Deb's New Costume

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; leather; catsuit; bond; gag; bfold; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

“Ellen? Please, you have to help me. It’s urgent.”

“Oh?” Ellen watched as her roommate threw herself into a chair. “What did you forget about this time?”

Deb sighed. Ellen had been her best friend since high school. Deb loved her, but she had what Deb considered to be one minor flaw. She knew Deb way too well sometimes.

“It’s a costume party. It starts in three hours, and I don’t have a thing to wear.”

Now it was Ellen’s turn to sigh. She loved Deb, always had. But sometimes, just sometimes, she thought Deb had the attention span of a teenager. Forgetful, easily distracted. It was a good thing her parents had left her wealthy. She would never have made it on the job market.

“Why,” she asked now, “didn’t you have a costume ready?”

Deb shrugged. “I guess it slipped my mind. Will you help me, please?”

Ellen sighed again. “What kind of costume were you thinking of.”

Smiling, Deb threw her arms around Ellen, hugging her tightly. “I knew you’d help me!” she exclaimed. “You’re the best!”

“Ellen returned the hug. “What kind of costume, hon?”

“Costume? Oh, yeah. It’s kind of a hero theme, and I thought of going as Leather Girl.”

Ellen’s eyebrow rose. “Leather Girl?” she asked, skeptically.

“Yeah. But I don’t know much about that kind of stuff, and I figure, since you do, you could help me put a costume together. I mean, you enjoy that kinky stuff, right?”

“Let me get this straight. You want to go to a party, dressed in leather, and you want me to provide the leather?”

“Of course not, silly. I’m going to buy the leather. I just want you to help me pick it out, make sure I get quality stuff.”

Ellen shrugged. “Okay,” she said, “what the heck. There’s a good shop not far from here. Let’s go see what we can get you into.”

It became immediately obvious that Deb had never been to this kind of leather shop. She wandered the aisles, exclaiming over each new item she saw. Ellen just shook her head in reply to the curious look on the face of Jean, the shop’s owner. Finally, Deb found something that made her cry out in glee.

“Ellen! I found it! Come look, it’s perfect!”

“Perfect” turned out to be a full body leather outfit, with openings for only eyes, mouth and nostrils. Ellen wasn’t sure it was the best choice, but one look at the way Deb’s eyes glowed as she stroked the supple leather told her the matter wasn’t open for debate.

“You’re sure this is the one you want?” she asked.

“Positive,” Deb gushed in reply. “It’s perfect. And look.” She stroked the outfit’s chest. “Double thickness over the chest and crotch.” She grinned. “So nothing shows through. Not sure about those rings on the cuffs, but I can live with those.”

“I don’t know,” Ellen said doubtfully. “We’ll have to see if Jean can get one your size in time.” She winced slightly as Deb clutched at her arm.

“Oh please!” Deb begged. “Please talk to her. If you can get her to find me one in time, I’ll do anything to pay you back.”


“Anything your heart desires.”

Still shaking her head, Ellen went to talk to Jean, who soon motioned Deb to join them at the back of the shop.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to strip down,” she said, brandishing a cloth tape measure. “We’ll have to measure you to make sure we get a good fit.”

Eagerly, Deb stripped off, then waited impatiently as Jean measured her more thoroughly than anyone ever had. Once she had all the numbers she needed, Jean retreated with Ellen. The two huddled together for a bit, then Ellen turned toward Deb with a smile.

“It looks like she has one in stock,” she said. “It might be just a bit tight, but it should work.” Deb clapped her hands in glee.

“I’ll take it,” she said, reaching for her credit card.

Carefully settling her new purchase in the back seat of her car, Deb looked up to see Ellen carrying a medium sized box. “What’s that,” she asked.

Ellen shrugged. “Oh,” she said dismissively, “just something I’d been meaning to pick up. Figured I might as well, since we’re here. Now, let’s get home and get you dressed.”

The outfit wasn’t just tight, it was skin tight. Once everything was fastened, the supple leather hugged every curve of Deb’s very curvy body. “Oh my,” she whispered, her hands stroking the softness that now covered her entire body.

“See why I said no underwear?” Ellen asked, cutting into the box she’d brought from the shop. Deb nodded.

“Definite panty line hell,” she said. “Still, it does feel strange. I mean, I know nobody’s going to see anything they shouldn’t, but I’ve never gone without at least panties before. It feels odd.”

“You’ll get used to it, hon,” Ellen told her reaching into the box. When her hand emerged, it held what looked to Deb like a short dildo mounted on a curved leather plate. She opened her mouth to ask what it was, only to have it filled as Ellen reached up and shoved the dildo past her parted lips. Startled, she reached up to pull it out, but the panel wouldn’t budge. Somehow, Ellen had fastened it to the hood of her costume.

“Take it out!” she cried, but all that emerged from her mouth was a series of garbled noises. She pulled at the panel until, with a frown, Ellen reached up and pulled her hands away.

“Take it easy, hon,” she said soothingly, gently drawing Deb’s hands behind her. A small padlock from the box soon connected the rings mounted at the sleeve cuffs, securing Deb’s arms behind her. “You bought the outfit,” Ellen continued. “I thought it only fair that I buy the accessories.”

Taking Deb by the arm, Ellen turned her friend to face the full length mirror mounted on the wall. Puzzled, Deb watched as her friend’s hands reached for her chest, then she gasped as those “double thick panels” came away, allowing her large breasts to jut proudly from the openings created. Actually, her breasts were just a bit bigger around than the holes, but a little judicious tugging on her nipples by Ellen soon saw them fully emerged from behind the leather, each breast bulging slightly from the slight squeeze at their base.

“Much better,” Ellen murmured. Standing beside Deb, she rested one hand on the leather over her pussy, the other at her ass. Those panels, too, came away, leaving her completely exposed. Deb struggled to ask what was going on, but even she couldn’t understand the mangled sounds coming from her filled mouth. Ellen, however, seemed to understand.

“You did say,” she explained, reaching once more into the box, “that you’d do anything my heart desires.” Reaching into the box, she removed what looked like a larger version of the mounted dildo that now filled Deb’s mouth. Reaching down, she softly stroked Deb’s pussy. “Looks like at least part of you likes this,” she said with a smile, then placed the tip of the dildo against Deb’s lips and slowly slid it home.

“Anything my heart desires,” she said again. “Well, dear, what my heart desires is you. Always has And now I have you.” Suddenly preoccupied with trying to uncurl her toes as the dildo slid home, Deb had no reply.

“I hope you don’t mind too much,” Ellen said, taking what looked to Deb like a miniature Christmas tree of black rubber from the box. This, too, was mounted on a slightly curved base. Ellen spread some kind of gel on the tree, then moved toward Deb again. “You see, hon, you know I’ve always loved you, but you never realized how much, or in what way. I’ve always taken care of you like you were mine, kept you safe and protected. Now, with this beautiful outfit you’ve chosen, you can be mine in all ways.” Gently, she placed the tip of the tree against Deb’s anus, then slowly eased it into her. Deb’s rosebud resisted, spreading slowly as the intruder pushed into her, then clamping down around the narrow base. Again, Deb had no reply, this time working hard to get her eyes uncrossed.

“I want you to be mine,” Ellen said softly, reaching up and zipping closed the eye holes in the hood, plunging Deb into darkness. “I want you to belong to me, so I can love you the way I’ve always wanted to.” Unseen by Deb, she now took a pair of controls from the box, thumbing both to life.

So far, Deb had been too stunned by what was happening to even think of resisting. Now, even as the thought was forming, both lower intruders began vibrating slowly, scattering that thought to the winds. Nothing, it seemed, had ever felt as good as those twin vibrations within her blind, helpless body. Standing quietly, she began to moan as both devices slowly increased their vibrations.

Suddenly, she felt lips at one nipple, fingers at the other. Together with the vibrations within her, the attentions to her nipples slowly raised her to, then over, the top. Like nothing she’d ever felt, her orgasm crashed through her, its force driving her to her knees, where she knelt, panting through her nose from the sensations.

Now she felt the eye zippers drawn back, and light flooded once more into her eyes. Blinking, she watched as Ellen reached toward her face, removing the intruder that had filled her mouth.

“I’m sorry,” Ellen said, her eyes moist. “I know you’re going to hate me for this, but I couldn’t help myself. When you chose this outfit, I figured it would be my only chance to show you what a good Mistress I could be to you. I do love you, Deb, with all my heart, and I want nothing more than to keep you safe and happy. Please don’t be too mad at me.”

Deb looked up at Ellen, seeing the very real fear that filled her friend’s eyes. Gazing up, she thought back through the years, to all the times Ellen had been there for her. All the times her strength had kept Deb going. All the times she’d saved her from one misadventure after another. All the times she, Deb, had wondered how she could ever hope to get by without Ellen beside her.

Taking Deb’s silence for anger, Ellen’s eyes drooped. Slowly, she reached down toward the lock holding Deb’s hands behind her.

“I’m sorry,” she said again, “and I don’t expect you to forgive me. I’ll let you out now, and you can find another costume for the party.”

Deb’s upper body twitched slightly, randomly drawing her wrists from the path of Ellen’s hands. “What party, Mistress?” she asked softly. Stunned, Ellen stared at the leather-clad woman kneeling before her. Then, seeing the look in those eyes, she smiled, a smile her new slave happily returned.


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