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Chapter 1 - Jungle Odyssey

“I Sell Here, Sir, What All The World Desires to Have -- Power” Matthew Boulton to Boswell, 1776

It was while she was being driven to her rendezvous with her contact that Davinia Gordon suddenly realized that this had not been a very good idea after all.

She had received a phone call in London from her contact who had been supplying her with information about her nemesis, Sir Ian Sinclair and his infamous oil company. He told her that he had something really big, and that she had to come to the African nation of Katanga, to the Oomri Region, to get it.

For years he had been sending her precious information about Sir Ian, and though the last two pieces of info hadn’t worked out, she figured that it was worth a trip to Africa to finally get something really big on Sir Ian; whom she had made a career of opposing.

All of her friends were away at a conference in America, and not due back soon. She had not been able to consult with them about the trip.

So she had made the arrangements herself, and would travel to one of the most corrupt, dangerous places on the planet by herself!

She fantasized that when she returned to London with the damaging info on Sir Ian, she’d be regarded as a heroine who risked her life for the environmental movement to get something on Sir Ian.

But now, in the bush, far from the Katangan capital she had flown into, with night coming on, she finally realized just how much jeopardy she had placed herself in. It was one thing to be nice and safe in London, but here in the bush, she swore she could hear machine gun fire!

“Do you hear guns?” Davinia asked the driver.

“Much trouble here,” the black African driver answered, “Communists, bandits. Not safe!”

“Thank you. Is it far?”

“No, not far!”

They drove through the deepening gloom ever deeper into the jungle, and the sounds of monkeys alternated with small arms fire!

Davinia resolved that if she got out of this alive, she’d never set foot in Katanga again. Sweat from the tropical heat and humidity poured off her, and her discomfort was compounded by the insect repellent she had sprayed all over herself.

As a child she had read of the stories of the British in Africa, braving the natives and disease to explore the jungle. The search for the source of the Nile, the conquest of the Zulus.

It was hard to believe they had done it on foot, susceptible to disease and other horrors!

Suddenly the jeep stopped, and she looked at the driver.

“What’s wrong?” Davinia asked.

“Listen,” he answered.

Try as she might, Davinia didn’t hear anything except for the sounds of the jungle. When she turned to face the driver, she knew that she had been betrayed.

She was facing a dart gun like on spy shows, and she heard a “pfft” as a dart was fired into her neck. Davinia quickly pulled it out, tried to say something, and slumped into her seat, unconscious.

When Davinia awoke, her eyes were dazzled by brilliant sunshine streaming in from the windows. She was lying on her back, and she rubbed her eyes to clear them of the cobwebs of enforced sleep. It was then that she realized that she was totally naked!

Her bush clothing, her boots, even her bra and knickers, were all gone! Then her hands flew to her neck, and she found that she was wearing a leather collar. Sitting up, she found that she was chained to a ringbolt set in the floor!

Then she noticed that there were two English newspapers next to her. Both the Guardian and the Sun had the story of her disappearance in Africa on the front page!

Two whole days had elapsed! She had been unconscious for all that time. Who had kidnapped her, and why?

Her throat was parched, and next to the papers was a cold bottle of her favorite brand of water. Was this a coincidence, or did her abductor know everything about her?

She opened the bottle and drank slowly, looking at the rest of the room.

There was a raised dais, with two impressive wooden chairs that could double for a throne against the wooden paneled wall.

But it was the far wall that held the real terror! From a metal rack hung a selection of whips; riding crops; canes; straps; gags; and all the other things that could be found in any S&M shop or London Dungeon!

“Hello!” Davinia cried, her voice echoing off the expensive wooden paneling, “hello!”

With the chain around her neck, Davinia wasn’t going anywhere! Try as she might, naked female flesh was no match for the leather and steel holding her prisoner. Her fingers tried to loosen the collar around her neck to no avail.

One of the walls was covered in a floor to ceiling mirror, and naked Davinia watched her futile efforts to free herself of her collar.

Davinia got to her feet and looked at herself in the mirror. She was 29 years old, with black hair and eyes, modest breasts, a small waist, and a tight bum.

The chain holding her collar to the ringbolt on the floor was about six feet long, just enough to allow her to stand up, but not enough for any real movement.

Again, standing on her feet she pulled without effect on the chain holding her to the floor. Her muscles were visible inside her arms as she put all her strength into pulling on the chain, but it was no use!

She sat back down on the wooden floor to wait. There simply wasn’t anything else to do!

Someone had gone to great effort to bring her here, and Davinia had a pretty good idea of who that was. However, until he presented himself she wasn’t going anywhere!

Davinia watched the Sun slowly transit, and the rays marked the passage of time.

She both wanted and dreaded her captor to appear! Here she was, naked in a room just filled with toys any Dominant would find useful.

There was only one door in the room, and when it opened Davinia gasped at what she saw, her hand flying to her mouth in surprise!

A totally naked girl exited the door first, and Davinia saw that her name - Erin - had been tattooed over her left breast! She was wearing a collar around her neck, leather bracelets on her ankles and a hobble chain between them that limited her movements, and four inch black high heels. Her hands were linked behind her back and not visible.

Again, Davinia gasped in shock. For walking right behind Erin was her nemesis, Sir Ian Sinclair, holding a leash attached to Erin’s leather collar!

Erin was a beautiful black haired girl in her twenties, Davinia guessed, about five feet six inches with modest breasts, a flat belly, and superbly shaped legs. She was a truly attractive girl indeed.

Besides the tattoo above her left breast Davinia saw that she had some kind of medallion hanging from her sex that clinked with every step, just like the links hobbling her ankles.

But that wasn’t all, since she had clearly been whipped and recently, and Davinia clearly saw the marks on her naked flesh!

Sir Ian closed the door behind him, and he led Erin into the room, her chains sounding her every step. He then led her past Davinia on the floor, and they ascended the dais. Sir Ian sat down on the throne, and bade his companion to kneel before him. She knelt on the bare polished wood, with Sir Ian holding her leash.

“Hello, Davinia,” said Sir Ian in greeting.

“What’s going here, Sir Ian! I demand to be released!” Davinia shouted.

“I thought that you were always a polite adversary in London, Davinia. Not even a proper hello for your host?” Sir Ian replied.

Sir Ian Sinclair at 45 was one of the richest and most powerful men in the world. His family had owned the company for decades; and he kept company with the City; Wall Street; and governments around the world.

He was thin, but muscled, his finely chiseled features, piercing black eyes, mane of black hair, all served to make him very attractive indeed. Last winter, the papers had been full of stories about his skiing at St Moritz in Switzerland. He was every bit as good looking in person, thought Davinia.

“Do you like your accommodations?” Sir Ian asked innocently.

“Where am I?” Davinia demanded.

“In my special chateau for young ladies like yourself, my dear.”

“What do you mean ‘special chateau?’” Davinia asked, not liking the sound of his voice.

“I’ve constructed a special place to keep young ladies like you captive. It’s quite nice, really. This sunny playroom, a jail cell for you to sleep in, a bathroom for your needs, and a place for someone to stay to take care of you.”

“Release me immediately! I demand it!” Davinia shouted.

“I’m afraid you’re not in a position to demand anything, my dear Davinia. Not after all the trouble I took to bring you here.”

“Why have I been kidnapped?” Davinia shouted.

“To be my slave.”

“You must be mad, release me at once!”

“How very English you are, Davinia. Just look all around you, it should be obvious that you’re not going anywhere. I’ve even brought another of my slaves, Erin, to assist me in your transition,” said Sir Ian.

“Transition into what?”

“Why, another of my slave girls.”

“You’re bonkers, nobody keeps slaves any more,” Davinia answered, “though the fetish crowd in London likes to pretend that they do.”

“What do you know about them?”

“I had a girl friend who was collared to her fiancé. He spanked and paddled her every weekend and she obeyed his commands. I always thought it was a game.”

“This will not be a game, Davinia. This is deadly serious. One thing you never learned about me in your foolish crusade was that I keep slave girls for a hobby, of which Erin here is just one of my stable. You will now be my newest acquisition,” he said coldly and with authority.


“How defiant you sound, just like Nelson!” observed Sir Ian.

“If you let me go, I promise I won’t go to the police,” Davinia offered.

“Really my dear, do you take me for a fool?” Sir Ian asked.

“I’ll give you money, everything I have.”

“The twenty thousand pounds you have in the bank I make every second,” stated Sir Ian.

“I’ll give you anything!” Davinia plead.

“I’ve already got what I want - you!” Sir Ian laughed.

“You’re mad!”

“Insults won’t get you anywhere,” said Sir Ian.

“What do you intend to do with me?” Davinia asked.

“You’re going to trained as my slave girl, just like Erin here. Enough talk, Davinia, this isn’t the debating society in Oxford. Now we can do this in civilized fashion, or not so civilized. It’s your choice how you behave. Erin, you may prepare her!”

Sir Ian then removed the leash attached to Erin’s collar, and Erin spun around so that he could release her hands from behind her back.

“Thank you, Master,” were Erin’s first words.

“You’re welcome, you know what to do,” Sir Ian commanded.

“Yes, Sir!”

Erin got shakily to her feet, and stepping carefully because of her hobbled ankles, descended the one step from the dais.

“Erin, why don’t you show our guest your medallion, please, I’m sure that she wants to see it,” ordered Sir Ian.

“Yes, Master,” Erin replied.

Erin walked over to where Davinia sat on the floor, and opened her legs (as much as the hobble chain would allow) to display the medallion to Davinia.

Davinia looked up to see that the flesh of Erin’s outer labia was pierced, and a metal ring hung in the hole. There were a few small links to the medallion, and when Davinia held in in her hand she saw depicted on one side were two crossed riding crops; and the other read “Property of Sir Ian.”

Davinia gasped in shock!

“You see, my dear, Erin truly belongs to me,” Sir Ian said in deadly seriousness.

Erin stepped back from Davinia and walked carefully, the ankle chains jingling with each step, over to the rack on the wall. Her heels clicked on the wooden floor echoing through the brightly sunlit room of torment! She removed a metal serving platter, and next placed four open leather objects that Davinia guessed were the same that Erin wore on her wrists and ankles. Then Erin removed two bars about twenty inches long, and finally, a coiled black leather whip joined the other objects on the metal tray!

Davinia watched as Erin slowly made her way over to her, and stayed just out of reach so that Davinia couldn’t reach her!

“Davinia, Erin is going to pass you what are called bondage bracelets. I want you to lock them on your wrists and ankles. This is my first command to you, so you must obey. Else suffer the consequences,” said Sir Ian.

“Why, are you going to whip me?” asked Davinia.

“Yes,” Sir Ian answered, matter-of-factly.

“You must be joking!”

“Erin, turn around and show Davinia your bottom,” Sir Ian ordered.

Erin turned on her heels, and Davinia gasped when she saw the stripes on her naked bum!

“Do you believe me now?” Sir Ian asked.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Silence, and do as you’re told! Erin, pass Davinia an ankle bracelet, and let’s see if she can obey orders!”

Erin removed an open bracelet from the tray, and tossed it gently to Davinia, who caught it in her hands.

“You don’t seriously expect me to put myself in bondage, do you?” said Davinia.

“I’m always serious when it comes to naked girls,” Sir Ian answered.

“Then take this!” said Davinia as she tossed the bracelet at Sir Ian, and it landed on the floor next to his feet.

“Oh dear, how very predictable,” said Sir Ian as he rose to his feet, and picked up the bracelet from the floor.

He walked deliberately over to Erin, and she handed him the coiled whip without having been ordered.

“This is your last chance, Davinia. Obey, or else!”


Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia screamed when the whip struck her unprotected thigh the first time, but when the whip struck her pussy and bottom quickly thereafter, she cried out in pain.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia tried to shield herself from the blows of the whip, but when they struck her breasts she screamed, and curled herself into a ball on the floor.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Three whip strokes landed on her naked bottom, and Davinia howled in pain. Tears ran down her cheeks, as there nothing she could do to protect herself.

“Do you want more?” asked Sir Ian.

“No, sir!” Davinia cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“That’s better, it’s amazing what a taste of the whip can do to change a girl’s attitude. Now, Erin, let’s see if Davinia here is more cooperative.”

“Yes, sir!”

Erin then passed her the same bracelet as before, except this time, after rubbing her hurting flesh, she locked the thing around her right ankle! Soon her left ankle was similarly confined, and her wrists as well!

Once they had been locked, the first thing that Davinia did was to try and pull them open! But once secured, nothing but the key would free her from the leather prison that she had locked upon herself!

The bracelets were simple, really. Multiple pieces of sewed leather, with an internal lock; and metal rings in the shape of the letter “D”.

Simple, but effective! There was no escape from their embrace!

Erin then placed then removed the two bars, and placed the tray on the floor. She approached Davinia, and handed her one of the bars.

There were snap rings at the end of the bar, and Davinia locked it to her ankle bracelets, opening her legs. The next bar she locked on her wrists as well.

“Very good, Davinia, it just goes to show that a little leather persuasion can go a long way.”

Sir Ian removed a remote control from his pocket, and Davinia watched as a chain descended from the ceiling!

“What are you going to do now?” Davinia asked in fear.

“Why, hang you from the ceiling, of course. And then you’ll be whipped!”

Producing a key from his pocket, Sir Ian unlocked the chain attached to Davinia’s collar, which he let slip to the floor! Davinia had exchanged one form of confinement for another!

Sir Ian pulled Davinia to her feet, and locked the ceiling chain to the bar holding her wrists! Touching the remote control, the motor began to pull the chain taut!

Davinia felt herself being lifted, but Sir Ian stopped it just so her toes could barely touch the floor. Her naked body was now totally vulnerable, and exposed, her female form taut from being suspended!

“There now, Davinia, that wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

“Don’t whip me, please?” begged Davinia.

“What a change in attitude, and you haven’t even been whipped yet,” commented Sir Ian.

“Please, I’ll be a good girl!”

Sir Ian reached out and played with her breasts, noting the single stripe that her had just placed on her virgin flesh. Then he pinched her nipples, where were already hard with excitement.

“Are you wet?” asked Sir Ian.


“I said, are you wet?”

“I……I don’t know,” Davinia stuttered.

Her naked body helpless and taut, Davinia could do nothing as Sir Ian’s index and forefinger invaded her sex, and began to thrust and withdraw inside her!

Aroused, Davinia could do nothing! How own body was betraying her!

Sir Ian withdrew his fingers before Davinia could get even near coming, and soon he pushed his fingers, wet with her secretions, into her mouth!

“Clean your fluids off my fingers, slut!”

Davinia had no choice but to obey, and she tasted herself!

She again felt her breasts being weighed and pinched by Sir Ian. Helpless, all she could do was wait for whatever was going to happen next!

The whip’s handle was offered to her lips, and she did not need to be told to kiss it!

“Thank me for the punishment you are about to receive,” ordered Sir Ian.

“Thank you, Master, for my first punishment.”

“Very good, Davinia. You’re learning!”

Davinia watched in slow motion as Sir Ian drew his left hand back, the whip trailing on the floor, and then her flung it at her naked flesh.

Terrified, Davinia screamed, but the whip delivered only a light tap!

“The whip can be both gentle or truly painful, Davinia. I can use it any way that I want!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwwwww!” Davinia cried.

Crack! Crack! Crack!


Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia had never imagined that pain like this was possible! She hung naked, her body helpless and exposed in the shape of an “X”; totally defenseless against the sting of the whip!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Tears ran down her cheeks! There was simply no stopping the whip!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Please, please, stop!” cried Davinia.

Sir Ian was skilled with the whip! It had struck her breasts; her sensitive underarms; her bottom; and her thighs and sex!

Davinia never imagined such agony as Sir Ian striped her with the whip! She glanced at herself in the mirror, and was shocked at what she saw! Her beautiful body, naked, her toes straining for the floor, and red stripes as evidence of the agony that she was enduring!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwwww!” Davinia howled.

It was then that Sir Ian suddenly stopped, and coiled the whip in his hands. Had Davinia’s ordeal stopped?

He walked back to his chair, and sat down, admiring his handiwork.

“There now, Davinia, how do you feel?”


“But we’re just getting started, Davinia. I’ve waited years to get you into this position. Feeding you that information for years, channeling your investigations of me. Deciding what I wanted you to know about my operations.”

“It was you that was my source of information?” Davinia answered, shock in her voice.

“Of course, my dear. You only learned what I wanted you to know. My skillful leaks directed your investigations of me. Last year, I decided to see just how badly you wanted to get me. So I fed you those two false pieces of information that embarrassed you, and made you look foolish. I thought that when you received a message to come to Katanga you’d finally give up, but instead your ego got the better of you and you took the bait. Which is why you’re in bondage right now!”

Davinia hung naked in her chains, feeling like a deflating tyre that a nail had been pulled out of! She had thought that she was the crusading environmental activist investigating the evil Sir Ian; but instead she had been set up by him all the time!

“I’ve waited years for this day, Davinia. You will simply have disappeared into a violent part of the world you had no business being in! Your left-wing friends will go onto other causes, and you will gone from the newspapers within the week.”

“No!” Davinia cried.

“But the best part is that you’ll be mine! In a short time, you’ll be just like Erin here. Isn’t that right, Erin!”

“Yes, Master!” Erin quickly replied.

Sir Ian again rose from his throne, and walked back to Davinia; and he offered her the whip handle again.

She had no alternative but to kiss the instrument of her torment!

“There now, Davinia,” said Sir Ian as her placed his hand under her chin, “you’ve entered a new world of pleasure and pain, one that you will learn to regard a perfectly normal in time; one that you won’t want to leave if given the chance.”

“Never!” cried Davinia.

“If I place my fingers into your cunt again, will you be sopping wet? I think that all of this secretly excites you!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The whip resumed it’s deadly assault on her naked, punished female flesh. Some strokes were mere taps; others mildly stung; some made her scream!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia wished that she had ignored that last phone call in London promising her something “big.” That she had realized that she had probably been led on for some evil purpose.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

She screamed in her chains, fighting against the bonds holding her captive! There was no defense against the whip, and Sir Ian showed her no mercy.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

What was that old saw, curiosity killed the cat? Well, that was Davinia, now!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia begged Sir Ian to stop, anything to discontinue her punishment. She offered him her mouth, her sex, even her bottom!

“All of your orifices will be used in good time, Davinia,” said Sir Ian.

It was through a haze of pain that Davinia realized that her whipping had finally stopped! A footstool was produced, and Davinia was let down and the ceiling chain was released from her spreader bar. Sir Ian again activated the remote control, and the chain ascended back to the ceiling.

Sir Ian offered Davinia the whip handle, and even though she was in pain, she kissed it again!

“Thank you for your punishment, Master!” said Davinia.

“You’re learning, slave,” Sir Ian replied.

“You two will now be confined in a cell to get to know one another better. Erin is going to be your guide. Do you understand, Davinia?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. You would be wise to heed her words, it will save you much discomfort in the future!”

Sir Ian much enjoyed the idea of placing his slaves in a coffle!

Both Davinia and Erin, naked were hobbled with a chain attached to their ankle bracelets. Their hands were secured behind their backs with their wrist bracelets; and their collars connected with a longer chain. Sir Ian attached a leash to Erin’s collar, making her the lead girl!

A simple tug on the leash was all that Erin needed to follow Sir Ian; and Davinia meekly followed behind.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, naked and in chains, and following another woman in similar bondage.

Whatever had become of her?

Their walk in chains was a short one, just a few feet to a room next door! But it might as well have been in wonderland!

There were two jail cells, separated from each other. Davinia looked in shock at her surroundings. Was she going to be confined, naked in a steel cage?

“I could confine you to separate cells,” Sir Ian began, “but Erin is going to be your guide, so I’ll place the two of you in the same cell.”

“Yes, Master,” they both said, together. 

They were locked in a jail cell together that was big enough for two! There was an aluminum combination sink and toilet, a metal table with two seats bolted to the floor, a metal mirror, and a prison cot big enough for two.

“Yvette, the Maid, will be by later to feed you two. Davinia?”

“Yes, Master?”

“Have you ever eaten gruel?”

“That’s something out of Dickens!”

“Yes, do enjoy it, my darling!”

With that last threat, Sir Ian left the two girls alone. He had removed their leash and coffle chain, had released their wrists, and had freed their ankles.

However, they were both naked and confined in a cell of cold steel bars!

Once Sir Ian had left the two of them alone, Davinia flung herself against the cell’s iron bars. She pulled and pushed at them, desperately hoping that they could somehow open and release her!

But the steel doors stubbornly refused to open! Try as she might, Davinia remained a captive inside her prison.

After several minutes of useless struggle, she fell exhausted on the prison cot, where Erin had been watching her in silence.

“I hurt!” Davinia cried.

“Let me sooth your wounds,” Erin offered.

Erin got to her feet, and on the shelf above the sink was a jar of salve. She sat down next to Davinia, opened it, and placed some on her fingers.

“This will sting a bit, but you’ll feel a lot better,” said Erin as she began to massage the lotion into Davinia’s punished and striped skin.

“Owwww!” Davinia cried, cradling her head in her hands, she began to sob.

“It’s all right,” Erin comforted her, “let yourself cry, let it all out, you’ll feel better!”

All of the hurt and tension of the day’s events poured out of Davinia in a flood of sobs and tears. With her skin greasy from the salve, Erin took her in her arms and held Davinia closely to her, their naked breasts pressed closely.

Davinia sobbed and sobbed, and Erin held her tenderly in her arms. Erin let Davinia cry herself out, and patted her on the back.

“It will be all right,” Erin soothed her whipped companion.

Erin knew not to rush the process. Having endured probably the worst crisis in her life, Davinia needed time to recover from her whipping. So she held her closely, and supplied her with toilet paper to dry her eyes.

Gradually, the sobs slowed, and Erin drew her a glass of water, which Davinia slowly drank, followed by another.

Then she got to her feet, and sat down on the toilet to pee. She was still in shock from the day’s events she did her business without any embarrassment in front of another woman.

She cleaned herself with toilet paper, and then washed herself in the metal sink, and while drying herself, she looked at her image in the metal mirror.

“I really look like hell, don’t I? Davinia commented on her disheveled appearance.

“You’re doing quite well,” said Erin.

“Thank you.”

“Do you feel better?” Erin asked.

“Compared to what?

“How you felt after being whipped?”

“A little better, thank you. How did you know what to do?” Davinia asked.

“Three years ago, it was me crying after my first whipping, and a girl named Amy comforted me that same way I did you. A girl learns how to take care of another.” 

“We’ve got to escape!” Davinia declared.

“There is no escape,” Erin answered, as she got to her feet and drew herself water from the sink into a plastic cup, which she drank slowly, making it last, then sitting back down next to Davinia.

“You were the activist,” said Erin, “you know how powerful these people are. They control banks, governments, entire nations! So if they keep a few girls as slaves, who’s to notice?”

“I’ve learned to live as a slave, as you will too!” Erin continued, “here’s two examples of what I’ve seen. There was one girl who refused to have sex with her Master. Her clit was removed so she couldn’t enjoy sex! Then there was another, a truly beautiful blonde who looked like she stepped from the pages of a fashion magazine. She objected when Sir Ian wanted her to give one male friend of his a blow job, while taking another up her bottom! She was proud of her head of Blonde hair, so he had it cut off! And her blonde pussy shaved as well. She endured weeks of whippings and floggings afterwards.”

“That’s barbaric!”

“It’s what you will have to endure,” said Erin.

“How can you be so bloody calm about all this?” Davinia asked her fingers pulling at the leather collar around her neck to no avail.

“I’ve been slave for three years,” Erin replied, “These are the most powerful people on the planet, period. I’ve learned to live with a collar, and the lash.”

“There’s just got to be a way out of here,” said Davinia.

“Naked flesh is no match for cold steel,” Erin answered.

Davinia sat down next to Erin, two naked girls together on the prison cot.

“Are you wearing perfume?” Davinia asked, noticing her scent for the first time.

“Yes, Sir Ian wants his girls to smell nice, and I use lipstick and cosmetics, too. Expensive French ones!”

“I don’t understand how we can be slaves, yet you wear perfume.”

“Simple,” said Erin, “Sir Ian wants his girls to be attractive and glamorous, even if we’re being whipped.”

“Yes,” Davinia answered, “makes perfect sense.”

Davinia and Erin were seated together on the cot; when the other door opened, not the one they had entered through the dayroom.

A wheeled cart was pushed into the room by a woman wearing a Black Rubber Maid’s uniform! She was wearing four inch heels locked on her feet, rubber stockings, the uniform, a corset, an apron, and a white headpiece! Her neck was circled by a collar, and her wrists were locked in bracelets as well.

“Dinner is served,” the Rubber Maid announced.

“Thank you, Yvette,” Erin replied.

Davinia sat in shock, seeing how Yvette was locked into her Rubber uniform.

Yvette passed their dinner through a horizontal slot in their prison bars, and the two girls took their plates and bowls and placed them on their aluminum table to eat.

“Yvette, would you care to tell Davinia how you came to belong to Sir Ian?”

“Oui, Mademoiselle. I worked at a hotel partially owned by Sir Ian in Nice. I stole from the guests, Sir Ian suspected me, and laid a trap! When he caught me, I thought I was going to handed over to the Police! Instead, I am a slave!”

Yvette pulled her uniform away from her left breast, and there was her name, tattooed on her flesh!

“Thank you, Yvette,” said Erin.


Yvette left the two of them alone to eat their Dinner in peace.

“I can’t believe that uniform,” said Davinia.

“You’ll be wearing it soon enough yourself,” Erin answered, “just as I have. Complete with a dildo up your pussy and a butt plug up your bottom.”

“Did she really have those?” Davinia asked.

“Probably,” Erin answered.

“That’s humiliating!”

“That’s nothing compared to what can happen here,” Erin answered.

“Let’s eat,” Davinia suggested, to take her mind off of her captivity, “I’m hungry.”

“Me too!”


Dinner was gruel, bread with butter, and some milk.

“This is right out of Dickens,” said Davinia.

“You said that upstairs. Look, Sir Ian wants his girls attractive, and female, not starved waifs. You’ll be properly fed, if you behave and obey all orders. Even if her feeds you while you’re on your knees.”

“What next?” Davinia asked.

Davinia’s next shock came late in the evening, when they were both on the cot. She lay down to sleep, and Erin reached over and began to gently fondle and caress her! At first, Davinia was glad for the human contact, and she responded with hugs. This made Erin increase her attentions even more, and Davinia was startled when Erin began to suck her breasts!

“I’m not a Lesbian!” Davinia protested to her cell mate.

“You will be,” Erin answered, “you’ve got to learn to satisfy both men and women.”

“Why?” Davinia asked.

“Suppose you get sold to a woman owner,” Erin replied, “every year Sir Ian loans me out to his friend Lady Samantha. I didn’t want to make love to her, and she taught me with a riding crop!”


Davinia lay back as Erin tongued between her legs, opening her thighs to accommodate her companion.

“Ever been with a woman before?” Erin asked.

“Once, at a London party. I got drunk, she seduced me, and I didn’t remember a thing the next day. I had bite marks on my breasts and thighs, so I guess she had her way with me.”

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Davinia moaned, with pleasure.

After her ordeal under the lash, it was nice to have her clit stimulated! Her capture, the whipping, all melted away under the influence of Erin’s skilled tongue!

“Mmmmmmmmmph! Make me come?” Davinia begged.

“With pleasure,” said Erin as she increased her attentions to Davinia’s engorged clit!

Davinia bucked and moaned, her hands adorned by the leather and steel bracelets touching Erin’s long black hair, keeping her head between her legs!

After her chastisement Davinia sought comfort any way she could, and if that meant doing it with another woman, so be it! Her breasts bounced as she bucked and moaned on the cot!

Erin was a skilled lover, and she soon had Davinia on the edge of orgasm! She tongued, nibbled, and bit Davinia’s erect nubbin: driving her to new heights of pleasure that she had never experienced before, either from men or her one Lesbian experience!

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Davinia cried out as the waves of orgasm swept over her like an ocean wave, her naked body bucking in response, the D rings clinking on her bracelets in response!

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Erin then moved up, and covered Davinia with her naked body, and kissed her on the lips, driving her tongue into Davinia’s willing mouth, their tongues caressing each other!

“That was great,” said Davinia breathlessly, “thank you.”

“When you leave here, you’ll be expected to do the same thing,” Erin warned.

“Lay down on the cot, it’s my turn,” said Davinia.

“With pleasure,” cooed Erin.

Erin lay on her section of the cot; and Davinia began to kiss her lips and fondle her breasts. She moaned as she responded to Davinia’s attentions, helping her by assisting Davinia, teaching her how to make love to a woman!

“That’s good,” complimented Erin.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Davinia moaned, her mouth sucking on Erin’s right nipple, as her hand was between Erin’s thighs, stroking her sex.

For a brief moment, she could forget her bracelets, her bondage, and the whip, to make love to Erin!

Davinia kissed her way down Erin’s belly, but hesitated by her sex.

“Something wrong?” Erin asked.

“It’s that medallion of yours!”

“Go ahead, look at it, it’s all right,” Erin advised.

Davinia held the medallion in her right hand, and she stared at the crossed riding crops on one side, and “Property of Sir Ian,” on the other.

“How come your name’s not on the thing?” Davinia asked.

“Since it’s tattooed on me,” Erin answered simply.

“Its monstrous!”

“You’ll get used to it,” Erin replied, “I’ve worn it so long it’s a part of me now.”

“I just can’t believe that.”

“This is just a small part of your slavery,” Erin cautioned.

“Thank you,” said Davinia.

“Now let’s make the best of our situation, and make love to me. Please?”

“Yes, Erin,” said Davinia.

Davinia reached down with her lips to Erin’s moist sex, and plunged between her thighs! She had never eaten pussy before, so this was all new to her!

Still, Erin guided her, and she found her partner’s clit easily, and began to suck and nibble it!

Erin returned Davinia’s attentions by moaning with pleasure, closing her eyes and enjoying the stimulation of her sex by another girl!

“That’s good!” said Erin, “right there,” she whimpered.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Davinia moaned.

It took longer because Davinia wasn’t skilled in the way of women, but soon she had Erin moaning with pleasure, and shortly thereafter, a roaring climax overtook her as well!

They lay together in the darkened cell, their naked and sweaty bodies entwined as one.

“That was wonderful!” said Davinia.

“Thank you.”

“It makes……”

“Continue,” Erin asked.

“I was about to say, it made what happened today nice to have a bit of tenderness,” said Davinia.

“You’ve begun to understand,” Erin replied, “we have to make the best of our captivity. You’ll have to do things you won’t want to do, but you’ll have to, to preserve your own hide.”


“For example, before you’ll leave, Sir Ian will have me flog you, and you’ll protest, saying you thought I loved you. But love doesn’t come into in one little bit. Get used to the idea you’re just property.”

“That’s horrible!”

“Is it horrible to do things to make captivity a little easier to bear?” Erin asked.

“I never thought of it that way before.”

“Think of it as being asked to make Hobson’s choice every day,” Erin answered, “that’s the only choice we have.”

“That’s no choice at all!” Davinia protested.

“You’re right, but we have no say in the matter, do we?”

After their talk, the two girls fell asleep next to each other, attracted by the heat of their naked bodies.

During the night, Davinia awakened and looked at her naked companion in the dim light.

She saw Erin, naked, wearing her bracelets, striped, sleeping soundly.

Was this the fate that awaited Davinia in slavery?


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