Debra's Awakening

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2009 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; D/s; tease; touch; oral; climax; cons; X

“You want me to what?”

For a moment, her boss simply looked at her. As the youngest and least experienced person on the staff, Debra Gray had been agitating for a real assignment. Now that she had one, she balked. The man sighed.

“Is there a problem with this job?” he asked.

Debra frowned. “Let me see if I have this right. You want me to interview some asshole who enjoys dominating women, for a story about alternative lifestyles in the city?”

Her boss nodded. “That’s the idea, yes.”

“But you know how I feel about women being mistreated.” Tense with anger, Debra glared at her boss. “How could you possibly send me to interview someone who embodies everything I hate?”

“Debra, it won’t be that bad.”

“And if I refuse?”

Her boss sighed again. “Then I’m afraid you’ll find yourself unemployed, with a large black mark on your work record.”

“You’re serious?” Debra was stunned.

“Very. Now go. Do the interview, or clean out your things. The choice is yours.”

Fuming, Debra stomped up the steps of a rather modest looking house not far outside town. Ringing the bell, she stepped back and waited. A moment later, the door was opened by a rather handsome man in black.

“Can I help you?” he asked in a soft voice.

“I’m looking for someone who calls himself Master Dark,” Debra replied.

“That would be me,” the man replied. “What can I do for you?”

“My name is Debra Gray. I’m here to conduct an interview that I believe my paper arranged with you.”

Smiling, the man stepped back and gestured for her to enter. “Ah, yes, the interview. I’d almost forgotten. Please, come in.”

Slipping past him, Debra found herself in a comfortable living room. Debra settled onto a couch, watching as the man sank into a chair opposite her.

“You don’t like me,” he said.

“It’s what you represent that I don’t like,” Debra replied, not bothering to disguise the contempt in her voice.

“And what do I represent?”

“The debasement and mistreatment of women.”

The man smiled, and Debra could feel her anger growing. “Ah, a feminist,” he said.

“An independent woman!” she snapped. “Someone who doesn’t like men treating women as playthings!”

The smile remained. “May I call you Debra?”

The simple courtesy of the question startled Debra. “Um, yes, I suppose. Do you have a real name?”

“Please call me Brad. Though I do ask that your paper refer to me only as Master Dark.”

“Hiding your true identity?” Debra asked scornfully.

“Those who have a need to know me, already do,” he replied. “Otherwise, I prefer to use, shall we say, my character name.”

“Whatever. Shall we begin?”

“By all means. What do you know about BDSM?”

Again, the question startled her. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“It has everything to do with everything. It would be difficult to conduct an interview on a subject you know nothing about.”

“I know enough.”

The man sighed. “Very well. Ask your questions.”

Debra poised pen above pad. “First off, what do you get out of this?”

The man smiled. “Many things. Companionship, most of all.”

“And the women? What do they get?”

“That depends on their needs. A woman who comes to me may find comfort, support, encouragement, a chance to experience a part of themselves that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.”

Debra was confused. “Wait a minute. You tie women up, abuse them, treat them as something less than human, and you think they find comfort and encouragement in this?”

The man frowned. “First off, there is no abuse. No woman who enters this house is physically harmed in any way. Nor are they treated as anything less than human. Remember, these women come to me. They come of their own free will, to experience the things I offer.”

“What things?”

“I’m afraid you wouldn’t understand. Your mind is already made up.”

Debra scowled. “So, help me understand.”

“There isn’t time. I have a client arriving shortly.”

“Then let me watch,” Debra urged. “Show me these good things you say are part of this.”

He looked at her thoughtfully. “That is a very good idea,” he said. “But my client must also agree.”

“You’re the Master,” Debra replied with a hint of scorn in her voice. “Order her to agree.”

“I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way. But I will ask her when she arrives.”

After about a half hour of uncomfortable silence, the doorbell rang. The man rose and left the room, returning with a stunning woman in tow. For a moment, Debra simply stared. By the time she’d collected her wits, the woman was seated on the couch beside her, a puzzled look on her face.

“Master, am I early?” she asked nervously.

“No, hon, you’re right on time as always. This is Debra. She’s doing an interview for her paper, and has asked to observe our session today. Would you mind?”

“No, Master, I don’t mind.” Smiling, the woman extended her hand. “Hello Debra, I’m Susan.”

“Um, hello.” Briefly, Debra took the offered hand, then released it.

“Very good. Now, Susan, go prepare yourself.”

“Yes, Master.” Still smiling, Susan rose and left the room.

“Susan is a department head in a company near here,” the man explained. “She comes here twice a month to relax.”

“To relax?” Debra’s doubt about that statement sounded clearly in her voice.

“You’ll see. Shall we join her?”

Rising, Debra followed him through a door. Instead of the dark and menacing dungeon she’d expected, she found herself in a comfortably appointed bedroom. Her eyes immediately fastened on Susan, standing naked beside the bed, a serene look on her face.

Master Dark (somehow, now that he was working, it seemed wrong to think of him otherwise) gestured, and Susan stretched herself out on the bed. Master Dark attached cuffs to her wrists and ankles, carefully adjusting the buckles. Ropes were attached to each cuff, and he carefully fastened each rope to a corner of the bed, explaining as he went.

“The important thing here is to restrain her without undue pain or discomfort. This means the ropes have to be adjusted exactly to stretch her without straining her.”

Debra nodded quietly. When Master Dark stepped away, Susan tested her bonds, then smiled and nodded. Master Dark, picked up a gag, then looked toward Debra.

“Any questions you’d like to ask her at this point?”

Debra nodded, then turned toward Susan. “You enjoy this?”

“Oh, absolutely,” the bound woman replied with a smile.

“But why?

Susan frowned in thought. “At work, I’m in charge of a lot of people. No matter what, I have to always be strong, always right, no matter what I feel or think.” She tugged at her bonds. “Here, like this, I’m not in charge of anything. I don’t have to be anything but me.”

“But you’re helpless. He can do anything he wants to you, and you can’t do anything to protect yourself.”

Susan smiled again. “Yes,” she replied. “I’m helpless. I can’t do anything, so nothing can be expected of me. As to Master, he takes his responsibilities very seriously. I know I’m safe.”


Master Dark answered. “When I place Susan in bondage, I accept responsibility for her well being. It’s up to me to see to her health and safety, since she obviously can’t do so herself.”

“I see,” Debra said softly, watching as Master Dark gently buckled the gag into place over Susan’s mouth. “What happens next?”

“This is actually a special session. Susan pleased me very much her last time here, so this is her reward.” At his words, Susan smiled and wiggled in her bonds. “Please, have a seat.”

Debra sank into a chair by the bed and watched as Master Dark began to caress Susan’s helpless body. His hands stroked every inch of her, gradually centering on her breasts and crotch. Under his touch, Susan began to moan softly.

“Part of the pleasure,” Master Dark explained, “is the helplessness. I control what she feels, and she can do nothing to stop me. She also,” he added with a smile, “can do nothing to hurry me. By the time we’re finished, she will experience pleasure more intense than you would understand.

“You see,” he continued, never stopping his soft ministrations on the softly moaning woman, “the helplessness intensifies the sensation. She can do nothing, so she is free to release what’s inside. She is free to feel, to experience, and too respond.”

Debra nodded, her eyes never leaving the slowly writhing form before her. Never had she seen anything more erotic than this woman, helpless by her own choice, receiving pleasure from gentle hands. Unconsciously, she shifted in her chair, the movement bringing a smile from Master Dark.

“Would you like to examine her?” he asked.

Wordlessly, Debra rose and stood beside the bed. For long moments, she gazed silently at the bound form before her, then swallowed nervously.

“Do you mind?” she asked nervously, holding her hand just above one of Susan’s breasts. In response, Susan arched her back, causing her breast to nestle within the curve of Debra’s hand. Encouraged, Debra began running her hands over Susan’s body. Susan’s eyes closed, and she moaned softly at the touch.

Slowly, as if hypnotized, Debra continued stroking Susan’s body, barely noticing when Master Dark stepped behind her and began removing her clothes. Naked, she stretched out beside the bound woman, her hands never ceasing their gentle exploration.

“Is she… she always like this?” she asked softly.

“Actually, no,” was the reply. “Most of the time during her weekends here, she’s only in light bondage, more symbolic than restrictive.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Submission, true submission is a gift. A very precious gift. It’s as much mental and emotional as physical. Susan gives herself over to me completely. Her will, her strength, become focused on one thing only; serving me. It’s not easy to be worthy of that kind of service, but I do the best I can. It’s rather hard to explain to someone who’s never experienced it.”

“Oh,” Debra murmured, then lowered her lips to Susan’s breast, gently sucking and licking the nipple. Her hand, nestled between the bound woman’s thighs, stroked softly.

“She’s ready for her release,” Master Dark whispered. “Would you like to give it to her?”

Surprised, Debra turned to look at him. “But, I’ve never been with a woman before. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

He smiled. “Just do to her what you would want done to you.”

For a moment, Debra froze as conflicting feelings, conflicting needs, warred within her. Moving slowly, she removed the gag, replacing it with her own lips. Susan’s response was fueled by her need, and the kiss quickly deepened into something Debra felt clear down to her toes. Finally breaking off the kiss, she began trailing kisses down Susan’s body until she reached her very wet pussy.

“Yes!” Susan gasped. “Lick me. Make me cum, please?”

Hesitantly at first, then with growing fervor, Debra worked her tongue over Susan’s mound. Finding her clit, she focused on the sensitive bud, licking and gently nipping it with her teeth.

Susan’s moans grew louder. Suddenly, her body tensed as her orgasm raced through her. For long moments, she writhed in her bonds, pushing her crotch strongly against Debra’s face. Debra willingly obliged, licking and nibbling on Susan’s clit until Susan collapsed, spent.

“No more,” Susan gasped. “No more, please!”

Slowly, Debra worked her way up Susan’s body, until their lips met in a lingering kiss. Rolling off Susan’s body, Debra lay staring at the wall, stunned by what she had just done. Her unfocused thoughts were soon broken as she felt something wrap around her wrist. Startled, she turned her head to see Susan, now freed, fastening the cuff.

“Why are you putting that on me?” she whispered.

Susan glanced toward Master Dark, who nodded. Smiling, Susan met Debra’s gaze.

“Your turn,” she said softly.

For long moments, Debra struggled with herself, her fierce independence warring with the things she’d seen, the things she’d done. Finally, without a word, she rolled onto her back and extended her arms over her head.

“Don’t worry,” Susan whispered, “you’ll love this.” Gently, she applied the cuffs, then secured the ropes, holding Debra helplessly bound. Smiling, she held up the gag, and Debra opened her mouth to accept it.

Helpless, Debra closed her eyes as two set of hands began softly caressing her. Her arousal growing, she smiled into her gag as a whole new world opened before her.

All in all, she decided, it had been one hell of an interview.


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