the anticipation and the pain is all driving me higher and then my other nip gets clamped and everything roars up another level and I'm waiting and waiting and I can't get away 'cause I can't move and then my clit's on fire and I explode. And I'm shaking and shuddering as the fire and the pain and the pleasure and the joy all burn through me and I can feel that he's holding me and that's so nice to feel human contact in the midst of my volcano.

And then I come down again and I'm alone on my knees, unable to move, unable to see, unable to hear. Just me and my three points of fire. And then he takes the clamps off again. And the fire roars up and I cum again. When I settle down he frees my legs, helps me to stand and slaps me on the bum.

And now I'm exhausted so I stagger off to the lounge and I curl up on the couch and I fall asleep.

So this is how I spend my day with my Ferrari. I live in the quiet and dark, and it is quiet 'cause my mind filters out the white-noise from the ear-buds and I hear nothing. And it's like a warm cocoon in my little world; I have no responsibilities 'cause I can do nothing And my Master summons me from time to time, but time has no meaning in here. And when he calls me I never know what he will do. Sometimes it's the snarling, burning fire of the clamps and sometimes it's sweet warm caring fire of his tongue or his cock. And each time I'm so excited and exhilarated and alive and in between it's quiet and dark and I'm content.

And then my Master buzzes me again and this time he doesn't make me cum, he brings me out of my quiet and dark and takes me out of my Ferrari and I'm sad that my day is over but I'm also tired and hungry and thirsty and he puts on my collar and I curl up in his lap and I hug him and kiss him and thank him for a wonderful, wonderful day.

And I'm trying to think what I can do for him 'cause I'm so competitive and when he does something for me I've got to do something for him and then I get it. I know he fancies my little Mazda - guy thing, guys love roadsters - so I'll take him for a drive. Won't let him drive, big car guys don't know how to drive a sports car properly. Me? My dad used to race and he taught me to drive, was his 'favourite son'. Quite funny since I only had sisters. Know I'll give Johnny a ride to remember. So I tell him I'll take him for lunch in the mountains, know a lovely little restaurant. It's a drive I've done often, one of my favourite rides.

And he says yes so I prepare like I would for any of my drives with a head scarf and over my face and tell him to wear a cap 'cause the Sun will be hot and he wants to drive but I say 'No, my car, my drive.' And he says okay and gets in. Never seen a racing seat with proper safety straps before so it takes some adjustment to get him comfortable and strapped in. So away we go and I can see this is a new experience for Johnny; for one thing, he's used to having his arse high on the air in his big tank, not sitting at ground level where everything looks very different and you can feel the speed.

Not that I go fast, stick to the speed limit. Mostly. Push it a bit overtaking trucks and other tanks. And Johnny doesn't know how much acceleration I've got, so he gets a few scares but I know it's quite safe. And then we get into the mountains and I can open up a bit, still don't push the limits too much, just hang the back-end out a bit to get decent bite through the corners. And I can see Johnny is shitting himself. I know I'm well within the car's limits and, more importantly, mine. And I'm even taking into account the extra weight from Johnny's big bod so I'm not nearly going as quick as I would alone. And I'm having so much fun, some from the drive and some from watching Johnny.

And we get to the restaurant and Johnny can hardly stand 'cause his legs are so wobbly. So I tell him I'll make it easier for him going down, but I don't tell him how. I'm SO wicked. And we have a lovely lunch and we enjoy the views, which are spectacular, and Johnny starts to relax. And then it's time to head home, and I help my Johnny with his seat-belt and while he's distracted I slip a pair of handcuffs through the belt and lock his hands to his waist. There's a look of horror in his eyes before they disappear behind my black silk scarf as I blindfold him. So them I tell him that now he can't see I can really go fast and he gives a little squeak of terror and then we're off.

And I really ham it up, making the tyres squeal and revving the engine and making little comments about getting close to the edge and poor Johnny is sitting rigid with fear. But I don't take any chances, well not too many anyway. And when we get home, I've got a real buzz like I always get when I've been driving my little car hard so I haul my Johnny out of his seat and drag him into the bedroom. It's wonderful what a real adrenaline rush does. I'm as horny as hell and my Johnny has a huge erection and we fuck like bunnies.

And then play-time is over and we're back to work.



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