A Debt Paid in Steel

by James Strictland

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© Copyright 2008 - James Strictland - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; gag; oral; toys; cons; X

This story was originally an entry into the S(A)X Leather 2008 Bondage Stories Contest

Ever had an F.W.B. ? You know a friend with benefits? Well its quite a different kind of experience when she's a gambling bug.

Oh don't look at me that way, she's not an addict, and I am not encouraging her.

It's just Haley likes to wager on damned near anything. She always pays up, never bets too much, well at least until this one time.

Miss Haley and I had a few dollars down on a football game, Ipswich over Norwich. I'm an American but unlike most of my countrymen Football or Soccer as well call it here is my sport . Well for this match something in my gut told me to back the underdog. Lo and behold, Lee Croft came through for me 2-0.

Feeling pretty good about the whole matter I called Haley. “Hey Haley, looks like you owe me $200”

I was pretty surprised when she said, “Hey look I just had a serious car melt down. Can you wait a few weeks to get paid or is there something else we could do?” but I guess things are tight everywhere.

Going by the lascivious tone in her voice I knew what she had in mind. She figured it was win-win for her. I wasn't entirely opposed to the idea, like I said, with benefits but there was no way I was going to settle for a blow job or some sixty nine. I wanted to try some of my new Sax's Leather Stainless Steel Toys I had bought myself as an Early Christmas gift.

To be honest I didn't really think she'd say yes when I said, “Sure. I'll consider us even if I get to do whatever safe, sane and consensual things I want to do to you for 2 hours . Otherwise you can pay me back in a month or two.”

Haley simply said, “Saturday Night. 8 O'Clock. My Place. Be There.”

Saturday couldn't roll around fast enough for me. When I arrived Haley was waiting. Let me say this she didn't dress sexy. She didn't have too. She'd look good in sack.

I said, “Well what are you waiting for. Strip.

The clothes came off, my little man came up and we were ready to play.

Haley is blond and buxom with an endearing mix of her bartender's sleaze (she works in a sports bar) and sophistication. She has a killer body and a great mind and of course best of all, she was mine for the night

Once we headed for the bedroom I lay Haley down on her stomach legs spread a bit and started with the first toy. The Jeweled Butt Plug rubbing some handy Innuendo Anal Relaxant in I got her ready She gasped as I slowly slid the lubed plug home.

“Oh God! Jim. “ She moaned and writhed a bit theatrically for my benefit

“Hush.” It was a little awkward getting the Whitehead Gag in place but I managed OK. Then I kissed her. A gagged kiss is like nothing else in this world but when you have a mouth spread like that it makes exploration of a delicious mouth so easy.

I chuckled. I could see her starting to get very turned on. Rubbing my finger slowly around her inside I watched her clench deep inside. With another toy, The Flashlight or they call it in OZ, the Examination Torch. I could get a nice view I had originally grabbed it with my order just on a whim but it was coming in handy. She groaned again as I stroked her clit.

There was no way she was getting off that easy. I took another toy from my bag, the N'Joy Wand with it and my flashlight, err Examination Torch I slowly but surely brought her to the edge. Even gagged she was near screaming and to tell you the truth so was I. My cock was so hard I thought it might fall off.

Once I finished her torment and checked her real quick it was time for the piece de resistance, The Girl Dildo #2, 18cm, about 7 and a half inches of violet little helper. I picked that one mainly because it was to keep her company till my similar sized one could pay a visit. She squeaked a bit as it went in but as wet as the little mink was I need no lube.

We were both sweating by now so I allowed my tongue to explore her body lathing her till she moaned in her gag, “Finish me!”

I laughed. “Just a few more steps to go.”

The next toys would be Lockable wrist cuffs, Ankle cuffs and the inexpensive and delightful hogtie all neatly padlocked. I love one stop shopping

I was almost ready

With some effort I turned her around, Now facing me I brushed her lustrous blond hair, “You are so beautiful.” and she was. Maybe she was a tad big breasted but I wasn't complaining as I kissed her luscious tits. “Now I know you were figuring you'd get off with a blow job. Well go to work.”

It was more tongue than suck but I came hard.

As she started to spit I grinned, “Swallow!” She hated that and believe me if looks could wound I'd need a medic. As she swallowed I grinned, “One more accessory.”

I wasn't sure I was going to use it originally but what the hell. I'd never used a nose hook before but with some effort and some half remembered porn I got in in place with a bit of string.

I turned out the lights as I left the room, “Have fun. I am going to watch my shows.”

She squealed something rude.

Of course I couldn't leave her that long . Let me say between the stuff I'd already applied , a Wartenburg Pinwheel and what we did next there was a whole 'nother another story, thanks in part to Lee Croft, an FWB and Sax Leather.


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