A Day in the Rain

by Bound Becky 2000

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A Day in the Rain
by Bound Becky 2000
A Day in the Rain by Bound Becky 2000

Sarah and I were having a discussion about bondage one day and we shared our thoughts of ways that we wanted to be tied.  After a long talk and some laughs we decided to make our dreams a reality.  I was first, which for some reason always seems to work out this way.  I�ve always had this fantasy about being tied up outside while it was raining.  The thought of being helpless while rain drops splash all over you just seems so exciting to me.  I couldn�t wait!  

We went out to Sarah�s back yard with some wooden stakes.  She felt that I needed to be tied up spread eagle for this.  I didn�t complain.  She rents a house in the country and lucky for me there�s some high grass surrounding most of her property so nobody will see me.  She told me to lie on the ground and spread my arms and legs out.  I did what she said and she measured out a stake about a foot and a half from my wrist.  She pounded it in the ground with a hammer and tested it to make sure it wasn�t going to come out.  She pounded 3 more the same distance from my other wrist and my ankles.  

�That should do it� she said and helped me get up off the ground.  I looked down and saw 4 wooden stakes forming a square shape that, hopefully soon, I would be tied helplessly to.  Unfortunately, it didn�t look like it was going to rain for awhile.  We watched the Weather Channel and even looked on the internet for possible rain storms.  Clear skies for at least a week.  I was pissed.  When you have plans where you don�t want rain, it rains and for once I want it to and I have to wait.  Since it didn�t look like I would get my turn for awhile, we went ahead and did Sarah�s bondage fantasy.  That�s a story for another time.

Almost 2 weeks went by and it finally looked like I would get my rain storm.  I called Sarah and she told me to come to her house tomorrow morning and see what the weather would do.  I was so excited I barely slept that night.  The next morning, the sky was pretty dark.  I was even more excited now than the night before.  I ate breakfast, took a shower and changed into my clothes.  I put on a white tank top and a pair of red shorts and called Sarah and said I was on my way.  I also took my bikini with me because that�s what I would be wearing when I was tied up.  Sarah lives about 20 minutes from me so after a little drive, I got to her house and went in.  

�Any sprinkles yet?� she asked.  

�Nothing yet� I replied with a little disappointment in my voice.  

�That�s ok, we can have some fun while we wait� she told me.  I figured we would watch a movie or play a board game or something.  Nope.  She grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back.  Of course I didn�t resist and could feel the ropes being wrapped around my wrists and tied tightly.  

�Where�s your swimsuit?� she asked.  

�It�s in my car� I said.  

�I�ll get it for you later� she said to me as she placed a ball gag in my mouth.  She buckled it nice and tight behind my hair and ordered me to walk to the closet.  She opened the closet door and helped me get on my knees.  

�You can wait in here until I�m ready for you.�  I mumbled a few pathetic cries for help as she laughed and tied my ankles together.  Once I was secured she closed the door and said, �See you soon�.  

�Hopefully� I mumbled through the gag.  

Bound and gagged inside the dark closet, I squirmed around until I got into a comfortable position and waited.  It seemed like I was going to be in there forever.  I didn�t know how long it had been since Sarah closed the door on me but it sure seemed like a few hours.  I heard footsteps coming towards me and the excitement rushed into me again.  The door opened and the light blinded me for a few seconds.  

�Did you have fun?� Sarah asked.  

�Mmmmpppphhh� was all I could answer back.  

�The rain should be starting soon, lets get you ready.�  

�YES!� I thought as she helped me out of the closet and began to untie me.   

Once the ropes and gag were off me, Sarah handed me my bikini and told me to get changed.  I hurried to the bathroom to put on my bikini and, of course, use the bathroom.  My bikini is a dark navy blue 2 piece with white polka dots.  The top piece has large dots and the bottom has small ones.  I bought it at Target for about $25.  Finally I was ready and walked out of the bathroom and over to Sarah.  She had a bag with her and she pulled out some handcuffs from it.  

Instinctively, I placed my hands behind my back and heard the �clicks� off the cuffs and felt them being locked onto my wrists.  

�Move it slave� came from Sarah�s mouth as I was shoved towards the back door.  I walked to the door and Sarah opened it for me and both of us went outside.  Since I was almost naked, the air was rather chilly for me and I knew I would be even colder once the rain started.  Sarah noticed me shiver and teased me.  We made our way to the wooden stakes and Sarah unlocked the handcuffs and removed them from my wrists.  

�Ready?� she asked with a grin.  

�I was born ready� I joked as I lay on the ground.  The grass was dry for now but felt a little pokey against my body.  Just more torture for me to endure.  Sarah pulled some rope from the bag and tied one end around my left wrist.  She tied the other end to the stake.  I pulled against it and it was still nice and solid in the ground.  She tied my other wrist and my ankles the same way and after a few minutes I was tied spread eagle in her backyard.  

�I guess this is it� she said, staring down at me.  

�How long are you going to leave me here for?� I asked, hoping she would say a long time.  

�Until it stops raining� she replied with a grin. �I�m not coming out here and getting wet.�   She reached into the bag and pulled out a long piece of white cloth.  She tied a large knot in the middle and placed it in my mouth.  She tied the ends around my head and told me to speak.  The same mumbling noise that came from the ball gag blurted from my mouth.  �Have fun� she said as she grabbed the bag and went into the house.  I watched her walk to the house and close the door, leaving me helpless outside.  I felt a cold drop of water hit my stomach.  I rested my head back against the grass and prepared myself for what was about to come.

The rain began to fall as the storm moved its way in.  The drops were a little cold but it was definitely a turn on when they splashed on my flesh.  I struggled against the ropes for a final test and there was no escape from them.  My fantasy had finally come true.  I was bound and gagged outside in the rain.  The rain started to fall pretty quickly and before I knew it, I was in the middle of a hard rain.  It had only started about a minute ago and I was already drenched.   I wondered about getting hit by lightning or even having a tornado come through, but it only seemed like a rain storm so I figured I was safe.  

The ground was getting really soggy and muddy and I had to lay in it.  I could feel a squish on my hair when I leaned my head back and could feel the mud run down my neck.  I didn�t plan on getting dirty but it was still worth it.  Several minutes passed and the rain continued to downpour.  The temperature had dropped also and I was cold.  My body was shivering and the soaking wet bikini I had on provided no warmth at all.  I tried to squirm around and generate some kind of body heat but it was pointless, I was tied too tightly.  This was an unexpected torture that I hadn�t planned on enduring.  I figured it would get colder but not this much, but its things like this that makes bondage all that more enjoyable.  

The storm had passed and the rain turned into a light drizzle.  My gag was soaked from both the rain and my own saliva.  My body felt numb from the cold and from being in the spread eagle position for so long.  I remained there helpless in the wet and muddy ground until Sarah would come and release me.  I heard the back door shut a few minutes after the rain had stopped and looked over to see Sarah coming towards me.  She knelt down by my head and untied my gag.  My jaw ached but it felt good to get that wet cloth out of my mouth.  

�So how was it?� she asked.  

�Truly amazing� I answered with a smile.  �How long was I out here?�  

I was shocked when she answered �almost 2 hours�.  She untied me from the wooden stakes and helped me up.  The back of my bikini and head were covered with mud and I knew a shower was coming soon.  I felt nasty.  We walked back to the house and I went straight to the shower.  Sarah rinsed my bikini off and put it in the washer.  I put on my tank top and shorts and Sarah and I had some lunch and talked about other bondage games and when she was going to endure a day in the rain.

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