Dear John

by XVX

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John was sweating and yet the air conditioning was keeping the room cool seventy degrees. So it was not the temperature causing him discomfort. If you call it discomfort. His wife Mary was the cause of his discomfort. It was the strain of something not happening and wish it where to be. Mary. All slim and trim curvaceous figure standing at a good five-ten. Blond hair and blue eyed. With smile that could light up a room. He watched. Yet nothing happened.

He looked at her. Trying to make something happen and yet it did not happen. He watched her on the bed. Utterly helpless. John watched her. He was as helpless as she. His wheelchair creaked forward as he rolled it to get just a fraction of an inch closer. Not that she could hear it. The hood she wore and the ear plugs negated most sound. She was blind as well. Those lovely eyes sealed in darkness. Her smile was wrapped around a bright red ball gag that muted any noise. Golden lock bound to ponytail which ended in a ring that secured the head to the top of the bed.

Her lovely mouth was the only part of her exposed. The neck held in a stiff posture collar. Her arm bound in a single sleeve arm binder. Forcing her body to push her breasts up to relieve the pressure. Yet she could not keep it up for long and would had relent to the pain and discomfort. Her slim waist held in a very tight leather corset. Increasing her breast size just oh so much more beyond perfect. It restricted her breathing to delightful little squeaking gasps. Her beautiful voice would whine and moan to the proper stimulus.

Her shapely legs in a hobble dress. Ballet boots that forced the toes to intriguing en point posture that went right up to her sex stiffen them even more. Manacle at the ankles with a short chain the held her feet down to foot of the bed. Straps radiated off her body at knee, waist and shoulder to the bed so she could not roll over, securing her leather black clad body against the red satin sheets.

Snaking under her leather bound loveliness John imagined the wires. The wires that lead to probes, Vibrators & Electrodes. Wires that led to the box at the foot of the bead. The box he was asked to design.

Before she was allowed to be connected to the box. Mary pulled him around in his wheel chair in their large ranch style home. Following John's touch of a broom to indicate left or right. Blind to everything she was like a pony pulling a cart until she was guided to the bedroom and now bound to her ongoing fate.The truth of the matter was John was brilliant and so was she. The truth was they where married for only five minutes before fates cruel hand changed everything.

Everything was perfect. They met at an International Engineering mixer in Dallas. She was outgoing as he was. Mountain biking, river rafting and skydiving. Making love was a marathon and a creative expression. That is where they began to explore bondage together. Over coming the limits they placed on each other. John and Mary dated for over a year and decide to tie the knot. They would that the plunge literally. After kissing the bride they would skydive down to the reception to held on Mary father large estate outside of Austin.

Mary family had money. Her father did actually. Mary's father Hank was a banker who came out of the recession well. Hank was a Texan though and through. Mary was the youngest daughter of four. Her Mother died in plane crash six years ago. His wedding gift was the house they now lived at. It was on the ‘back end’ of his property. Three bedrooms, single level, plus a barn which became John's workshop & garage. And about a forty five minute commute for John. It was perfect little five acres of heaven.

The best man would accompany them as they fell. John's brother Mark. Mary's sister Jill would be tandem skydiving with a instructor. At the last minute instead of exchange rings they decided to exchange parachutes, the chutes were new. One saying ‘Just’ the other saying ‘Married‘. So it did not matter who wore which. But when the time came. John’s parachute failed. The main did deploy but would not open, he tried to release it but the handle would not pull away. It was jammed. The back up would not deploy.

Two thing saved his life. Mark latching on and holding onto his legs, as much as he would have liked. It never worked out as seen in the movie. Mark's chute began to rip under the strain. John could not let both of them die, but he could only hold on for so long. The second thing, as comical as it sounds was that massive piles of hay had been placed around the reception. Her fathers corny idea. He hit one hard.

The next six month was the telling blow, paralyzed from the waist down, his back broken. If he was not as fit as he was it could have been far worse. Mary was with him every step of the way. Their love grew. He could not walk. His lovemaking became hard to control, it did not respond when and where he needed. Or at all. He felt it was useless after two years he could not perform as he used to.

Mary was willing to accept it but he was not. Yet he had no idea how. So their bondage sessions took on a more intensive nature. Mostly against Mary. Now John was wondering. Who was in Mary thoughts. Was it him or some one else. Who was Mary secret lover?

She had been hiding some activities lately. Secret emails. Hushed phone conversations. Was she going to leave him?

So he built the box hoping it would bring her back to him. John built the box at Mary's request. Keypad with a lock out code, internal battery. Setting for pleasure and pain. Duration and Intensity. He did not like the idea of it causing her pain but she was insistent. There was a slim chance that her bondage state would cause something in him to rise to the occasion. Emotional yes. But physically, nothing. No drug seem to help. Nothing did.

John felt it was guilt that drove her. It could have been her that day three years ago. He wanted her as they were but could not change that. It felt silly that he should be jealous of a box. Like Frankenstein monster dating Dr. Frankenstein's girlfriend. His creation was given her what she wanted while he could not. Thank you Young Dr Frankenstein.

He rolled back and trying to will something to happen. Nothing. It was dead to him.

The box beeped indicating it had finished its programmed duties. John removed the blindfold. Her eyes blinked looking at him for the answer she sought. He could not lie to her. He shook his head no. Mary closed her eyes he could tell she was disappointed. She lay motionless as he disconnected her. Tuesday and Thursday they would go to the therapy clinic and see Dr. Mallard. John's heart was not in it. It just seemed he was not making any progress and it frustrated him.

Sunday was dinner at her sisters house. All three older sisters where married. Kate was trying for the second time to have a child. Their husbands where looking about starting a family. Watching sports while the sister chatted away about everything. Then the drive home.

Saturday was play date. Mary had taken the idea of dressing up as a pony girl. John would assist her in getting prepared. He would even dress for the part. Each week a package would arrive and one more level of detail would be added. It started out as simple harness. Then bit and bridal. Chastity belt. Then pony boots. Then hoof mittens that made her hands look like hooves and making her hands useless. Leather cuffs that could be locked on with rings for both feet and hands.

She asked him to build a surrey that would accommodate the wheel chair. The guide poles that had cable running through them that connected to metal loops. That when closed would lock her hoofed hands to the bars using the locked on leather cuffs. Only by him pulling a lever could she use her limited hands. Harnessed at the waist and middle back. She would pull him about the back yard. Then ever longer trips. For the most part she decided where to go.

Her body was becoming more and more an object of desire, yet he could not love her as he wanted to. Needed to.

Eight weeks passed. He was on the verge of giving up. Everything he tried and she tried just did not get the response he yearned for. One Saturday she asked if he trusted her. Of course he did. So she locked him into his wheel chair with a harness she had made. It was a modified climbing harness but now he could not escape it. Then he locked her hooves onto the bars and off they went.

At first it seemed to be a normal jaunt around the back yard then she made a turn to the back area of their small acreage, John tried to turn her back but she would not have any of it. He dared to threaten her with a whip. Although she knew he would never use it. He was trapped on wild pony ride. Mary had something in mind and once she got something in her head. It would take an enormous effort to stop her.

Then she stopped in front of a pole. The pole had a letter tied to it. She pawed the ground and whinnied like Lassie trying to lead you to where Timmy was. Nervously he took the letter and began to read.

Dear John

I will always love you. I will never leave you. Words cannot express my love and devotion for you. With that being said. I am willing to give up much of myself to the following course of actions. I am and will be your pony. An object to be used as such.

I have much to confess. My mother and father where much into the pony girl scene. I remember mother taking us on ride in her cart when I was five.

As the four us grew older we became ponies too. We would pull mother and father around. Mostly for show and never leaving the estate. We had a small tack house and course. It is still there. Two miles in the valley behind our house. You might remember seeing it a few times.

All of us stopped playing when mother died. It was not fun anymore and father never wanted to do it again.

It was more about control and physical exercise than anything else. All four of us where wild teenagers and needed to be reigned in. I think being a pony made us less Paris Hilton and more calm and rational. It was an outlet for out wild teenager side. Daddy wanted to spoil us rotten but mom always held the wallet tight.

Now do not accuse father of torturing us. We did it like any person exercising their fantasies. All of us loved horses. It was pony dress up every Saturday. I will explain more further on.

But after mother had died. Being a Pony was not the same anymore.

So I had to move on to mountain biking. Climbing and skydiving. Something to take the edge off. I always felt like a hole was in my soul. Something was missing. I was taking greater risk and push myself too far. I need to be reigned in and controlled.

When I met you. Everything changed. I felt alive again. You gave me purpose. You filled the hole in my soul.

But now. I need you to fill your soul. The doctors say you can make a recovery. You just seem so unresponsive during physical therapy.

Dr. Mallard made an odd suggestion. That I need to motivate you. That maybe you feel because you cannot walk. That you are not the man I married. And because you cannot walk. You cannot perform as a man should.

Therefore The wife you knew will be gone. If you want me back. You will have to work for it.

Instead I will be your pony. I will be your legs. I will be your legs until you get yours back.

As of this week I quit my job at IE. I am going to do online consulting. It is not like we need money.

Here is how it is going to work.

This will be our daily routine:

5 am. I am to be woken from the barn if the weather was nice or from our bedroom if the weather was foul.

You fix your breakfast and mine. I am to have nothing but solid grains and water. I am allowed treats. You will feed me John. I am at your loving and tender mercy. I will care for you as you will care for me.

I cannot feed myself with the hoof mitts on. I may simply stick my face into the bowl if needed.

6 am. I am to be taken out for my morning work out. I must be properly dressed for it. Bit and bridle. Harnesses. Hoof boots and mitts. I will not accept less.

I will pull you to the course. That will be four miles round trip in my working pony gear. Once we are at the course you will hook me up to a wagon. This wagon has pedal that need to be pushed down with your legs like riding a bike. I know you can do it John. You have to for me. You see those pedals are connected to a flywheel which as it spins will keep the brakes off. Allowing me to pull the wagon easier.

There are ten - fifty pound sand bags you must load one bag at a time. I am to pull to the other side of the course. If the weight is over your combined weight and the weight of one sand bag. The brake will lock automatically. I will pull weight from one side of the course to the other until all ten, fifty pound bags are moved to the other side. One at a time.

9 am. Or when we return from the course. All my tack and boots are to be removed. I am to be bathed and washed. No sex. This will be the only time I will be naked.

On Tuesday and Thursdays we will go the therapy center as always. I will be you your wife as I always have but under my dress I will have a chastity belt. I will have the key hidden. I am sorry but I must deny you at every turn.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 am and when we return from the therapy center. I am to be placed back into my pony gear minus head dress. Bit and bridle. I will be harnessed but a simple t-shirt placed over it. I will not have my hoof mitts on either for I cannot type well with them on.

My back hooves are to be placed in stocks in a chair and I am to be strapped down so I cannot leave the chair. Hence the harness. You will find my pony chair in the spare bedroom in the closet.

Also while I am working online you will be working out. I will monitor you. If you slack off that adds one more demerit.

Demerits You and I will have to work off.

You see. Daddy used pony girl training as a punishment. Just like a gym teacher would say ‘take a lap’ If we did not get straight A’s or did something wrong. We had to pull the wagon. You got your mind right quick. He never hit us. Just the thought of one more demerit was enough. Mom would help in her pony gear. So if you wanted to do any activities on Saturday. Go out with your sisters. Go to the movies and so on. You had to work your demerits off first.

Each demerit means we will have do one more run with our wagon.

1 pm. Lunch. Same as breakfast. You must bring it to me. I am released from the stocks and chair. I will go to the bathroom and return. I am placed back into my stocks and harnessed to the chair. You may kiss me then.

4 pm. I should be done with any work. I am released from the stocks. Go to the bathroom. And then work on dinner.

5pm dinner. Vegetables and some meat. It will be as normal as it can. I will have hands then. This is will be my human time. This is the only time we can talk. Please do not try to talk me out of my actions. I can be stubborn as you know.

6 pm. I turn back into a pony girl. I am a show pony now. I must be dressed as such. I must take you to the course and parade around it. That will be six miles. Up and down hill plus the four mile to get to the course.

8 pm. Back to stables. All my tack and gear is removed I am to be brushed and wiped down. Then fitted for work the next day.

9 pm. I am to be bedded down. If the weather is going to be bad. I will be allowed to sleep at the foot of your bed. If the weather is good I will be in the barn.

Saturday. Will be much as the same except I will be in the barn when I would be normally working.

Sunday. We go to our normal family dinner at Kate’s at 1 pm. Upon our return. We resume the schedule.

If we cannot get to the course due to weather. Then we will do what we can.

John I know you could do this for me. To me. Because you love so much. I can see it.

John. My Master. Please. Do not be angry. But I saw no other way. I do want the man I love and do know he would not want me to be this way. But the only way I can see is for you to be more. I must be less.


A.k.A Prancer

PS. The key for your harness is under your seat.


John was stunned. He could only look at her. He reread the letter twice. Would she do it? Could she do it? Could he do it?

Mary head was slightly turned and lowered. Eyes closed. What if he refused. What would she do? Would she leave him. NO! He could not chance that. She had given him no choice. She given up her freedom to the extent that he had lost his. John surrendered to her request.

Weeks went by and she kept the schedule. Hardly ever wavering. They where far enough out of town that friends would call before dropping by. Then Mary would have to become human again. John worked harder than ever to pump the flywheel brakes in the wagon. It was nearly impossible at first and he was drained as she was. Also he need arm strength to load the wagon. He ached as much as she and it was hard not to want her body more and more. He wanted to be her stallion.

For two month this went on. And then slowly he began to feel pain in his legs. This meant the nerves where starting to work with the muscles. Then her father vanished. At first he was willing to let her off the hook but it only seem to drive her more. Like she did this to honor her father and mother.

The schedule was automatic now. John always looking forward to her human time. Any other time she would Winnie or cough like a horse. He would talk to her about anything. Never about being a pony girl. Then the faithful hour was up and she would go back to being a pony again. It was almost fairytale like. Like the swan princess. Mary was ever more lovely. He wonder if he could be come a pony boy.

On nights of bad weather her reins would be tied to the bed. She would sleep like a dog at her masters feet. Good weather she would be tied to one of the rings set in her stables. Hay with a soft blanket over it. And another blanket to cover her. There was a panic button in the barn that would sound a alarm in the house.

Ankle weights where being added to her and to him. His afternoon work out were showing results. It was taking longer than planned. He could barely lift his legs and maybe scoot them forward an inch. But it was progress. Then one morning of a typical Saturday workout. Mary/Prancer went wild again. She stopped in area the had not been to before and he was sure it was not on their property.

What he saw was shocking. A large carriage with three female pony girls. With room for a forth. Two people dressed up like quad ponies. Quad pones are the same as the upright one but have horse head masks on and are bent over and not allowed to stand up. They must walk on all fours. The arms are extended by prosthetic legs. Making walking harder and easier. They looked to be wearing heavy packs. Both where hitched to the rear. One man in a white mask dressed as a coachman waited with the door open.

Mary/Prancer pawed the ground and motioned to a pole with a letter on it. John remember that last time this happened . It had marked a stark change in everything they did. He took the letter and read it.

Dear John

On that day. When you became that man you are now. I heard something from my sisters. Kelly said it was supposed to be me. It did not register at the time. Its taken a year of hiring people and working without your knowledge. But I have found out something terrible. My three sisters were trying to kill me. They worked in collusion with a man from what you call the mob. You see, Daddy is not missing. He is in witness protection. Daddy was going to leave everything to me… And has.

Jill, Kate and Rose along with their husbands. Kyle and Ron, plotted against us. Jake is the only innocent one of the lot. Daddy was in some shady deals and when he threaten to turn states evidence. They killed mother. Daddy knew he could not get out. So things went quietly on. Then six years later. Homeland Security and the FBI began to nose their way around.

Again the mob needed to get daddy back in line. Some how my sister knew of daddy’s dealings and gave them me. Killing daddy would kill many of the deals and he was the only one who knew where all their money was. It was his insurance policy.

I have enough evidence hidden away to make them go to jail or let the mob have them. Either way it will not be pretty.

Now I have everything. I also own my sisters. Everything they owned was in Daddy’s name. So I own their houses and cars and every stitch of clothing. So it was either death, jail, or be thrown out into the street naked. They are going to be punished as daddy would have when we where young.

Only Jake was left out of the loop but because he loves Jill so much he was willing to stand by her side. That is why he is your coachmen. I cannot fault him for that. I am blackmailing them all and they know it. They will not try anything on me and you. They have too much to lose.

Now on Saturday and Sunday they will spending the weekend here. Working off their demerits like father would have.

You will be their driver. The carriage has the same flywheel brake system. All four of us are going to be pulling. We are all under your command. Secretly I think they all wanted to do it. I did this to ensure that we all equally suffer. I know you will have a even hand in our training to be a team.

At night all six of us are to bedded down over night. Jake will sleep in the barn to monitor all of us.

Only I am allowed in the house if the weather is going to be bad.

Mary aka Prancer

Jill aka Dancer

Kate aka Vixen

Rose aka Blitzen


John could not believe it. Again he felt he had no choice to accept it.

Week by week. Mary's hold on her sisters was very evident. Once in awhile she would kick one and regrettably John would have to admonish her by giving her demerits. After a while he could stand with braces on his legs. The hard work was starting to pay off. He was also learning how to handle a team of ponies. The Stallion actually braced their ‘fore hooves’ on the back of the carriage and pushed.

Mary never said how many demerit her sisters had earned and how many the worked off each week. Good behavior was awarded by allowing a husband and wife to be with each other. Paying in demerits. Putting them more in debt. If they where really good. John would a remove the chastity belt from the pony. Then her stallion could have his mare but only as such.

Two months later. Kate was pregnant then a week later so was Rose. Both had been trying for years to have a child. Now both..? Maybe there was something to this stallion business.

So he found that something happened with leg braces on and assume the all fours position. He placed his mind to the problem and imagined himself to be a stallion, It responded. The rush was over whelming. Some how all the plumbing and nerves endings seemed to un-kink and perform properly. But upright and on his back. Nothing.

He then placed a plan into action

One day as Prancer/Mary was being taken to her stall by Jake. She saw a stallion waiting for her. The quad pony did not have a horse head mask on. It was John. He did have prosodic hooves on his arms and was harnessed much like she was. Jake opened a letter and held it for her to read.

Dear Mary/Prancer

I cannot be sure if I will ever recover in the way you want and I do love so much it hurts. So with that in mind I committed myself to the following action.

I am your stud stallion. You are my mare. Jake is your groom. He will snap a lead to your bridle to each side of the wall so you cannot escape. I will have my way with you as any stallion should. We are to be like this the entire weekend. Jake will be using the wagon on the others. For tonight is our night.


PS: Please give the chastity key to Jake.

PPS: if this is agreeable. Stamp your left hoof three times.

John watched Mary slowly stamp her left hoof three times.

He smiled through his bit. He had much to make up for.


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