A Day at the Office

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2012 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; MF/f; insert; toys; chast; office; tease; denial; bond; gag; closet; shackles; torment; sex; cons/reluct; XX

“And what,” Sara asked, “is that?”

Grinning, Scott held up what looked like a thick-walled tube with fleshy flanges on each end. “This,” he said proudly, “is my newest invention.”

“What exactly does it do? And remember, I have to leave for work soon, so keep it short, please.”

“This little gem,” Scott replied, “is about to make your day very interesting.”

Sara sighed. She loved Scott with all her heart, but some of his ideas were, to put it mildly, crazy. Still, she knew she couldn’t tell him no.

“Ok,” she said resignedly. “What do I have to do?”

“Not a thing,” she was told. “I’ll take care of everything.” Still grinning, Scott reached down and began stroking between her thighs.

“That’s nice,” she whispered. “Too bad I don’t have time for more.”

“It won’t take much,” Scott said. “We just need a bit of lubrication. There, that should do.” With that, he slowly began inserting the tube within her. Once it was in place, he instructed her to walk around the room.

“This is just to let the flanges seal properly,” he told her. As she walked, Sara could feel those flanges shifting slightly. After one circuit of the room, she paused.

“What next?”

For reply, Scott quickly buckled a chastity belt around her waist, carefully aligning the pee hole in front with the end of the tube. “I made it hollow,” he told her, “so you could use the restroom while wearing it. That way, you can keep it on all day.” The snap of a lock announced to Sara that she would definitely not be removing it any time soon.

“Ok,” Scott said, seemingly satisfied, “go ahead and get dressed for work. We’ll try it out before you leave.”

Shrugging, Sara began donning her clothes, choosing a loose skirt to help hide the straps encircling her waist. Once dressed, she turned toward Scott, watching as he fiddled with some kind of remote control.

“Ok, Scott, what next? I have to leave in about ten minutes, you know.”

“Almost done.” Scott pushed a final button, then glanced at her. “There. How does that feel?”

Sara stiffened slightly. As Scott spoke, the tube within her vibrated slightly, just barely enough to feel. She started to tell him, pausing when her own voice caused a similar vibration.

“Great!” At the slightly louder word, the tube vibrated a bit more noticeably.

“Scott, what is this thing?”

“That,” Scott informed her, “is a sound activated vibrator. Any noise above a certain level will activate it. And the louder or more intense the noise, the more it vibrates.”

“Until the batteries go dead,” Sara observed. “At which time, I’ll have a dildo in me for the rest of the day.”

“Oh,” Scott replied, “no worries there. I designed special batteries for this. They’re a type of bio battery that draws power from a certain female bodily secretion. To put it bluntly, your pussy juice will power the vibrator. That’s what the flanges are for. They seal you off, allowing your juices to collect . So, the more the vibrator operates, the more juices you’ll produce, and the stronger the batteries will be.”

“Great,” Sara groused, then shrugged. How bad could it be?

It didn’t take long to find out. Leaving their apartment, Sara strode toward the elevator, the sound of her heels on the parquet floor sending short, sharp bursts of vibration through the tube. The elevator ride was mercifully silent, followed by another series of bursts as she walked across the garage to her car. Sara quickly decided not to play the radio on the way to work, fearing what an insistent drum beat might do to her. She settled into her seat, closed the door…..and nearly jumped through the roof as the sound of the car door slamming sent a massive burst of vibration crashing through her.

“Oh, God!” Fumbling, Sara got her car started, thankful that it was well tuned and ran too quietly to activate the thing inside her. Carefully, she piloted her way out onto the street to start her drive to work.

It turned out to be the longest drive of her life. Sara had never really been bothered by normal city noises. Today, however, every honking horn, every backfiring vehicle, sent bursts of vibrations through her. At one point, a police car rushed past her, the high, insistent sound of its siren nearly sending her off the road. By the time she reached work, she was already wondering how she could possibly make it through a full day.

Sara rushed through the building, grateful that the normal buzz of conversation did no more than tickle the vibrator. Safe in the silence of her office, she poured her first cup of coffee, settled into her chair…. and nearly lost everything when her intercom buzzed loudly. Quickly, amazed that she hadn’t spilled any, she set her cup onto her desk and pressed the intercom button.

“Yes, Marie?”

“You asked me to remind you about the meeting this afternoon.”

“Thanks. I’d forgotten all about that.”

“Oh, and I have something here you’re gonna love! Mind if I bring it in now?”

“Sure.” Maybe it would take her mind off the demon between her thighs.

“Be right there.”

Quickly, the door opened and Marie entered. As always, Sara thoroughly enjoyed watching her approach the desk. Marie was the most exotic beauty Sara had ever seen. She was also Sara’s lover, with Scott’s full knowledge and approval. Now, she set a small device on Sara’s desk and thumbed a button.

The sound that came out was primitive, tribal, thunderous, and it went straight to Sara’s crotch.

“Oh, God, shut it off, please!” she begged, even as her hips began bucking under the relentless assault of the vibrator. Puzzled, Marie silenced the music, leaving only Sara’s panting moans to fill the room.

“What on earth is wrong with you today?”

Blushing slightly, Sara told her about Scott’s newest invention, and what it had been doing to her all morning. Intrigued, Marie pushed Sara’s chair back a bit, lifting her skirt and bending to closely examine the front of the chastity belt.

“Hello in there!” At the sound of her shout, Sara’s hips bucked completely off the chair.

“Don’t do that!” she pleaded, bringing a grin to Marie’s lush lips as the other woman rose to her feet.

“I need to get back to my desk,” she said, turning toward the door and glancing back with an evil smile. “But I’ll make sure you don’t get bored today, I promise!”

Marie was as good as her word. Throughout the morning, she buzzed Sara’s intercom at irregular intervals, keeping her boss and lover at a high state of arousal. To make matters worse, even though the vibrations were enough to drive her crazy, they were never quite enough to make her cum. By lunch, Sara was a wreck, and she knew that only the flanges attached to the vibrator were keeping her from flooding her chair with her juices.

“Want me to get you anything while I’m out?” At the grin on Marie’s face, Sara had sudden thoughts of a very sound spanking in store for her lover.

“Only an orgasm!” she declared quietly, causing Marie to laugh softly.

“Oh, no,” the other woman said. “No way am I gonna spoil Scott’s fun. He’d never let me into another threesome again if I did that.” With that, she slipped out, leaving Sara to stew, literally, in her own juices.

The afternoon passed in merciful silence, for which Sara was grateful. Somehow, she knew that Marie was giving her a chance to settle down before her meeting. For this, Sara was doubly grateful. This was an important meeting, and she could ill afford to show up in a state of pre-orgasmic shock.

By the time the meeting approached, Sara’s nerves had reached something approaching normal levels. Still, the tapping of her heels as she walked to the meeting sent seeming sledgehammer blows of pleasure through her body. Slumping into her chair at the long table, she thanked her lucky stars that her boss demanded a quiet, nearly formal approach to these meetings.

As she’d hoped, the meeting proceeded calmly, the voices of the speakers barely even tickling the monster between her thighs. Then, as the meeting drew to a close, a loud screech outside the open window caused her whole body to spasm.

“What is that?” her boss demanded, as one of the men went to the window. After a glance, the man turned back.

“City truck,” he said, frowning. “Looks like they’re getting ready to do some road work.” Almost as he spoke, the loud, pounding noise of a jackhammer filled the room. For nearly a minute, the sound echoed, before falling silent.

In the sudden stillness, those gathered in the room stared at Sara. Seated stiffly, her knuckles white as she grasped the arms of her chair, her whole body trembling, she moaned through lips tightly pressed closed.

“Sara?” Concerned, Sara’s boss touched her lightly on the shoulder, the contact seemingly ignored by the tense woman. “Sara!” At the sound of his raised voice, the seated woman jumped convulsively, her eyes springing open.

“Please,” she begged to her stunned boss. “No more! Make it stop! I can’t stand it!”

Very much concerned, her boss sent for Marie. “Do you know what’s going on here?”

Marie stared at the tense form of her boss and lover. “Um, she’s not been feeling well all day,” she replied, thinking quickly. “It may be a migraine, or something like that. I know she’s been very sensitive to noise.”

“Well, take her home quietly then. And see to it she stays home until she’s feeling better.”

“Yes, Sir.” Quickly, quietly, Marie ushered a stunned Sara through the building and down to the garage. Ignoring Sara’s car, Marie led the way to her own car, a large sedan. Opening the back door, she gently settled Sara inside.

“Stretch out, honey,” she said gently. Still in shock from the near overload of sensation, Sara sprawled face down onto the seat. Dimly, she felt her hands drawn together behind her, her feet drawn up toward her ass. As her senses slowly cleared, she struggled fitfully against the cuffs that held her in a loose hogtie. Her protests were quickly muffled by the gag Marie shoved into her mouth.

“There we go,” Marie said softly, carefully positioning Sara’s now helpless body in the seat. Drawing the driver’s side seat belt across Sara’s thighs, Marie reached between the bound woman and the back of the seat, clicking the belt into place. The passenger side belt stretched across Sara’s back before also clicking together.

“There,” Marie said with satisfaction. “Wouldn’t want you to fall out of the seat, would we?” Stepping back, she slammed the door, causing Sara’s whole body to jump. Her body jumped again as the front door slammed closed. Grinning, Marie started the engine and prepared to back out.

“Oh,” she said, glancing in the mirror, “you won’t have to worry about street noises on the way home, either.” So saying, she plugged her ipod into the car stereo, a determined twist of her wrist setting the volume to high.

“How’s that?” Still looking in the mirror, she watched Sara’s body pulse to the beat of the tribal music blaring from the car’s speakers. Smiling, she backed out of her parking space and set out to take her helplessly aroused lover home.

“Take this thing out of me. NOW!” Scott thought to protest, but one look at Sara’s desperate, nearly manic eyes, silenced him. Quietly, he unlocked the belt and drew the vibrator from between her clenched thighs, releasing a near flood of her juices in the process.

“Now,” Sara said slowly, “you will fuck me, and you will not stop until I tell you to.” With slow, deliberate motions, Sara unzipped Scott’s pants, grasped his cock, and practically dragged him in the direction of the bedroom. Grinning, Marie let herself out.


“Great party.”

Smiling, Sara turned toward Jessica, one of the guests. “Thanks,” she replied, nearly shouting to make herself heard over the thunder of the music. “Glad you enjoyed it.”

“Be sure you invite me to your next one,” Jessica said, before joining the flow of guests leaving as the party ended.

Now alone except for Scott, Sara turned off the music, then moved to a closet toward the rear of the room. Opening the door, she smiled.

Marie’s eyes were glazed as she stared out over the panel covering her mouth. Standing spread eagle, her wrists and ankles shackled to bolts in the walls, her whole body quivered. Locked around her waist, a chastity belt held the sound activated vibrator deep inside her.

“Now you know how it feels,” Sara said softly, her words bringing scarcely any response from Marie’s glazed eyes. Her body still pulsed from the nearly two hours in the closet, her body wracked by the sensations sent crashing through her with each beat of the loud music. Now, nearly lost in a sea of need, she could only moan loudly, each moan sending a tremor through her as it activated the vibrator.

Smiling, Sara stripped off her clothes, then bent at the waist, her hands reaching up to grasp Marie’s shoulders. “Do me,” she said, glancing over her shoulder, “hard and fast.”

Eagerly, Scott complied, the two’s grunts and moans only adding fuel to the already raging fire within Marie’s helpless body. She barely noticed when Sara, releasing her shoulder with one hand, unlocked the chastity belt, removing it and the vibrator it held trapped within.

As she felt her own orgasm approaching, Sara reached to a side shelf, grasping a powerful vibrator. Turning it on high, she shoved it between the bound woman’s thighs, filling her completely.

Almost immediately, Marie’s body tensed as a massive orgasm blasted through her. The sight triggered Sara’s own orgasm, sending waves of pleasure rushing through her. Slowly, the waves subsided, leaving her to watch limply as Marie’s body continued to spasm with one orgasm after another. Finally, after a particularly hard convulsion, Marie’s body fell limp, hanging slack in its bonds.

“What…….?” Marie tried to rise, only to feel two pairs of hands gently holding her down. Opening her eyes, she found herself lying on a soft bed, Sara and Scott on either side of her.

“What happened?” she asked weakly.

“Oh,” Sara replied with a grin, “you passed out. Too much for you, I guess.”

Maria closed her eyes. “I thought I was going crazy,” she said softly. “I never dreamed I could be that horny and not cum. And when I did cum, I thought it would never stop.” Opening her eyes, she stared up at Sara. “Please,” she begged, “don’t ever do that to me again.”

“Was it that bad?” Sara asked teasingly.

“It was that good,” Marie replied. “I don’t know if I can handle something like that again.”

“I’ll make you a deal,” Sara said. “I won’t do that to you if you won’t do it to me.”

“Deal.” With that settled, the three cuddled together, Marie in the middle, and quickly fell asleep.

Sara woke to the feeling of something wrapped around her waist. Reaching down, her fingers explored the chastity belt she found locked in place.

“What the……?” At the feeling of vibration between her thighs, Sara fell silent. A quick glance at Marie, still sleeping beside her, showed the other woman to be wearing an identical chastity belt. Sara tried to pry the belt away from the hips, but soon subsided, knowing full well that only the key would remove it, and the vibrator it held within her.

The sound of the door opening drew her attention as Scott entered the room. “What have you done?” she asked as quietly as possible.

Scott grinned. “Well,” he replied, “while you were at work yesterday, I whipped up another one of those vibrators. Now both of you has one.”

“But why?”

Scott’s grin widened. “Playoffs,” he said simply, drawing a groan from Sara’s lips.

Last year, she remembered, she and Marie had done everything they could to distract Scott’s concentration on the playoff games he loved. This year, she knew, that wouldn’t be an option. With the vibrators inside them, their only hope of avoiding a weekend of helpless arousal was to remain as quiet as possible.

Turning toward the door, Scott looked back over his shoulder. “You know,” he said with a soft laugh, “I think this will be a first for me since we met. A truly quiet weekend.”


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