A Day on the Lake

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2013 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; party; tease; bond; stocks; gag; sex; oral; clmax; revenge; cons/reluct; X

Hot sun. Bikinis. Wakeboards, laughter, music and beer. Its hard to beat a day on the lake! My wife and I were having a normal weekend day on the lake: wake up late, eat a leisurely breakfast, throw on some sunscreen, jump in the boat and go. We took a mid-afternoon siesta to get ready for the evening. Then a friend called and said, "Come over for some cocktails and dinner, we are having a spontaneous party"!

Well that certainly sounded like fun and we both knew a few people that would be there, so we threw on some clothes, jumped back in the boat, and motored on over to his house. Sure enough, there were 4 other couples there including 2 that we had never met. Everyone started with a Mojito, and soon a mellow mood came over the entire group. We chatted and laughed, and continued to drink and have a good time.

It was about then that my friend beckoned me over and said, "Let me show you my 'safe room'".

Now I had heard of safe rooms before, but had never seen one. Sure enough, the pantry wall in his kitchen closet actually was a swinging wall and opened up into a room about 10 feet by 10 feet. However, this was no ordinary safe room! It contained one full wall of bondage gear including whips, chains, restraints, etc.; several pieces of bondage furniture, and a beautiful set of stocks like they used in Colonial times made out out of Cherry wood. The room was very beautiful and you could tell a lot of attention had been paid in all of the small details, painting, lighting, etc.

"Wow" I said. "Very cool room".

"Yep", my buddy replied, "my wife behaves out here as she does not like our little punishment room! Its completely sound-proof, and you can lock it from inside."

With that, we exited that pantry and went back outside to join the party. And it was then that I saw my lovely wife chatting rather intimately with one of the men who we had never met before. Her lips were very near his ear as she whispered something to him, and I noticed that damned if he did not have a hand resting on her ass. His wife was down on the dock and she wasn't paying any attention at all. I saw red, and started to go confront them both, when suddenly I had a better idea!

I turned away and called out to another friend and saw my wife and the man jump away from each other guiltily and come join the rest of the party, although they did sit right next to each other and I noticed he kept looking down at her very short skirt. The drinks got stronger, the laughter got louder and the whole evening became filled with energy and passion.

When my wife went inside to go to the bathroom, it was time to put my plan in action. I intercepted my wife in the house and told her that I wanted to show her something and took her inside, through the pantry, and into the safe room. Her eyes opened wide at the assortment of bondage gear, and at the beauty of the room.

"Wow" she exclaimed, "this is wild."

It was then that I grabbed her by the arm and said, "What the fuck were you whispering in that guy's ear?"

"Oh nothing" she replied.

I shook her hard and stared at her, and she said, "I just told him he was very handsome."

With that, she stumbled just a little bit and her skirt flew up, and I saw that she had removed her bikini bottom.

Again, I saw red and said, "So that's why you went to the restroom.. so you could go sit down next to Mr. Handsome and let him get a finger in you."

She couldn't make eye contact or deny it, so I determined that punishment was in order. Despite her struggles, I ripped the rest of her clothes off, put her into the Cherry stocks such that her head and hands were restrained and her beautiful ass and quim were facing the pantry door, and put a gag into her mouth and a spreader bar between her legs.

Although she tried mightily, she really couldn't move at all. I then went back out to the party and innocently told the man who had been ogling my wife that I had something to show him. He came back inside the house with me, through the pantry door, and stopped suddenly when he saw my wife's beautiful backside naked, vulnerable and available.

"What the heck"? the guy said, "what are you doing"?

I leaned in close to him and said, "It was pretty obvious you wanted to fuck her, now get after it"!

He spluttered and began to deny everything, but I looked him in the eyes and said, "Now"!

With that he asked one more time, "Are you sure?" and when I nodded yes he took off his pants, approached her from behind, and inserted him impressive tool into my wife's already moist pussy.

He really got after it and after about 10 minutes just exploded with a mighty grunt. "Oh my God" was all he could say.

With that, I escorted him out of the safe room and grabbed my friend who owned the house to come with me. Again, I took him into his safe room and said "have at it"! He took one glance, smiled merrily, and disrobed.

As he inserted is tool into my wife he reached around and grabbed her nice tits, and began the best grinding action since monkeys learned to play accordions. After he was done, I then brought in the other man I did not know for his turn, which he took gladly. Finally, I grabbed my other friend and took him into the safe room.

He turned to me and said, "Jon, no offense, but I have dreamed a long time about getting a blow job from your wife. Is that possible?"

"Of course" I replied.

So he went to the other side of the stocks, got a small footstool to get his pecker to the right height, removed her ball-gag and had my wife suck his dick until he exploded with cum all over her face. I escorted him out and then went back into the safe room and let my wife out of the stocks. She wiped herself clean as best she could, and asked me, "Let me go get my bikini bottom from the bathroom?"

"Nope", I replied, "and we are leaving your bikini top in here."

With that, I escorted her back to the party in a skirt that barely covered her quim, and a cover-up/blouse that exposed quite a bit of her tits. I saw the other women smile since they thought that my wife and I had gone inside for a quickie, but then they each glanced at their husbands to make sure they were not staring at my wife, which of course they were.

We stayed about another 20 minutes while my wife attempted to act as though everything were normal. We then jumped in the boat to head home and as soon as we got out onto the lake I again stripped my wife and tied her hands above her head to the wakeboard tower. As we motored through the summer night towards home, with my wife naked and tied, I told her, "first, if you are going to flirt like a whore, I am going to treat you like a whore. And second, you better hope none of our neighbors are awake when we get home because you are going to remain naked."

With that, I threw her skirt and blouse out into the lake and boated merrily on towards the house.

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