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Chapter 3 (part 1): Lady Samantha and the Crop

Davinia had been chained to the wall, with her hands locked behind her back, naked, as she watched as her companion, Erin, had been beaten and violated. She had seen Erin cropped and caned, and her mouth and bottom used by Lady Samantha and Sir Ian. Davinia could not believe how Erin had so willingly been punished; how she had let her body be used and violated.

It was then that Davinia realized what Erin had told her was true! She was going to be a slave, and the same fate was now awaiting her!

“What did you think of the way Erin was treated, Davinia, and you must tell the truth,” demanded Lady Samantha, who had clicked her heels to stand in front of Davinia’s chained form.

“I......think it was horrible, Mistress,” Davinia replied, not certain if her candor was now going to merit a punishment.

“Very good, Davinia. You spoke the truth when commanded. Had you lied, saying that Erin’s punishment was pleasant, you would have paid a severe penalty.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“But your skin is still going to suffer a price, because you’re a slave - or rather, that’s what you will become at the hands of both me and Sir Ian.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Which is why you’re going to get on the footstool same as Erin when I release you, and you’re going to suffer the same punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Very good, Davinia. The first thing a new girl has to learn is obedience. You’re on the right path if you learn that quickly!” said Lady Samantha, “now then, it’s time that you experience the riding crop that you so disdained at the Fox Hunt!”

Lady Samantha unlocked Davinia’s collar chain and led her over to the same black leather footstool that Erin had occupied until just recently! Her wrists were unlocked, and Davinia exercised her limbs, stiff from having been behind her back for so long.

“Stand still!” Lady Samantha ordered!

Davinia stood impassively as Lady Samantha pinched her breasts and nipples, and was then shocked as the other woman sucked her erect nipples. Then Lady Samantha’s hand went between Davinia’s legs to her wet sex!

“Are you aroused, my dear?” Lady Samantha demanded.

“Yes......yes,” Davinia stuttered, shocked at the invasion of her body.

“Besides being tattooed and ringed, your pussy is going to be shaved,” said Lady Samantha, “you’re going to be quite bare for some time, your Master will determine when you earn the right to have cunt hair again!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Up on the footstool; and up on your knees!” Lady Samantha ordered.

Davinia quickly assumed the position she was ordered to! She knelt on the black leather, knowing that she would soon feel leather - in the shape of a riding crop on her bare flesh!

“Kiss the crop, Davinia,” Lady Samantha commanded.

“Yes, Mistress!” Davinia did as she was told, kissing the black leather handle of the crop, seeing Lady Samantha’s perfectly done nails!

Again her breasts were fondled and pinched, and Davinia felt as if she were a horse on display at the Parade Grounds!

“Such a lovely body, don’t you agree, Ian?”

“Yes, Samantha.”

“Do you intend for her to be a Pony Girl?”

“Yes, but that will be in the future,” Sir Ian replied.

Davinia knelt in her silence. What was a “Pony Girl?” How was she going to become one?

“Are you ready, my dear?” Lady Samantha questioned.

“Yes, Mistress.”

It was no surprise when Lady Samantha withdrew the very same gleaming stainless steel chain with two nipple clamps from a pouch attached to a belt that circled her waist!

Davinia knelt in silence as first her right nipple, then her left, was clamped!

“Oh!” Davinia exclaimed as the evil clamps grasped her buds.

“Much as they will hurt going on, they will hurt even worse when removed,” said Lady Samantha.

“Yes, Mistress,” Davinia tearfully replied.

Lady Samantha then offered the chain’s middle to Davinia, who took it between her teeth.

“On all fours and open your legs!”

Davinia did as she was told! She was now about to be punished!

Lady Samantha circled around her, clicking her heels on the wooden floor, swishing the crop about so that Davinia could hear it’s passing close to her naked body!

It was a natural reaction that goose bumps should break out over her naked body as she feared the riding crop; as she had just seen what it had done to Erin!

Davinia was now frightened for herself in a way that she had not been the previous day! Before, it had been one shock after another. Her kidnapping, bondage, and finally her first whipping.

Now, however, she was in the power of a sadistic woman who had just beaten her companion to tears. Davinia was in the exact same position as Erin had been!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Davinia had felt like screaming when the first blows struck her naked bottom. She had imagined that Lady Samantha would use the full force of her arm to deliver strokes with the crop!

Instead, the strokes stung, but were not painful!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Davinia knelt in silence, as Lady Samantha circled her, never striking the same place twice!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

She grasped the chain between her teeth in muted silence.

“Do you think that Davinia might actually come to enjoy the lash?” Lady Samantha asked.

“She might, if eased into discipline gradually. Remember the frog,” said Sir Ian.

“Yes, the frog.”

Snick! Snick! Snick!

With her bottom exposed, her legs spread, and her nipples clamped, Davinia wondered why her captors were talking about a frog!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

The last series of strokes were delivered with more force than before, but they were still not painful. Yet.

Davinia felt vulnerable and bare, everything that was supposed to be private was now available to her captors.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

“Owwwww!” Davinia cried while still keeping the chain in her mouth.

“Silence, slut!” commanded Lady Samantha.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Lady Samantha delivered one set of strokes to Davinia’s hanging breasts, making tears fall from her eyes!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

When the crop found its way onto her pussy, Davinia squirmed in discomfort. How could she possibly remain on the footstool when her womanhood was under assault?

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Davinia wanted to do nothing more than to get to her feet and make a run for the door! But she knew the door was locked, there was no possible means of escape, and that she would be horribly punished some way if she made a break for it! So she remained on her hands and knees, cried, and endured the crop!

“She’s a real find,” Lady Samantha commented, “such control!”

“Thank you.”

“Whatever gave you the idea of kidnapping her?”

“She chained herself to a fence outside an oil distribution depot. After that protest, I decided that she should wear chains for real.”

“Why Ian! You’re a true bondage connoisseur!” Lady Samantha laughed.

Davinia did not feel like laughing as her ordeal continued! Naked girls weren’t meant to endure the riding crop!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Just when Davinia thought that she could endure no more, her ordeal stopped!

“Sit up on your knees,” Lady Samantha ordered.

Glad that her cropping was over, Davinia did as she was instructed. Lady Samantha tugged at the chain between her teeth.


“Thank you, Mistress!” said Davinia when the chain was removed from her mouth.

“You’re welcome, dear. Now hold still!”

“Owwwww!” Davinia cried when one nipple clamp, and then the other, was removed from her breasts!

“I told you they would hurt,” cautioned Lady Samantha, advising Davinia after what she had endured like she had suggested a new brand of mouthwash.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Davinia cried, her nipples hurting after the agony that she had endured.

“You’re welcome, Davinia. Did you enjoy your cropping?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Your naked body is just covered in red stripes, darling! If you weren’t our captive, I’d say that swimming is out of the question,” Lady Samantha advised.

Going swimming was the last thing that Davinia was thinking about now? What next would these two fiends do to her next?

Lady Samantha walked to the wall and exchanged the riding crop for a cane, and Davinia cringed! She had watched as Lady Samantha had beaten Erin, would her turn be next?

“Curious about the cane?” Lady Samantha asked.

“No, Mistress,” Davinia replied.

“Kiss it, then on all fours again!” Lady Samantha ordered.

Davinia did as she was instructed, and feared for the worst as she assumed the position on the footstool.

Her session with the crop had not been so bad; so perhaps Lady Samantha would show her some mercy with the cane!

But no!

The first few strokes with the cane were like a line of fire against her punished skin!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Her bottom, her thighs; even the soles of her feet now endured harsh and unyielding strokes with the cane!

“Owwwwwww!” Davinia cried.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Please, please!” Davinia cried.

“Why Ian, do you think that Davinia is asking for more strokes with the cane?” Lady Samantha asked.

“Why don’t you find out,” Sir Ian replied.

“Do you want more strokes with the cane, Davinia? Is that what you’re asking for?”

“No, Mistress! Please, no girl can endure this!”

“If I complete your punishment with the cane, I can promise you pleasure afterwards. However, if you don’t let me finish with the cane, perhaps you’ll be flogged instead. And that will be very nasty indeed!” Lady Samantha cautioned.

“Yes, Mistress,” Davinia tearfully replied.

“Do you want me to continue with the cane?” asked Lady Samantha.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“That’s good!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia’s naked body endured the punishment, and tears fell down her cheeks. She regretted ever hearing the name of Sir Ian!

Finally it stopped! Lady Samantha presented the cane to Davinia’s lips, and she kissed it eagerly.

“Thank you, Mistress, for the punishment that I have received!”

“You’re welcome, dear. I hope that you can appreciate that I didn’t cane you nearly as hard or as long as Erin. That will have to wait for after you’ve been trained.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Davinia tearfully replied.

“I promised you pleasure, didn’t I?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“When you’re a slave you’ll learn that we control your body completely. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And that there is a fine line between pleasure and pain.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Excellent, you’re a natural, my dear. Now you may walk over to the cage, where your next trial awaits!”

Davinia did as she was instructed, while Lady Samantha walked to the wall rack and exchanged the cane for what looked like a leather harness, but different from the one she had worn before!

“Stand still, Davinia, and open your legs!” Lady Samantha ordered.

Davinia stood in silence as a belt was buckled tightly around her waist. But when a leather crosspiece was drawn through her legs from front to back, Davinia realized there was a rubber shaft intended for her sex!

She squealed as the shaft penetrated her womanhood, violating her in a way that a real cock did not!

Then the leather was secured at her back, and she watched as Lady Samantha secured the harness with a series of little locks! There was no way that Davinia could relieve herself of the harness!

“You look quite stylish, Davinia. The harness becomes you. Now take a few steps.”

Gingerly, Davinia took a few steps as ordered. It didn’t take long for her to realize that this was a new form of torment! The rubber shaft inside her, combined with her punishment, soon had her in the throes of an orgasm!

“Oooooooh!” Davinia moaned.

“I told you that I could deliver both pleasure and pain,” said Lady Samantha.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now get in your cage, and be a good girl!”

Davinia did as she was instructed, and found the floor of the cage was padded. Lady Samantha closed and locked the door, and Davinia tested the wooden bars without effect.

“Quite poignant, don’t you agree, Ian?

“Very much so.”

“You can pull at the harness all you want, you’re locked into it until released,” said Lady Samantha.

“Yes, Mistress,” Davinia replied.

Davinia struggled to find a position of comfort with the shaft inside her.

It was then that Lady Samantha produced another remote control and hit the switch!

The rubber shaft moved inside Davinia, inducing her to a new round of sexual torment!

“Oooooooh!” cried Davinia in orgasm!

“Enjoying yourself, my dear?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Davinia cried.

“Much better than being flogged, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I’ve set it to go off at random intervals. Do have a nice afternoon, dear. Sir Ian and I have some business to discuss over lunch, and you’re not invited. I’m sure that your new rubber friend will keep you occupied, my dear!”

When the Dayroom door closed behind Lady Samantha and Sir Ian the dildo inside Erin again went off, leading her to another orgasm!

Davinia cried and threw herself against the wooden bars, trying to reach for the lock that held her in the wooden cage, next her fingers tore at the locks holding the harness in her loins.

For Davinia, pain and pleasure were now one and the same!

Davinia had never believed that there was such a thing as Erotic Agony before; but now she was a true prisoner of it! The rubber dildo locked inside her pussy was more than just a piece of rubber, no it was far more fiendish than she could ever have imagined!

Not only did the thing vibrate, but it even moved around within her sex! As if the shaft wasn’t enough it even possessed a clit stimulator; that brought Davinia to even greater heights of Erotic Arousal!

The cycle would begin with a buzzing from between her legs; and the thing would begin to circle within her. Then her clit would be stimulated; and Davinia would be forced to climax again and again!

Then it would shut down for a few minutes, and Davinia had no way of counting the passage of time; and the cycle would begin again!

Sweat ran down her armpits and between her breasts; and she had tried repeatedly without effect to remove the horrid thing from between her loins. But it was locked inside by leather and steel; the same things that made up her collar and bracelets!

Davinia was a prisoner, and there was no escape! She could see the stripes the cane had left on the side of her bum; and rubbed them to ease the pain.

Lady Samantha had used the crop and cane quite skillfully on Davinia! She had not been severely hurt; as Erin had been before; but they had the effect of sexually charging her up for what would be her next ordeal!

In her office; one of her co-workers was always bringing in book and magazine articles about sex. Davinia had frowned on this, saying she should be concentrating on pollution.

Now Davinia wished she had paid more attention to sex, rather than to Oil.

Somewhere she had heard that in submission a woman would associate pleasure and pain! Davinia didn’t have to be a genius to realize that was what Lady Samantha was going to do to her!

Davinia pulled at her collar and wrist bracelets; the visible signs of her slavery to Sir Ian. Soon, she would be tattooed and ringed like Erin.

Finally, the door opened to reveal Yvette; who was still attired in her Black Latex Maid’s uniform; and corset around her waist.

“Please,” Davinia begged, “shut this thing off and remove me from this harness, please!”

It was then that the cycle started all over again, reducing Davinia to moaning and tears as the evil device brought Davinia another unwanted orgasm!

“Oui, Mademoiselle!” Yvette answered.

Davinia watched with relief as Yvette shut off the remote control that Lady Samantha had left on her throne. Then, possessing the keys, she unlocked Davinia from the hated harness!

Davinia moaned when the shaft was removed from between her legs; and didn’t protest when Yvette pressed the thing to her lips.

She didn’t need to be told to clean her juices from the rubber cock that had so recently been locked inside her! So she took the shaft between her lips, and sucked and cleaned the latex cock that had given her so much agony!

“Mademoiselle is learning, no?” Yvette asked.

“Yes, Mademoiselle is learning,” Davinia replied.

Shakily, Davinia was helped to her feet and walked with Yvette as she replaced the harness on the wall, where it would wait for its next victim!

Next, she was taken to the bathroom where she was relieved of her bracelets and allowed to take a quick shower. Once she was dried off; she was again locked in her cell with Erin, who was asleep.

There was a tray containing a small meal of white turkey; French Bread; a small salad; and a half bottle of White Wine.

Davinia ate her meal in silence, trying not to disturb her companion. She looked at Erin’s stripes; remembering the screams that Erin had made while they were being placed on her body. Was this same fate now awaiting her?

After Davinia finished her meal she crept into the cot with Erin, and fell into a deep sleep. All she could dream of was the cane; and the dildo!

“How did you sleep?” Erin asked.

“Okay, I guess,” Davinia answered, “what time is it?”

“Who knows? Probably early evening, since our session with Sir Ian and Lady Samantha happened during the day.”

“After Yvette took you away, what happened?”

“She soothed my wounds, gave me a bath, and fed me. She probably gave me something to sleep. You?”

“Lady Samantha had me on the footstool, same as you. I was cropped, then caned, but not as hard as you. At one point I begged her to stop; so she suggested the flogger. I chose to continue with the cane after she promised me both pain and pleasure.”

“What happened next?”

“After the cane she locked me into this dildo harness that was battery powered and electronic! First she set it off manually, then set it on automatic! Meanwhile I was locked in the wooden cage! She left me there for what seemed like hours!”

“I’ve had that little toy also locked inside me,” said Erin.

“Lady Samantha beat you pretty hard, didn’t she?” Davinia asked.

“My beating was for your benefit,” Erin replied.

“I don’t understand.”

“They wanted to show that their power over us is absolute, so what better way than to give me a severe beating.”

“Didn’t it hurt?”

“Of course it hurt, just look at my stripes! I’ve been used this badly before, and I’ll recover. It’s amazing what a girl can get used to!”

“Is this what I can look forward to?”

“Yes,” Erin said bluntly, “now that Lady Samantha is here, you’ll get marked and ringed quickly. She really enjoys seeing girls enslaved!”

“Do you think they’ll want us again tonight?” Davinia asked.

“Perhaps, but it’s nothing that we have any control over,” Erin replied.

“I always thought that Sir Ian was a shady figure, but I never imagined that he dealt in slave girls!” Davinia exclaimed.

“Just ripping off foreign countries; and polluting the Earth, right?”

“Yes,” Davinia answered.

“I used to work illegally in America, by the way! It seems like everyone owns a car there, and they keep gasoline so cheap. Now we know the true cost of oil!”

It was then that the door opened, and Yvette entered, carrying a leash and some chains.

“Sir Ian requests your presence in the dining room, Mademoiselles!”

Davinia now saw another part of Sir Ian’s domain. Besides the rooms for her slavery, here was a modest dining room!

Sir Ian and Lady Samantha were already seated at the table, and Dinner had already been served!

Davinia and Erin were chained together back into a coffle, with Yvette holding their leash! All three of them entered the Dining Room, single file!

“Your Dinner guests, as ordered, Sir Ian!” said Yvette.

“Thank you, my dear. You know what to do!”

Sir Ian was wearing a blue Dinner Jacket, tie and trousers, and Gucci loafers. Lady Samantha was wearing a designer dress from Lady Dior!

Outside, in the African heat, the temperature was like a blast furnace. But here, in this secret cocoon, it was like a little piece of Europe!

Davinia stole a glance at their table, where a modest sized Roast Beef resided. Her mouth watered as she smelled the aroma of the meal!

However, neither Davinia nor Erin was going to join Sir Ian and Samantha for dinner! Erin was released from her chains, and made to kneel on the floor next to Lady Samantha. Similarly, Davinia was made to kneel next to Sir Ian.

The sole provision for their comfort was a pillow for their knees on the hard wooden floor! They knelt, naked, bound with their hands behind their backs in silence, as their two hosts ate a fine dinner!

Davinia’s stomach rumbled with hunger as she watched Sir Ian and Lady Samantha eat, seemingly without taking any notice of their presence on the floor!

“I was just on the phone with our lobbyist in Washington, who told me that yesterday our Senator inserted a special tax provision into a Bill that had nothing to do with Oil. In essence, they will be paying US to drill!”

“Why Ian, you sly old fox!” Lady Samantha complimented her host.

“I understand he made a rousing speech about defending free enterprise,” laughed Sir Ian.

“Is he one of those Family Values Americans?” Lady Samantha asked.

“I believe so!”

“I suppose then he isn’t in on the great secret, is he?”

“No, just campaign contributions. Let him think that he is defending capitalism, meanwhile his work allows us to keep slave girls!”

Davinia burned with anger. She had been to America, and had tried to convince them of Sir Ian’s perfidy. But she had been ignored!

Never had she considered what she now knew of his true evil.

“Cheers,” said Ian as he raised his glass of red wine.

“Cheers,” seconded Lady Samantha.

It was then that Sir Ian cut off a piece of Roast Beef, and with his fingers, offered a piece to Davinia.

“Hungry?” asked Sir Ian.

“Yes, Master!”

“Then eat, or perhaps you won’t be given another chance tonight!”

Again, Davinia was humiliated! Stripped of her clothes, bound in chains, punished, now she was being fed like a pet! With her stomach grumbling from hunger, she swallowed her pride and remembered what Erin had told her: ‘We’re property, the sooner you accept that, the better.’

“Thank you, Master!” Davinia replied.

Davinia took the piece of Roast Beef in her mouth, letting the juices run down her chin, and hoped that Sir Ian would offer her more!”

Erin received the same offer, and Davinia watched as Lady Samantha fed her female slave.

After receiving a few pieces from Sir Ian’s fingers, her feeding stopped as Sir Ian humiliated her once again!

He prepared a small dish with meat and potatoes, and placed it on the floor in front of Davinia. She would now be forced to eat like a pet! He then placed a dish with some red wine on the floor as well.

“You may eat, Davinia!” Sir Ian ordered.

“Thank you, Master!”

“You’re welcome, my dear!”

Davinia lapped at the red wine, then carefully ate from the dish in front of her. She had never been so disgraced in her entire life! Even though they had stopped throbbing hours ago, she still felt the stripes the cane had left!

That was now her lot in life!

Once the Dinner dishes were removed after the meal, Davinia fully expected another session in the Dayroom. Instead, still kneeling on the floor, Yvette had removed their dishes and wiped their faces with a damp cloth.

It was time for Brandy and Cigars, and both Sir Ian and Lady Samantha indulged themselves fully.

“These are the best Cuban Cigars,” complimented Lady Samantha.

“What I really want to get at is that Deep Water Cuban Oil. But until the Americans lift their Embargo, it’s totally off limits.”

“Why not just establish a special subsidiary company to get around that?” Lady Samantha asked.

“It would be too obvious, even for the Americans. Only a handful of companies worldwide have the technology, and just placing a new logo on our rigs would be a subterfuge that would be easily discovered.”

“I’m sure that economic pressures will eventually force a change,” suggested Lady Samantha.

“Perhaps, but that will be for the future,” said Sir Ian, “now what do we do with our guests?”

“What do you have in mind?” asked Lady Samantha.

“I’m not in the mood for either the Dayroom or the Dungeon, but how about a spanking in the Library!”

“Excellent idea!” agreed Lady Samantha, “besides, I can deliver a spanking in my designer dress, so I don’t have to get into my Domme outfit!”


Adjoining the Library was a English Library; except this one had bulletproof glass and bars on the windows! There was a desk, shelves full of books, a couch, a liquor cabinet, and a rack with crops, paddles, and other assorted gear that Davinia was coming to expect!

After leading Davinia into the Library by the “D” Ring on her collar Sir Ian sat on the couch, and without ceremony, placed Davinia over his knees!

“Have you been spanked, Davinia?” Sir Ian asked.

“No, Master.”

“A boyfriend never placed you over his knees and reddened your backside?”

“No, Master. We always discussed sex first in a rational way, and our lovemaking was that of equals.”

“How very boring indeed!”

“Yes, Master.”

“Are you wet?” asked Sir Ian.

“I......I don’t know, Sir Ian!” Davinia replied.

Davinia now submitted to the indignity of having her legs parted and Sir Ian casually fondling her sex!

“Ooooooh!” Davinia moaned.

“That’s a good girl, once you’ve been trained just the hint of being punished will make you wet with desire! For after you’ve been punished, you’ll get a cock in one or all of your holes. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Davinia fearfully answered.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

With the flat of his palm, Sir Ian began his spanking of Davinia! Her bottom already bore the stripes of the cane where Lady Samantha had used her earlier that day!

Now, again she was being used by her Master! Her feeding like a pet had been bad enough, but now she was being spanked!

While this was occurring, Lady Samantha had seated herself in a chair and had made Erin kneel again in front of her! She had pulled up her Dior dress, revealing that she wore no panties, and was having Erin eat her pussy!

“That’s good, my dear,” said Lady Samantha, “you know what to do!”

Lady Samantha moaned her thanks for Erin’s attentions!

Davinia’s hands were still locked behind her back, so she had no way of defending her bottom or her sex! Bent over Sir Ian’s knees, she was totally helpless as her bottom was subject to a firm spanking!

She glanced to the side of the couch, and saw that Sir Ian had placed a leather coated paddle between the cushion and the armrest! He had planned in advance what his next form of her torment would be!

“Enjoying yourself, Davinia?”

“Yes, Master!” Davinia replied, in fear!

Had she answered in the negative, Davinia thought that she might be whipped or worse! She remembered Erin’s words again: she had no choice; that was taken from them!

Once her bottom was reddened, Sir Ian paused. Davinia was glad for the respite; and she watched as Erin’s tongue drove Lady Samantha to one climax after another!

Nor was Lady Samantha far from an instrument either, because hanging from her chair was a riding crop!

“Oooooooh!” moaned Lady Samantha, in the throes of orgasm.

Never in her entire life had Davinia imagined that she could be a captive in this situation! She was a University Graduate; not a local tart!

But with the leather collar locked around her neck; she was now lower than a tart! She was a slave who had to obey her Master’s orders, or else risk punishment!

“Have you ever been paddled?” asked Sir Ian.

“No, Master!” Davinia replied.

She had never been paddled, nor had she been whipped, cropped, or caned either! Until she had been kidnapped by Sir Ian she had led a perfectly normal English life!

“Kiss the paddle,” he said, offering it to her lips.

It was then that Davinia finally noticed that through his trousers, Sir Ian’s cock was rock hard! She had watched in the Dayroom as Erin had sucked off his massive tool, and now she was inches away from the same weapon!

“Hesitating my dear, or is there something else you’d like to try, like my cock?”

“I......” Davinia began.

“So far you’ve only had my fingers and a rubber dildo between your legs, Davinia. But a girl has three orifices, and maybe it’s time you learn what true servitude means!”

Davinia then found herself on her knees on the carpeted Library floor between Sir Ian’s opened legs! He unzipped his trousers, and his massive cock sprang out directly in front of Davinia’s face!

“No funny business, my dear. Or else you will pay a terrible price!” Sir Ian threatened.

“Yes, Master!”

“Ever suck a cock before?”

“No, Master. But I watched Erin earlier today,” Davinia replied.

“Erin has learned that you must satisfy both men and women; since you could be owned by either. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Then proceed, there’s nothing like the first time. And if you falter, there’s always the riding crop!”

At a party years ago, Davinia had heard the joke about the English Prostitute who wore rubber gloves during sex. Asked why, she answered “so I don’t have to touch the bloody thing.”

Davinia now faced the thing squarely, and opened her mouth and took Sir Ian’s rigid tool into her mouth!

She tasted the salty tang of his sweat, the scent of the soap he used, and her nose was pushed against his pubic hair! Sir Ian began to gently thrust his shaft into her mouth, pushing it gradually deeper into her throat.

“Ever watch American Porn, Davinia? The Americans aren’t quite so squeamish about showing blowjobs as are the nannies who want to censor everything we see in Britain! That’s the good thing about the Colonies!”

Was there to be no end to her debasement, Davinia thought! Now it was her mouth that was being used! How long before he would want to place his cock in her bottom and open her up there?

Davinia detached her mind from the job at hand. She concentrated on the distasteful task before her, and sucked and slurped away on Sir Ian’s cock as if she had been performing the task all her life!

“That’s excellent, my dear, you’re learning!” complimented Sir Ian.

Davinia reflected on the fact that even if she delivered a great performance with her mouth, she would still be disciplined as part of her training. What Erin had said was true, she no longer owned her body, that she was now property!

She sucked and sucked, taking his hard shaft into her mouth, as Sir Ian thrust it between her cheeks and deeper into her throat! Davinia tasted his pre-come; and was glad when he showed that he was in the throes of orgasm!

Davinia feared that he might pull out of her mouth, denying her the fruits of her labors. But instead, suddenly his cock pulsed, and her mouth was full of his cream!

She struggled to swallow his salty come, and some managed to dribble out of her mouth and down her throat. Davinia had watched as Erin had been punished for allowing that to happen when she had been servicing Sir Ian earlier in the Dayroom.

“That’s good,” complimented Sir Ian, “like everything else in life, you’ve got to be trained.”

Spent, Sir Ian removed his cock from Davinia’s mouth, limp it looked quite different that it had been before!

“You’ve got to clean my cock with your mouth before I place it back in my trousers, Davinia. In time, you’ll learn that and many other things,” explained Sir Ian.

“Yes, Master,” said Davinia.

Again she took his tool in her mouth, and cleaned his come with her tongue. She sucked as hard as she could, fearing that if his rod was not clean, she would receive the paddle or the crop!

Davinia felt like the cheapest London Tart as she cleaned Sir Ian’s cock! When she was finished, she pulled back.

“Good job, Davinia.”

“Thank you, Master,” Davinia replied.

“Are you attracted to women?” Sir Ian asked.

“My first experience was with Erin yesterday, Master.”

“I’m sure that Lady Samantha and her riding crop will teach you Sapphic love,” said Sir Ian.

“Yes, Master.”

Davinia looked to the chair where Erin had been eating Lady Samantha’s pussy. For her performance, now Lady Samantha was holding a leather paddle and Erin was over her knees.

She knew that she would be in the same position herself with Lady Samantha. It was only a matter of time!


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